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>Be me about 4-5 years old
>Can't really read very well
>Play Super Mario Bros frequently.
>Knows what the "Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another castle" text says because my Dad read it to me.
>After many hours, I finally beat the game.
>I can see ending the text doesn't look the same
>Holy Shit, What does it say
>Calls my brother over to read it for me.
>He tells me it says something along the lines of"Sorry Mario, but you were too slow and King Koopa already ate the princess"
>MFW I think I just killed the princess.
>Begins to cry frantically.
your brother is an asshole
>Be me, probably about 7 or 8
>Playing Crash Bandicoot
>Fighting Pinstripe
>Mom sees that he has a gun and immediately makes me turn the game off
>She's mad, doesn't think the game is appropriate for me
>"What's this game about?"
>"Neo Cortex kidnapped Crash's girlfriend."
>"And what does he want to do to her?"
>Feeling super uncomfortable
>Finally manage to get out of the conversation somehow
>Literally afraid to play any video games in front of my parents after that
>be me

That's not how we greentext here on 4chan
>what does he want to do to her

What the fuck was she thinking? That the programers would include a rape segment?
>be me
>8 years old
>first screen of Super Mario 2
>fall down to the door
>press every fucking button and I can't go in
>ask my cousin who is a genius to help
>he cant figure it out
>calls in my uncle
>he finally does it
>Be 11 yo me ;)
>Get SMB2 which was a big deal considering how hard it was for my mom to find it
>Drop it in the snow on my way to friends house because a snowball fight broke out
>Forget about game
>remember it an hour later
>completely wet, get chewed out but friends mom and step dad and lectured on responsibility
>hear the cart wisper to me "it will be ok anon im not hurt just let me dry out"
>the dad puts a fan on it
>works fine

Nintendium lives
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>Be me 4-5 years old
>Obsessively play Sonic The Hedgehog
>Older Brother is babysitting me
>Get to the final level of Sonic Spinball
>At the final boss
>Robotnick flings Sonic out of a window
>Thinks it looks cool seeing Sonic break through the glass.
>Run out of my room and through the wall
>Sprinting as fast as i can
>Gotta Go fast
>Run across the living room
>Jump onto the couch without stopping
>Curl up into a ball like Sonic the Hedgehog
>Smash my head into the living room window
>Brother hears the crash and comes running in to check on me
>Window has a massive crack in it
>Im lying in a heap on the floor crying hysterically
>Brother has to explain to parents how i tried to headbutt through our living room window while he was suppose to be watching me.
>Cracked window remained at the center of our house for 2 years before we could afford to replace it.
> a literal retard posts on /vr/

kek'd though desu senpai
Honestly, thats not the first time I almost killed myself as a kid, I'm surprised i survived my childhood.
>be very young me
>100% faggot for the genesis Sonic games
>get the Sonic anime movie vhs for my birthday
>can't fucking wait, I need to watch it NOW
>sit alone in the living room while my family and relatives are in the kitchen
>tape ends, rejoin the party
>my entire birthday cake is gone
>didn't even save a piece for me
>I'm pretty sure I cried in front of everyone
But damn, it was worth it. I fucking watched that movie at least 100 times as a retarded little kid. I remember I got my VHS version for christmas and had to wait for my cousin to finish watching Mulan before i could pop in Sonic. It was the longest hour and a half of my life at that point.
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>be me about 10 years old.
>go with dad to Atari ST meeting/fair thingy.
>so many computers running so many weird things!
>see game demo being run.
>walk to it.
>some sort of knight walking from left to right.
>in some sort of dungeon.
>oh noes there's some sort of carebear tied to the wall with chains.
>he's going to it, Save the carebear brave knight!
>He starts slashing it!
>he stops..
>bear cut in half

Goddamn demo scene O_O
>Gotta Go fast
I'm losing it every time I read that line.
wtf was that? It raises so many questions...
I still kind of like it. It's just hard to watch now because it digs up bad memories.

You can't have your cake and eat it too m8
I think bowser is just trying to fullfill some sort of crystal mind control ritual along the lines of the secret end boss in SMWRPG.
>didn't even save a piece for me
That's a dick move

I wish I knew, I could ask on some Atari forums but alas I'm too lazy.

>and part of me never wants to see it again O_O
was it like 2600 graphics?


Fuck off, you're like 12 years old RIGHT NOW.
No adult does that shit.
I have a very faint memory that my grandma took the last piece without realizing I didn't get one yet. Like, she was apologizing to make me feel better.
Or, that's what I chose to believe all these years.

No, it was that realistic kinda early 16 bit style,
so like Gods and Defender of the Crown and stuff.

Then again its been many years, but I do remember it being quite detailed. (most ST stuff was)
>And that was last week
bumping because this isn't a Sanic troll thread.
>Scrape your Knuckles
>Catch some Tails
Your brother le master trole xD
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Sanic mopped aiss.png
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>Run out of my room and through the wall

Is that why it took you guys two years to fix the window? Because you had to fix the retard-shaped hole in your wall?
>Be me pretty young.

