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This picture would be better if it didn't have pig disgusting western shit like Uncharted or Horizon on it
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*Also available on PS3
Horizon looks fun as hell though
Fair few arent exclusive and a fair few are just weeb trash.

Not worth the purchase of a PS4 but i was an idiot and brought one anyway.
i never understood this meme.
street fighter 5 isnt going to be on xbone or wii u.

are there still faggots that think PC is now a console or something?
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delete this
Good thing Super Street Fighter V Dash will be released on every platform on Earth.
Why buy a $400 console and the version with locked controller support running on about medium when you can buy the PC version and use any arcade stick and run it at varying resolutions and graphical settings for either max graphics or low if you cant run it at medium or max at a fraction of a cost due to CD Key Dealers.
No it doesn't.
Stains Gate was originally a PC game tho
the game looks the same on both console and pc versions and why the fuck would you play a fighting game on anything else but an arcade stick?
I'll admit, I'm feeling almost every game on this chart. Can't wait to get one on Black Friday to complement my PC and Wii U
way to many multiplats
>the game looks the same on both console and pc versions
>why the fuck would you play a fighting game on anything else but an arcade stick?
You mean those PS3/360 sticks from the entirety of playing SFIV, Blazblue, Mortal Kombat, P4A/U,Marvel 3, Injustice and King of Fighters that arent compatable on the PS4? Or how about hitboxes? Or pad players who play on Dualshock 3?

You're saying they should just fork out the $300 for another stick because "dude lmao ps4 is better"? You're an idiot.
>Star Ocean
>Shadow of the BEast
>God Eater
>Gravity Rush 1 and 2
>World of Final Fantasy
>Ace Combat
am- am I allowed to buy a ps-ps4 /v/?
Honestly? The only game I care about in that list is Ratchet. Also, Wild, but it's not even listed for some reason.
Everything else is either stuff I genuinely don't care about or games available already on ps3, Vita or PC.

I don't understand how Sony fanboys akways shit on Bone and Wii U exclusive lists and yet they cry whenever someone criticize their own lists.
>Mfw have a PS4, Xbone and gaming PC
console wars are stupid.
Bone and PS4 's libraries are so similar to eachoter. Buying both is like buying the same console twice. Not a smart purchase at all.
File: 20160109_160328.jpg (4 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 5312x2988
>No Wii U
Come on, anon
I got it mainly for Rare Replay and Halo.
You should be using the official artwork fellow gaffer.
Not interested in owning one. No game for it interests me besides Smash, and I have a 3DS for that anyways.
>coming to PC
>PC already confirmed
>coming to PC
>Vita shit no one ever cared about
>coming to PC
>coming to PC
if you don't own a PC, then sure.
ps2 2.0
Post the list then.
loving this meme, really good
As a big PS2 fan, this idea disgusts me.
Low quality bait
More like PS3 2.0
>KH, P5, Star Ocean, Nier, World of Final Fantasy, Ace Combat coming to PC

At this point, if you don't own a PS4, you are stupid. Isn't all the shitposting PC and other consoles get enough to understand it?
His ass
I expected as much. I can't imagine P5 and KH coming to PC.
>Isn't all the shitposting PC and other consoles get enough to understand it?
>Sonyggers are shitposting instead of playing those "games" they have
>That means you should totally buy a PS4

Yeah it checks out
You're retarded.
doesnt the Lab Zero driver fix the incompatibility issue?
That's not what I said at all, you fucking drone. Nice strawman.
OP, you forgot one
nier will be on pc i got no source and i dont need to convince you youll just see it happen
It was a ruse all along
File: centipede.png (292 KB, 700x342) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You can either jump through hoops and try to justify not owning a PS4, the definitively superior console this gen, and own a PS3, PSV, XB1, and gaming rig (when all you need is a PS4), and even then STILL miss out on the PS4 only exclusives.


