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Ghetsis thread
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Let's have a thread for the king!
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Hard to believe he was ever like this.
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I'm sure he can be nice. He did save the Shadow Triad's lives at one point as well.
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I didn't know ghetisfags existed. Not that he's a bad character considering his role in the games, it's just, huh...
He is pure evil, in the manga canon he trapped Black (Hilbert) inside the light orb and left White (Hilda) devasted.
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Don't know man, I look up to his sense of pride and how intelligent he is despite going insane in BW2. Plus he's actually good looking and cool honestly.

Wasn't there that crucifying shit as well? PokeSpe is pretty out there.
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>PokeSpe is pretty out there.

It has it's edgy moments. I don't like most of it.

But BW arc was ok I guess.


Maybe it's just that gen V is a little forgotten right now
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>Maybe it's just that gen V is a little forgotten right now
Western fandom? Yes.
The nip fandom is still all over it though. They love that shit.
There were a number back when DEEEENNIS was popular and recent.
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Why do the Plasmas have such amazing hair? Just look at N and Colress as well.
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Is there anybody in the Japanese version not named after plants?
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It's because they're worth it.
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All of them could possibly come from plants I think, except Ghetsis.
From Bulbapedia:
From "G" and "Cis" (C), the pitches of the timpanis used in his battle theme. The combination of "G" and "Cis" is a tritone, previously referred to as Diabolus in Musica (The Devil in the Music) in the 18th century. Could also be romanized as Goetis, derived from Goetia, Greek for "sorcery".
Last part of that I'm not sure, but the G C# part was stated by Masuda himself.
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If you call p>>25021450
okespec "edgy", I am scared of how would react with actual edgy shit.
Because they use Head & Shellders.
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Nah, I don't think it's edgy. Not at all.
When I said that I was just referring to the fact that it's pretty different from the other canons, kind of close to game canon.
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Isn't N King?
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Like half of Team Plasma considered N their King while the other half considered Ghetsis the King/Leader
They're both kings in my eyes though
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>just shit in general and in the end has an autistic fit so hard he needs to be dragged away by his own henchmen
>has a furfag son and probably fucked some zoroark himself
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Go away Rosa
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And yet his plan still nearly worked and you almost died.
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Is killing not for everyone?
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Can someone explain Team Plasma to me? I don't know their motivation or what they do since I skipped the B/W games and anime.

To my knowledge they're just like Team Rocket except Ghetsis found a kid in the woods and decided to raise him to be the ultimate man-child because everyone knows man-children are best at raising pokemon.
Ghetsis tried to take over twice, once by using N as a puppet king, screwing others outta having Pokemon (leaving him as the only one who has them) and in BW2, he tried to freeze the whole region. Colress, like N, is just a puppet - Ghetsis was pulling the strings from the shadows .
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Toasting in epic bread
Bump I'll post more when I get back from work if thread's still alive by then
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>those Ghetsis Stroke myths in B/W days.
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He looks like a Mega Man villain.
>Not having a thread for best king
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Ghetsis Card.jpg
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why is he watching TV about shit?
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You're pretty fuckin desperate to hate on something, aren't you?
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I always loved how Albert was the least evil-looking one of the council, and he turned out to be the one that was evil
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Arent team galaxy more evil than team plasma? I mean, sure, capturing Kyurem and making a massive weapon out of him is pretty badass, but team galaxy tried to use the 2 pokemon that controlls time and space to conquer the world, and they even summoned the fucking devil of the pokemon world. Talk about dedication.
Still, gotta hand it to the guy, making a weapon out of a pokemon like that takes dedication.
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giratina blue.jpg
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>they even summoned the fucking devil of the pokemon world.
>le giratina is the devil meme

The only similarity is the whole "getting kicked out by Arceus" thing. Otherwise
>Giratina doesn't tempt humans
>Doesn't collect/rule over souls
>Doesn't actually cause sin or something
I wouldnt consider Giratina that "kind" of devil. Ofc it doesnt do what the bible-devil does, obviously, but it was banished from the real world to the distortion world for a reason after all.
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Do it for him.jpg
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hilda and her bf.png
107 KB, 697x559

I'm glad for that because I like gen 5 and it's characters a lot, and nips do most of the fanart.
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Got fuckloads of Ghetsis/Hilda, not sure if should dump?
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Cyrus' goals are certainly more extreme than Ghetsis', dude assembled a cult-like following posing as an energy company and wanted to create a world more suitable for his psychopathic ass. Ghetsis on the other hand is just your regular old I-wanna-rule-the-world villain (a first for Pokemon, actually), but his methods of reaching that goal may be even more extreme, what with the whole attempt at straight-up killing you, among other things.
>but his methods of reaching that goal may be even more extreme, what with the whole attempt at straight-up killing you, among other things.
Also, kidnapping children at a young age (N, of course).

Do it.
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I'd say both Ghetsis and Cyrus are on the same level of evil, just in different ways
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Does anyone else think Ghetsis might be a descendent of that one King we found out about in the Abyssal Ruins?
After finding out about the texts in the ruins and Zinzolin talking about how if the King had descendents then his special powers might have been passed down.
We never find out anything more about what he said after that so it would have been weird if he just mentioned that when it didn't have anything to do with anybody.
Thought it might have been Ghetsis with that one hidden word (The great King ●●●●●●●●) matching all the number of letters for "Harmonia" in any translation of the game, along with the fact he was the one who had the papers to decipher the texts in the first place.
I don't know, just something I thought was interesting.
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IMHO Ghetsis was researching a lot about Harmonia family roots before game. Which is maybe why he decided that being a ruler is a great idea and he totally should reclaim what Harmonia family once had.
[Which expands to theory that he has same abilites as N. Except he is, y'know, a sadist so he has a way different approach to them than N.]
So much wasted potential :/

pic related.
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This turns me on and i'm not sure if i like it or not
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Wait hold on there goes my favourite
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2 MB, 1767x2412
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