>Give gameboy color to friend named chance.

>Says he'll give it back after a day or two.

>Day comes and he comes up empty handed.

>Keeps saying he forgot it every fucking day until finally my mom get's pissed and calls the principal.

>Have a talk with chance and his parents right?

>Nope his grandma.

>Makes him give my gameboy back.

>Stopped hanging out or talking to him after that.

It's always the kids who live with their grandma you need to watch out for.
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>It all began when I was in school with my pokemon cards.

>Have a shiny charizard. Don't ask how I gathered it let's just say it took a lot of time and effort and it felt fucking glorious, I felt accomplished atleast in my young mind.

>Then Damien came along.
>No, i'm not kidding.
>Funny thing is this fucking kid actually looked like the damien from the omen so this resulted in alot of joking about him secretly being the son of the devil.
>One of those quiet kids that draws shit in his notebook all day.
>Unless you wronged him somehow then he gets pretty loud and aggressive.
>Pretty sure he was autistic or something.

>Be friends with damien despite how weird he is.
>One day it comes to my pokemon cards, we're showing them off.
>I show off my shiny set.
>Everyone is in awe.
>Damien asks if he can see one.
>Give him the charizard.

>Forget exactly what it was or what happened but we get distracted.
>Next thing i remember I can't find the card.
>Start asking around until i find out damien was seen with a shiny charizard.
>Tries to say it's his even though my fucking name is written on it in very small pen didn't want to ruin it so I wrote it as small as possible but not to where it'd be invisible if you wanted to prove to someone it was there.
>He scribbles it out with his pencil and writes his own name on it.
>He gets away with it.
>I don't give up I make it my mission to retrieve my fucking card.
>Ask him if he wants anything for it.
>Says he'll give it back to me if I sell my soul ti him.
>Ave satani.mp3
>Give no fucks and say sure.
>Get card back.
>However I come to find apparently selling my soul to him make me his slave.
>Keeps asking me to do things.
>Give no fucks and completely try to shut him out of my life.
>Eventually one day at home playing video games by my self.
>Was 13 at the time so my mom let me stay at home alone.
>Hear a knock at the door.


Sometimes I wish this story were fake.
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Absolute Horror.gif
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Part 2 I guess.
Here's where things get heated, honestly amazed I didn't end up going to therapy for this. probably because I tried my best to forget it ever happened.

>Decide to look through the peephole on the door.
>Momma didn't teach me stupid, always fucking look before you open.
>Get small stool to stand on to reach peephole and look in.
>Don't see anything yet the knocks continue.
>Can't be mom because well dur she has keys she usually just lets herself in.
>Can't be dad because he divorced and left forever.
>Decide fucking stupidly to open the door to see what the fucking knocking is.

>Whadya fucking know it's damien on the other side.
>Surprised for a moment but try to be casual.
>"Uhh hi damien...why are you here?"
>Claims he asked his mom if he could come over since he wanted to apologize about the cards.
>Asks to come in.
>I fuck up and end up letting it slip my mom isn't home.
>I swear to god the grin that crossed his face... I won't even bother describing it but good god it was malicious.

>Try to get out of the situation by slamming the door in his face.
>He sticks his shoe in the door stopping my attempt and begins to force his way in.
>He's too strong, or perhaps i'm too weak either way this is a farce.
>Flee to my room and lock the door.
>Place chair under doorknob trying to keep him out.

>It's nothing but silence for what feels lie hours.

>Suddenly the knob attempts to turn but the chair stops it.
>Begin pissing myself as he starts ramming the door.
>Freak out and grab the nearest blunt object and ready myself to fight.
>Get into the closet just to maintain an element of surprise.
>He smashes the door open finally.
>Absolutely stonefaced at this point.
>Nigga begins to open the closet door.
>Immediately slam this pale ass fucka with my buzz lightyear, yes I chose that clunky piece of shit to smack him with.
>He cries in pain and fumbles backwards.
Continuing in next
>Notice on the floor he dropped a fucking kitchen knife when I slammed him.
>Grab it ASAP and throw it out my open window so he can't get it.
>Suddenly begins trying to fight me physically.
>He exchanges punches with me and I do the same.
>We kick and punch fighting for life at this point.
>He begins choking me and I try to rip his hands off.
>Kick him in the nuts forcing him to drop me.
>He delivers one final blow to my face before I fall to the floor.
>He cackles like a crazy faggot as I lie there on the floor with I think either a bloody nose or a bloody mouth maybe even both.

>then suddenly something snapped, damien's blow had broken the cage inside me releasing my inner autist allowing it to flow through my veins.
>Suddenly stand up with the angriest face I've ever fucking had.
>Damien is slightly surprised but simply laughs and says "Ha back for more?!"
>this part is a bit blurry, probably because of the fury.
>All I remember is laying into the fucking kid harder than I ever fucking thought possible.
>Looking back I probably looked like kenshiro punching this kid in the face.
>Minus the exploding into blood but still.
>He runs away literally crying.
>Looking back I felt bad honestly.
>He actually screamed at me to stop but I couldn't there was no more anon, only autist, his cries fell on deaf ears.
>Come to my senses a bit after he had left.
>Call mom and tell her what happened.
>Damien is sent to the fucking loony bin.
That's about it, nothing else happened. There's no silver lining. I just nearly got fucked up by a psycho kid but managed to fight my way out.
That's the story.
You forgot about putting
in there. 7/10, not a bad version.
Epilogue of sorts.

