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ITT: Game Ideas
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Share your game ideas. I'll start

-RPG where the combat is a Stepmania style rhythm game
-Disgaea/Fire Emblem style SRPG where attacking leads to a round of classic RPG combat
Crusader Kings 2 courtly intrigue and management meets Warband warfare
Monster girl quest from other perspective.
Cute girls try to defeat you for greater good
You triumph and rape them.
You defeated-you ded.
I had an idea where you'd be a war photographer. Not really a fighter, but you could use a handgun with limited ammo in a pinch. You'd have to sneak into the warzone and take pictures of your objectives (war crimes, executions, pictures of the big bad, whatever) and you'd be able to sell the photographs to different media sources for cash. The cash lets you upgrade your camera, buy body armor (at a lower stealth chance), bribe money, etc.

You could also get to kill other journalists for their photos, and general dishonest shit (like doctoring photos, changing body placements for a better picture, "getting involved" in a way that gets people killed so you can get better pictures) so you can get more money, but at the risk of media outlets finding out and blacklisting you, cutting you off from a potential money source. The game would give you a week or two to scrounge up enough money to buy passage out of the warzone for your family, where the game ends (good ending = they escape, bad = they fucking don't, obviously).

Apparently there's already a war photographer game being made, and I became angry upon learning this.
I forgot to mention there'd be a risk/reward system with how close you got to the action, so you'd get paid more by getting up close, but you'd have a higher chance of being killed
Thats hardly an idea, that a mishmash of games mechanics you like.

but if thats the vein you're going for.

Aurora 4x, with proper graphics/good UI.

SOTS like racial technology trees.

need to manage luxury resource and food production aswell,

late game stellarforming tech which lets you turn suns into blackholes or go nova. or alternatively condense nebula into new suns, asteroids into planets and moons etc.

People are actual people, with professions, literacy, etc. think Victoria 2 pops.

Victoria 2 industry (i.e. you can go full Planned Economy or go full Laissez Faire or anything in between)

None of that raw resources -> Space ship BS. Raw resources need to be processed, some high tech stuff require multiple levels of processing.
Shadow of the Colossus style game where you have to track down 11 demons in the forest near a town. The gameplay is divided up into two sections, hunting sections where you try and kill the demons proper by climbing trees and ambushing them and sneaking sections where you try and avoid certain townspeople as they begin to realize that you're killing these demons (They're scared of the possibility of retribution from the demon's that don't get killed or that you fail to kill)
An Action Adventure RPG

Some Souls like combat with Brawler like twists added to it.

Focus on Melee action, magic is pure support.

Starting area is decided based on Class

The setting is a fantasy medieval world on the early age of their Enlightenment Era. Most notable of the era was the creation of "The Iron Men" which were basically just the first robots. During this period of time, people become less and less religious because they no longer required the Gods' assistance. This pisses off the Gods' so they deities rage total war on all humaniods, believing that they have failed as a species.

2 main story branches, fight for humanity or renounce your humanity and join the gods as a reaper.
Your second idea is shin megami tensei devil survivor
How will the intrigue work if you cant kill anyone?
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Shit, that's actually an incredibly creative concept with interesting story telling. Better than any "morally questioning" game I can recall in a long while.

Good job not being trash and ripping off another game.
Pic reminds me of war based morals so
You play as a righteous knight, who serves the "Eternal Church". You and your band of brothers are tasked with the assassination of giants from another realm for the giants denounced your God.
Upon the transition to the other realm, you lose your allies, waking up alone on a beach. You are then set free in the open world with a sword and a shield. You can find other weapons off the corpses of your allies.
Water colored graphics, hyper realistic blood.
thanks bb. I pitched the idea in a blow off game design class because I needed the credit, and I thought I was hot shit because I didn't think anyone else had done it before. After I said it the prof was like "oh kinda sounds like [game]" and my heart sank
>Martial Arts game
- set in 17th century Japan or China or some other asian shithole
- you invest your exp points in new moves
- fights like in Jedi Knight, except with kicks and punches instead of lightsabers
So Jedi Knight with an Asian re-skin?
Your second idea is literally just Devil Survivor. Try to be original next time
For the final boss battle you cut your way into the giant's head and cut open his brain.
no, there are no guns and no superhuman abilities
Add the ability to kill people
Then a week into the game, the lords are dead, and there are no vassals

Patapon's as close as you're ever going to get to your first idea and you should be happy you get that much.
>-Disgaea/Fire Emblem style SRPG where attacking leads to a round of classic RPG combat
This is literally Devil Survivor and Majin Tensei
Go on TV, type in responses to question without any censorship.
Beat up blacks, Latinos, and Muslims.
Decorate your campaign rallies with the posters of hate speech and heads of minorities.
>multiplayer horror game
>humans vs ayyliums
>takes place on massive ship in the middle of space
>ship is heavily damaged so lots of flashing lights, mechanical issues and such
>humans goal is to activate the purge decontamination protocols of the ship that will kill all the aliens
>aliens goal is to kill all humans
>humans are generally stronger than the aliens and 1v1 will win handily plus humans start with guns
>humans also get radios for long range communication but power is limited so communication has to be limited
>humans have different skill types so different people may need to go do different things
>aliens have to rely on environmental tools such as electrocuting the floor and such, and just plain trickery
>aliens have short range telepathy to communicate, its not infinite range like radios but no limits on use
>aliens can also loot the equipment of dead humans, they can use the radios but only pick up and not use the guns
>but aliens could easily kill an unaware human by easily being able to get in close proximity
>aliens can copy the body of a deceased human to look and sound identical to them but also will need to hide the body
>moonbase alpha style voice chat where every human has a unique voice and visual look
>aliens can crawl through vents and such and mess with systems like oxygen in order to distract humans and make them split up to complete multiple problems

Maybe some other general things that could be added but if someone made this I'd play the fuck out of it.
Settler, Anno & Impression series game where you attempt to defend your village from an endless wave based enemy while expanding your own territory.

Besides the wave based enemies there will be AI spawning and attempting to establish themselves. There will be some pre existing villages, each and everyone you can either create an alliance with them. Wage war with them. Threaten them to pay resources. Or just leave them at peace. Allied or neutral AIs will provide you with quests and allow you to trade with them.

Buildings will have upgrades. Both global and local, % based and split path upgrades that changes a building (example, combinding woodcutter with sawmill)

Modifyable Ai that will allow you to for example set your archers to priority low health targets and other small stuff like that.

Oh yeah it's just not an idea but I'm actually working on it. (webm is old)
Damn I wish I lacked the integrity that's keeping me from stealing this idea
I'd play
Do what CK2 does, then. Always have someone to replace them.

How is this a difficult concept?
CK2 is a completely different time scale, spanning generations which is key to how they get replaced. wont work that well for M&B
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