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>be in 3rd or 4th grade
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>be in 3rd or 4th grade
>it's the end of the day
>ask teacher if i can play my gameboy
>she says yes
>pull gameboy out
>fucking bitch takes it
>supposed to get it back tomorrow
>i never get it back
>joke's on her, i kept my pokemon silver in my pocket for saftey
What conflicts have you had as a kid with teachers, parents etc.?
What the fuck is wrong with her?
>playing fire red in 8th grade
>asshole teacher comes up
>hey what level are you on?
>well this game doesn't really have lev-
>takes it away
>have to wait a month to get it back
A major case of stick up the ass, is my guess.
>bringing your gameboy to school

Never. Never. Never.

Even as a kid I knew that was asking for trouble.
I made sure it stayed nice and safe at home, until I got back.
>tries to make a joke of it
What a cunt
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>6th grade
>going back to class after lunch
>was carrying that Emeral tin you got by preordering, it had five or six GBA games in it
>Putting it back in pocket after showing friend
>Ms. Bagley sees it
>Takes it from it me
>Says she'll only give it back to my mom
>Never tell my mom about it because I had horrible grades in Ms. Bagley's class and didn't want the two to meet
>Never saw those games again
That's not just stick-in-the-ass though. She straight up lied to a 3rd or 4th grader to trick him into pulling out his game machine so she can take it. That's vindictive.
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Not related to pokemon, but I have a similar story

>be 14
>high school
>homeroom teacher is a turbobitch, call her ironlungs
>get a fake cigarette lighter
>basically a water pistol
>how it works is you fill the sucker with water, then squeeze the blue plastic case, then it pushes the water out of the top of the lighter
>was innocent 14 year old, thought it was meant to prank people into thinking you smoked and then squirt them
>I do just that
>mfw ironlungs busts me and threatens to suspend me for squirting lighter fluid all over everyone
>oh FUCK
>explain it's a water pistol
>fucking drink some
>drink it
>right in front of her, just squirt some "lighter fluid" and gulp it down
>she confiscates it until the end of the term
>I can apparently have it back if I go see her then
>I go see her then
>She says I can't have it yet and I have to wait more
>mfw I'm 21 now and it's probably still in the skank's office drawer
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actually i was caught with my GBA a couple of times but the teachers said put it away your here to learn etc etc

but i remember my school Banned pokemon cards because older kids were scamming the younger kids
but i got a fair trade for the salamence card its still probably my fave this 6th grader tells the principle then i have to give it back and didnt get my card back
....i miss that card sometimes it was really cool
>brought Pokemon Pikachu 2 to school
>never left my side in class
>never played with it during school outside of recess, and there wasn't much to do with it even then since it's mostly a step counter
>no teacher ever took it away

Another story:
>never brought gameboy advance to any class
>one day it was allowed throughout the school and I brought it
>wasn't taken away
>never brought it after that
>never had it taken away

And not video game related, but
>in first grade
>playing with cool-looking pencil I brought from home
>teacher takes it
>gives it back after a week or so
>learn that teachers take stuff away from you if you play with them during class

Even if I didn't have that example in first grade I would have figured that out by common sense. Why would you bring a game to a place where games aren't normally allowed?
lmao nerd
I took my fucking gameboy to school all the time. It's you retards who thought it was okay to play it in a classroom that had issues. Before school in the cafeteria, during recess, afterwards while waiting for a ride home, all those are acceptable times. Pull it out in class? I don't care if you did finish all your work early, it's still a dumbass move even for a grade schooler.
Stealth, nigga
>8th grade
>few minutes until gym starts
>decided to bring out my Game Boy
>got a few glances but nobody really cared
>gym teacher comes out earlier than expected
>shove it in pocket
>he comes over to me
>he's a pretty cool guy, never got top mad
>Hello, Anon. Nice day for running, isn't it?
>Suddenly hear the clack of my Gameboy hitting the ground
>stand completely motionless
>He just stares at me.
>Well, see you at the track, Anon.
>Walks away.
>Quickly scoop up Gameboy, looking for any scratches
>Not too bad, just got a scratch that could easily be fixed
>next period rolls out
>English, had a pretty cool teacher
>She calls me over
>Hey Anon. Uh, gym teacher told me to tell you that you shouldn't bring your...Playboy to school.
>Don't corrects her, just say "Yes ma'am" and return to my desk
>Rest of the day goes on smoothly

I had some pretty cool teachers back then.
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>shouldn't bring your...Playboy to school.
It's good that your teachers were cool because that's a huge misunderstanding.
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blaze it.jpg
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Bitches gonna bitch.

Was this really a necessary story? It's not really relevant to the thread, and I feel like you just posted this to suck your own dick.

>well I never had these problems, and here's some examples why I was a better kid than you
Yes, she said Playboy.
I just tried to keep my laughter in.
>be staight A student in senior year
>be playing ruby on gba sp during boring literature class since I read ahead of the class
>teacher catches me is nice enough to let me save and turn it off
>hand it over without the game in it
>keep playing on regular gba a few minutes later
Here we go. Again.
>Red and Blue were the craze everywhere
>only one in the class didn't had it
>one day, he starts bragging about how he'll have one
>later that day, three games were stolen
>we all knew it was that kid who did it
>turns out, the three hid their games at school and tried to make others taking the blame, and the three accused him for nothing
>next day, me and two others arrive early at school, like everyday
>search on the place the three were during lunch time
>find a mark, dig there (sand-like, so it was easy), hit a box with the cartridges on it
>get and share the cartridges, put the box back
>at the end of the day, one of us gives the cartridge he found to that kid, explaining him everything
>he thanks us and keep playing the "I have no pokemon games" part
>the three kids found their games disappeared one week later, when they checked the box
>they start accusing the kid again
>me and the two others start covering him, due to one going to his home during said week and "confirming he has no Pokemon games", plus us telling the teacher we heard them talking about "hiding something during lunch"
>they are forced to admit they hid their Pokemon cartridges
>lie blasted
>their parents didn't bought them Pokemon games
>a week later, that kid went "Look what my parents bought me !"
>due to what happened, his parents bought him the other version

And lots of fun were had.
>be 9
>playing Blue on older bro's greybrick
>teacher takes my gameboy at recess
>wtf, I'm not even in class
>'Recess is for playing outside, anon. You'll get it back after school'
>teacher is lying sack of shit, leaves early, is nowhere to be found
>tell mom what happened
>mom comes to school and tells bitch to give it back
>teacher's all 'I don't have it, someone must have stole it from my desk. I don't have to pay you back, gameboys aren't allowed on school property blah blah blah'
>mom: 'Sorry anon, but she's right. Let this be a lesson'
>couple days later, run into the teacher's son (kid was a real prick) playing pokemon at the park
>'Nice gameboy, you playing pokemon?'
>'Piss off, anon'
>notice his gameboy's got a little notch on the bottom...the same one I gave it from when I dropped the thing a few months back
>Tell him to give back what his mother stole
>'Fuck you! I just got this for my birthday! My mom's not a thief!'
>'I'll give you one more chance to do the right thing'
>'Fuck. Off. This is MY gameboy.'
>'OK then, sorry.'
>walk away, find a big stick
>come back, crack him one upside his head, he drops gameboy
>scoop that shit up, run like hell away from the screaming kid with a bloody gash in his head
>get to a safe place, check the inside of the battery cover
>there's my bro's initials
>check my Blue cart, its got my initials sharpied on the back
>fucker restarted my file
>oh well, at least I got it back
>later that night, teacher comes to my house
>'Your son assaulted my son and stole his gameboy!'
>parents freak out
>bro's got my back
>'You mean this one you stole from us? This one with my initials on it? Get the fuck off our porch.'
>teacher can't say shit, she leaves defeated
>my bro is truly best bro in the world
[kill her]

Time to go back and seduce Ms. Bagley.
Why are there so many shitty teachers? Shit's painful to read.
>implying it wasn't banned in my school at all times no matter what
Same with music players and trading cards of any sort.
Screencap needed.
kek, beautiful.
>having such a cool brother
you lucky sack of shit.

You did the right thing.
admittedly, the kid probably had no idea. his lying sack of shit mom probably legit told him it was for his birthday. it'd be harder to get it back from the teacher herself, though.
>be in before and after school babysitting program because parents had professional jobs where they had to wake up early and come home late.