The freakiest thing about this whole thing is I or my mom NEVER told anyone where we lived.
The only people who knew were school staff.
And I never had anyone over at my house before, I went to theres.

So that means this fucking kid followed me home in an attempt to murder me.
He had to have followed me then waited for my mom to leave then made his move, thank whatever fucking deity is out there I had the wits to get out of it.

Seriously I hope this kid got some help or something.
you went super saiyan bro, a lot of us spergs have that power. Only use your retard strength for good
>Tfw you go kenshiro mode on a bully.

Honestly one of the best feelings.
>Immediately slam this pale ass fucka with my buzz lightyear, yes I chose that clunky piece of shit to smack him with.
>He cries in pain and fumbles backwards.
holy shit
I wish people stopped thinking moisture kills unplugged electronics with no moving parts.
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yuuka cry.gif
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>be younger me
>going over to cousins' house for thanksgiving
>walking on eggshells because their dad recently died in a shooting (he was a cop)
>decide to play Starfox 64
>get to the second-to-last level where you fight Starwolf
>Pigma says "Daddy screamed REAL GOOD before he died!"
>younger girl cousin runs out of the room crying
>I swear to god the grin that crossed his face... I won't even bother describing it but good god it was malicious.
Fuckā€¦ thats one of those moments that will always replay itself in your mind for no reason, making you cringe out of nowhere.
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>be me, 14 years old?
>some crazy guy in my country kill his family with a katana
>media goes on a frenzy and blames the incident on Final Fantasy VIII because, why not
>I buy FF8 some days later
>mom asks me if that's the game that has been talked about in the media
>"nope, that's another one, mom"
>"oh ok, don't even think about buying that one! now go and have fun with that new game"
This reminds me

>I get a zelda ntsc cartridge
>me and my friend can't play it on our pal nes
>we open it up
>remove the motherboard
>clean the whole plastic
>a few hours later I tell my friends we can probably put it back together and test it
>"we can't do that ever again because there will always be water molecules left inside the plastic"
>this was my drawing line of stupidity and I told him to fucking assemble the cart already
>doesn't work
>it's the water man I told you about the water

kids and their videogames
>be me
>buy a used nes game from babbages in the mall
>get it home
>look at the connector
>used crusty condom wedged between it
>that games name? final fantasy
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>be me
>10 or 11, my birthday
>mega man X
> i played that shit for days
>enter poor kid Sean
>sean really wanted mega man x but he didn't have a SNES so he went to my house to play it.
> sean was pretty cool
> one day I hear a noise in my living room
> sean is in there, about to steal mega man x and my snes
>I grab him by his anorexic torso and throw him hulk hogan style to the floor
> Sean gets mad and starts ripping out shits even though he's anorexic as shit (haha)
> Mom wakes up
>sees Sean shitting himself
> calls Sean's mom
> his mom comes over and takes him
> mega man x got blasted with shit
>atleast the snes was fine
> when emulators were invented i used them all the time, so no risk on being shat on.
>hey guys lets make up long elaborate shit that never happened!
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snes game stealing was a thing. but I swore they were cursed once stolen. they'd always break.
My childhood copy of Yoshi's island was borrowed by my older brother's friend and never got returned. Saw him a few years ago and asked him what happened to it and he acted like he never had it.
Probably sold it to help pay for an Xbox.
>some crazy guy in my country kill his family with a katana
>media goes on a frenzy and blames the incident on Final Fantasy VIII because, why not

he just became a physical embodiment of the junction system
>be me
>older then most of you
>see video games
>holy shit
>must treasure these treasures like treasure
>treat them carefully
>grow up
>my games are in mint condition
>go online
>read threads

You guys.
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>I am me
>late 90s
>go to flea market
>see some sweet sweet retro vidya (just regular vidya at the time) for super low discount prices
>huge pile of Douk Nukem 3D big boxes, unopened, for like 5 buckaroos each
>SNES, N64 game etc etc. for fair prices
>mfw years later realizing how I could had bought it all and have the most impressing retro vidya collection now

I was a little kid so I couldn't know their prices would go up like that. I did buy some games, but never anything that would later on become some collector's item.

