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steam BS.jpg
1 MB, 1550x1701
Currently I am very pissed off about Steam. I saw they were offering the 3D Realms Anthology for 10 bucks until the 4th of January. I felt like buying it today and it's just gone. I have a screenshot of the cached steam page and a screenshot of the 3d Realms page which says "get it before the 31st of December 2015 - after that you'll never ever get it again".
So what do I do now? Also: Apogee game thread.

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You should ask for an apo-lo-gee
underrated post
It's because 3DR were their usual retarded self and wanted to make their own Duke Nukem game via a loophole when the Duke franchise was first sold, but Gearbox called their bluff. To counter Gearbox, they sued saying the game could be made. Obviouslly, since this is 3DR, where competence is a rarity, they lost and the company had to forfeit the rights to Duke 1, Duke 2, and Duke 3D to Gearbox.

This is also why Duke is no longer on GoG.
your post was the VERY NEXT post
how the fuck could it have been underrated if the VERY NEXT POST is complimenting it
fuck off
>OP gets mad

You will have to pirate the anthology to get it now. There's a torrent with 4 seeds, you'll be fine.
>wanted to make their own Duke Nukem game

So how did 3dRealms interpret this? Both of them could create Duke games or what?
I a-po-lo-gize OP.
Posts aren't rated on this site.

I bought a couple copies from the last humble bundle and saved the Steam codes because I knew this would happen.
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>mfw bought 3D realms anthology just a few days ago

It was on bundlestars killer bundle and it had some other games as well, but that 3D realms collection was the crown jewel. I had no idea this would happen, so now I have a rare full Duke Nukem collection on my steam account.

>Shadow Warrior
>Shadow Warrior classic (1997)
>Shadow Warrior (classic)
>Shadow Warrior Classic Redux
So now I have 3 versions of the same game on my steam, Shadow Warrior being the remake. I also have 3 versions of Duke Nukem 3D.
Then you must be really new.
>Then you must be really new.

Reddit speaks.
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So wait

if I buy Duke Nukem Megaton on Steam the money goes directly to Gearbox/2K?

What the fuck happened?
>I knew this would happen

how? you sound so full of shit
Apparently Douk 3D Megaton is still credited to Devolver Digital according to steam, but I bet that's because it's not the "real" Douk 3D but a remake based on the source code. Thus it's "not duke nukem".
Because it was well known that 3D Realms were going to lose their rights for Duke Nukem to Gearbox.
That's something I'd actually want to happen too. Gearbox could make Duke great again.
Given their last couple of games, I doubt they'd be able to do Douk justice.

It'd be better that what Interceptor would shit out though.
i love to have games removed from steam
just bought it from kinguin for 8.5 eur.
thank you again
>I saw they were offering the 3D Realms Anthology for 10 bucks until the 4th of January
They put that label on ALL games that are part of the winter sale.
>It's because 3DR were their usual retarded self and wanted to make their own Duke Nukem game via a loophole when the Duke franchise was first sold, but Gearbox called their bluff. To counter Gearbox, they sued saying the game could be made.

You got that all wrong. When 3DR went under, Gearbox bought the rights to DNF and to "any NEW Duke game was first sold", meaning all the previously released games still belonged to 3DR.

Gearbox sued, not 3DR. 3DR was already down, and bought by a small company, you really think they would risk losing the little they had left?! Gearbox went off the trial with the entire Duke franchise because they're a bigger shark.

So now they're transferring the rights, and since Duke games are part of that pack, that pack goes down. it will probably come back, without the Duke games; and the Duke games will probably be re-released, except by Gearbox.

Just wait.
It is "Duke Nukem 3D" . Transferring rights takes time, things don't go down the day the trial ends.
Gabe wouldn't take the game down just because that hack of a Pitchfork calls him.
Gearbox beat a dying horse to get the rights.

Then when the horse was clinging back to life, with the help of a young loving vet, Gearbox beat it again, and again, just to make sure he wouldn't get up again.

Pitchford seems like an egomaniac self-insert who loves to steal the candy of a crying child just because he thinks he should be the one having that candy. He had a very negligeable role in the marking of the version 1.4 of DN3D, wasn't even part of the team when the game was first released AFAIK. But if you listen to him, "he" rightfully owns Duke Nukem.
Another example: when they won the trial, Pitchford taunted 3DR/Interceptor by saying something like "I'm wishing them the best for their Bombshell game! As someone WHO WAS THERE when the idea of Bombshell was first created I'm excited!"
>implying "he" created Bombshell, not Interceptor who just "stole" "his" creation again and who "weren't even there"
>the first Bombshell ideas date from 1994. Pitchord joined 2/3years later.

My point is, you can't seriously wish Gearbox to make a new Duke game.

Besides, they're only going to publish, they're looking for devs, and when you look at those devs ideas... You know nothing good will come out of it.


