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whats up niggas? So I got gta san andreas...
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whats up niggas? So I got gta san andreas during the steam sale and holy shit this is dope. By far the most immersive fucking game I played. The city is so fucking alive and so much shit you can do. Just picked up OG loc. fuck this shit is fun as fuck I actually feel like a nigga

why are games like just cause and other open worlds so devoid of everything if older games had all this shit to do? How do you regress so fucking much from this type of shit?
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>post yfw Big Smoke was stalling for the Ballas
There's not actually all that much to do outside of the story.
pretty good way to get killed is to sit in the vehicle thats getting shot at

but hey he is a nigger so he probably is that stupid
im a

tech nician
Go complete the story and get out of the thread before it's spoiled for you.
>pretty good way to get killed is to sit in the vehicle thats getting shot at
The Ballas were never meant to attack CJ during that mission. They were headed to Grove Street. Although you are right, because during his mission strand, he tries to get you killed when you're on the sports bike with him as the Russians attack you.
>this stupid reply is posted so much that no one is surprised by this anymore
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fucker who cares if the story is fucking dope as shit

>mfw listening to freddy taunt loc
holy shit

More to do isn't necessarily better. SA has a lot of superflous shit. For IV, they stripped a lot of it down but made interacting with friends/girlfriends much more of a focus, so it felt more "alive" on a deeper level.
My favourite part about this game is watching it takeover people. Briefly turning them into super awkward blacks.
I'll just ignore the fact that you'd have to be underage to not have played San Andreas before.
San Andreas isn't really much more alive than your usual Just Cause or Far Cry or Assassin's Creed. It does have character though, that's what makes it good. I replayed it recently in english actually paying attention to the story, and enjoyed it even more than I did when I was younger. It really makes you feel like you're a nigga.
>So I got gta san andreas during the steam sale
So you got the really shitty mobile port?
the fuck are you talking about? There's so many side missions
>It really makes you feel like you're a nigga

Only the first part

The story really dips hard in quality after the main grove street stuff is over. It picks up a little with Woozy but nothing else in the game is as fun as those first few hours in Grove Street doing gang shit
all you had to do was follow the damn train cj

Hey op, just wondering, what is your age?
How did you not play that untill now
I'm 23 and mom never let me play m games as a kid. I have a garbage laptop so I can't play any high end games. first gta is san andreas and its fun as fuck
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I wanted to be a gangster the first I played this game too, OP.

The again this was 2004 back when I was still a kid...
How didn't you have any friends who owned it

Literally every single person in the world under the age of 35 has played this game except you


also i'm not much of gamer so this shit is a gold mine for me
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What? I thought the mobile version was just for consoles.

I was trying not to ruin it for the OP.

If this is true, man, do I envy you. You've got lots of catching up to do and many good games to play through that I'll never experience playing for the first time again.
man thanks nigga. im drunk as fuck etain cheetos play gta. turning into a neet motherfucker
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busta sword.jpg
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I think the biggest thing that gives this game character is the attention to detail. For example, while JC has civillians, SA has civillians that randomly say funny things, have a chance to attack someone, steal a car, and get chased by the popos. There are radio hosts doing their thing, you can find gangs, drug sellers, whores and other shit. If you get bored of killing and blowing shit up, there are other things to do, like dancing, dates, or basketball. Hell, just the side missions are often unique enough to make sure you don't get bored.
Meanwhile every game today boils down to either 'race niggas' or 'go there, kill/steal shit, gtfo'.
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Carl, what do you want? You gotta eat to keep your strength up, man.
`I feel you nigga. I just spent like 20 minutes in the gym lifting heavy things and running and then they kicked me out and said I couldnt work out anymore fuck that shit