I too treasured my games as a kid in the 90's.
They were my portals to new worlds.
>brother is playing secret of mana
>he's maybe 11, I'm 6 or 7
>At the mana fortress
>about to beat the game
>he's at the final boss and I'm watching intently
>suddenly it happens
>he beats the last boss
> The screen is going nuts
>he looks at me with wild eyes
>think he's just stoked he'd beat the game
>he says to me in a very serious voice "leave right now"
>"leave, you didn't beat the game, you don't get to see the ending"
>but why not dear brother
>"you haven't earned it"
>say no
>he can't pause the game
>he covers my head with a pillow and lays on top of me
>I'm struggling to get free and he's trying to watch the ending of secret of mana that he can't pause while also trying to prevent me from seeing it
>eventually just stop resisting because he's bigger and I can't get out
>he told me I couldn't see the ending to the neverhood either when he beat that a year or two later
>I just left that time

Brothers, man
>I grab him by his anorexic torso and throw him hulk hogan style to the floor

I hope you atleast tore your shirt off first.
>31 years old
>surfing on phone while taking a dump
>find this thread
>dump proceeds smoothly
>return to play Perfect Dark on emulator in my own flat

Feels rather good, man.
He sounds like an autistic sperg.
How the fuck is that fork of spaghetti just floating in the air there?
>be in high school, 1999
>my friend Tariq goes through messy breakup
>she's trying to "win" the breakup
>introduces her new boyfriend to him at lunch, while we're all sitting around playing crazy 8s
>she "just wants to know if he's cool with it"
>he doesn't care
>she "just wanted to run that by you"
>I say "hey can we just play the fucking game or what"
>"nobody cares what you think, anon, I was talking to Tariq"
>"look, blahblah" (i forgot her name) "i don't give a shit about you or your greasy new mattress stain"
>I nearly fall out of my chair laughing
>"why should I care what you choose to do with your body?" he's shouting by now
>"did you guys meet behind the dumpster at Pizza Pizza?" he's standing up by now
>"does he know what up up down down left right left right ba start is?" he's basically performing for the whole lunchroom
>"can he do a barrel roll?!"
>I join in at this point "DOES HE EVEN KNOW ABOUT TIMED HITS?!"
>by now the lunchroom supervisors are corralling us into the principal's office to discuss our actions
>he says something about us cursing in front of the whole school
>try to explain I was saying TIMED HITS and not TINY SHIT or some fucking thing
>eat all the M&M's in his little candy dish while doing so
>principal eventually lets us go
>(blahblah) is like "why are you embarrassing to me?"
>Tariq says "Get the fuck outta here" directly in front of the school secretary
>later that year she would accidentally sigh "I hate my job" over the PA
>that last part had nothing to do with the story
>the story was over like three lines ago stop reading now please

And that's how I almost got suspended for screaming video game quotes at my friend's ex-girlfriend.
That is awesome and hilarious.

>tfw no brother growing up
>mine was 15 years older and always in jail ;_;

he did play paperboy and contra with me one night.. that was really nice
well, I guess the girl "lost" the breakup.

>later that year she would accidentally sigh "I hate my job" over the PA

>65 posts
>29 unique IP's
>samefaggers replying to their own posts

>gotta go fast

never gets old
drop the cia shit
for you

>everyone posts a story and replies to a story
>already have 58 posts

relax nigga

>playing saturday night slam masters with my brother
>I play El Stingray, he plays Oni
>trying to beat the game for a long time with this combo
>can never make it happen
>he ends up switching to Haggar, and I stick with based luchadore
>we win on our first run with these characters. he gets attached to Haggar
>later, parents pick up Final Fight
>he freaks out when he finds out Haggar is in the game

He experienced pure joy from seeing a character in another game. That'll always be a good memory.
Same thing happened to me but in my case it was because I caused a wipe by knocking into the snes on the ground so he couldn't play. Which then made him push me out the bedroom. We had those shitty cheap wooden doors the kind that crinkle if you lean on them, -so from me pounding on that door, there was little fist marks in that door up to me moving.
>it was FFIII

i beat it like a month later. easier than it looked.

>also my brother looked and acted A LOT like the older brother from home alone. just to give a picture.
>also my brother looked and acted A LOT like the older brother from home alone.

File: Nes.gif (2 MB, 512x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 512x256
>be me
>72 years old
>find this gif on reddit
>think /vr/ might like to save it to use as a op pic one day
>download it
>post it in this thread
hes kinda got that guy from diners, drive ins and bar show physique going on now...
File: 1453818749674.gif (98 KB, 314x319) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>72 years old
If it was you that posted that before I laugh every time you tell this story
>AD 1997
>rent doom 64
>play with the sound on mute and the CD player with funkytown on repeat
>have no idea why we did that but we played it that way for like four hours
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947 KB, 500x335
>give to a kid the Nintendo DS with the Legend of Zelda for NES on
>kid unironically enjoyed it

I rather excepted to hear "That sucks" or "Graphics suck" or whatever, it was goddamn 2011.
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>be the only one who treasures games and keep good care of games, cases and manuals
>spend all your money as kid to games because they were the only thing you really liked
>have two retard brothers that throw around controllers when they get mad and might break cases and tear manuals just for fun
>same thing with most friends, like nobody knew how to keep good care of their belongings
>parents refuse to buy new games to replace broken ones
>they also punish all of us every time someone fucks up
>realize it's no use to try behave good because you get punished anyway
>start beating up your brothers every time they fuck around and store your games to separate place
>brothers steal my stuff and if I try to recollect them by force it's somehow my fault
>most parts of my childhood was shit because of those two idiots
>still think about all those games they ruined
>tried to recollect most of those as an adult, but it feels stupid to pay hundreds for games which you could still own in good condition if you were only child

If I ever get children, I'm not going to punish him/her with siblings. Fuck those assholes, I'm still mad.
It must be nice to not have to deal with kids.