>Used to let us play our gameboys and pokemon

>One day tell us "we're following school rules now, No Gameboys allowed"

>Wonder why everyone started to misbehave

God damn I had a hard day in elementary school with those shit ass teachers and just wanted to play pokemon, whats so wrong about that?
That's messed up
>Give a teacher a tip that some kid has Pokemon cards
>Force the kid to empty his bag, possibly even pick up his desk and dump it onto the floor
>Even if they didn't have anything
Being in elementary school when Pokemon first started was a rough time.
That worked even better when said kid had no Pokemon-related things, but other things that shouldn't be at school (like porn books/vids), or when said kid can't clean his things and makes an absolute mess by emptying everything.
>be 10
>be naive as fuck
>playing pokemon yellow at summer camp
>no gameboys allowed, but it was the last day of camp so all bets were off
>older "cool" kid asks to borrow my gameboy color
>"sure, just put it in my backback when you're done"
>go to the bathroom
>come back
>kid is gone
>check backpack
>gameboy color is gone
>it never occurred to me that people can steal before
>ask a friend what happened, he said the cool kid was the last one to have it
>tell bro-tier counselor about what happened
>he confronts the cool kid, gets my gbc back
>he gives it back to me and tells cool kid to apologize
>mom arrives to pick me up just in time

He almost got away with it too, that fucker.
based counselor
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sad zaku.jpg
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My Grandpa called 'em that
Me and a friend knew a little sack of shit who stole from everyone. We knew he stole our shit but nobody believed us.

>Me First
>2nd grade
>Was in some after school daycare
>qt girl liked pokemon so I showed her my gameboy with yellow and let her play it
>She got bored of it after a while and wanted to play tag with me
>Agree and put my gameboy in my backpack, to not break it and go play tag with her
>Later I notice my backpack was open and left somewhere I didn't know
>What feels like my first panic attack
>Run to my backpack and gameboy is gone
>Kid who was known for stealing just got picked up before I found out
>So angry I cried but didn't want girl to make fun of me
>She comforts me
>Never get my gameboy with Pokemon Yellow again

>have gym with him
>It was one of those days where we just stayed in the locker rooms and watched movies
>Backpacks were left outside of locker room
>Kid known for stealing leaves room without anybody noticing
>After gym we leave and get our stuff
>What looks like the holocaust of pokemon cards
>My friend's backpack as open and every single one of his cards was on the ground
>Was windy so cards scattered all across the playground
>The fucking agony I felt when my friend cried out "WHERE'S MY CHARIZARD, WHERES MY CHARIZARD!?!"
>Of course its fucking gone
>Me and half the class go around finding what we can of the cards
>I felt this pain before and curse that kid

>Same friend
>4th grade
>had Pokemon emerald cartridge in his desk
>goes missing
>kid known for stealing is questioned since we all have the same class together
>"Nuh uh I don't have it!"
>we both go to his desk, search around and find it in the back
>Finally caught the fucker red handed
>Fuck it I'll ask him if he stole my shit 2 years ago
>I question him
>He starts panicking, sweating and stuttering
>"Yeh anon I took it.. Ill give it back tomorrow.."
>Trust him and wait the next day.
>He doesn't show up to class ever again

Fuck you Rafael.
none related to pokemon but a ton of other issues.
except being accused of stealing pokemon cards which i didnt.
I hope the reason he didn't show up is because he died.
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He wasn't a white kid, was he?
I had a whole deck of back in (whatever you Americans call) 4th year yu-gi-oh cards, I took them out in class once, teacher took it and sold them. There were a whole two hundred and something cards in that deck. Nearly had the same with with Pokemon games (teach asked for the games I had in my bag too as well as the Gameboy) but my parents intervened.
Nobody knows what happened to him. But then again nobody really cared.

He was a beaner. Everyone called him Rafa because nobody liked his name
It's not just common sense, when you're a kid you don't know shit & someone must explain to you the school rules.
Especially if you're just gonna bring it to a friend's house and yet they search your backpack for x/y/z reason and take it from you anyway.
>walk away, find a big stick
>come back, crack him one upside his head, he drops gameboy

I lost it at this point
Reminds me of when my school wanted to earn some kinda shitty quality certificate & suddenly made up rules to heavily enforce when the inspectors came.
>4th grade
>Dad's friend gives me tons of cards
>have no idea what i'm doing
>just like the cute pictures
>brother's friend tells me energies are rare
>trades me his energy for my holo chansey
>find out energy won't get me shit
>become best friends with his little sister
>steal a bunch of cards from his room
>steal Pokemon yellow
>never accused me.
>tell her I don't want to be friends anymore.
>stop speaking to her forever.

Well, that explains everything.
Burn in hell.
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Because God hates us.
I'm not sure how to feel about this
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This here. Remember that being at this babysit-club after school. At first they would let us play our Gameboys forever. One day they suddenly announce that it has been resdricted to one hour per day.
>Pls, what do you want from us??

Couple of months later it's only half an hour per day
>Do you really want a revolution or wat?
>didn't bring Game Boy to school
>never had any conflicts
I would get stuff confiscated from me all the time, but I just stole it back:
>teacher takes something
>ask to go the toilet at gym
>go to class
>take thing out of desk
I did this to the point that the teacher just asked my parents to not let me bring things to school because they kept being "stolen" when she confiscated them.
I cried on 5th grade because my teacher took my gameboy, a friend still remembers that moment and still embarasses me using that when he can, fucking bastard.
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>5th grade
>teacher would let us play Gameboys during recess and at the end of the day when we finish our work as long as we were responsible for our own stuff

Felt good man.
On the topic of stealing,

>4th grade
>teacher confiscates my best friend's Gold cartridge
>he has to sit alone as some retarded form of punishment
>I go to sharpen my pencil
>he asks me to get the cartridge on her desk
>I take it when she leaves the room
>friend says I can keep the game

Thats some bro teamwork!
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>3rd grade
>cub scouts pine wood derby
>off to the side not paying attention and playing pokemon Crystal
>friend's little bro asks for suicune to borrow
>naively I trade for a pidgeot
>pinewood derby ends
>never see the suicune again or his shit brother again

Not the worst thing, just never experienced the concept of theft
I have a pretty similar story.

>Be 11 year old me
>Just started middle school
>They have a Pokemon club
>Get super excited and decide to bring my gameboy, pokemon cards, and all that cool stuff with me to school
>Want to show it to the Pokemon club and ask if I can join them
>Keep this stuff hidden in my locker so nobody steals it
>End of the school day
>All the clubs meet up for like an hour
>Go to the classroom that the Pokemon club is in
>Like ten kids sitting at desks with a TV set up in the front of the class
>Teacher in charge of the club sees me holding a box and asks me what's in it
>I get really excited and show her all of my Pokemon cards, my gameboy, and my games
>She tells me I'm not allowed to have those in school and confiscates all of them
>Like 300 cards, and my copy of Silver version that had an almost complete pokedex
>Tells me to sit down at a desk and be quiet
>The club is just a bunch of kids meeting up after school and watching like two episodes of the Pokemon anime
>Nobody even mentions the games or the trading cards
>After the show is over I ask her if I can have my stuff back
>She says no, I knew I wasn't supposed to bring toys
>Mom comes to pick me up
>I tell her what happened
>Mom gets pissed off and goes into the school, talks to the teacher and the principal
>Eventually she gets my stuff back from the bitch
>Fast forward to 7th grade
>That bitch is my new Math teacher
>She remembers me
>Treats me worse than every other student in her class
>Tried to fail me a few times even if I passed the assignments
How did you avoid failure and how did she not get fired for sabotage?
He sounds like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
>>Be 7 y/o me
>>Have a older friend he was 9 at the time
>>He lived up the hill from me, kid was shit broke but so good at card games and video games.
>>I split my cards with him when my mom got me some decks.
>>He said thanks, he'd pay me back for em.
>>It's cool, I don't mind.
>>Goes to school, at recess hes playing for keeps against people.
>>The kid is kicking ass and taking names, wins like 4 decks worth of cards, holos, holos everywhere.
>>He hands me 35 holos, tells me thanks for giving him a start, promises there's more to come.
>>This fucker is monopolizing cards within the week at school.
>>Come from a dirt poor ass island, teachers don't give any fucks ever.
>>Feel bad because all the kid eats is fucking Kraft mac n cheese and hotdogs EVERY DAY, I share my lunch with him.
>>His mothers always sick and can't do much else.
>>He took care of her a lot, he didn't mind. She was a very nice lady.