get the fuck out
I don't think I have ever hated a character as much as I have Big Smoke. Nigga betrayed everything we stood for.
>fuck this shit is fun as fuck I actually feel like a nigga
i kekd, thx
Dude really? 99% of my experiences with SA had nothing to do with the fucking story.
>hydra dog fights
>breaking into area 69 to steal hyrdas
>tank ranpages
>sky diving
>flipping bikes/motorcycles/cars off Mt. Chiliad
>hitting pedestrians with helicopter blades
>running through a busy street with a combine and shredding people
>learning martial arts and shit
>going to the gym and getting fuarkin joocy
On the note of this, what is with Rockstar and burning bridges with people who do voiceacting for their games?
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>Modding GTA:SA years ago
>There's some mod that allows CJ to shoot some giant ray
>It's always listed as "goku's Kamehameha"
>Years later
>Find out it's actually marisa's master spark form some touhou mod compilation
I just read up on PCGamingWiki and it looks like there's lots of fixes that I never even knew about, I think I'll reinstall this with all the patches.
I like the game a great deal as well, but you're trying way too hard.
Tone it down a little, friend.
I just got GTA3, VC, and SA for the first time. Going through GTA3 right now and enjoying it, what am I in for overall. I played GTA4, and 5.
yo OP, I think you'll find this information useful

Alright, /v/, here's the ultimate, offical guide to experience GTA: San Andreas in the most complete and best way possible. (On PC of course)

1. Download GTA SA from Pirate Bay or wherever and install the English version.
2. Download "Things to do in San Andreas 'till you're dead and install the mod.
This mod adds tons of cut content back into the game. Entire missions, voice overs, vehicles, mini-games that didn't make it into the final version of the game are accessible again. The story of the game is much more fleshed out like this. You'd be suprised how much more R* had planned for GTA:SA and is on the disc but isn't used.
3. Download the fixes to "Things to do in San Andreas 'till you're dead" and install all three of them.
4. Download ASI Loader and install it. Download Silent Patch and install it. (http://steamcommunity.com/app/12120/discussions/0/34096318964479523/) Tons of graphical improvements that improve performance and look of the game that R* could have easily made if they weren't such incompetent devs.
5. Download and install the PS2 Timecyc (http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=20208). It adds the original PS2 sky colours and lighting that are otherwise missing in the PC version. Without it, everything looks much more bland and dull.

I just tested this stept by step approach on my own PC, so it should work.

========================================================1 of 2

Hey, I'm the guy who made this guide a thread ago and this guide is fool-proof if you follow it verbatim. There's a reason why I didn't mention the different versions, because the first mod "Things to do in San Andreas 'till you're dead" will automatically downgrade every version of the game to 1.0, no matter which you have (1.01 or 2.0). And v1.0 is necessary for modding. I quote the read me from the mod:

>All is not lost however, as installing the mod will also automatically 'downgrade' your game version to V1.00 so that it can run mods properly (see note below). This also means that if you have patched the game to V1.10 then the game will revert to it's pre-patched status.

I don't think that this guide works with the Steam version, though. If you've bought the Steam version, I'd advise to torrent the game.

Also, I want to underscore that it is imperative that you install the three fixes for "Things to do in San Andreas" (Point 3) , otherwise the Silent Patch won't work with the modded version of the game you have and you'll most likely end up with a botched installation.

Maybe you guys who saved this copy pasta should add these points as well for clarification.
>GTA SA thread
>People speaking in ebonics
It's embarrassing everytime.
Even if it's tongue in cheek.
I love this game because I can turn it on and always find something to do. If you can't find fun with this game you may need to find a new hobby.
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I am going to take out all of the expletives and racial epithets in your post and replace them with fruits & vegetables.
I'm also going to correct your syntax.

Whats up apples? So I got GTA San Andreas during the Steam sale and holy bananas, this is dope. By far the most immersive artichoking ybygame I have ever played. The city is so avacadoing alive and there is so much strawberries you can do. Just picked up OG Loc. Broccoli, this carrot is fun as plums. I actually feel like a sweet pea.
>why are games like Just Cause and other open worlds so devoid of everything if older games had all this aparagus to do? How do you regress so cauliflowering much from this type of grape?
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2 MB, 480x270
>Broccoli, this carrot is fun as plums. I actually feel like a sweet pea

is this mission hard as fuck in the beginning, or am I just shit? the bike handles like ass and the one time I made it to the end, the gang blew it up
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i enjoyed going to the gym and learning new fighting moves.
niggaI just failed 3 times and went over to help ryder instead. That shit was was hard as fuck but I love it
>played GTA
>didn't feel the least bit niggerish
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Why didn't he follow the train, /v/
holy fuck
>your flying level is too low cannot access the airpot
>park car by wall
>jump over
>jack plane

in any modern game this would be fucking blocked by and invisible wall holy shit im guckin loving this shit
I wish the missions on country side was longer. It was so comfy listening to K-ROSE radio.
>listening to K-ROSE
>doing this ever
fuck off

