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Which anime from the Winter 2016 season should...
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Which anime from the Winter 2016 season should I watch or from recent seasons?

I just watched episode 1 of Dimension W and it seems like it had a lot of potential. Gate looks like it could be good (I'd have to watch season 1 first) and I'm going to check out Schwarzesmarken tomorrow because I like mecha. Planning on watching Overlord tonight.

I work a good amount of overtime every week and my free time is scarce so I don't have a lot of time to explore anime. New recommendations or any in general would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, /wsr/!
Theres only 1 season of GATE, it's just cut into two cours.

Check out this seasons MMO anime if you like Overlord.

Wholeheartedly recommending Rakugo. I adored what I saw, it's been so long since an airing show got me this good.
Check out Bokumachi too; I don't think I'll finish it but I'm kinda picky. It has legitimately good direction with some creative layouts and nice lighting, looks pretty good at times. I think if you're into mystery you'll dig it.
You already saw Dimension W. I think it'll be pretty cool, definitely one to watch. Stylish stuff, probably the sakuga show of the season.
Phantom World and Grimgar have some of the best visuals you'll see this season, but are also very trashy. If you're good watching with your dick, then definitely try them out. Grimgar at least is worth it just to check out the sick background art.

Rakugo is basically the #1 show I want you to watch. Other than that it seems like there are some other shows out there that people are liking quite a bit so just skim some charts and lurk /a/ to see what appeals to your tastes.
Boku dake ga Inai Machi
Ooyasan wa Shishunki - cute and only 2 minutes long.
Just got caught up with this season so far.

If you can't wait for the next episodes of Dimension W, watch Solty Rei instead.

That's a pedantic distinction, and you should feel bad for making it

Schwatzenbuglenfisch appears to be a spin-off from Muv-Luv; you might want to watch that first. Or you might want to not watch it at all: of what's aired so far this season, I'd rank it second-from-the-bottom, just ahead of Phantasy Star. Full disclosure, I never liked Muv Luv, though I did find it entertaining that for years it was brandished as the pinnacle of what VN had to offer, and then it got an animu and the emperor had no clothes. It'd have been interesting if they'd treated the fact that they're fighting an adversary straight from a computer game with a bit of self-awareness, but they don't. Hopefully they'll do something with how the commander spends all of episode one being massively competent, yet seems to have produced a squad of petulant children.

If robots are what you're after, and you liked the look of Dimension W, check out Bubuki Buranki.

Grimgar is interesting because the plot appears to be Log Horizon, but the character designs are pure unadulterated sex.

Nothing more to add, Rakugo is shaping up to be AOTY, and if it keeps this form up, it's a new entry to the "list of anime that embiggen the entire medium".
>That's a pedantic distinction

No, it's not, theres a difference between a two-cour anime and two seasons. You're just confusing people by incorrectly calling it two seasons.
>cute and only 2 minutes long.
If you're not a paedo, check out Ojisanto Marshmallow.
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Yes, there is a difference, and it's a pedantic one.

No-one ever used to care about it, as is evidenced by FMA-B having multiple seasons.

No-one cares about it now, as is evidenced by Teekyuu having multiple seasons.
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>No-one cares about it now
I quite obviously do, you're just being a literal retard and speaking incorrectly if you think GATE has two seasons.

I hope you enjoy being laughed at by everyone because that's what will happen if you say stupid shit.
Currently watching eleven shows.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. Probably the #1 to look forward too. Show takes place in the Showa Era of Japan and is about a guy released from prison who wants to learn how to perform the art of Rakugo. Great first episode.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi. The mystery show of the season. It's about a guy going back in time to when he was a grade-schooler to investigate the disappearance of his classmate.

Dagashi Kashi. The meme show of the season. Two words: Candy Slut.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar. The SAO remake of the season. Honestly this one seems to actually have potential, so check it out if you think you have the time.

Finally, if you're a Monogatari fan, check out Koyomimonogatari. It's a series of shorts currently being made. It's not really supposed to be a show hence it's ONA-status, but you'll probably enjoy it.

There's some others, but I listed the ones I think are the best with potential. Have fun.
>I quite obviously do
Yeah, but you're no-one.
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