>>He teaches me how to play better, I start getting better, we start taking kids cards like candy.
>>Kids parents start getting pissed they keep losing all there cards but wont say what happened to them. Narks get beat.
>>Teachers are forced to crack down and stop TCG stuff.
>>I made out like a bandit with that kid, we'd come home with backpacks full of cards.
>>Gave most cards back to my friends.
>>Kid told me he would only give ME cards.
>>He gave most of his cards to me because he told me he knew they made me happy.
>>We'd play R/B/Y he told me "Become the very best Anon!" "R-right!"
>>Gave him a holo Charizard and Blastoise card for his Birthday, he always used them for his main decks with Machamp. loved the shit out of them.

>>Tfw that kid became a pill head piece of shit drop out after his mother died. Had a kid with this stupid cunt who gets him to do stupid bad things.
>>Tfw whenever I see the cards all I can ever think of is when he seemed so happy as a kid.
>>Hope he still has those two cards I gave him...

In b4 gay, I'm a girl.
>teacher takes my Gameboy color
>I steal it back during art class and break all the chalk sticks because that's as devious as my child-mind could get
Well that was hard.
I would have failed to do so
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Way to ruin my bromance headcanon.
I had a shrink make the same Freudian 'Playboy' slip once. It was during some divorce shit I think, but it still managed to make both my parents laugh. His game selection was shit though, but I found the issue of Time with the Tajiri interview, so that was kind of cool.

Why do I remember such useless shit, yet I can't remember my damn SIN?
>ask teacher if i can play my gameboy
>>she says yes
>>pull gameboy out
>>fucking bitch takes it
what the fuck? what a cunt did she tell your parents?
> be me, junior in hs
> friend is playing pokemon emerald
> he leaves his gb charging and we go talk to some friends that were literally 3 feet from it
> turn around and someone fucking stole his pokemon emerald game

seriously, he was pissed for weeks
Something similar happened to me when I was eleven or twelve. Let this kid borrow the Suicune and Zapdos I caught because he was having some trouble with the game. Never saw 'em again.

Really annoyed me because Suicune was/still is one of my favourites.
Somewhat related.
>be in grade school
>be son of a teacher
>kids would get their Pokemon and Yugioh cards taken after some big card scamming syndicate in the upper grades
>no one's parents would ever come up to get the cards
>I get them instead
Got a lot of pretty cool shit. Those were the days.
>Late 90's
>Grandma buys me and my cousin a bunch of pokemon toys, games and merchandise.
>She gets on the pokemon is evil bandwagon
>Throws out all our shit

File: 1037849173.gif (463 KB, 245x141) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be 8
>At the pool with a friend, Jack
>Friend's mom asks me to look for something in a bag while she's changing Jack's sister's diaper
>Look in the bag and find Pokemon Yellow
>Freak out because I had never played Yellow
>"Hey Jack can I have this??" I ask
>"No way Anon, it probably doesn't even work anymore."
>"It might! I could try it, or maybe have my dad fix it-"
>Jack takes it from me
>Throws it into the fucking deep end of the pool
>I muster up the courage to dive in and get it
>"Maybe it will still-"
>Jack takes it from me again
>Throws it in a trashcan
>Jack's mom throws diaper on top of it
>Wouldn't play Yellow until five years later

And the same kid:
>Be in summer camp
>Playing Firered with a bunch of other kids
>All talking about completing the Pokedex
>Everybody in awe over how I just caught motherfucking Suicune
>Jack asks, "Hey Anon, can I borrow your Suicune for the Dex Data? I'll give it right back to you."
>"Sure Jack I don't see why not!"
>Commence trade
>Jack's mom shows up to take him home
>"Sorry Anon, I'll give it back to you tomorrow!"
>"No problem, Jack!"
>Come to camp the next day
>Jack is nowhere to be found
>Ask counselor what happened to him
>He moved to another fucking state

Jack and his fucking mother I swear
File: kratosAsura.jpg (58 KB, 500x511) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Granmother does cartomancy for a living
>People used to come to her house to hear lies about their shitty lifes
>Have a turtle moved there because her porch was huge and had lots of sun in there
>One day, some faggot steals an unnopened can of turtle food and vitamins
You can believe i was mad
Everyone knew a kid like that when they were young. In my case that kid ended up with a chunk of pencil lead imbedded in his thigh for life.
>put it away your here to learn
>your here
didn't make any difference I see
dear god this guy doesn't know anything about anything
im sorry.
Do you happen to be an extremely spoiled rich Mormon kid who is really into boy scouts and likes to go on week long rants about how much of a spoiled rich asshat you are?
Did you end up getting stabbed in the thigh for it?
>be in grade six
>i've got gold, lil bro has silver
>bigger kid in my bro's takes his silver cart
>thinks it's funny to hang it out the bus window
>drops it
>bus driver refuses to stop to let me search for it
>lil bro in tears
>punch faggot in the face for dropping it
>have to write fifty lines of "will not punch faggot anon in face"
>nothing happens to him

Eventually found it when I convinced my parents to let me look for it. Found it crushed on the side of the road.

Worst part is that the only reason the lil faggot got away was it is due to my dad being principle at the school at the time. It would be favourtism if he sided with me.
Fuck people.
>Be in second grade
>Those small Pokemon figures were the shit along with the TCG
>Friends and I bring ours and play at recess
>Little snot nosed sperm puking asswipe named Jesse kept saying he wanted my shiny looking Gengar
>Tell him to fuck off
>Says he'll pay me $100 tomorrow for it now
>I may be 7 but I'm not fucking retarded
>Continue playing with friends, and went to go to the bathroom
>Come back and my Gengar is no where to be found
>Call Jesse the fuck out and tell on him
>He puts on the innocent act for the teacher, pulls out his pockets and lets her look through his bag/desk
>Couldn't be found, and the little shithead gives me a smirk
>End of the day I see him walking to his bus, and pull it out of his fucking show and put it into his pocket

I fucked his sister like 3 years ago but I never got my bro back

>5th grade
>Playing Ruby
>Almost completed the dex, needed Saphire exclusives
>Brought my SP to school because I was going to my friends house afterwards to trade and finish the dex
>Kept it in my bag, wasn't stupid about it
>Teacher's cumslut sits next to me and looks down and notices it in my bag
>Interrupts the entire class just to tell the teacher that I had it in my bag
>"Anon even though you weren't playing it, you still can't bring those toys to school!"
>Cum dribbles out of that little shithead's disgusting smirk
>At recess I went back inside to steal it back
>End of the day teacher comes up to me and says that someone stole it from her desk
>Opens her other drawer and hands me a different SP that was never claimed from last year and says sorry that it didn't have a game in it
I was so close
>I fucked his sister like 3 years ago but I never got my bro back
I don't have a sister, so apologies if it's obvious, but why do people find it insulting when you fuck their sister? Is it like that for fucking brothers, too, or is it a double-standard?
(for the latter I honestly wouldn't care if you fucked my brother 'cuz I hate the little bastard but you'd probably scar him for life considering he's nine)
It's a double-standard.
got stabbed in the thigh for being an autistic asshat.
still.close enough
>In the days of DPPt
>have friends to play DS with, Jonathan and Traylor
>have Fire Red in GBA cartridge slot of DS
>Class is over
>go to locker to get things and leave
>feel in pocket of jacket
>Fire Red is gone
>Oh shit maybe it fell out??

>Few days later
>Traylor says his dad bought him Fire Red
>in my head thinking "uhm, I didn't know they still made that game"
>demand to see his cartridge
>Back is scratched out and horrible mutilated in the spot I lightly carved my name
>"You fucking thief"
>Jonathan backs him up, saying he checked the cartridge and it's not my game
>well no shit he restarted
>wont give game back
>teachers don't give a shit
Is that pronounced like trailer? That poor, unfortunate child.
go on
File: 1405624315715.png (273 KB, 381x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
273 KB, 381x276
>she tooked my pokemon black 2 and my new 3ds and hid it in a place i can't find
>made me missed my keldeo event
>lucky for me i got it with my brothers pokemon white 2.
>today she still have both my pokemon black 2
white 2
>still got my 3ds
>not sure if she took my soul silver i lost it in my living room and can't find it in the couches.
>that slut
kill her anon
that's the only way
Yes. One day he wasn't at school but there was a trailer in the parking lot. Hilarity ensued.
I figured that you were about fourteen when you said your sister is still the boss of you, and this basically confirms it.

