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New Super Mario Maker thread time
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New Super Mario Maker thread time

Post your levels like the shills you are and rate eachother

Newest level is an airship level try it out

Flying Finally
File: image.jpg (28 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And previous levels repost


Crash the party

Marios anniversary smash

Ah! Scary!

Mind your step

Never Forget Nikki

Super Waifu Bros

Panic Koopa Attack
I really enjoyed your levels from the thread last night, anon. I still have a few bookmarked to play later.
The first wold of my campaign. SMB3 style, tight and traditional level design.

I tried to imagine what an add-on mission pack for NES might look like.

let me know what you think, and please star the courses if you like them; i could use the stars for uploads.

i'll bookmark other levels in this thread, too.

Petey Piranha Kingdom Quest 1-1

Petey Piranha Kingdom Quest 1-2

Petey Piranha Kingdom Quest 1-3

Petey Piranha Kingdom Quest 1-4
Why is this shit allowed on /v/ when Attorney Online threads are forced to go on /vg/? Legit question.
We're making actually stages while Attorney Online is glorified RP.
What was your favorite
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I just ordered this game online today.

Is there some kind of pastebin for quality tested levels that I can check out, or do I just browse these threads in hope of finding something good?
I love more traditional style levels
Will try these out for sure
I spent a lot of time with Super Waifu Bros, going for alternate paths and making sure i found all costumes. the newest airship level was really fun, too. The Mario anniversary level was tight af, too.

kudos, anon.
sweet, thanks.

ps, i was in the thread last night, so you might already have mine bookmarked.
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Working on a collaborative level. 10 anons required.
The theme is a vertical "tower" style level.
The game/theme is SM3/Ghost house.

If you can't complete your section in 24 hours give progress updates or give up on your section so it doesn't take weeks to complete this.

Post screenshots of your section when you are finished in this thread.

Here is who is working on the project:


If you claimed a space please submit your section by the end of today or I will open them up for others to complete
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You just browse and judge for yourself if its good
No pastebin
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Alright I'll keep an eye out when my copy arrives
Yeah actually, I'm pretty fucking sick and I really don't feel like playing/working on anything.
If tomorrow I feel better I'll make B5 but if you want leave the spot to somebody else.
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erupting volcano.jpg
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Also shillan

Erupting Koopa Volcano
Alt theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YL9VwPbj9Tw

In this level Mario find himself near a fucking erupting volcano, so get the hell outta there.
Also be careful about the falling debris.
I'll leave it to you I just wanted to hear an update
I haven't had access to my Wii U for a while, so I was wondering, would anyone be so kind as to upload a webm of them playing my level?


I'd really appreciate it, and any part will suffice.
Oh yeah, I'd also appreciate feedback if possible. Just tell me what you thought of the level.
File: a2.png (1 MB, 1489x1185) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm making a campaign that goes through all 4 Mario styles with minimal gimmicks, then everything goes after you cause a time paradox by killing Bowser and Baby Bowser at the same time.

Start with https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/8B27-0000-014E-D3BB, a very short introduction stage.

Newest level: Boss rush against Peach's 7 evil ex boyfriends. https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/FDBC-0000-017F-068F

Pic related's my contribution. It might be a bit hard but I really wanted to use boos on rails.
Nice job. The difficulty's a bit scaled down compared to the other levels I've played from you, but that's not a bad thing at all. Wish the autoscroll was a bit faster.
Played 1-1, great stuff. I'll definitely give your other levels a shot too once I'm done working on 6-4.
added! Now I just need an update from B4. We are getting close to completion
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smile gone.png
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Welp, I'm a fucking idiot. The vine is in the moving block on top, the block to the left only has coins. Woops.

I'll try it out and tell you how it goes.
Yeah I kept getting complaints even from friends they were too chaotic
So I purposely toned it down for a level
I would have put way more cannons
Using regular bricks as mandatory platforms at the start and not putting coins in isn't very nice. I foresee it's going to cause a lot of people to rage quit in 100 Mario Challenge because autoscroll prevents the spin from stopping until it's already too late.
I can see why, but I liked them personally. I'd be curious to see a Director's Cut.
by the way, the boo rail to the very right, just outside of the section's boundary is open: that way if you miss the jump you can still survive the second boo circle by ducking underneath it and it's not going to come back to bite you in the ass.
Can we list complaints about many of the user created levels you find

>levels with only 1ups on a flat 1 block high ground to the flag
>instant thwomps the second you start
>pipes coming from nowhere
>instant death traps
This shit should be banned
I did do a directors cut on the first level i made, Mind your step
I should prob delete the old one

That was when I only had like the second set of unlockables then later used alot more
All SMB3.
All traditional with no huge enemies or enemy towers or anything weird.

Icy Cavern

Pipes, Plants and Fire
Thanks, I'll keep it in mind.
Here's one of my more better received ones.

File: Joshua.png (4 KB, 174x192) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 174x192
Fun level with execution issues on top of the spinning bricks I mentioned before.

The first time around, you can go on top of the semi solid airship interior and get rewarded. The second time, it leads to a death trap. On top of that, the Big Hammer Bro leads the player to think there's something there when there's nothing.

The autoscroll speed is low, which makes death against the Thwomp battle kind of a hassle. A checkpoint in the clusterfuck room just before it would help in my opinion.