>be me
>took very good care of my toys and games
>youngest in family, but have a shitton of nieces and a nephew
>They want to play with my videogames
>They clutch the boxes until they have finger indents, or just step/sit on it
>Pick their nose and sneezes right into the controller on their lap. Or hold it to their mouths.
>Get triggered, but try my best to calmly tell them not to do that.
>The parents: Oh anon, don't you remember when you were a kid?
>Yes I do, why else were my things in perfect condition until 5 minutes ago?
I've got a few.

>be young and dumb
>grew up with a PSX
>many games
>but split parents meant I was carting them around
>get idea to put them all in disc case
>manage to lose all the cases, manuals, and inserts
>still have the discs

Every once in a while I'll go through old shit and find a manual (I think I can complete my FFVIII), but holy shit do I regret that decision.

>be young
>have one of those 5" B/W portable TVs
>manage to put together enough connectors to hook the VCR (and thus the Playstation) to it
>proceed to play games in my room instead of the only other TV in the house

>as a stupid forgetful child, saw a teenage son of my father's friend playing a game
>could only remember that the main character could transform and his name was Rue
>forget about it, years pass
>suddenly it comes to mind
>now have access to the internet
>manage to find it by sheer luck (Threads of Fate)
>already knew how to play copied games with a Gameshark and a thumbtack
>burn a copy
>legitimately rock back and forth on the floor like an autist
>still haven't finished it
>that was at least eight years ago

Also short memories like stuffing dirty clothes under my door to play SNES and finally finishing one of the Vanilla Bridge levels in SMW.
It's a mystery.
File: lidstrom_nik_a.jpg (105 KB, 1024x672) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105 KB, 1024x672
>be younger child
>older brother is a saint
>he makes maps for me when I play metroid, zelda, other games he beat when younger
>no hints or spoilers
>eventually I'm good enough to co-op with him
>eventually I can beat him at NHL 94
>he goes to college, I go to college
>hang out with some stoners, say they're one short for some 4 player SNES "retro" games
>I can be your fourth!
>Is she serious look
>competently play bomberman trading wins
>switch to NHL 94
>play half assed because I'm stoned
>2 min remaining and we're down 2-1
>might as well show these guys how to actually play
>use OP Steve Yzerman to score two goals and then an empty netter
Too true
File: 1450704845037.gif (3 MB, 640x352) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 640x352
>playing amazon trail on pc in my room
>get to a part where I'm talking to some safari lady in khaki shorts and blouse
>someone knocks on the door
>only boy in household so privacy is somewhat respected
>I ask who's there
>get no answer, just more knocking
>I keep asking what
>knocking gets louder
>someone's like OPEN THE DAMN DOOR
>it's my half-sister's asshole loser boyfriend
>he treats me like shit and gets away with it
>one time made me puke by jumping on top of me and just left afterwards(it was 90s, he's be in jail if it happened now but I digress)
>I run and open the door because there's no one home
>he sees the safari lady and asks if I'm making her take her clothes off
I don't really care as he was a twat that couldn't hold a job and kept trying to open house or with his stupid friends that kept getting in jail and shit
>VR related greentexts
File: 1453982832898.jpg (101 KB, 500x501) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101 KB, 500x501
>kept trying to open house or with his stupid friends that kept getting in jail and shit
should be
>kept trying to open a business while bumming around his parent's house etc.
another one I remembered involving him
>write down my favorite pokemon on notebook paper, sorted by type
>he comes over and does his usual faggy horseplay, grabbing me and shit
>feels something in my pocket and fights me for it
>I'm embarrassed that he'll punk on my for liking pokemon
>he wrestles it from me(he's 3 times my age)
>looks it over and its like cool, cool
I guess he just wanted me to be a normal kid, he was still a huge piece of shit though
I'm still not seeing the trick.

Are there wires or something?
>here on 4chan

Stop being such a cringey autist.

also you are wrong
no you don't

>fuck, I just broke all of my nintendos! Spilled a bunch of water on 'em!
>I-I'll take them off your hands
that was the dumbest shit I ever read
I'm 36 married with 6 kids and I still do that shit. Fuck off.
Why not faggot, or you to young to have any good stories?

Ooh Crikey Wot a Scorcher, by The Lost Boys, 1991

>wtf was that? It raises so many questions...

The Lost Boys and the Care Bears were rival Atari ST demo crews.