Is English your first language?
no, Anon, you must rape her to assert your dominance. And post pics of the aftermath
she's my older sister besides when she's not around i spitted in her room and her bed.
>my brother peed on her flour
and wrote FUCK YOU in on her door
it was invisible marker so black light is only light mfw
>my brother peed on her flour
oh god i can't tell if it's your spelling or the event that's more comical
i meant
>my brother peed on her floor
sorry for bad grammer
Is this some sort of elaborate, new-fangled ruse?
How old are you, anon?
>sister 32 still treats me like fucking kid
Judging by anon's age at the time and the date of the first Keldeo event, I'm guessing 16-17 at the absolute oldest.
File: Ketchup Pikachu.jpg (32 KB, 308x244) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ketchup Pikachu.jpg
32 KB, 308x244
>didn't have gameboy
>never had any conflicts

I once put a bag on my head, pretended to not know what I was doing, and bumped on a hot teacher while flailing my arms around and copping a feel at her ample bossom.

too much uncut anime made me a pervert at an early age
well he did start the shit so fuck it
good job anonet
It's almost impossible to fire teachers in the US because the unions will defend any sack of shit against pretty much anything short of sexual crimes.
>my brother peed on her flour
>Tumblr-tier gif spoilers and spongebob reaction images
>Made me missed
>Comprehension of basic writing structure, continuity, speech flow, inclusion of half-assed 'resolutions' that seem to have been pulled from your ass, and all around intellect rivaling a six year old trainer with a team full of Adamant Ubers trained in special attack
I must have your friend code. Also,
>filename related
>stealth homestuck reference


File: a real stumper.jpg (2 KB, 116x111) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
a real stumper.jpg
2 KB, 116x111
"The latest from P.o.g.u.XD Uchiha (@Poguxd). age: 15 pkmn trainer"
Gee willy, boys. We've cracked the code.
File: wonking.png (29 KB, 398x213) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 398x213
The fact they were even supposedly 13 absolutely terrifies me with "tooked".
And middle school teachers hate kids.
Why is this a universal truth? Shit stunts growth, man. The world's fucked up.
these kinds of threads make me wish I could travel back in time and kick the shit out of all of the little shits that steal and lie in elementary school
File: Quilava.jpg (7 KB, 95x101) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 95x101
he is bitching about 4chan now
It's spelled "Konoha" by the way.
>Really 15 years old
Jesus, that kid is fucking educated horrifically. I don't think I've used "tooked" since I was six years old or younger.
He's posting Nostalgia Critic videos now.
>nostalgia critic
well, he really IS 15 years old kid and a shitty one
Nah, you're really underrating the intelligence of 15-year-olds.

They don't say "tooked".
I took my ds to middle school and people would play it all the time during bus rides and near the end of the year.
>be the only kid around who had a haymaker deck back when Pokemon cards came out
>4 hitmonchan, 3 scyther, 3 electabuzz
>4 normal and super energy removals, 4 computer searches, 4 oaks/bills, 4 pluspowers, 4 double colorless, 4 GoW
>everyone else had a deck of their favorite pokemon

Gotta thank that gameboy TCG game. I rarely used it because I can't imagine it being fun to play against so I made a Charizard deck.
I had a "classic pocket" Mario game, you know those shits that look like mini game boys with tamagotchi type screen.

My school was full of poorfags, me myself was one, and thats is the most close to a gameboy than my family can afford, i was happy with it.

I carry it to the school and me and my friends take turns to play in the recces a fucking Mario game! (Remember all poors) then one day we have P.E. class so i let my gaem in my bag, when i return i wasnt, tell to the teacher: He says nobody can go out until thar gaem appears, everyone looking in the floor and shit.

It appears magically under a chair next to the kid with a cholo parents, it wasnt it when we start to search...

I have my game back, and the teacher doesnt do anything against the kid, just let him go.

Fucking 4th grade mexican classrooms.

Sorry my english.
>be me
>have pokemon diamond
>bro has pearl
>chill US History teacher
>last ten to twenty minutes were free time for class
>he'd let us play pokemon
>people would gather around to watch us play
>he'd look over one of our shoulders to watch the battles

To this day, I'm still sure he'd give us that free time so he could watch people battle each other.
I wish I could empathize but I never brought my Gameboy to school. The most recent was bringing my 3DS to high school a few times and being just fine.
Hah, reminds me of when a friend of mine challenged me to a battle on Pearl and I ended up getting assraped by his Garchomp; some classroom bullies/assholes/whatever were watching and teased me endlessly for it.

It was on that day I decided to be a master.

Stereotypes. Stereotypes everywhere. Makes sense that a kid with gangster parents would do that, good to see you got your game back.
>Made it my part-time goal to assemble a decent collection of handheld Pokemon games
>Started with Gold and Silver
>Got Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
>Went back and grabbed Blue
>Then Ruby and Sapphire
>Soul Silver
>Black and White along with both sequels
>Cousins visit from upstate
>"Wow Anon, look at all your pokemon games! Can I plan them?"
Sure little Cousin
>Hand him my DS and my Game case
>Game case had Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Soulsilver, Black and White, Plus 2 for both. All completed with 100+ hours clocked.
>Platinum had 394 hours, N-Dex at least 80% complete
>Cousins leave a day later
>Fast forward a month later
"Where'd I put my pokemon gam-"
"Oh no..."

They took my DS and all my games. I called them about it and got them to send me back my DS (After 2 Months of waiting), but they never found the game case. All the DS had in it was White, and all my progress was wiped.
why would you even
That was the worst horror story I've ever heard. I am shivering. I had a few pokemon games wiped by family before, but I've never lost my entire set.....
What a Bitch cousin. Please get revenge.
I think I need to add a couple more things.

I had went to;


Since the Lvl 100 Regigias from Toys R Us. The Amount of pokemon lost that are literally unobtainable legitimately now is heartbreaking. On top of that, Pokemon White was specifically my dumping ground for all my rare and awesome pokes from the previous Gens, as Pokebank didn't exist. Lost everything. Even my glorious Shiny Lilipup that was the first thing I encountered in grass on the game.
they are no longer your cousins. they are now your targets. assassinate them.
File: Emmett Brown 2.jpg (103 KB, 500x269) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Emmett Brown 2.jpg
103 KB, 500x269
>yfw it was "Game Day" at school

