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CPU bottleneck
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Alright /wsr/ i'm a poor Serb and i'm going to upgrade my PC in a week.
My current setup is an AMD FX 6300,8 GB 1333Mhz RAM,and an MSI R6670 1GB GDDR5.
It's pretty much an 9 year old case with a 9 year old HDD with some not that new parts.
As an upgrade,i'm thinking of getting the AMD R9 380X.The one i'm getting is this one http://www.winwin.rs/racunari-i-komponente/racunarske-komponente/graficke-kartice/graficka-kartica-amd-radeon-r9-380x-sapphire-nitro-oc-4gb-ddr5-dvi-hdmi-vga-256bit-11250-01-20g-6770149.html,i choose the R9 380X because it has 4GB of memory and because it's 256 bit,making it a bit more "future proof" I'm not a computer tech genius,but i'm not an complete tard either,my question is,will the AMD FX 6300 bottleneck the R9? If it will,could overclocking fix it? I'm using a 212 EVO as my cooler and the CPU is pretty cold. I'm also using a 600 watt PSU,the recommended PSU for this GPU is 500 watt so i think it'll work just fine. And no,i can't get any card over 300$,and no,i cannot upgrade anything else but my GPU.
I doubt there would be a bottleneck in terms of technicality. However, don't expect the 6300 to run the modern games that the 380x can run
Can you explain?
"Technicality" meaning that the FPS wouldn't change?,as i said,i am a Serb.
And if it wouldn't change,what do you mean by "not being able to run the modern games that the 380x can?"
6300 is fast enough to make the 380X not a useless upgrade. A few games that are very CPU heavy (like Arma 3, for example) may still not perform very well, but it should be a large upgrade for the vast majority of games.
In the games where the CPU is not enough, OC will help; assuming your motherboard is good, 4.5 ghz should be achievable on 212 evo. If you're going to be increasing voltages, which will be needed for 4.5 ghz, make sure your motherboard has good VRMs and cooling on them.
My motherboard was pretty much the cheapest AM3+ i could find,so i honestly don't think i could overclock to 4.5GHz,but i could "probably" go to 4GHz. I also asked a Tom's hardware moderator about this and he said: "Short answer : No,it won't bottleneck", Long answer : Yes,but it will be barely noticable,all CPUs bottleneck slightly,some more than others" I think the FX 6300 is a pretty good CPU and it probably matches some older i5s and isn't THAT far behind the newer i5s.
I have a friend with an awful,simply terrible CPU and GPU and he runs Arma 3 at a pretty good,solid FPS. If you want to know the specs of my motherboard,here http://www.winwin.rs/racunari-i-komponente/racunarske-komponente/maticne-ploce/maticna-ploca-mb-am3-760g-gigabyte-ga-78lmt-s2-vga-pcie-ddr3-sata2-7-1-1168661.html,It's a AMD 760G chipset. I know it's in Serbian but it's the only way,because i bought it from that website.
Also,i'm quite the CPU noob and i have no idea on how i can increase the voltage,nor do i think i should,since i only have 600 watt to work with.
Could i get up to 4Ghz with this EXTREMELY budget motherboard?

Think you'd notice a 14% faster CPU?
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To be honest,even the smallest improvement is important to me. With my old GPU,i used to play all my games at 30fps or lower,and let me tell you,once you reach that 30fps and drop even a single frame,that 29 fps will become chunky and simply not satisfactory,and a 14% faster CPU will probably add AT LEAST 1fps more. Honestly,i just want to have a GPU that,in a few years,say...2018 will be able to run a new,fresh AAA game at 30fps/low-medium settings. What i have now can't 2014 AAA games at 30fps and low settings.
If your mobo is shit, you can still overclock, just don't increase voltage or leave it at auto, where it will increase on its own. You should be able to reach 4ghz or so on stock voltage. Pointing a fan at the VRMs will help as well, since power consumption will go up a little bit with higher clocks even at stock volts.
600w is plenty for even heavily overclocked 6300 and 380x, assuming it is a decent PSU, which it probably isn't given your motherboard choice.

As long as you leave volts on stock, there's really no reason not to overclock, especially with an already decent CPU cooler.
The 380X isn't exactly great value for $300.

If you can actually spare the $300, why aren't you going for a considerably faster R9 390 or a GTX 970 instead? Or if you're strapped for money right now, why not a 960/950 or a lower-end AMD model?

Also note that none of these cards are future-proof for 4K, though I'd trust the R9 390 and GTX 970 with 1440p.

Think about what your upgrade path is going to be. Personally I'd probably get a budget card for now and hope that emerging 4K tech and VRAM-heavy console games give us better value for money two years down the line, but YMMV, especially if you don't see yourself upgrading to 4K anytime soon.

Whatever you do, make sure you get some good bang for your buck.
380x is not $300, at least in the US
Apparently for him it is - at least according to the link in >>32816
Let me try to clear this up... Basically, I'd roughly expect the following prices:

R9 390 (8GB) $330
GTX 970 $320
R9 380X $240
R9 380 $230
GTX 960 $220
GTX 950 (2GB) $160
GTX 750 Ti (2GB) $120

Which puts all these cards at roughly the same price/performance point.

You should disregard 2GB models entirely, unless you go for an absolute budget card like the 950 or 750 Ti (or maybe a used card?) to hold you over - note though that I wouldn't vouch especially for the 750 Ti to fulfill your performance requirements two years down the line.

Obviously, depending on your local prices the whole picture may change dramatically. But $300 for a 380X does NOT seem like good value.
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