>his mama didnt let him grow up to be a cowboy

baka desu senpai
Lets play MTA
Tally ho fellow limeys, and a rather dapper day if i do say so myself! I recently purchased San Andreas as part of the stealm sales and I must say, it is positively charming in every spiffing way possible! I have never in my limey life felt this much immersion! The city part of the game is, for me, almost as if it is a living breathing world, and I never tire of it. Just met this african american fellow who calls himself OG loc. I actually feel like an actual african american, and I dare say Ive now had this much fun in an age!

Why oh why had gaming regressed from it's original form? why are modern games so, shall we say, dull and devoid of life? Wot Wot!
>1. KDST
>2. Playback FM
>3. Radio LS
>4. Master Sounds
>5. WCTR
>6. Bounce FM
>8. The rest
Any arguments?
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post your user station playlist
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>>hydra dog fights
Its all coming back now, fuck the dogfighting in this game is amazing
>get hit on left wing
>kill the fucker
>jumping before it explodes
>other hydra comes and allahu akbars you
>listening to shit like Bounce FM

Why. It's the most pleb shit you could ever listen to.

>Radio X
>Radio LS
>the rest
Bill Cosby pls
LV's Boxing > SF's martial arts >>>>>> everything else

One is great for being fast as fuck and the other can take down anyone quickly if 1v1
They do that so faggy reviewers don't go bitching about "muh immersion", Sonic 06 had the same thing and it wasn't even that much of a big deal, yet people saw that as a bad thing
Fun and shit driving.

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well I never played a sonc game nigga I aint no gota go fast fag nigga
GTA 5 ruins shit like doing tricks on chiliad because as soon as you would hit a death threshold it just auto kills you.

i loved seeing my body get tossed down the mountain after fucking up a sweet BMX trick.
WCTR is without exaggeration the best fake talk radio station ever created for a video-game. I say You say, The Maurice Show, Travels with James Pedeaston and that fake NFL punditry show I can still remember verbatim years later.

Yep its straight in V
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gta lucky star.jpg
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What are some must have mods?
Alien City is fucking cool

Also cleo mods can be enjoyable if you know where to get them
stopped reading right there
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So what's your best time, /v/?

>he's playing post-soundtrack deletion San Andreas

What was your guilty pleasure song in the game, /v/?


its a driving themed playlist

Highway...get it?

These are the songs that got removed

Playback FM
Ultramagnetic MC’s - Critical Beatdown

Radio Los Santos
2 Pac - I Don’t Give A f*ck
Compton’s Most Wanted - Hood Took Me Under
NWA - Express Yourself

Bounce FM
Fatback - Yum Yum
Roy Ayers - Running Away
The Gap Band - You Dropped A Bomb On Me

Tom Petty - Running Down A Dream
Joe Cocker - Woman to Woman

K-JAH West Radio
Black Harmony - Don’t Let It Go to Your Head
Blood Sisters - Ring My Bell

Ozzy Osbourne - Hellraiser
Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name

Master Sounds 98.3
Charles Wright - Express Yourself
The Blackbyrds - Rock Creek Park
James Brown - Funky President
Macer & The Macks - Soul Power ‘74
James Brown - The Payback
The JB’s - Grunt
>NWA - Express Yourself
>Ozzy Osbourne - Hellraiser
Okay, i'm mad now
>2 Pac
>Tom Petty
>Joe Cocker
>Ozzy Osbourne

Fuck me. Those songs were some of the best.
Hood Took Me Under is in the game, though. I was literally listening to it earlier.

I can live without RATM. I listen to their music pretty often and Killing in The Name is one of their worst songs.
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