God damn I miss being a kid
>be 11
>last day of primary school
>allowed to do whatever the fuck we want
>everyone doing animal crossing
>afterward I bring out my US import Pearl, hadn't come out in UK yet
>everyone watching me while I catch Heatran
>almost nobody had seen some of the pokemon I had before
>later in day get gf
Shit was cash
File: 1408400750080.png (775 KB, 565x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
775 KB, 565x600
Did you show her your Reuniclus?
>Letting younger family members near your electronics
Reuniculous wasn't in Pearl though
>not getting the reference
I know
File: chris-crocker[1].jpg (23 KB, 462x319) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 462x319
>Have cheap Eevee figurine I love with all my heart
>Play with it all the time with the other kids and their figurines
>Kept it in this special case so it wouldn't get lost
>Once I asked my teacher (who was great and chill) to mind it for me since its case had been broken and I was paranoid about something happening to it
>I take it off her desk at the end of the lesson, put it in my pocket and forget about it
>Later on the Eevee is not in my pocket and is nowhere to be found
>I honestly can't remember taking it from her desk so I told my parents I thought something must have happened to it at school
>They ring up the teacher, she blames herself and pays for a replacement
>She still feels awful about it because she knew how much I'd loved that specific figurine and how I'd always draw pictures of it and shit
>It's only years later that I think back and recognize my own fuckup
>The shame is indescribable
We stayed cool after that, but it was total crap that a great teacher like her did everything right, went above and beyond the call of duty, and ended up being blamed and humiliated over something that was entirely something I forgot in my shortsighted panic over a dumb toy.
You deserved it nigga
>free lesson
>take out phone like everybody else would do on a free lesson
>play Crystal on emulator
>teacher comes and takes my phone
>girl next to me also on phone
>she looks at her
>"Put it back"
The term is "deaders." you can miss a target.
File: just microwave it.png (117 KB, 260x231) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
just microwave it.png
117 KB, 260x231
Thanks for that Pokemon Yellow game!
>Time magazine
>Tajiri interview
He was b&. Thank you mods.
Aww the page doesn't exist anymore.
>Fuck his sister
>Not wiping your sperm and vaginal fluid-soaked dick on his pillow
damn, I laughed
File: considering.png (365 KB, 230x405) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
365 KB, 230x405
>be 13
>no friends
>carrying my game boy in a pencil drawer alongside other stuff
>fucker catches me off guard when he slaps my hand to throw the pencil drawer to the ground
>try to stay cool and just pick it up as the fucker says "whatchu looking at? pick it up"
>when I'm bent the fucker gives me a light kick while laughing
>grab a bunch of pencils and, as I stand up I turn to stab the fucker with a compass on his side
>I spent the whole next day suspended in the library
fucking teacher
Funny thing is when I was a kid I knelt on a pencil by accident and it pierced my thigh. I still have a small blue dot right there to prove it, too.
Guess these kinds of things are more common then you would think.
That sounded like a bad cartoon
File: 1400064617421s.jpg (5 KB, 250x197) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 250x197
>be 12
>Art class assignment, we had to bring a magazine from home and use it to make a collage or some shit
>bring my really old Pojo Magazine from when Gen 2 was just becoming a thing
>be in English class, the class right before Art
>finish work and read my magazine until class is over
>English teacher goes TurboBitch and takes my magazine
>"b-but im finished with my work"
>Teacher goes on a rant about Magazines are distracting and the only books we should be reading are chapter books
>I tell my Art teacher what happened to my magazine
>"okay anon, ill try talking to Mrs. UltraCunt"
>mfw she never did
>mfw i didnt get to have a Pokemon Gold and Silver themed collage
>mfw i had to use the fucking US weekly magazines
Wait...a teacher did that to you? if so, that is some Grade-A shit right there anon!
no, the fucker wasn't a teacher, be it and I would be in jail instead of a whole day in the library
Pokemon related but not video game related
>be me, 2nd grade
>have knock-off pokemon backpack. It was shit but we were poor and I loved that thing
> in the mornings had to line up in an area designated for our specific teacher
>while waiting kids invite to play some beaner ball
>go leave my backpack in my teachers area
> T.A.s out so no worries
> comeback , pika back is gone
> look frantically
> start crying, fuck I was an emotional little shit
>bro sees me, asks what happened.
>tell him
>he tells TA, bitch says he shouldn't have left it there.
> bro leaves! come back 5 minutes later with my backpack
>bloody nose but hands me my backpack
>some little shit stole it and started showing off
> bro fought him and his little friends to get it back
>TA goes all apeshit that he fought some kid
> bro tells teacher and principal that the TA didn't do anything and said we should fuck off little shit.
>bro pretends to not know what fuck is
>Ta says I never said fuck, principal believes bro
>TA gets fired
At the end of the day my bro was a pretty cool guy
based bro
>because that's as devious as my child-mind could get
oh man
>4th or 5th grade
>bring decks worth of Pokemon cards to school in that old Charizard Wendy's deck holder
>mainly common cards but there was a lot
>bring it in classroom for some dumb reason (to be fair, our lockers didn't have actual locks on them)
>leave it in desk to go to bathroom
>come back
>it's gone
> cry to teacher
>she doesn't even attempt to ask who took them and just bans Pokemon cards from school

Only recently I bought back the deck holder, can't exactly get all the cards back though. Also

>same grade
>have birthday party
>let a couple friends in my room and show them my shoebox of Pokemon cards
>remember showing one of them my Lugia, the first legendary card I ever got
>sometime later I dump them all out to organize my cards
>look very carefully through them all
>Lugia is gone

I did get a shitload of cards for that birthday but that doesn't excuse what he did. I still get upset thinking about these, it might sound pathetic but I really hate thieves so much, I can only imagine what would compell them to steal at such a young age... I need to buy some more of that stuff back.

Also if it makes me the scumbag once I traded a Palkia or something for a shining Flare on to my bud a while back but then I think he wanted to trade back but I switched schools. Honestly I would trade him back now that we're sorta back in touch but I'm not sure he cares anymore. Another time I almost didn't trade my friends back after I got too good of a deal but after I realized they were getting pretty upset I did.
To clarify they stole the deck holder too, except the lid of it for some reason. If I was a teacher I wouldn't let this kind of shit happen to kids though.
>be me
>5th grade
>got sapphire
>got the kyogre coin
>never brought gameboy to school except for free day friday
>always had kyogre coin though
>it was my lucky coin
>at recess
>playing on the jungle gym with friends
>hanging upside down with friends
>FF near end of recess
>Kyogre coin isn't in my pocket
>go look around, only have a few minutes before recess is over
>run near jungle gym, see a group of girls
>they're holding something
>its the coin
>run over, tell them its mine, I dropped it
>they refuse
>do that bullshit elementary school girl teasing
>run to grab teacher
>my friend sawyer sees me
>asks me whats wrong
>she walks over to them
>pushes one of the girls down
>grabs coin
>pushes the other down
>walks over to me
>hands me the coin
>those girls never bothered us again

5th grade was fun, trained pokemon with sawyer all the time.
File: 1406108487818.jpg (15 KB, 185x185) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 185x185
this fucking video man
Not as a kid but this:

>work at a call center
>barely getting any calls due to the system being down
>playing my DS since the time between calls is 15 to 30 minutes at a time
>supe walks up to me and asks my name
>friend blurts out my name
>supe writes me up saying I was playing my game while on a call with a customer
>told her that there weren't any customers on the phone at all
>writes me up anyway
>friend apologizes for saying my name because she thought the supe was joking

To this day I still wonder why the hell she thought that woman was playing. You could tell by her tone that she was serious. In anyway, karma is a bitch because a month later the same supe had broken her ankle falling out of her chair and was on medical leave.
>near the end of the year.

Quite possibly the only good time to have your gaming devices at school.
She didn't even give it to you at the end of the year? Man, that's when you find a way to break into their desk and steal that shit.
or anime
>Was in 10th grade
>HG/SS just came out
>Bring Pokewalker to school
>Plays with it all through class
>Friends ask if they can use it
>Eventually the entire fucking class is using it
>Makes beeping noises
>Teacher never notices

To this day I still wonder how she never noticed.
>in the 6th grade ,middle of the day
>had a real cool sub as our teacher
>ask her if I ca play my GBA since I finished my classwork early
>she okays it
>Playing Sonic advance 2
>Some fat black nigger who tries to act like a gangster walks next to me and yanks my gba out of my hands shouting "Students shouldn't have GB in class."
>Teacher scolds his fat ass with saying she okayed it
>got my GBA back while the fat fuck who didn't even do his assignment got written up for being a constantly interrupting the class.
File: download.jpg (5 KB, 180x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 180x240
You talkin' 'bout this guy right here?
>Be 11
>Group of friends love pokemon rby
>We always play during recess
>Parents meeting
>"Ma'am I've noticed anon... distracted. Could it be that he's under a difficult phase?"
>I was just playing fucking Pokemon
File: 1399002854258.jpg (259 KB, 510x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
259 KB, 510x395
>Pokemon teaches kids how to cast spells and all sorts of psychic phenomena

Idk this sounds cool
fucking subs man.they came in either horendusly bad or stupendiously good.no inbetween.
File: 1407565729486.png (69 KB, 294x191) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 294x191
This fucking guy.

