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I'm joining a huge draft league at my...
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I'm joining a huge draft league at my university this week (~25 people). Its OU, and there are no rules in what order you can pick mons (not like choose 3 ous, 3 uu's, etc.) I made a list of my priority targets.

Am here asking for some advice from someone who maybe has done a draft. Also if anyone knows some lower tier cores I can draft, as it will be tough to get a combination of OU mons I want, but lower tier will be possible. OU cores welcome too.
dude chill out it's just a fun tournament stop taking it so srsly bruh
Its a semester long thing, that a lot of people take seriously lol, its like a season and there is standings and stats etc.
Well, treat it like you would a fantasy draft for any sport.

Your first round pick should be a homerun and something that you can bank on being a sure thing. Something like Lando or Rotom.

After that, you want to look at what gives you the best value for your picks. You'll want to look at UU mons that can offer you the best bang for your buck. Don't go for coverage just because someone is making a run for it if you can get better value elsewhere.

Think about team synergy and what works well.
Don't waste a high pick on Infernape if you can get Darmanitan later on for a cheaper pick.

Remember your Karenfag training. M-Aggron is a scary wall, Dragalge has great Special Bulk, shit like that.

People are going to go for the top tier options, so use this to your advantage.

Also DragonDance/AquaJet/Knock-Off/PoisonJab Crawdaunt is also good.
Isn't Zard X like the best mon in the game though? Last season I finished second, and I made the mistake of drafting NO UU's, I legit opted for some RU's instead like gallade and really regretted it. Shouldn't I go for a mega as my first pick?
>Zard X
Do you know what's fun?
Fucking over Zard X with M-Aggron.
Lando is one of the best.

There are a shitload of megas out there. Naturally, everyone will go for Megas, leaving the options for non-megas at your feet. Megas are stoppable, hell most of them are really easy if you can handle the momentum.
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top mons.jpg
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also here is a list of the top 20 pokemon from last season. I really want that suicune, zapdos, and nidoqueen(king preferably)
That sounds more like the way people are using those mons.

Why do you want Suicune, Zapdos, and Nidoqueen(king)? Because people did well with them? It doesn't matter what pokemon you choose in the end if you're a shit trainer.

Make your team with strategy, focus it around your first round pick, and then go from there.
Hmm, would you go for Lando T or Rotom first? I actually do like this idea of not drafting a mega first, but I actually dont really like M-Aggron, especially since I can use Rhyperior for much of the same things and not waste a mega slot.
These were the first round picks last season:
Scizor M
Steelix M(lol)
Garchomp M(extra lol)
Lando T
Metagross M
Absol M(lol)
Keldeo R
Slowbro M
Zard Y
Lopunny M
Gardevoir M
Rotom H
Pinsir M
Altaria M

This leaves some amazing pokemon, and then maybe I can swoop up like Heracross M or Gyarados M later. What would you say is the best lower tier mega.
Actually Zapdos was me, I fucking love it, so versatile. Thing is I'm a very one dimensional trainer as in I only really have expeirence with the mons I've used, and I havent used that many. Zapdos was the core of my team spreading paralasis hence 11 asists, the 2nd most in the league behind ferrothorn. I want suicuine because it walls so well, if you max defense it, and then get a calm mind off its hard to kill.
STFU. DD Crawdaunt is ass. You do Swords Dance or Choice Band. It doesn't outspeed anything after 1 DD, it's still below speeds of 100 Base speed guys.
You have to keep in mind, Lando T might be the best mon in a game where you dont know your opponents team ahead of time. In a draft someone could pack HP Ice on a random mon and ruin your day.
>at least 25 people at your school play pokemon let alone know what competitive pokemon is

can we switch lives?
My university is huge dude 1000 people in first year engineering alone. Admittedly not everyone in the draft last season was super competitive, but literally only 1 person had no idea what they were doing. It's a lot of fun and has rekindled my love for competitive Pokémon.
Are megas and normals picked separately? So someone can have Slowbro and someone else can have M Slowbro?

Anyway, I'm pretty shit at battling, but my thoughts are:
1) Reliable picks. Rotom, Lando, Scizor etc are always going to be useful. Don't hope for overarching synergies like making a Sun team, you probably can't get them, and they're hard to use properly without full access. Also very transparent for your opponents.
2) Flexible picks. Flexible Pokémon makes it harder to prepare for your teams, makes it easier for you to prepare for your opponents', and gives you more options when it comes to what else you can draft. Scizor can be a bulky defogger, Choice Band with priority and U-turn, or set-up sweeper. Mew can do anything.
3) Don't try too hard to get a mega. You have 35 options or so, and you can only have one on your team. The quality of available megas will probably deteriorate at a slower rate than the rest. There's also fewer of them though, so make sure you don't end up with something that fits poorly. (This is assuming megas are separate picks.)
4) Hard-to-counter picks. I don't really know any examples, but if you have something that is hard to provide a proper counter for, then you can randomly win some matchups, and make opponents overcompensate.
5) Prioritize roles. Pick something that is considered slightly worse if it does a better job of patching up a weakness. Ask yourself "If someone tries to X, what do I do?" Have something that can set up stealth rocks, consider getting something that can remove it. Susceptible to status effects? See if you can get a cleric. Afraid of getting swept? Get some priority. Struggling with Psychic types? Get a Pursuit trapper. Walled by physical or special walls? Do something about it.

I'd imagine most of this is obvious, but maybe just keeping it in mind is useful.
Only one of each, I could draft gardevoir and no one will be able to have the mega. Same goes for Rotom, there is only one rotom, so it might be worth a first pick.

Thanks for the tips, but personally I feel any x4 weak mon like siczor is asking for trouble because of Hidden power. I think I'm going to go with rotom first. Zapdo is a bulky defogger if I need it, and I think that will be my 3rd choice.

On the subject of megas there are just so many amazing ones its tough to settle for a lower tier one. Im considering pinsir.
You best fucking grab Mamoswine

Fucking god tier anti meta
How fast would you draft it?
Not first, for sure. Second might be jumping the gun a bit too, but there's no guarantee it'll still be around by round three with 25 people. If you see other people grab those popular 4x ice weak mons in the first round grab it second for sure, but otherwise you might get away with holding it off one more round.
I mean with 26 peopl EVERY OU and UU mon will be drafted, so I think Ill get it 3rd. Maybe if I get Weavile second Ill skip it.
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