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Zelda VS
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Everyday there are threads spamming of people giving their subjective opinion to which Zelda game is the best one, it's fun to read what some opinions are but wouldn't it be nice to try to objectivly try to figure out which one comes close to being the top pick? I know this is not going to be perfect, but I was thinking since you guys have good backgroundknowledge of most of the games we could work together and make a list of the strengths and weaknesses of each game.

Since this is /vr/ the disccussion should only be about the relevant Zelda's, but just out of curiousity a Strawpoll is included where you can vote your favorite game (even from the newer ones.) Sidegames like the CD-i and Satellaview are not in the race.

These are possible discussion topics I came up with, more are aprecciated, just don't forget they should be as objective as possible (e.g. artistic style should not really be of concern)

>Number of Dungeons
>Number of Secrets
>Number of Enemies
>Number of Soundtracks
>Number of Items

Lastly, do you think we should differenciate between the bird's-eye view, 3D and sidescolling games? One could argue that they change the dynamic of the game


Sorry for this diary, but maybe we could have a change of wind and have something productive in /vr/ instead of battlemaymaynia
I'll start with number of Dungeons:
>TAoL: 7
>LA:10 (+1 in DX)
>OoT: 12
>MM: 8
>OoA: 11
>OoS: 11

So, this is a tricky one; if you consider the second quest of LoZ to be additional dungeons it wins (18), followed by ALttP (13) and OoT (12)

So this round would go to LoZ
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>hay guise imma expound stuff I wanna put on my blogz
>comment plox
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>count the number of NPCs
>in each Zelda game
>Lists discussion topics
>Says a title wins before even discussing topic
What the fuck kind of discussion topics are these anyway? You're going for hard numbers in hopes that hard data is going to bring a logical conclusion, which is counterintuitive towards the discussion of a topic.

How about "quality of dungeons," OP? I think this is more interpretive and interesting, as Zelda games naturally moved towards a state of "switch hitting" rather than objective- or exploration-based progression.
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Good thinking, but i'd rather make a picture for this board with all of them (like the controller comparison), it's not like a secret club here where i'd be only one who can see this information
>qet them infos quicker in your blogz

Good, this is the input I was looking for. By no means I wanted to claim a winner, but since I was talking to myself i was spitballing...
I was going for a hard numbers starting point and keep on going from there, those are easier to collect at the beginning.
>maybe a dungeon/quality ratio?

It was just a suggestion, doesn't have to be included, but it would be possible. You could also compare the quality of interaction with these NPC's, or only take the main NPC's into account neccesary for the main plot.

I thought maybe someone knows a good site where information like this is listed (number of NPC's)

Coming to think of it, do you guys know those car-card-games where you compare with a friend who has the highest numbers? You could do something like that with the information
>pic related

No because games are far too personal to objectively decide anything.
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LoZ NPC.png
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If you say so... I will still try

Here are the NPC's from LoZ, it's the easiest out of the bunch. Why are there three different Zelda's? Do the appear in the game? Also, I did not know that the old men had different sprites, always thought it was the same guy...
File: tAoL.png (17 KB, 410x284) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And here are the NPC's from tAoL, found it on the same site.

Does anyon know where to find a page where there are good sales description? Depending on where you ook evryone has other statistics, how is that even possible...
How does one rate quality of a dungeon, though? Is it something we all generally agree on, this "dungeon is shit"?
I was tempted to do a "he doesn't know about the abducted maidens sidequest laughinggirls.tiff," but nah.

Pretty sure her color is one of those things that is based on Link's current color (which changes depending on his ring or lack thereof).
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well you could make an analysis on puzzle/action and the implementation of certain aspects go into account, but that is certainly very complex porcedure and would only work to a certain level at the 'easier programmed' games, but that is a pretty heavy task... why i started out with just comparing number of dungeons. What would be possible is the number of rooms for intance, or the number of puzzle you have to solve in a dungeon.

Then you could divide the rooms/puzzle or rooms/action part

ah ok thanks, really left me clueless there

Here are the NPC's from AlttP, seeing as some sprites are different entities in the game (like the shopkeepers for instance) I would only count each sprite as a single NPC (e.g. all the sailing shopkeepers in WW would be one NPC)
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I'll first collect all the pictures then start counting them together

If someone could point me to a good direction where to get a good source for sales would help
>missing the invisible Zora in Animal Village
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