I enjoyed this thread very much.
what the fuck is up with all these horror stories?
I work at an elementary school and would NEVER take a students property unless it was causing danger to other students. the most i've ever done is tell people to keep their electronics in their bags until after school. some people are such dickbags.
>be in the 5th grade
>no pokemon on campus
>excitedly run up to bestie in line
>dude check out these new cards I got!
>she smiles at me and says to put them away


You live in a third world country too, anon?
>be in 3rd or 4th grade
>I bring my gba sp with Pokemon Ruby to school because I go to my grandmas house after school and I have nothing to do
>I forgot to bring back some bull shit paper for some school bull shit
>my teacher tells me to go bring her my backpack so she can look for it
>I tell her I don't have it and I forgot it at home
>she thinks I'm lying and gets pissed
>snatches my bag and goes through it
>finds my gameboy and throws it on her desk hard as shit
>I start crying because I thought she broke it
>tells me that toys are not allowed in school
>I never tell my mom because I thought I would get into more trouble
>entire school year goes by and my mom ask me what happened to my gba
>I tell her I lost it because I was scared out of my mind of what kind of punishment I might get
>school goes by and this bitch takes out my gba when ever we are working and plays it right in front of me and I would break down crying every time she took it out
>end of the school year
>I get it back on the last day
>decide to finally tell my mom the truth of what happened and why I never told her
>she gets pissed and goes down to the school and gets this bitch fired
>my mom tells me to always tell her when stuff like that happens
>mfw I could have gotten it back and that bitch fired day 1
Youre nice
The problem is that there are teachers who hate their job and kids and only really do it for the money.
Get mad when someone is having a better time than them and take out they're anger on the kids
What the fuck? Was she a sexist cunt or something?
Similar story here, once while I was drawing before school my friend accidentally bumped my arm and I stabbed myself in the upper thigh. The lead broke and I still have a mark.
>in 3rd grade
>bit late to the pokemon card craze, so risk bringing them to school after they've been banned
>apparently had some rare cards, inckluding some from the jungle boosters that weren't available yet
>every kid wanted to trade me
>teacher rocks up, holding out her hand
>reluctantly hand them over
>'you can get them back after school'
>go to her classroom after school, she's no where to be seen
>get upset, thinking she must've taken them home
>decide to sneak into classroom and go through her desk
>find my deck of cards, and see a bunch of other cards there too
>take my own deck and GTFO

Thinking back, I'm glad I didn't take those other cards, and I hope those kids got them back

>fast forward a few years later
>9th grade
>little bro asks if his friend could borrow Ruby
>tell him no, because it'll probably get stolen
>he pleads
>I cave
>one week later
>bro and his friend approach me
>"we're s-sorry, but someone stole your game'
>bro's friend clearly ridden with guilt, gives me his sapphire
>I didn't want it, but he insisted

The Sapphire sits in my collection to this day, forever reminding me that some fucker has my ruby. Pretty sure it was that Ashley kid, he used to steal shit all the time.
Also, his mum died a few years later...That's kinda karma right?
Nigga we played chess made from cardboard boxes when I was in tenth grade.

Also UNO! in every single class, in groups of 4-7
What a fucking bitch. At least she got what she deserved. You have a great mom anon
God, Uno was huge in my school back in fifth or sixth grade. It was played /constantly/, it was almost sickening.
Poor child.
>Be like 9 years old
>Over at grandms's house after school
>Pokemon comes on
>Start watching it, grandma joins
>Sudden visit from super religious uncle
>Sees Pokemon on TV
>9 year old me in tears because I love Pokemon but crazy bible loving uncle says it's demonic
>Grandma says "Oh but Pikachu is cute."

Same uncle's wife refused to buy my a Pokemon plush at Walmart for the same reason but was forced my my grandma to take me to see Pokemon 1st Movie in theaters. I think about it today and I just laugh. Let the demon in.
How were that uncle and your grandma related?
Pretty sure supe is short for supervisor.
We say "super" in the normal world, anon.
Rest in Peace
>not just shortening it to a single syllable
Where the fuck do you live
I think he was her son. It's been so long I don't remember exactly.
File: 1383504033366.gif (496 KB, 500x379) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
496 KB, 500x379
>Freshman in high school
>Training my Pokemon on my GBA during passing period because I don't give a fuck
>Teacher walks by
>"Nice phone, now put it away!"
>Assume he's talking to someone else
>He walks over
>"When I say put your phone away, I don't mean keep texting, I mean put your phone away."
The ignorance of teachers is astounding
File: Blastoise_3.jpg (101 KB, 850x875) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101 KB, 850x875
>be in 1st grade
>went through tunnel without flash like a boss
>decide to trade my charizard for a blastoise to try it out
>kid has one of those original versions that deletes itself
>it deletes my charizard by accident. says I can keep the blastoise (it was a higher level anyway)

Years later..........
>playing heartgold
>havent played since the original gold version
>get through the elite four and go to professor oak pick squirtle and throw it in my box
>later see that it was shiny

Wow, your teachers are nazi. In my school everything was allowed but nobody had game consoles or phones until like 8th grade anyway. Maybe that's because I live in third world country russia
File: image.jpg (23 KB, 200x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 200x320
>yfw a using this card
>be 9
>be poor
>parents going through rough divorce
>mom takes night shifts at the grocery store on top of her teaching job just to pay for my birthday party
>not enough money for presents
>gives me gameboy for birthday, was my only present
>name my squirtle after my dad
>at recess, kid thinks my mom stole my gameboy from him
>hits me with a stick and takes it

>later that night mom comes home late, looking sadder than usual
>you okay, mom?
>yes, son. it will all be over soon
>drowns me then hangs herself


>people like this exist
>Russia being called "third-world"
Arugh, it hurts me to hear that for some reason. It was such a huge deal back in the day, too...
>drowns me
haha nice scary story faggot
>inb4 gay
Nah, I had thought you two were bros 4 life until the spoiler.
> 2nd grade, Friday
> hanging out with classmates in front of school waiting to get picked up
> guy from school shows off these weird cards
> ask what they are and he explains Pokemon to me
> gifts me a Full Heal Trainer card
2 days later, I got a Pidgeotto in a booster pack my sister's godmother bought me. Went to school the next day and traded the same guy who gave me my first card that Pidgeotto for his Machamp deck.

2 days later, Ms. Salcedo confiscated my cards for trading during a bathroom break
Gb2 reddit
did you go to school in nevada? very similar story happened to me and my friends
>that fucking everything
God damn and I thought Hoennbabies were bad
I hate you, so much...
really? I thought that until the part where the friend becomes a druggie shithead.
I actually had some really rad middle school teachers. My 8th grade Biology teacher even invited me to bring in some of my promo cards to show off to the class. And this was in 2003 well after the "craze" ended. My friends who were usually "anon you're a loser for playing pokemon" were pretty impressed.

I do have a story of card thief bullshit though.

>5th grade
>"craze is at peak"
>fossil is newest tcg set
>enter fat natuve american named Shawn
>from what I remember nobody liked Shawn
>picks on me and somehow is more annoying and fidgetty than I am
>steals my holo scyther from Jungle
>friends help me get it back but Shawn threw it in the snow so it was ruined.
>bit of a beta back then but also susceptable to b8 so I was a target. I practically walked around with a bullseye on my back.

Jokes on Shawn though, I got my revenge. On the way back to school from a field trip he was prodding me in the back trying to get me to get off the bus.

>i can't, there's a line
>*slight shove*

So I turned around and socked him. He started crying on me.

The one and only time I hit somebody. And that's my blog post. Thanks for reading
This is the kind of shit that makes white kids shoot up schools.
>6th grade
>class is about to end
>rearranging stuff in my backpack
>take out DS
>teacher calls me over for something
>put down DS to see what she wants
>come back
>DS with Diamon and Leaf Green is gone
>class of about 25 students and one of them is a dirty thief
>nobody saw what happened
>teacher can't really do anything about it if there's no evidence
>fucking devastated
>next day my DS suddenly reappears
>check it
>battery's dead
>recharge it at home
>name in DS changed to thief kid's name
>birth date in DS changed to thief kid's birth date
>color changed to gayshit purple
>btw Leaf Green is missing, which had my level 100 Blastoise and Mewtwo
>confront thief kid
>he fucking denies everything
>"You could have just changed everything yourself!"
>Leaf Green Blastoise and Mewtwo gone forever

At least I got the DS and Diamond back.
>Teacher tries to take my gameboy sp
>Tell her to fuck off
>Calls principal
>Tell him to fuck off
>they never get it but i get a month of inschool
>Play video games all school day

Suck my fat fucking dick you cunt, like i would really give you my shit
File: Bro.jpg (19 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 500x375
>be in 2nd grade
>having two friends over
>all of us playing red/blue on the bed
>"Anon, it's dinner time"
>spaghetti with ketchup for dinner
>all I was ever eating
>come back to room
>notice the sounds off on my gameboy
>confront friends
>one of the friends look back at me
>"I turned the sound off to save batteries"

Best bro.
>eating dinner while your friends are still in your room
>spaghetti with ketchup

What kind of trailer trash hick are you?
We were together everyday so going away stuffing my face with spaghetti for 2 minutes wasn't really a huge thing.
I liked spaghetti. With ketchup.
Ketchup and spaghetti just don't go together man. That's grose.

