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ITT post characters that are held back by...
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ITT post characters that are held back by the genre of game they appear in. I'll start with a pokemon.

In the pokemon games, he is only "ok-ish" competitively because of the way the meta game developed, but in a more...loose battle system, this guy could be a cool little character.

Imagine him as a character in a 3D action game, 2D platformer, or as a unit in a strategy game (turn based or reeal time).
He'd have a full suite of melee abilities, what with his claws and all. He could roll into a ball Sanic style as an opening attack to slam into distant foes, he could use his quills as a spiky shield to deflect melee damage, or even shoot them out of his back as an improvised long range attack. Throw in the fact that he can burrow under the ground and you'd have yourself one cool-ass protag/supporting character/whatever. (how cool would it be to stun an opponent with a spike barrage, then burrow underneath them and emerge ina "Drill Uppercut" attack or some bullshit. It would be so cash.)

Runner-up: Ryu from streetfighter starring in a (well-made) JRPG. Think of all the character options!! Or a street fighter top-down beat-em-up ala Ultimate Alliance.
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I wpuld argue that this guy is held back from his full potential by not being included in Smash bros. Just sayin.

I do think the whole "top-down" restriction placed on him in almost all of his games holds back the gameplay significantly.
They really tried some interesting things with him in the N64 era, but they didn't go anywhere even better with it, they just kinda stopped. Truly, the N64 days were the zenith of Bomberman's existence.
>in a more...loose battle system, this guy could be a cool little character
The same could be said of most Pokemon. Especially if moves had uses beyond just doing damage.
>use Vine Whip on something overhead
>swing yourself around while tossing out Leech Seeds
>all enemies in the area are now feeding you hp
now i want him in pokken
Jesus christ that would be cool. Someone should make a game like this. Too bad gamefreak literally never will. And if they did, it would be some half-assed bullshit that would not reflect the literally billions of dollars the franchise has made them. Seriously, they could punp so much more money into the development of their games than they do.

But alas, if some other developer made a game like this, it wouldn't have the brand name behind it, nor the faniliarity and fondness that many gamers have for the characters, and would likely fail.
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I know right? But I could go on about the disappointing character choices they have so far in that game, but I wont.

Even though I didn't want Gengar to be in it, he atleast seems to be the kbly character with a genuinely creative moveset. Sandslash could be that way too. Also Shiftry. Think about his potential abilities from a non-pkmn viewpoint, and just from what we know about his character design. That's all I'll say.
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I always wanted a Mega Man spinoff where several (all?) of the Robot Masters are playable in a Final Fantasy Tactics style game.

You'd probably start off as Mega Man, and then you'd conquer different "generals" (the Robot Masters) after which point you could recruit them to your side. What if like, they could do combo attacks woth each other. Like, if you could have CutMan throw his scissors into one of Air Man's tornadoes, and do like, an extra powerful blade tornado or something like that.

Plus, all the myriad regular enemies would make for fun cannom fodder/minions in a TBS game.

Or just go the lazy route and make a Mega Man MOBA.
...Holy shit that actuay sounds awesome. I've never even played a MOBA before and I'd play the shit out of that.
A megaman moba would be fuckin' awesome! But like, maybe they could do one that distinguishes itself from other mobas by placing more of an emphasis on the importance on minions. Imagine facing someone who has regular ol' Mets as their minions, but then they get some kind of crazy powerup and all their mets suddenly morph into Sniper goddamn Joes. Imagine how fucked you'd be. I want this to happen.
Bump damn it, this is an interesting thread
Why do games with accompanying TV shows turn out so much less interesting than the shows themselves? Imagine if the Pokemon games let you do stuff half as creative as what the characters pull off in the anime.
Sandslash was always a staple on my teams back when I played pokemon online.
I'd only play NU or UU because it was always interesting to see what pokémon people would use and what sets they'd run.
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Anything from an ASSFAGGOT
Unique interesting characters shitty tedious gameplay
Every time
Ha, maybe half the budget is blown on creating the show, and then they make a game that's simply passable, banking on the goodwill of the target audience being built up by the show itself. Seemed to work for Pokemon. Now that they've made their money though, it'd be nice if they stopped being so lazy with their game designs.
FF9 was such a horrible game after playing most of the FF and her plot and country remain forgotten. We will never see her or her race in another FF game.
Hell yeah. The NetBattle days were the best imo. ADV UU was the best metagamr ever. What say you?
What about World of Final Fantasy, anon?
Also, I loved IX. Why did you not like it, as opposed to VII or VII?
There are tons of FF that falls into this category but they choose to copy FF11 to make FF14 and I don't think they will make another MMO in a long time
What about an FF fighting game, with one represebtative from every race that jas ever appeared in the series?

It'd just devolve into a bishounen wankfest though in no time.
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