If Interceptor/New3DR would have made a new Duke game, it may not have been the best, but at least they wouldn't have ruined its spirits. Those devs are still little experienced, but they believe in old gameplay mechanics, the ones WE on this board love.
So, officially theres no way to get the pack unlike the umihara trilogy, is that right?
I've already torrented it but a bunch of games are missing. Dark Ages and Monster Bash for example. I could find Monster Bash episode 1-3 on the net big for Dark Ages I've only found episode 1 and 2.
1) can anon provide episode 3 of Dark Ages for me, please
2) does Dark Ages only consist of 2 episodes ?
same shit with gog.
This is why you pirate shit, folks. You leave the rich little manbabbies to their expensive courtroom-sponsored playground fights and game in peace.
What I don't get: if I buy a steam code from Kinguin will the game be there? Will it be possible to redeem the code for a game that doesn't exist anymore and that got pulled? I would expect an error telling me: the content you are looking for got removed.
Am I wrong about this?
well, if the umihara incident is anything to go by, if you get a valid code, you can still claim the game.

but that is no 100% certain.
Quick search on a torrent site revealed this from the 2014 version of 3d Realms Anthology:

3D Realms Anthology includes the following games:

Arctic Adventure
Bio Menace
Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold
Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy
Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons
Math Rescue
Monster Bash
Mystic Towers
Monuments of Mars
Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure
Crystal Caves
Death Rally
Alien Carnage
Hocus Pocus
Major Stryker
Blake Stone: Planet Strike
Realms of Chaos
Pharaoh's Tomb
Word Rescue
Secret Agent
Raptor: Call of the Shadows
Terminal Velocity
Wacky Wheels
Shadow Warrior
Wolfenstein 3D
Rise of the Triad: Dark War
Duke Nukem
Duke Nukem 2
Duke Nukem 3D
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

What's the difference between that one and the one in this thread? I don't use Steam, so I'm not sure.
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43 KB, 970x646
You guise are panicking over no reason... this is the internet, nothing will be gone forever. Even if by some miracle the pack is never released for sale in any form again, there's always gonna be things like torrents.
you are right, pirating all those games is FUCKING EASY...

but theres people who has already pirated many of these games, and believe they should buy them in some way...

it is my fault, i couldnt buy the pack in time, but, like umihara, who the fuck would have expected the games being pulled out, now not only you missed some good games, but you lost the chance to payback the people who you just robbed up in the past.

i at least managed to buy some of the games of the pack, like duke3d and shadow warrior, i even managed to buy the original duke3d in its time (something of a miracle given the disgrace of living in monterrey NL, and the absoulte impossibility to find boxed pc games without overpricing or ordering the games by mail).

a classic example of dont take things for granted.
still, I'm pretty sure they'd run better if you downloaded the original versions and ran them under DOSBox tweaked for your machine specifically.

I can only imagine the shit they pulled to get these running.
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>Gearbox could make Duke great again
its obvious they are using dosbox for their games too, just a matter of taking the game files in your own Dosbox install...

the point here is not about the games running fine, the point is about having the chance of owning those games legally and in one place without resorting to piracy...
I can't tell which of those things in that article are jokes and which ones are serious.
what's the point of owning the CAB files extracted from a rip downloaded off TPB?

if you really want an original copy then hunt down the floppies and CDs from the '90s, otherwise it's just pointless moralfaggotry.
I love 3DR but there is so much garbage in that collection I don't even want it due to the clutter of my Steam library, especially when they're all emulated in DOSBox unless you really generous enough to support 3DR for Math Rescue
File: 1449153457231.gif (1 MB, 307x244) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 307x244
>gearbox releases HD versions of Douk 1, 2, 3D, and Manhattan Project with achievements, cards, multiplayer etc.
>all who own original versions of those get them freely updated to HD versions

Could this be habbening? That kind of thing happened with Company of Heroes and 7,62 High Calibre.

Like I've already said: I've torrented it and my version did NOT include Monster Bash (which is in your list) but your list is also missing Dark Ages which is part of the Steam bundle and I would like to get ALL THREE EPISODES of Dark Ages.
so, the games ARE archived, ok...

if you say the files are CABs, have you tried open them with WinRAR?
its more peace of mind than moralfaggotry. if i was a moralfag, i would chastise the very idea of piracy, and i would be a dick to anyone who pirates.
my point is that you're basically paying for the installation files ripped off a pirated .ISO.