Sidenote: i got stoned and put ragu on top ramen once because I really wanted that spaghetti taste but didn't have any. It was fucking terrible but I kept eating it.
Not him, but i like ketchup on a lottt of things.
File: 1408246996646.jpg (56 KB, 500x385) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 500x385
>Be me
>Second grade
>I have my mewtwo hollow in my deck with all my other valuables
>Organizing them like a boss
>5th grader approaches me
>Notices my mewtwo holo
>Says he'll trade me three of the same shitty cards for my mewtwo
>Are you fucking high.jpg
>I decline, and say no
>Grabs me by the collar
>Forces me to trade him my mewtwo
>Don't want to get beaten so I accept
>Mfw I never saw my mewtwo ever again
someone could just frame him
I was 8, it's not like I knew any better.
Looks like it's time to smack a bitch up
Not really a pokemon related conflict but I'll post thia anyway

>Be on preschool and primary school with the same group of friends
>Two girls, two of my best friends, a cousin of mine and me
>I was really close to one of these girls since she used to live near me
>We had this kind of club where we would go on recess and after school, there we would play pokemon and yugioh or whatever, and talk
>I was the 'leader' of it
>3rd grade, new cool kid in the school
>the start of a new friendship
>introduce him to my friends
>new part of our club
>major rival on Pokemon and YuGiOh, always giving me troubles and occasionally loosing to him
>He got really close to my girl
>one day my mom says I won't go to school
>Later that day she told me that my girl got shot
>Couldn't do anything but cry
>Went to school after two or three days
>No one speaks to me
>The next week I hear some guys making fun of me
>This one guy stands up and jokes about my "girlfriend" being killed
>Ignore him
>Speak about it to my mom
>She encourages me and comforts me
>Next day, same kid comes up with the same shit
>Not this time
>Start to fight him, took him to the ground and started beating him as hard as I could
>Mom shows up takes me away from him
>Rest of the year goes on
>Mom says she's going to change me of school, for my own good
>Next scholar year, trying to adapt
>Go and visit my friends at my own school
>Only my cousin speaks to me
>Invite them all to my house anyways
>No one but my cousin shows up
>Ended up knowing that the new kid told everybody that didn't wanted to be their friends anymore
>Right in my self esteem
>My social abilities and confidence where never the same

Later on high school I forgot about all this and made tons of friends and started to socialize a lot

>Inb4 lying cunt
I live in Mexico, and the girl was some drug dealer daughter, none of us knew. Later in life I also fell in love with another drug lord daughter, but she lives till the day as far as I know.
Yeah, shit like this happened to me too.
>Be about 12, Pearl just came out.
>This was the first Pokemon game I ever owned.
>My cousin used to be obsessed with Pokemon and played FireRed 24/7, but I didn't really give a fuck until D/P came out.
>Got through the game fairly quickly, but I had a fuckton of fun playing through it.
>I loved my Empoleon, which I nicknamed Aquarius. Seriously, this was my first ever Pokemon.
>Friend lets me play through his FireRed.
>I beat the game, catch all the legendary birds, Mewtwo and Suicune.
>A few kids in my street used to play Pokemon as well.
>We became friends fairly quickly. One day, one of the kids asks me if he can borrow my Empoleon to beat the E4/
>I'm just say ''Sure, why not.''
>The next day, I go back to his house.
>It turns out his game ''crashed and restarted itself.''
>Go home, legit crying myself to sleep that night.
>Don't go to that guy's house for a few months after that incident.
>One day, I finally decide to go to his house.He doesn't remember what he did, and I can't be bothered to bring it up either.
>One of his friends asks me if he can borrow my Moltres to help him complete his PokeDex.
>Once again, I simply said ''sure, why not.''
>Don't see this guy for another month afterwards.
>I find him with the guy who stole my Empoleon one day, and ask him if I can have my Moltres back.
>''Sorry Anon, my game reset while I was driving here.''
>I get pissed, sock this asshole in the jaw, and cycle away.
The moral of the story is that I was a fucking idiot.
>I'm just say ''Sure, why not.''
Sorry, I meant to say >I just say ''Sure, why not.''
That's pretty funny, anon.
>be in high school
>see friend playing pokemon
>"dude, pay attention to class. what if teacher sees it?"
>"oh she doesn't mind"
>shows her pokemon
>small class, she doesn't care
>bring pokemon next day
>never get in trouble because teacher is a bro
What got you, anon? The reinforcement of racial stereotypes or how badly I wrote it?
Finally someone in this thread who isn't retarded
>Be ten
>Sleepover at friend's house, take Nintendo 64
>He tells his parent's it's his Nintendo 64
>He keeps it, I get told off by both his and my parents for trying to steal it
>Even though they fucking bought it two years earlier
Fuck grown-ups
>In 3rd grade
>pokemon cards is the thing right now. All the kids have the cards and everyone is trading them
>Some 5th grader tries to steal my holos
>Beat the shit out of him for trying to steal
>I get suspended for 2 weeks and Pokemon Cards aren't allowed in the school anymore

They were allowed for about 3 weeks before this event. This shouldn't have got the cards banned because the kid was stealing, but his parents made a fuss and tried to make me seem like the bad guy. The school didn't want to take sides so they just banned them
I remember playing Yellow during recess and had to put it away. Unfortunately I was battling Lance and didn't want to turn it off so I told the teacher I'd be a minute because I need to save before turning it off, so she just smacked it out of my hand and I had to go through the E4 again later.
this story isnt really pokemon related but i think youll appreciate it

>be in 6 grade (or last grade of primary school here in aus)
>dickhead teacher picks on me because i would make harmless jokes
>sent me out of class once for "using my hands to speak"
>absolute psycho picking on a 12yo
>obviously had it out for me
>told to leave our hats on our bags outside of the class room
>strict "no school hat no play policy"
>hat goes missing, only mine, cant spend any time in the playground that lunch
>luckily i had a back up hat at home, go out and play at recess next day
>not there by lunch
>mum buys me a new hat a few days later
>happens again
>mum comes in to talk to the teacher
>"well idk where they have gone"
>takes no action
>end of the year teacher takes six hats out of his draw and throws them at me
>"these are yours"
>me a decade later

>watching news
>said teacher's wife has gone into labour early while in Fiji requesting 50k (or something ridiculous) of donations from general public to medivac the family
>few week later follow up story
>said teacher died of a completely unexpected heart attack

>during 1st-3rd grade, pokemon was really popular at my school
>around 4th grade, this kid called Brett starts denouncing pokemon, saying it is for babies and worse than barney
>says he wants to kill all the pokemon
>when gold and silver come out, I have to keep them secret because a lot of kids are starting to think like Brett since he is popular
>sometimes I wonder if I am a dumb baby for liking pokemon
>one day Brett comes over to my house
>asks if he can play my gameboy, I tell him "sure"
>remember what game is in it
>as he turns it on and starts playing, I brace myself for the worst
>he just keeps playing
>"just so you know that is pokemon"
>"I know"
>"I thought you hated pokemon"
>"yeah I only hate red and blue because it's too easy with only 8 badges, gold is ok cuz there are 16 badges"
>I stare at him in amazement
>"don't tell anyone at school about this, ok anon?"
>"ok brett"
>it's too easy with only 8 badges, gold is ok cuz there are 16 badges
>bring a whole bunch of really good pokemon cards to school

>some older kid tries scamming me by trading me a whole bunch of really bad yu gi oh cards for all of my cards

>accept while knowing trading is illegal in school

>throw out his cards during lunch

>tell on him to get my cards back and pretend it was an accident that his cards got trashed

Serves the dick right
>starts denouncing pokemon, saying it is for babies
Happened to me but with my parents. They also said that pokemon are "japanese demons"