What's with all these pussy parents?
Did ya get yer pokemon card back??
You didn't read the story did you?
Just admit you read part of it only.
>be me
>age 8 or 9
>friend and I have just played Syd of Valis
>think it's so cool we decide to create our own video game
>draw some sick concept art as well as dungeon maps and shit on pieces of construction paper
>come up with a whole back lore and story
>write it down
>fashion crude cartridge shaped thing out of cardboard
>crumble all our drawings up and shove them inside of it
>write the name of our game on the front
>put the cart into my genesis
>genuinely surprised when it doesn't work
that was the day I realized making games was harder than it looks
>>be me
>>find this gif on reddit
>be me
>around 7 or so
>Christmas coming up real soon
>this year I've got the biggest present under the tree for fucking once
>Christmas day
>tear open the crinkly brown wrapping paper
>it's three whole acorns
>wrapping paper was leaves
>tfw squirrel
I know this is a joke, but getting a new console for Christmas and knowing you can play it all week before having to go back to school are some of the comfiest memories of my entire childhood.
Can anything in the adult world match that feeling? I think not.
File: 1442710046547.jpg (43 KB, 500x517) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 500x517
Agreed. I have very found memories of getting a gameboy advance on Christmas day. I think I was about 9 or 10 at the time.

Of course, I still have some fond memories of my brother and I waiting to open our gifts early in the morning.

>Holy shit it's Christmas, and I'm 7-8.
>Free gifts, delicious food, and vidya and tobogganing.
>The thing pretentious memoirs are made of.
>Well technically it's Christmas morning.
>Early Christmas morning.
>Despite trying my best to stay awake and catch Santa in the act, I fell asleep, clutching a homemade initialed stocking.
>Also despite clutching it, Santa somehow filled it up with gifts without waking me up.
>Clever bastard.
>Older brother (who normally sleeps in his own room, but sleeps on my top bunk during Xmas) is quickly opening his stocking stuffers and eating the candy that came with it.
>I follow suit, and am overjoyed when I find one of those dancing hamster toys in mine
>To pass the time, we turn on the N64 in my room
>Of all the games to play, my brother chooses Mario Golf, much to my dismay.
>He was going through a golfing phase I suppose.
>I genuinely do not enjoy the game.
>But that doesn't stop me from having fun.
>Each time, before he's about to hit the ball, I activate the dancing hamster, which proceeds to belt out a very compressed version of the song "Bad Boys"
>And each time, it fucks up my brother's swing.
>This goes on for some time, before my brother eventually just gives up.

But yes, many a comfy memory I have of those days. Hell I've got a lot of comfy vidya memories, but I always feel on the fence about them. I guess people feel that memories involving electronic activities aren't "worth" as much as more traditional memories are. Makes me feel slightly guilty from time to time but, doesn't detract from the enjoyment I felt back then.
Also, going over your cousin's house during the holidays, especially if he had a different system than you, and knowing you could all barricade yourself in the bedroom for hours on end playing exotic vidya while the grown-ups had cocktails and uncomfortable conversations downstairs.
spotted the retarded kid
faggot. your kids will be ashamed of you soon enough.

>dad stop trying to be cool, my friends wont fuck you because you use emoticons just like them, GROW UP GOSH

you sound like a girl with blue hair with piercings who loves japanese culture and tried to hang herself once but the rope broke at the last moment

holy crap that's it! I can't believe after all these years I finally know what it is.

Thanks a lot man, it sure seemed more gruesome in my memory!
>there was no more anon, only autist
File: hahahahaha.gif (2 MB, 325x244) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 325x244
>be playan MGS2
>Cutscene where the black lucky girl appears
>Step dad comes
>"Is that a movie"

Spotted the samefagging idiot who thinks anyone gives a shit about his opinion.
No, it's just a dud.
Do you have a /vr/ story to tell?
Hahahaha look at this mad faggot.
Look at him and laugh.

>muh reddit detective skills
File: be 17.png (169 KB, 640x353) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
be 17.png
169 KB, 640x353
This kinda counts.
>be me
>grow up playing video games
>treat my carts and discs with care
>still enjoy them to this day

But.. but.. didn't your little brother pee in your Snes and your mom was like "ANON LET YOUR LITTLE BROTHER PEE WHERE HE WANTS!"

>youngest of four brothers
>everyone always wants to use the computer
>parents set up a one-hour rule, brothers switch off every hour
>waiting around for my turn while my brother plays starcraft
>"hey your hour is up, let me know when you're done with that round, okay?"
>"uhh, yeah, sure"
>go fuck around for a bit, lose track of time
>come back like half an hour later
>caught him starting a new game, must've just finished his last one
>"uhh, you weren't here so I started a new one"
>you fucking asshole
>nothing I can do about it because he's 4 years older than me


>playing Bomberman 64 with all three older brothers
>every match they immediately kill me as a team and then play normally

I still feel alienated to this day.
The rule in Battle Royales is to always take the strongest one out first.

Actually, the rule is "throw the baby in the avalanche"
>playing Bomberman 64 with all three older brothers
>every match they immediately kill me as a team and then play normally
This reminds me of "ultimate dodgeball" in high school. It's dodgeball but without teams or boundaries.