I assume you're supposed to bait the Thwomp into killing itself in the lava, but you give the player infinite feathers so it's much more secure to just fly to the top of the level and ignore it entirely.
I'll check it out.
Yeah, this one's nice, if a bit short for a castle stage. Nothing bad to sad about this one.
AO makes cases

This shit is so unfair
Ehh, they did move at least one of these threads to /vg/, but it died because there's no established players over there to bump it. I don't think either Mario Maker and AO deserve to be stuck on /vg/, since they're not individual games to talk about in length and are instead platforms to make OC.
ok so I changed the boo circles to regular boos and added another because the difficulty curve jumps way too high for that early in the level. I hope that change doesn't bother you
Hmm... That's a bit of a shame, I really enjoyed how that part played out. It's probably for the best if you want to avoid an expert rating I guess, what does it look like right now?
>avoiding expert status

Here's another if you're still interested.

I understood what you were going for but many people won't react properly and die right after they enter the room.
Hoy, you're talking to someone who beat Prinny and got to the final boss of I Wanna Be The Boshy here. Even beat Christopher at basebull so I'm no casul.

The Boo circles in >>323462154 give you a second chance (you get a mushroom in the previous room) but they do come in very quickly so I understand why the guy in charge would get rid of it.

I have also made the highest clear rate Super Expert I've ever seen. https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/66D3-0000-0179-EDBA
Nice trips. I just want to see what i looks like right now, as long as it doesn't feel too empty I'm not saying no to a collab space in a collab.
so I changed my mind and put them back in. here's how it looks like now
My slippery begginnings only has a 1.79% clear rate
And its all because of the beggining
So many X's
Hahaha, didn't mean to put pressure on you mate. Thinking about it, to compensate for the abrupt boo attack we should give the player a fire flower regardless of if they got hit or not.
Yeah your stuff can be pretty tough. What's surprising with Some Switches Stick Around is that it's mostly a puzzle level with a low amount of enemies... I guess a lot of people got to the checkpoint and gave up because switches do not affect suspended blocks and coins? I have no idea how they decide if something is Expert vs Super Expert.
It's fine now. when the boos are lowered you get more room to jump when it turns around and I think most players will have a mushroom when entering it. I'm just very particular about things if they feel off ha.
I really liked the alternative song to play along to the collab level. Anyone have any suggestions for the tower level?
Oh shit, didn't notice it was lowered. Doesn't that mean you can get stuck in the lower right with no way to avoid the returning boo circles if you're impatient and miss the jump? I'll try to test it out, gimme a second.
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happy kirby.gif
10 KB, 120x120
Ah, I see. It's a forced hit if you stick in the corner unlike the original, but it's much easier to jump over it. That's fine with me.
we need a spooky tune like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2rwxs1gH9w
I was probably going to get a castlevania song but we could meme it up with that one too
I completed the Super Waifu Bros level, it was frustrating to say the least but somewhat fun.
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186 KB, 1800x2000
Can anyone try my level?



My new level remains unbeaten, would be nice if atleast one person could beat it.
I'm working on a new one, but for the time being I have these
Can you beat buried clock manor?
Because that clear rate is pretty fucking low
Got to the set of doors in the thumbnail before dying, how much further was the checkpoint?
it's on the other side of that circle of burners
If I remember rightly anyway
Yeah, I saw it. When I missed the jump to get to it.

I'll give your level another shot after I'm done shoveling snow outside.
I think the best troll level I've ever seen was an autolevel that went on for nearly the entire timer, and then if you didn't jump right at the end you die.
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3264x2448
>not using this amiibo to unlock co op shoveling to do it in half the time
File: map1.png (4 MB, 3208x1170) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 3208x1170
two more sections left to complete
Here's a fresh one straight off the course editor. I hope you all enjoy


Also I would really appreciate serious comments and criticism so long as they're constructive
I haven't made anything recently. But I've had some neat ideas for some levels. I'm mainly just sitting around until my star count increases.

Its already almost doubled just this week.

I tried to remake a portion of Larry's castle(I don't remember, could be Lemmy) in a ghost house. Hope you have fun.
I played this one and really enjoyed it. Great job!
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14 KB, 561x115
Climate change is apparently my co-op partner, snow is actually melting outside. That's ludicrous in January.

Wow, that part in the second half where the moving burners are one on top of the other and you're supposed to drop down to the lower one caused me to die like 15 times so far. You better play my shit after this because this might take a while

You don't even want to know what it was like before that, I had to make it easier because you the tracks are based on screen position and the original version could really fuck you up if the screen was in the wrong place when they came into range.

That's why I added doors in certain areas, to reset the tracks to the intended position.
Yeah, I think I have that problem right now. There was literally nowhere for me to stay without dying.
File: sdfsdf.png (495 KB, 793x441) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
495 KB, 793x441
I've never had a problem with that thing, it seems to work every time.

You're meant top jump off the highest one just before it turns on land on the one in the middle and then jump again before the one on the far right closes the gap.

Like in pic related, it's not a pixel perfect thing either I've made the jump in various states of the third burner.
File: what.jpg (250 KB, 854x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
250 KB, 854x480
After landing on the middle one, what exactly do you expect me to jump on? It's a shame too, the rest of the level felt fun and timing based despite the difficulty, and you had the time to think about what you're doing. This last part really soured the experience in my opinion.
Land on the middle one, then jump over the coming on and land back on what was the middle one, you have enough air time for the one that is on to pass under you.

Unless you're managing to make it through the level in a completely unintended way and the tracks are indeed out of sync.
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