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ITT make your own ideal gym team. It can describe yourself as a gym leader or be some OC you cooked up

>Normal mode: Include your type, which Pokemon you use, general theme
>Hard mode: Actual movesets for your team based on where you fall in the gym leader roster (e.g. if you're a fourth gym leader, you should only have 4th gym difficulty etc)
>Overachiever Mode: All of the above plus badge name, detailed gym puzzle and pre/post battle dialogue

Rate/hate/etc based on whatever criteria you like

Fuck poison types
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>A sandwich chef who specializes in the Fighting type. To make a perfect sandwich requires speed, care and physical aptitude; this Leader brings these traits to the Gym as well. He fancies himself an artist and believes certain things must be done in a perfect manner.
>7th gym
>Toil Badge
>TM: Low Sweep. It's my favorite move.
>The gym is a warehouse of various food products and paper goods boxes. The food products can be pushed around like a strength puzzle. Only by arranging the foods in a proper sandwich row (bread, sauce, veggie, meat, bread, IN THAT ORDER) can the player move on to the gym leader.
>Before battle: "Welcome! To make a perfect sandwich takes a lot of care. But what about a hundred? A thousand sandwiches? That takes momentum! I take it you want a battle? I'll serve one up right quick!

Stun Spore
Force Palm
Low Sweep
Low Sweep
Karate Chop
Thunder Punch
Ice Punch
Fire Punch
Mach Punch
>Toxicroak (Ace)
Low Sweep
Sucker Punch
Poison Jab

>After battle: "Every battle is a balance between momentum and care. You've displayed a perfect balance. Here it is, your Toil Badge!"
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>Local mobster looking to get into the gym running business, sees potential for good money in battling trainers.
>Theme: Mafia/Gang
Night Slash
Wing Attack
Dark Pulse
Razor Shell
Night Slash
Double Hit
Shadow Sneak
Dark Pulse
Dream Eater

>Gym Puzzle based around gambling.
>Literally all of it is 100% luck.
>You have to pay a certain amount of money to progress through the checkpoints to reach me.
>You can either battle a trainer for the exact amount, or gamble to win more with what you have.
>If you don't win the roulette you will obviously be forced to fight, but it is possible to win all 4 roulettes and reach me without fighting anyone.

"Hope you brought a lot of cash, kid, 'cause I plan on taking whatever you got."
>Post Dialogue( My Victory)
"Feel free to come back with more cash, maybe bring some friends along too."
>Post Dialogue(My Loss)
"It'll take me forever to build my savings back up! Don't come back, you're banned for life!"
>TM: Dark Pulse
>Badge: Coin Badge.
>A manlet young fag who loves big fat badass monsters.
>Gym puzzle based on a miniature city, you must destroy buildings to pave the way.

>Kangaskhan (muh mega)
Giga Impact


Skull bash

Thunder fang
Dragon Claw
Swords Dance

>First Dialogue
"Did you see how much they're big? No? It's show time so!"
>Post fight dialogue (when he loses)
"GRAAAAH, I'LL DESTROY EVERYTHIIIING GRAAA- hum, well done, take this".
>TM: Earthquake
>Post fight dialogue (when he wins)
"You have been earthquaked!"
>Giant Badge
>poison gym (6th gym)
>gym has a path that has many trainers on it, but numerous shortcuts as well
>if you go through the shortcuts, a tile gives your pokemon a random status effect
>theme is forcing the trainer to deal with status, battling through it or playing smart
>badge is the hardship badge
>gym leader is a grizzled soldier who did whatever it took to win, learning that sometimes the best path in life is hard to find
>Before battle: "I see you made it through my gym! Did you learn just how horrible battling with status holding your pokemon back was? Show me how you face life's challenges, trainer, prove to me that you deserve this badge!"
>post battle (Trainer win): "When you do whatever it takes to win, you learn what real strength is. Take this badge, and this TM, and keep going until you cannot stop!"
>post battle (GYM LEADER WIN): "You'll need to try much harder than that if you want to succeed, friend."
Gives toxic TM.
toxic spikes
sludge bomb
leech seed
magical leaf

venom drench
dragon tail

wing attack
confuse ray

>gengar (sitrus berry)
>confuse ray
>pain split
>shadow ball
Dynamic Punch
Bullet Punch
Knock Off
Stone Edge
Close Combat
Fire Punch
Bullet Seed
Rock Slide
Focus Punch
Gallade (Mega)
Close Combat
Psycho Cut
Ice Punch
Leaf Blade
Flare Blitz
Wild Charge
Sucker Punch
Chesnaught (Ace)
Bulk Up
Hammer Arm
Type: Ground
Theme: Safari; the gym leader is the owner of the safari zone

Rhydon (lv. 42)
>Hammer Arm
>Scary Face
Hippowdon (lv. 40)
>Thunder Fang
>Fire Fang
Donphan (lv. 40)
>Knock Off
>Rock Polish
Krookodile (lv. 42)
>Power-Up Punch
>Foul Play
Torterra (lv. 45)
>Sunny Day
>Wood Hammer
>Tyranitar ain't Ground type man
I think at least the last three gyms should have a full team of competent and interesting Pokémon, they're already at a heavy disadvantage from being monotype. Wulfric has 3 Pokémon, that is just sad. (Jesus Christ, does his Abomasnow only have 3 moves?)