You can just accept that Sony won and the PS4 is getting literally every good upcoming game (only exception being XCOM2, which plays on a toaster and will likely be ported). And then if you're a nintendrone you can also pick up a Wii U.

Current PS4 exclusives:
>Bloodborne + Old Hunters
>Infamous SS
>Until Dawn
>Killzone SF
>Tearaway Unfolded
>Disgaea 5
>Driveclub + Bikes (fantasric game post-patches)

Upcoming PS4 exclusives (announced titles only):
>Detroit: Become Human
>Ace Combat 7
>Ni No Kuni 2
>Dreams (Tearaway/LBP devs)
>New God of War (mainline title)
>GT Sport
>Gravity Rush 2
>Horizon: Zero Dawn
>Bloodborne sequel (confirmed on official Bloodborne FB page)
>The Last Guardian
>Ratchet and Clank Redux
>Uncharted 4
>Alienation (housemarque)
>Mattterfall (housemarque)
>WiLD (from the creator of Rayman)
>13 Sentinels Aegis Rim (Vanillaware)
>Persona 5
>TLoU2 (confirmed by Nolan North)
>GG Xrd Revelator
>Unannounced open-world horror game from Sony Bend
>Deep Down
>Ys 8
>Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
>Megadimension Neptunia VII
>NIOH (Team Ninja)
>Toukiden 2
>Danganronpa 3
>Dragon Quest Builders
>Yakuza 0
>Yakuza 6
>New Valkyria Chronicles
>King of Fighters XIV
>Steins;Gate 0
>Dragon Quest XI
>FFVII Remake
>Kingdom Hearts 2.8
>NieR Automata
>Star Ocean 5
>EDFI 4.1

Also with PC (PS4/PC only)
>Shenmue 3
>Street Fighter V
>No Man's Sky
>The Witness

PC exclusives coming to/already on PS4
>Divinity Original Sin
>Mount and Blade
>Magicka 2
>Cities Skylines
>Wasteland 2
>Crypt the Necrodancer
>Vanishing of Ethan Carter
>KillingFloor 2
>Talos Principle
>Kerbal Space Program
>Ark Survival Instinct
>The Forest
Hahahahahaha gosh kill yourself.
>own a PS3, PSV, XB1, and gaming rig
That seems a better deal. The list of games those platforms have but the PS4 doesn't combined would be way bigger that the one you posted.
>Ys 8
I'll be playing that on my Vita, but thanks for the offer.

By the way, your pasta's a bit stale: EDF4.1 is out now.
File: 1435108448635.jpg (104 KB, 775x719) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104 KB, 775x719
>not owning a PS3, 4, Vita, 3DS, Wii U, and PC

Get on my level senpai
>There are Vita owners RIGHT NOW who don't own a PS4
Stop being stupid.
Those are video games and I like video games.

Getting sick of these console/platform war games though.
Hey now that's my setup.
Hikase is 2qt
File: 1452194247217.jpg (25 KB, 240x267) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>get a PC
>invest in a 4690 and a 970
>get to play a few games
>PS4 has exclusives as well as the same games my PC had
>buy a PS4 for the exclusives
>don't mind sub 30FPS gameplay
>decide to buy every game on the PS4 despite that
>I literally am not bothered by that, even if it is inferior
>mfw I only sold the PC for 200 bucks

What a fucking waste of money. A platform that can play game A and game B at 1080p <30FPS will always trump a platform that can ONLY play game B.
I have this set up but I cannot justify buying a PC just to run witcher 3 at higher settings, I just cant do it. I have a 2009 PC that emulates wii and ps2 fine, I just dont see any other use for going high end PC.
The fact is, the videogames on other platforms are shit. The PS4 has the best of all worlds.
Gravity Rush 2 is by far what I'm most excited for right now. I seriously love the original game to bits. It ain't perfect but what it goes for in tone, presentation, mechanics are all things that I love so much. And 2 looks like the right kind of "more but better" sequel too.