The thing is all of the athletic kids were buddies. So they would take out the rest of the class in a few minutes and we would have to watch them play for another 10.
>Be on trip to NY from Europe in the early 90s (IIRC, November 1992)
>Visit FAO Schwarz
>Almost have a stroke when I see their GB/SNES games display
>Can get one GB game and one SNES one
>Get Mario is Missing for SNES (yes, I know)
>Very torn between FFL2 and FFL3 because I loved FFL, some guy in Europe had an import copy and I had randomly bought it
>Eventually get FFL3
>Obviously have GB with me, trying it ASAP, love it, burn batteries on it like a madman while at the hotel for the rest of the trip
>Only keep FFL3 in the GB on the flight back to europe (being careful of not playing it during takeoff or landing)
>Back home
>They send us the luggage home a few days later because lolinternationalflights
>Open luggage
>Mario is Missing is missing, along with all my GB videogames
>Stolen from the bag by some fuck of the airport personnel
>FFL is the only one to evade the thief, since it had fallen in a fold of some of the clothes

Mario is Missing would have probably been a problem, since I only had a PAL system, however not long after that I started using NTSC to PAL adapters to play imported JRPGs. Some guy in a town close to where I live sold these adapters, even kinda coaxed my dad and me into buying a Japanese Mega Drive + Japanese Mega CD because So
nic was faster on it and GOTTAGOFAST. I did like the few games I bought, tho. For American JRPGs I just mail ordered them from another importer on the other side of the country. Man, I was hardcore as a middle schooler, nothing could get between me and muh JRPGs.
Not really a greentext but I'm happy that my family was never retarded to say I couldn't play games or some shit like this. My father didn't like it but I could play it anyway. My mom watched me playing RE1 everytime.

Plus no "you can't watch Yu-Gi-Oh! because is satanic!!". Luckily my family was never religious (I mean they were into spiritism but it was never a problem to me).
File: lel.jpg (46 KB, 538x562) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 538x562
>You can't have your cake and eat it too m8
You seriously do not belong on this board.
until you see her at the very end...?
where are you from? not USA? lol fag mom afraid of guns
>crash bandicoot
>Be me about 3-4 years old
>Can read fine
>Play Atari 5200
>No problems at all
Good thing you're not still in a coma and living in a dreamed up world while your mind is trying to leave messages for you to WAKE UP Anon PLEASE WAKE UP

Edgy reply to the guy eh, ur super kewl man.
thanks, it's a pretty nice gif :^)
File: 0796857365698.gif (2 MB, 277x342) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 277x342
>wake up
>admire my large and growing backlog
>browse my current collection of owned videogames
>peruse my large folders full of great games i already have preinstalled
>end up playing quake again anyways
>blowing on the cartridge
jesus christ kids are fucking stupid
>was a kid
>Playing Super mario land on game boy
>keep losing and losing
>headbutt the family game boy
>i broke the device

Feels bad man
I got DN3D for $1.50 on steam
Got a similiar one!

>living in a very small villagemany farmers greeny green
>snows all day
>me and best friend outside
>i throw a snowball then he does
>grab the snow suddenly feeling something
>revealing gameboy cardridge in my hand
>no cover
>gameboy game wtf
>put in gb check
>its megaman

The most craziest thing is that i found it behind our house, there are greens and wood.
Nobody is there besides of my family and sometimes villagers walking with dog.
But losing a gameboy game there and me grabbing it later in the snow at the exact spot. Once in a million.
>trying to start shit for no reason

Its you that does not belong kid, fuck off back to /v/
Lol dumbass, everyone knows you keep your electronics on your persons at all times while traveling.
Also, it's a trip, bring a couple games with you only. If you really have the urge to play something new you can buy a new game on vacation like you did.
Sounds like your own dumb fault.
Nah, I'm good.
I might be on here but I am only here for the retro games and occasional nude female.

It is ^_^
>older then most of you
You might be older but you can't grammar for shit. It's "than" you fucking shitter.
great set up that plunged into cringe real quick

I'm Dutch, eat shit.
This. Surely this is more noteworthy than the window thing.
Reminds me of
>this time I bought one of the lesser-loved Sim games on CD-ROM
>Tower or Farm, I think. Not sure these days. It was second hand but I thought I'd give it a chance
>get it home and see it's far more scratched and dirty than I could see in the shop
>doesn't read properly
>as it's a bit greasy as well as scratched I decide to rinse it with warm water and a little soap
>still doesn't work
>stupid friend who was with me the whole time starts lecturing me, saying I damaged it with the soap
>get my money back anyway
And that's funny because condoms are for sex and people have sexual Fantasies, right?
File: 51csyVN8OyL[1].jpg (33 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 500x500
>late 90s
>I have Monkey Island on CD
>special CD-ROM deluxe edition with redbook audio music
>from same shop where I bought Sim game in>>2976693
>yes I'm the author of that post too
>have weird taste in music
>realise you can play Monkey Island with another CD in, once the game is loaded
>put in my Simply Red Greatest Hits CD
>yes I like Simply Red
>deal with it
>anyway as I play the game, every different bit has a Simply Red song accompanying it
>it gets completely ingrained into my head to the point where Simply Red (or at least the songs on this CD) and Monkey Island are permanently linked in my brain
>still, to this day
Actually I left the album in the drive for months, as I recall. The core of the game was installed on my HDD so I'd just load it up and immediately be accompanied by Rick Hucknall. This went on for months, as I say.
Same here, Half-Life with Smashing Pumpkins' Machina.
Would have bee funnier if the game was Deus Ex.
>be me
>click dewm babby general
>witness the rampant display of shit tier vidya ability, reddit humour and circle jerking
>remind them that they're faggots
>chuckle to myself and close the thread
Its funny because you have autism.
It shows.
>be me
>fap a lot
just described all your lives and wasted time

