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ITT: Retro music > modern shit
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Something that seems to be missing largely from modern games is memorable and iconic sound tracks.

Discuss and post some of your favorites.
One of the reasons why, I suppose, is this obsession with trying to make Hollywood orchestral soundtracks. People praise and love it when the game is released, but if you ask them to hum a song of the game 2 or 3 weeks later, they will barely be able to remember anything.

I never heard the ost to this game. That is pretty rad.
My favourite soundtrack on the SNES:

>One of the reasons why, I suppose, is this obsession with trying to make Hollywood orchestral soundtracks.

This. The industry's obsession with generic, poorly composed pseudo orchestral music has stifled all creativity. American game companies are pretty much the worst about it, too.
Not really, you just think that modern games = Western games.
Ya modern Jap games are so much better.
A true original masterpiece.
It isn't all bad, I still like modern music from video games, but I still like how the Gameboy and Genesis sounds.
To be fair, can you think of many American games that had great soundtracks of the retro era? Most of the awesome video game music we remember was Japanese. Maybe it's that NA developers have never been great with music.

There's still some pretty awesome music in Japanese games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14U64jWO85s
>To be fair, can you think of many American games that had great soundtracks of the retro era?
Yeah, Earthworm Jim, Doom 2, Shadowrun, Diablo 1, and Starcraft.
ToeJam & Earl
Earthworm Jim

Spyro's OSTs are particularly special to me.
ToeJam and Earl and EWJ I'll give you, but even they're not on the same tier as a lot of classic Japanese game composing. Most like the hell level music isn't really good music, it just fits really well and is funny.

I haven't really played Spyro or Crash so can't talk about them.

Doom 1 and 2 certainly. Shadowrun and Starcraft didn't do anything for me, but were decent.
It depends on the game series and developer. Games like Mario and Kirby still pretty consistently have good music whenever they get a new game, but some new IPs get it too just because they have developers into actually putting effort into making good soundtracks

Platinum games, for example, almost always has a good soundtrack for their games, new IP or not. Suda 51 seems to enjoy his music as well. You Spin Me Round in Lollipop Chainsaw all day erryday

What I really hate is the trend of making games with "atmospheric" soundtracks. Fuck that shit, no one actually does it right. They take it as an excuse to barely have a soundtrack other than maybe having one percussion beat every few minutes and then back to silence. The only games I've seen where atmosphere works are the Metroid Prime games (because they have actual melodies that are catchy but easily blend into the background) and the Batman Arkham games (silent most of the time, but picks up as it should when fighting).
there are still modern games that have great music
I don't think there's any new IPs that will be getting talked about much 20 years from now for their OST.

Maybe some indie games because of all the remixes and covers.

Some good music out there but nothing all that great.

Not new IPs but the Wii U games have some amazing sound tracks. MK8 and Tropical Freeze in particular.

A lot of retro games just had more effort in general put into things like sound tracks. Rarely do you ever hear translated songs now.
Way back when in one of these threads somebody posted a soundtrack from what I think was a Genesis game. The vid itself was in moonrunes so I neither remember how to find it nor do I have any idea what the game was, but it was fucking great.

Any chance any of you might know what it was? The image had an old-school anime looking girl with her foot on a car holding like an M-15 wearing 80s looking ripped jeans and clothing and such. Pretty sure she was blonde.
Advance Wars had genuinely great and memorable hummable music though I guess it's practically a retro game (even if it's not by /vr/'s definition)



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Ask and ye shall receive
It's called Battle Mania Daiginjyo btw

Dude you are the fucking coolest, thanks a lot.

Here's a soundtrack I really dig, it reminds me of a sega saturn version of F-Zero GX.

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Basically anything LucasArts.

I feel like giving people limited resources in the music department forced them to get creative, after the PS2 came out they could do whatever they wanted and thats probably not for the better
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>Mentions Earthworm Jim
>But not The Neverhood

when all you have is a simple instrument set, your composition has nowhere to hide.

if your melody has no bite, its going to be really obvious.
take SNES Top Gear (1) song 1
a handful of notes turned into a catchy as fuck chiptune
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>Not new IPs but the Wii U games have some amazing sound tracks. MK8 and Tropical Freeze in particular.
Splatoon's soundtrack was pretty fucking great, especially the final boss theme which keeps ramping up and adding in new elements as you advance through the fight. When the Squid Sisters start backing you in the final part the whole thing just gets so damn energetic it's amazing.


It's probably one of the catchiest soundtracks to come out of Nintendo in a long time.
This thread seems pretty unfair to be honest. There are plenty of modern games with memorable soundtracks. Seems more like a preference over genre and instrumentation than anything.

