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>That one party member who is broken as fuck
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>That one party member who is broken as fuck
Birdie is truly the best character in Painful.
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>highest HP in the game with almost 2k
>null to instakill and phys, resists everything else
good old metatron the unkillable
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>undermeme fad is dying
>people are talking about Lisa again
Feels good desu
And yet Undertale is still a better game than LISA. Most people here who bitch about it haven't played both and just bandwagon off of the shitty fanbase.
I've played both and LISA is a much better game. Undertale is good dont get me wrong but outside of the humour, soundtrack and interesting gameplay undertale is severely lacking, particularly in terms of the plot and the writing.
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>One party member is a million times stronger than everyone else
>You know they're going to die so you avoid them
just go back to tumblr/reddit and take your meme game with you, holy shit
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>the little girl dancer who you thought was just a joke character is the best character in the game
absolutely epic post /b/rother! ;)
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>One party member is a million times stronger than everyone else
>Has terrible exp gain and stat growth so using him cripples your other characters with no return
>He's the main character so you cant, not use him
spotted the bandwagoner.

a classic
how does it feel reddit/tumblr whoever you are that your meme game has finally run its course and is being etched out of memory?
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Undertale never stopped people from talking about LISA. Don't be retarded.
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I always liked that picture but I never bothered to figure out who was the original artist for it.
If anything Undertale helped revive discussion on games like Lisa and OFF. I've certainly seen more discussion of those games on /utg/ than anywhere else on 4chan.
nah albert was far superior
>staying with Albert when he gets raped by every boss starting midway through disc 2 and continuing through the rest of the game
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In the 360 version:

-Fastest character in a game where speed is very important
-Highest damage output
-Defense is the top echelons
-The system makes her one of the best support characters despite being a pure combat character
-Gets the most broken equipment in general in the endgame.

Best characters after her are Salsa and Viola, no debate.

Even in the PS3, where they nerfed her to a crazy degree, she's still arguably the best or second best behind Salsa- who was also nerfed. Viola didn't have that luck though.
think you're mistaking kongol for albert
Falsetto was broken?
Guess I'll have to replay the game to find out, always used Salsa, Viola and Chopin for healing
>interesting gameplay
>press x to not fight instead of press x to fight
>let's throw a shitty mini bullet hell in there

Back 2 reddit with your faggy ass fucking le MAYMAYs
The only good thing Albert had was his Rose Storm spell, and that was useless in disc 3 because almost every boss fucked over Dragoons 24/7.

How can people have such shit fucking taste in vidya? LISA is literally the edgiest garbage ive ever watched.
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Hi, I'm here to carry you through the entire game.
I should have said "more interesting" than your run of the mill game maker/RPG maker game. Still the rest of what i said remains true.
Nigga why even bother with dragoons when you can combo them for several thousand only dragoon i even used after the first disc was Shana heal the rest were garbage compared to the combo damage output. I've beaten this game like 3 times with every single assortment and albert is highest dps you will ever use.
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For most of the game, Falsetto, Viola and Salsa as a team can oneturn literally EVERYTHING in the 360. Even when they don't, they leave the enemy horribly weakened. They are also the three fastest characters, meaning that they will usually go first, unlike most of the others.

Beat is technically a gamebreaker, but not through being that broken(he's slightly above average despite having bad stats), but due to his Photos off the first boss being able to fund you for the entire game. Items are stupid good in Eternal Sonata, so this is a big help. In the 360, him being able to do this completely eliminates any need for actual healers outside a few particular boss fights.
Thief was shit, then class changed and literally wrecked everything
The mage guy you get when you change continents the first time. You play as him first in the gba remake rebirth mode whatever
Onion knight, for obvious reasons
>still playing
>about to start
Barret, simpy because of 7777 fever
>implying zell locking bitches isnt great
Steiner, if I remeber right, was broken as shit.
Wakka and his attack reels of death. 1.2 million damage.
Gunslinger. You could literally stun lock enemies with lvl 3 trigger happy
Could never use his camera even if my life depended on it.
I think we can agree that Claves is the worst character in the game though
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Aeons trivialize anything in FFX's main game that doesn't have an aeon instakill spell.

I actually have a thread on Gamefaqs where I posted my findings as I work on a guide.

Mah nigga, gunslinger is small time compared to using pause to cheese Lady Luck reels.


>That feel when he gets his sword and his fucking gundam gets a sword too.

The absolute fucking juggernaught.
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>Birdie, Mad Dog and Rage
>Everyone using firepower

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A thread about me? You shouldn't have!
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>no anti magic spell
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>ive ever watched.

Your subconscious betrays you.

>"Implying I wasn't making a jab at it having no gameplay."

Edgiest, huh? Give your own post a second read. Checkmate. Thanks for playing.

Claves and Jazz share that role, honestly.

Jazz is ALWAYS a burden on your team, at any point in your game. Replacing him with another character is always better, even from a durability standpoint(!).
Claves is the same way.

You can actually sorta tier the characters:


Allegretto/March(both are great in offense and defense but have some speed issues that prevent them from competing with the S tier)

Chopin(better than Polka most of the time, inferior at some points)

Jazz and Claves
for some reason i still remember, literally 20 years later, that he goes HAH SIH HANNNNHH KEN when he does his martial arts combo
Only played the 360 version so all I know about Claves is that she takes 10 minutes to die in a cutscene after being introduced 2 minutes before, that's what I meant by worst. Didn't even know she was playable
>Rage instead of RT or Jack

Yeah nah, you don't know shit.

man citan's kind of an asshole, though

Oh yes, counting that in, she's certainly the most painful, her death scene is gaaaaarbage.

She's playable for half a chapter before she dies, then returns in the optional dungeon at the end.

Her growths in the 360 are insane, but the game mechanics keeps her from ever getting better than Falsetto, Viola and Salsa in this version(due to the echo system).
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In New Vegas, Boone

honorable mention to EDI

gif unrelated
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>best agility in the game
>best evasion
>best physical DPS
>consistently tries to hook you up with his sister
>genuinely cares about you and your allies
>was born in a world of strife
>against the odds
>chose to fight
Colin in Advance Wars DS because Colin was fucking broken in that game
>party member
Dual Strike had you fight in pairs, so it's technically correct to call him a party member.
Being able to break Rubicante every fight with Edge was hilarious.

Relm could literally break the game with Sketch, so there's that. Otherwise I'm not sure anyone was completely OP.

Tactics had Cid, of course, but also Beowulf. His status effect attacks were the only ones that Cid couldn't get, and the last couple were pretty broken.
Dual strike COs are not two members that form a party. They take turns controlling the same army. It's not technically correct at all.
>Thread up for a while
>No one posted Watt from Paper Mario

for shame, /v/. That damage pierce is godly. that and the fact that party members can't die.
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Well played
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