You've likely heard this information recycled through various newer sources, but this shit was a really interesting read back in 1999.
This perfectly encapsulates the media reaction to Pokeeemon.
Tits or GTFO
>taking it out in class
that's your mistake
>in gym class
>it's fucking unbearably cold, we're being forced to go out in shorts to play tennis or some shit and I have other problems that made wearing shorts fucking horrible for me not that the gym teachers would've given a shit
>say "aw man, I don't want to go outside" to friend
>gym teacher fucking explodes
>"okay then"
>we end up playing pokemon for an hour

school was shit but had some good times
> be me
> be in 3rd grade
> playing pokemon with muh bros
> a wild rich bitch Annie appears!
> Annie used mock!
> ask her to leave
> She keeps mocking us
> Says that if she had some pokemon cards she could beat us all
> Accept challenge
> Two days later
> we both show up with our decks
> Later learn she just took her brother's cards
> she says that she wants to bet the decks as prizes
> she starts to look nervous when I explain energies
> Start the battle again
> she only has really powerful cards, no energies.
> win in about 5 mins
> She says I cheated
> Pull out camera I had in my shirt pocket because she always says I cheat
> go to TA bro who also plays pokemon
> Explain situation
> watches playback a few times
> says I won legitimately
> Annie gives me cards
> 13 holos and 16 delta species!!
> Mix it in with my deck
> Become unstoppable
> three weeks later her brother shows up
> says he wants his cards back
> I say that I won them
> We make the same deal and bet the decks
> beat him using his own cards I won off of his sister only I use energies
> win
> He says I cheated
> Go to same TA with same camera
> Same thing happens
> The brother keeps coming back but uses weaker and weaker cards
> keep beating him
> he still doesn't use energies
> Finally he runs out of cards after 2 years of doing this
> Tells his parents
> They call my mom and dad
> I get the phone handed to me
> explain what happened
> Complete silence
> Hear over the other line "fool me once, shame one you, fool me twice shame on me"
> They apologize for what their kids did
> Say the'll make it up to me
> Buy me a shitload of great cards
> turns out the dad works for the card printing company, thats why they have so much money
> See Annie a few months later
> she says she feels really bad about what happened
> Asks if I could teach her
> she isn't a bitch anymore and she has gotten much hotter
Total prize count: 9345 cards, 157 Holos, 78 delta species, And one rich girlfriend
you made it, brah
>be 16
>Had a C on one of the exams from Math.
>Sad, got my DS out to kill time by playing Pearl while waiting for the class to be over.
>Only 10 minutes before class was over, everyone was just talking and putting their shit in the bags.
>Teacher sees me playing and walks towards me.
>I heard footsteps getting closer, notice it was the teacher coming over
>Shit pants
>Try to close my DS, but I was too late
>Teacher looks at me and says: Why did you got a C? You are a B-A student. Was it because of playing Pokemon too much?
>Is he a wizard?
>I said: No! I was just under stress and playing games calms me.
>Teacher rises a eyebrow and says: Well, how about this, come tomorrow on the hour brake and we can work something out.

>Next day
>Went to his classroom at the time he asked, bit nervous.
>Sees teacher on his desk and looks at me.
>Take a sit as he pointed at one in front of him.
>He says: I have a deal for you.
>He pulls out a DS with Diamond
>I look dumbfounded
>Teacher: Beat me in a battle and if you win, ill turn your C to an A, if you lose, I'll give you extra homwork and you keep the C.
>Me still dumbfounded and accept.
>20 minutes later, I bested him and barely with my Metagross alive. Got an A and became pokefriends with him.

Best. Teacher. Ever. Didn't even knew he was actually that cool.
>loses due to not having any energies, thus being unable to attack at all
>continues to challenge you for keeps
>never adds energies

Is this guy retarded?
I think he was, he also had anger issues but the school was very anti violence, my guess is he just had his dad print up really good cards and didn't question why he was losing
What did he even do?
>I play Lugia and use Aeroblast!
>You don't have any energies, you can't use that
>Then I use-
>All your attacks require energies. You can't attack at all

And this went on for multiple games without the kid ever picking up on the fact that he needed energies to do ANYthing at all in the game? I call bullshit.
>be 9
>never bring gameboy to school because it would get confiscated
As I said he had some problems, I'm in college now, Annie and I are still dating, I'll ask her if she knows what he was thinking when she gets back
You didn't call bullshit at "their dad works for the card printing company"? Seriously, it's like first grade all over again.
Why'd you do that bro, you were stepping on my shoelaces, that's all. Mom got mad when she saw the mark ;_;
File: karen shitpost.png (231 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
karen shitpost.png
231 KB, 1000x1000
>implying you can be sexist towards men
um, you can; sexism is a two way street
File: 1403692423548.jpg (53 KB, 500x481) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 500x481
M-Muh systematic institutionalized oppression
M-Muh History of oppression
M-Muh Power + Privileges
Anon, I had a similar friend like this. Except we were both grills and we would play a lot of RSE together until my dad assaulted my mom and forced us to move. Never got to see her again.

The worst thing is I can't even remember their name.
>piplup being your first pokemon
aren't you a little bit young to be on 4chan?
No. Access to guns it is
>Be like in 2nd/3rd grade
>Was bullied for being a little overweight and having a big ass scar from a car accident from when I was like 2
>Try to be nice and make friends with other kids, constantly just picked on despite trying to be nice
>have one friend who was into pokemon and was in the same class as me
>friend would chill with me if we were by ourselves, but if anyone else was around would just pretend to ignore me
>one day bring my SP and all of my carts to school with me because we had plans to hang out afterword and try to do dex work
>during class anon suddenly gets up to whisper in the teachers ear
>Teacher, anon has pokemon games in her backpack."
>teacher comes over and dumps out my backpack, carts and so flying everywhere
>other asshole kids make up bs about how I stole them, teacher goes along with it and takes my carts and gives it to the kids
>mfw they didn't find my Ruby Cart, which I kept in my pocket
>confronts "friend" after school
>mfw they ignore me
>mfw I have to change schools from emotional trauma

Man, fuck you Adam.
Not an actual ass scar, but just a big scar.
If he was 12 when DP came out the youngest he could be is 18.
Unless I did my math wrong
I somewhat hate you and.somewhat want to be inside of you
you're a legend
Well that's a nice story. Good break from the rest of these nightmares.
FUCK ms bagley
File: cri.png (61 KB, 292x229) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 292x229
>be 10
>live in shitty ghetto with niggers galore
>make friends with a few cool ones who like pokemon
>one friend claims he is expert on spotting fake cards
>asks to see my holographic hitmonlee
>interested, i hand it over
>begins scratching the card and peels off the entire card face
>screams "I KNEW IT"
>starts spitting on the card
>stomps on the card
Based teacher
thats when you whip out your dick in front of her then accuse her of touching you
File: Negro Be Gone.png (211 KB, 499x292) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Negro Be Gone.png
211 KB, 499x292
My middle school teachers are all really unmemorable excluding my eighth grade history teacher. He would sit and have conversations with himself.

>"Why would he do that Mr. Ford?"
>"I don't know Mr. Ford, but he better stop if he doesn't want to end up in T-R-O-U-B-L-E PERIOD!"
"Oh he doesn't wanna end up in trouble. That'll lead up to him being D-E-D, that's DEAD!"
File: image.jpg (9 KB, 271x234) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Guy, please do not respond to the b8.
I actually get most of this from a personal perspective (a lot of it happened to me, and I've had variants of that one incident in particular), but "emotional trauma"? Really?
I think this much was obvious lol
Damn it Ms. Bagley
>saying it is for babies and worse than barney
I think I know who this guy grew up to be
This isn't a shit that never happened thread
Except your cunt mother didn't work for your present. She stole it, like a fucking rat. You had an opportunity to make things right, but you chose to be a selfish prick.
>Women think that a relationship where you care about the other person has to be romantic
Lol are female friendships really that shallow? Nobody would have thought the relationship was anything but platonic had you not stated otherwise.
Shit kept happening after that, I won't divulge into all of what happened, but I'll just say I was trapped in a locker overnight once. So, that + everything else pretty much made me a 2edgy4u 10 year old and that made my mom decide to send me to a different school in the next town over. Fortunately for me, everyone was much nicer there and I was able to grow out of it after a while.
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