Controversy incoming:

Animal Crossing
Anything from Konami
Ace Online/AirRivals
Crypt of the Necrodancer
Dofus (1.0)
Kingdom Hearts
Ollie King (and anything else by Naganuma)
Ragnarok 1+2
Rhythm Heaven

Admittedly a lot of these are modern PC games, as I really didn't play much 6th gen onwards, but they're all new IPs and I think they all have pretty iconic music. I could come up with more if I really tried looking beyond Steam and off the top of my head.
Your list ranges from retro to full blown aids/cancer ridden trash. Kingdom Hearts? Really?

>Animal Crossing
Arguably retro
>Anything from Konami
No. After PS1 they have been horrid.
>Ace Online/AirRivals
The generic combat shooter music.
>Crypt of the Necrodancer
Generic edm to like chiptune rock?

Rest isn't worth a comment Other than.
1 song in that whole game.
Is retro
It's good
I find it very very meh, and this has a lot to do with the chipmunk voices. Can't even hold a candle to Jet Set Radio on Dreamcast.
>SH2, ZoE, handheld Castlevanias had horrid soundtracks
Seems like you're a shitposting faggot with no taste.
Are you saying it's better than SH1? Because you'd be a retard.
I'm saying it's iconic and memorable, asswipe.
It falls short of the first one.

The Siren which is the most iconic thing about the game for example.
And you're calling SH2 ost a horrid base on that, shitposter.
It doesn't make up for shit like their soccer games or movie cash ins. Nope/
I miss all the good, original soundtracks in vidya of days gone by. Such a shame to see (or hear) it long since faded away for purely budgetary reasons under the old "but muh immersion" excuse. Not worth it.
I don't play new games anymore, so I really don't know what they sound like. In the 2000s, though, generic orchestrated movie score shit was the norm. And god was it awful.
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I'm going to argue this and say that post retro isn't all shit, especially the earlier half of 00s
here are some examples

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhrxGCMzRL0 (and many other tracks from this particular game)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzI7DLR0DPU (start at 0:40 if you're an impatient git)

Doesn't compare to the 90s in the slightest though

This is from PES 6 and it's pretty good
I wasn't saying in the OP that all modern games has bad OSTs. As a whole though they're very shit.

Just about everyone should know the TF2 sounds by now for example. There is still very iconic music being made it's just very rare.

Stuff like Burning Rangers doesn't happen today. Nobody goes to the trouble of making something like that.



my attraction to retro games is mostly to discover great soundtracks. I believe the limitations back then bred creativity which we will most likely never see again.
Falcom still makes some pretty hot stuff, and then S-E has some masterpieces like NieR's soundtrack, while pumping out generic stuff most of the time. FFXIV has a pretty great soundtrack too, for a MMO. Mind you, I love my classics as much as anyone else, but saying that everything new is garbage is a bit of a stretch.
I'd disagree.

Square used to pump out amazing OST after amazing OST. Now you have to really cherry pick to find something good. Like I pointed out here>>2962840

The only way something that trash makes it to production is very low standards of the consumer and developers making the music just not caring.

That's far from the only example.
I don't think Nintendo could make a more generic "we're trying to be hip and we got this kinda orchestra sounding song" The synthesizer vocals in that trash song. Who thought that was a good idea? I would had just passed the song by as mediocre to pretty bad but that brought it to a new level of trash.
Hey, I like the Good King Moogle Mog song.Although people joke about it that it sounds a lot like the Halloween town theme, you can't really say it's generic in any way.
I really like Oblivion, Shiva's theme, too. Generic boss themes, and stuff like Void Ark also are good. And I love Pharos Hard. Elevator music isn't bad either, all the citystates have good themes.

FFXIII also had some great themes, I don't see how anyone could dislike Blinded by the Light or The Promise.
XIII-2 and LR are more or less on the same level too.

And I dunno, NieR is almost on another planet entirely.

As for Falcom, well, it's Falcom.
>Although people joke about it that it sounds a lot like the Halloween town theme, you can't really say it's generic in any way.
Do you read what you type?

I didn't say all modern music is bad. It's not an absolute. The majority is.

>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kX4x-8Ecfc [Remove]
Like every anime opening from the late 2000s
Do you know why we remember great 80s music?

Because the shitty 80s music was told to fuck off and die, and die it did until we invented Rick Rolling. In 2020, people will say that 2000 music was good while citing some power metal.
>Do you know why we remember great 80s music?
Probably because there was a lot of great stuff and the top 40 actually meant something?
Bro the 80s was a veritable dark age for music.
>everyone should know how the f2p virtual lasertag sounds by now
Sounding like a single other song might be plagiarism, but not being generic, if the song itself isn't generic.