kill yourselves srs
File: true_terror.png (76 KB, 226x232) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 226x232
>be 11
>get Yoshi's Island
>play it to the point where I want to declare as my absolute favorite game of all time
>get to world 3
>absolutely despise the monkeys in these stages
>get to world 3-7 "Monkey's Favorite Lake"
>wonders why this particular lake their favorite
>first half of stage is nothing but more annoying monkeys
>rage builds after losing Baby Mario 20+ times to those damn monkeys
>get to the halfway mark
>see mud leading to a large body of water
>proceeds to chase monkeys down the slide only to encounter the most hideous fish i've ever seen
>fish stares intently at Yoshi and decides to submerge under the water's surface as i cautiously approach it
>decide to jump and hover over where the fish was
>pic related
>make it to safety from the jaws of the gross fish
>mock fish and proceed to move on only to find another ugly ass fish waiting for me
>attempt to jump over but mistimed the button press
>tried to jump out of water but ended up getting eaten by sjw fish
>mfw i developed an irritation fear to swimming in the ocean for a few years
>mfw i realized those monkeys enjoyed that lake just to see me suffer
Meant to say irrational on the second to last line.
File: 1446481317401.jpg (92 KB, 600x749) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92 KB, 600x749
>several years ago
>I'm moving and I'm tired of carting games around
>decide to throw out my Suikoden 2 game and case--why not, emulators exist
>find out ~2 years later that it was worth $200 in that condition at that time

You win again, universe.
Not retro but I had Hearts of Oak by Ted Leo playing while I spent hours and hours ripping sprites from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Every time I hear a song from that album I see that game in my head, with most of the layers disabled

>be a kid
>get yoshi's island
>fish level
>get eaten over and over
>first memory of having a boner
>late 90s or early 2000s, I don't remember
>older brother buys a pickup truck
>he comes home one day
>"Hey Anon, I got a surprise for you"
>he hands me a Pokemon Yellow cartridge
>It was stuck in the back seat of his new truck

The player's name was Ash, and the cart wasn't written on. I almost feel bad for the kid who lost it, but there's no way we could have found him even with a first name.
Your brothers were assholes anon.
sorry your parents didnt see it.

>Loves Simply Red for some reason
>Doesn't even know the name of the singer
>be me
is a very, very Reddit thing. When greentext stories began here they never began with "be me." They're only on 4chan now thanks to a few years of cross-pollution.
watch out we have an oldfag. who gives a shit
Piece of shit Deus Ex never loaded on my computer properly because it was a beast and Deus Ex is more fragile than a pensioner's hipbone.
You obviously didn't visit 4chan very much back then
Disgusting vore furry fag
he's right tho fuckface

I figured the 'be me' thing is a troll because it pisses people off tho
Reseller here. Have a story I just must pass along
>At the flea market this last weekend
>Walk past one of those stalls selling shitty made in China plastic toys
>Huge stack of Nintendo games
>All boxed
>Prices on boxes
>$2 for a small box (Mario 64), $4 for a big box (Star Fox 64) because rumble pack
>I feel morally obligated to not leave these games in the hands of someone who cares so little about them to not know what they're worth
>DO NOT get out my phone and start price checking like a cunt
>Do a quick estimate that as marked there's just under $300 in games there
>As the guys how much for the lot
>He looks confused
>Ask again, motioning a big circle around everything
>He adds up the price of everything. Very slowly. Or at least it seems that way as consumers slowly shuffle around like zombies picking up and looking at the games I will soon own.
>I counter offer with $200. Because, well, I'm a jew reseller
>Whip out the money and stuff it in his hand before he can change his mind or anyone can change it for him.
>He starts packing up, grabbing the games others are looking at out of their hands
>Grabs an unboxed DKC from some little brown kid
>Guess I was wrong, There was one unboxed game after all
>Everyone stands there with their mouths hanging open in shock
>Some have heard of this thing called the reeesailor but have never seen the beast of prey in action
>Pick up my two big bags of games and head off to the van to drop them of before I move on the the next victim
>Stop, Put them down.
>Dig into one of the bags and pull out the unboxed copy of DKC
>Toss it to the brown kid and tell him I have too many in stock already
>I've guessing everyone somehow looked even more shocked than before but I didn't look back as I walked away
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