Type: Grass (7th)
Theme: Exploration
Puzzle: Transforming terrain
In order to navigate the gym, the player must change area sections to specific terrains in order to overcome obstacles. Wind to blow away sand, flooding magma and freezing lakes, etc. The final gym battle is done in grass terrain (not the move).

>Roserade @ Focus Sash
Ability: Technician
- Toxic Spikes
- Hidden Power Rock
- Nature Power
- Sludge Bomb

>Trevenant @ Lum Berry
Ability: Harvest
- Rest
- Leech Seed
- Phantom Force
- Horn Leech

>Ludicolo @ Damp Rock
Ability: Swift Swim
- Rain Dance
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Nature Power

>Cradily @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Suction Cups
- Curse
- Recovery
- Rock Slide
- Seed Bomb

>Breloom @ Toxic Orb
Ability: Toxic Heal
- Swords Dance
- Endeavor
- Drain Punch
- Seed Bomb

>Whimsicott @ Leftovers
Ability: Prankster
- Nature Power
- Hurricane
- Cotton Guard
- Leech Seed

>Intro: This world is a vast one, every nook and cranny offering new experiences and new perspectives. Will you allow me to witness the results of your life's journey?
>Defeat: Sometimes, even your best will not suffice. Perhaps you can discover another road that leads to your goal.
>Victory: With every defeat comes the realization that there is much left to discover. I thank you for showing me that I have not yet reached the horizon.
TM: Nature Power
Badge: Horizon Badge.
>A woodsman who specializes in grass types,
>8th gym
Gym puzzle
>an intricate series of logs that you have to cut down or move (using cut and strength) to create several paths over ravines
>Lumber Badge

Aerial Ace
Sunny day
Leaf blade

Wood Hammer
Giga Drain
Bulk Up
Hammer Arm

Grassy Terrain
Sludge Bomb
Magical Leaf

Iron Defense
Gyro Ball
Powe Whip

Ancient Power
Grass Knot
Poison Jab

Upon initiating battle
>I've been through every kind of forest inthe world kid, and and I've got the Pokémon to show for it. Time to cut you down to size!

Upon Being Beaten
>Looks like I don't need to sharpen the old axe yet, I've still got it!

Upon Beating Him
>Wha-?!?! Looks like I need to go sharpen the axe kiddo. You're good, I'll give you that. Here's the Lumber Badge, you've more than earned it.
I like it, could always use more quirky fighting type leaders
A ship captain by the name of Cutter


The inside of the gym if made to resemble a beach, with the middle of the room being flooded with salt water. There are patches of sand around the gym's edges and an island in the middle where Cutter waits for the trainer to appear.


The player is given a choice of boats which he/she must pick in a correct order to reach Cutter. Incorrect boats take the player to beaches where other trainers wait to battle. Process is repeated until player reaches Cutter.

Storm Badge

Rain Dance

Upon Cutter's defeat, player is allowed to use Surf.

Lvl 18
Wing Attack

Lvl 21
Vice Grip
Bubble Beam
Metal Claw

Lvl 24
Poison Sting
Water Pulse
Toxic Spikes

>Before Battle:
"Ahoy! What is a young lubber like you doing in this here waters? I harnessed the power of the storm with Water Pokemon! You think you can stay afloat against me?!

>Being defeated
"I'm all washed up! The tide of battle turned in your favor! You have earned your sea legs, here take the StormBadge!"

>After being defeated
"The StormBadge doubles your Pokemon's speed! It also allows you to use Surf anytime! TM18 contains Rain Dance! Teach it to an aquatic Pokemon!
File: actual poison gym.png (15 KB, 524x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
actual poison gym.png
15 KB, 524x320
Red is for Challenge Mode stuff, like in B2W2. I feel like this might be a tiny bit too strong, I was aiming for 6th/7th gym.
Normal, but a Doubles Battle. Eighth Gym. Based on cheating. Gym leader is a stereotypical computer nerd. So they all have one illegal move or ability that makes them somewhat hard but doable by a 10 year old. I thought about the type being Dark, but all people lie and do bad things.

>Mega Pidgeot with Sing
>Porygon2 with Adaptability
>Ursaring with either Sheer Force
>Smeargle with Prankster and four random status moves
>Bidoof with Swords Dance
>Pyroar with Competitive.

Badge: Digital Badge
TM: Tri Attack

Afterward, the leader closes down the gym and vows
To never cheat his way through life again because he was beaten in an honest battle.
>Type: Poison
>Theme: Puddles of "poisonous" liquid around the gym, have to stop leaks by arranging pipes to pass certain areas
>Moveset: Nothing specific, but all of them know Toxic and Facade. Haunter knows Hex.
>Gym number: 4 or 5
>Badge name: Noxious Badge
>Post-game rematch team
I like this one

You should name him Ruben or Po Boy

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Honestly the level/strength is kind of subjective and depends on the game. Those levels would be fine for FR/LG, but would be really high for something like XY.
tfw no challenge mode ever in any new pokemon games
>7th gym
>Chill Badge
>gym leader is a young man with a passion for bobsledding
>gym puzzle is a complex series of bobsled runs on snowy slides that lead you down to the next level, with a trainer battle awaiting at the bottom of each slide

- Freeze Dry
- Water Pulse
- Psychic
- Sing

- Icy Wind
- Thunderbolt
- Destiny Bond
- Shadow Ball

- Ice Shard
- Freeze Dry
- Earthquake
- Giga Impact
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Thread images: 9
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