System could just be getting that and it'd be worth it for me, but I'm also gonna get a ton of others off that list, especially Nier, Horizon and Odin Sphere.
File: 1309891854514.png (25 KB, 510x546) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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pretty happy

100% going to buy:
-Yakuza 0
-EDF4.1 (EU)
-FF7R Ep1. part 1/6 sub chapter 1 of 20
-OdinSphere remake
-Aegis Rim: 13 Sentinels
-Star Ocean 5
-Tales of Berseria
-Valkyria revolution
-DragonsDogma PC
-The Last Vaporware
-Playstation VR
-GranTurismo Sport VR
-Ace Combat 7 VR

High probability:
-Ikenie to yuki no setsuna

-Gravity rush 2
-The Witch and the Hundred Knight
-Ni No Kuni 2 (male)
-Digimon Cybersluts
-SwordArtOnline if I STILL need a Jrpg fix

I pray for western releases/translation of (will 100% buy if in english):
-Dragon's Dogma Online
-DeepDown to be a thing
-Exist Archive
-Monster Hunter X

PCfriends are just desperate so they started unironicaly shitposting. They also take any minor rumor or the smallest multiplat speculation as a guarantee of a PC port.
For example:
-A 13yo Disgaea port means Disgaea5 is going to PC within 6 months.
-FF15 being multiplat means FF15 PC release within 1 year of launch, even though devs denied it and if they ever make a port it'll take a while - as a reference, FF13 took 4 years to come to PC.
-"Only planned for PS4" in Nier:A's case COMFIRMS a PC port within 1 year, when every other Drakengard and Nier game is in the exact same exclusivity position as Nier:A and yet none have been ported.

There are many other examples. I'm just glad to be an idort and enjoy games at launch without shitposting about unwarranted port speculation

I'm an idort, and I always find it funny that mustards claim they're the master race, but all I see them do is talk about console ports. I've never seen someone on console beg for a PC game.
I agree with this 2bh, but no rachet and clank on your list =[. Its one of the best looking ps4 games man
File: AceCombat7.gif (3 MB, 480x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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-consoleplebs shitposting about Overwatch being a multiplat game after all, and rubbing it in PCfriend's faces (none of this happened)


-Any console game, no matter how old, no matter how many generations back, being ported to PC and the constant PCfriend threads rubbing it in Consepleb's faces. I saw at least a handful of threads about the first Disgaea alone. I'm aware most of it is shitposting and falseflagging, but there's no denying more PC-only people share that sentiment than Console-only guys.

Dragon'sDogma threads are full of friendly advice, experiences and guides from consoleplebs to new PCfriends who are about to play the game, no port-related shitposting whatsoever

You can also look at the shitposting coming from consoleplebs in XCOM2 threads (zero, it's mostly just naked snake images), compared to all the shitposting in Bloodborne threads

I don't care for such games. Last similar one I remember playing was the first crash bandicoot at a friend's house. No doubt it'll be good, though. have fun with it
And PC fags scream "muh sonyggers" at everything
most shitposters use the sony flag. Doesn't help with the fact that these collage images of games are Sony's lineup and are usually used to start a shotposting war
Reactionary shitposting due to said sony boogyman
Not interested in most of them. Thinking of trying to get into Persona just so I have an extra excuse besides the other two games I'm interested in to get a PS4. Star Ocean is a series I've been meaning to play for like, 12-13 years, but I've been hearing that there's only one or two good games in the series, that 3 isn't great and 4 is really damn bad.
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>Ace Combat 7
>Ace Combat 7
>Gravity Daze 2
>Persona 5

WHO /hype/ HERE
>At this point, if you don't own a Bloodborne machine, you are stupid.
Exist Archive is apparently confirmed for localization, friend.
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too far.jpg
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Gib source now
Persona 5, Ace Combat 7 and the Vanillaware games give me a huge boner
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