>Like every anime opening from the late 2000s
Not really, the instruments are far better. The solo and the instrumental parts in the middle of the song are worth it. While anime openings from the early 2000s were indeed high quality stuff on average, I think this is still far superior.

To be honest, I love Wind's Nocturne in OP's post to bits, but it's also way easy to say "That's so generic 90's anime".

Now that I think about it, Demon Gaze has a pretty cool OST. It uses vocals in most of its songs too, which is kinda unusual (like all battle themes, and the inn theme). Plus, it's all vocaloid (IA), which is something I've never heard before in a videogame. My favorite one for sample (being my favorite, it might be cherry picking).

Just to be clear, I really like the classics. It's a plus that some older ones have been around for so long that there's some nice mixes and medleys around.

Bonus Track:
It wasn't always terrible asshole. Nor F2P.
>King of pop
>dark ages
Choose one.
>Michael Jackson

Yeah, don't even talk about music you ultra pleb.
>To be honest, I love Wind's Nocturne in OP's post to bits, but it's also way easy to say "That's so generic 90's anime".
I would love a link to that generic 90s anime with a English speaking singer.

>Sounding like a single other song might be plagiarism, but not being generic, if the song itself isn't generic.
When you take a dark stop motion movie like Nightmare before Christmas, steal it's main song, and slap that shit for Mog's theme. It's about as generic as you can get.

Taking any famous Disney song for that matter and slapping it on something is pretty generic. You're giving what ever it is zero uniqueness. It is the definition of generic.
Whoa man, everybody step back. We have THE Hipster here. He's been hating mainstream since before grunge. Some call him the Proto Hipster!
Nothing better than listening to some MJ after watching an episode of Family Guy and playing some Call of Duty amirite brah
If you find it entertaining, who gives a shit.
Nothing better than listening to some VHS Logos after watching a psudo documentry like "Beasts of no Nation" and playing some Vertiginous Golf amirite brotha
>Is on /vr/
>Complains about hipsters
/vr/ has hated hipsters since the beginning.

Pretentious hipsters in particular. You pretty much have to be to hate everything Micheal Jackson has done.

I listen to everything. Vaporwave included.
Despite hating them, it's still full of people going hurrdurr new games have worse graphics/gameplay/music because everything new is bad.

That said, MJ liked vidya and he's some of his songs are pretty cool, don't know all of them honestly. I have no idea what Vaporwave is, I think I have heard the term before tho, unless it was someone mentioning Vaporware.
Fuck off OP.
Most modern games are worse. Not because they're new but the market changed.

Look at minecraft, CoD, Halo, etc

The music has certainly suffered.
Halo has a pretty good ambient soundtrack
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>videogame '''''''''"""""""music"""""""""'''''''
Some of them. So did CoD pre console ports.
File: 42409959_p0.jpg (2 MB, 2500x1775) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2500x1775

Fucking love the music in Popolocrois
>being this analpained
Throw the dank memes and greentext at him!
But >>2975615 wasn't replying to anyone in particular, listen to some MJ and calm down bro
Is that suppose to be an insult these days?
I want to convert some old Sega music rips (vgm) to a playable form (mp3) what's the best way to do this? Also what is the best player for old OST rips?
I don't know, I thought it was pretty funny.
I'm laughing too because I didn't know it was cool to hate Micheal Jackson. And apparently being a fan means I only listen to his songs and play CoD.
Who would've known Koji Kondo would be so adept at dark music and sad undertones
I dunno tho, these games are just the 'face' of videogames. If you look in the right places, there's plenty of games that learned what is good, and tried to improve it with stuff that just wasn't invented, or wasn't widespread in some genres in the 90s, or in some cases in the 80s.

The difference between retro consoles and non-retro ones is pretty big, there's only so much you can do with one MB of ram, the 128 bit generation finally let people make whatever games they wanted in terms of raw variables.

Regarding music, in general the ability to reproduce digital tracks of high quality opened a whole other world and put videogames on par with the rest of the music world. MegaCD with music as CD tracks was more or less the turning point.

>eat 2 bowls of noodles in soup for dinner
>CAPTCHA is soup, and there's two bowls of it and a plate of noodles
The big name retro games have some awesome OSTs.
You're talking about the guy who made:
The dungeon theme in the original Zelda
Death Mountain theme (final dungeon) in the original Zelda
Dark World in ALTTP
Death Mountain in ALTTP
Ocarina Song in ALTTP
Among other things.
So, I think a lot of people would have known.
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