I have no idea whether the original Duke Nukem used .CABs, although I'm guessing /some/ of their games did, probably.

ok, i dont know really now, at least according to the LGR review they say you can at least tweak the Dosbox settings of the DOS games...

about the original duke, it doesnt, CAB files are just uncompressed archives, you see a lot of those archives in windows apps setups, WinRAR can open those files the game directory and its files should be inside.

you sure that torrent is a torrent of the official anthology?
I don't think we're on the same page here. I was just commenting that it's stupid to pay for these considering they're just rips running under DOS.

maybe so, but again, is just about peace of mind, people who made those games will get the money, and thats what matters.
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Not him, but I like everybody to see my amazing steam collection and how much of a badass gamer dude I am with my high play times, achievements and such.
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While we are at it I've got a few questions
1) what language are most Apogee games written in
2) What can you tell me about the graphics? How did they create the graphics? What software was used for this? What were the limitations? If you know this for certain games let me know.

I am really curious about the process of making such a game back then. Thank you.
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yes. it's possible. I've also bought FUEL, DIRT2 and Prey after they were removed.

I thought you only RENT games on Steam as in: you do not really OWN THEM PERSONALLY- just like iTunes or anything else. So if the files are gone they are gone.

Duke Nukem 3d: Can you play the Steam version online against people or together with friends or doesn't this work and I should just use eDuke?
>Duke Nukem 3d: Can you play the Steam version online against people or together with friends or doesn't this work and I should just use eDuke?

Megaton's online work, but is a little laggy.
EDuke32's online is broken atm. Has been for a few years. Doesn't work.
Best way to play online is using xDuke sourceport with online matchmaker programs, although you will NOT find random players that way, that is to use only if you have other people to play with already. Megaton, you will find random matches.

That's what collectors of physical copies want you to believe to justify their obsessions.

You own games on Steam just like you own physical games, as in, the only people OWNING games are the publishers and other right holders. You're purchasing the right to enjoy the product in any case.
Some people will nitpick on how you can't "sell" your game on Steam, but I can sell my Steam account just fine. Also this is not much different than laws and regulations regarding the enjoying of actual physical dvds (and maybe even games, i never checked), like how you're only supposed to watch them with family at home etc
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>no cards
>no achievements
>no multi
>no stats

Why the FUCK would you play those games with a DRM? They all are on Gog for fuck's sake.
>They all are on Gog for fuck's sake.


my knee-jerk reaction for retro stuff on Steam.

If it's there, go and check on gog.com, more often than not the same game is available DRM-free
>umihara incident
What happened? The game(s) is still there.
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>I thought you only RENT games on Steam

How could you possibly make that conclusion? Did you really believe people get excited twice a year for sales to pay for rent games?

>Duke Nukem 3d: Can you play the Steam version online against people or together with friends or doesn't this work and I should just use eDuke?

Duke 3D megaton edition plays fine online, coop, deathmatch etc. but the last time I played the servers were pretty empty, but it could be a different thing nowadays. Duke Megaton and regular Duke 3D both support eDuke via steam. You just need to replace the exe with eDuke exe and you can launch it with all steam goodness.
I suggest getting Duke 3D & Shadow Warrior bundle from steam if you don't have them already.
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It's pretty easy with angol indie devs, they are a living parody.
When they talk about sexism/oppressed wymyn/FEELINGS, then they're being serious.

yfw the next DN is written by Burch
>How could you possibly make that conclusion? Did you really believe people get excited twice a year for sales to pay for rent games?

diff anon but I, for one, enjoy my 60 dollar rents.
Burch got fired from Gearbox.
He didn't get fired, he simply went to work somewhere else. They still hired him as a consulent for the new Borderlands games.
What's the justification to pay for these games at this point?
Are you fucking retarded? If you uninstall the game are you able to re-install it?

Jesus Christ you are dumb.
You're the only one who cares
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douk cowboy.jpg
2 MB, 1000x1459
And that's why I'm the best.
Another different anon, but should Steam ever decide to sell out to another company or shut down, you aren't entitled access to those games or refunds if they do pull a game or games from their service as per the EULA.

Anything you pay for on Steam is subject to removal, so you are indeed renting your games, just for an undetermined length of time. You don't actually own anything.
agatsuma entertainment (the games distribuitors) went bankrupcy at the beginning of the year.

steam inmediately pulled the umihara trilogy and their other games from the store.

you can still buy the games from other stores, but, as they are using steam keys, they have limited stock, once theirs stocks are done, then it's over.

and i just checked, the game still isnt in the store.
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I can't wait for Gearbox to release a Duke Nukem game where Duke realizes he has a softer side and that his years of aggressive misogyny were only fueling his toxic masculinity from his fragile male ego and he rededicates his life to educating his fellow males on a variety of topics including white privilege, male aggression reduction therapy, and that while no means no sometimes yes also means no.

I can't wait to see Anthony Burch's take on modernizing such an archaic and frankly oppressive character. It's time to fix Duke Nukem.
thank fuck the tide is turning because I can see that actually happening and nobody would be able to say a goddamn thing otherwise they'd be branded bigots for life.
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Randy Pitchfork better not fuck this up like every other thing he touches. If he dares to do something like this to our Douk I swear to mi mum...
>So what do I do now?

Pirate it, duh.

Try harder.
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