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What did people actually think of this? It...
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What did people actually think of this? It was in beta a while ago and people were begging for keys and then discussion abruptly stopped. Can MMOs be saved or is it a dead genre?

games shit, linear wow style quest spamming, except you do it for 400 levels.

Also pay to win, 25$ subscription to use auction house, passive speed boost, etc.

Hair style costs 15$ each.

client-based engine so tons of hacks, garbage.
The combat is fun, the areas are enjoyable to go through and the art style is top notch

on the other hand, classes are inbalanced as fuck, the questline is extremely linear with maybe a couple optional quests, the XP curve is fucking atrocious, and there's a bunch of free2play jewery going on
>the XP curve is fucking atrocious
>there's a bunch of free2play jewery going on

The rest of what you said was spot on but I'd argue those two points.
The XP curve hit right where they wanted the beta to stop, just like the last beta where they only wanted things to get to level 30 or so. If a full release ever sees the light of day we have no idea how the curve is going to hit, if ever.

and the payshop stuff has only been on the Korean sever, which is run by Nexon. The international version isn't run by them so again we don't know if it will hit the same way.

I've played in both betas. It was far from perfect but it scratch an itch I haven't been able to fulfill in a while.
Not sure if I'd bother with another go through though. It would depend on if I have anything else to play when ever it's announced.
I'm pretty sure he's talking more about the nonsensical humps in required exp for character level.

It made sense that they existed for class levels, but applying that bullshit to overall level just put the brakes on your progress at times. The demon dick grind will haunt everyone until the end of days.
>people were begging for keys
every MMO ever
remember Blade and Soul?

same shit, same people disappointed and beg for mor ekeys
That's also what I'm saying. The only reason people spent time grinding at the Demon Prison was because there weren't enough quests to get you though like five levels that didn't have an appropriate map.
Because that's the point the devs wanted the beta to end at. Just like with the first beta and everyone spend for ever grinding at Tenet Gardens.
Just two or three more maps with quests would have made the demon prison another map people blew through.

The XP does have stupidly huge humps at the ends of each hump. That hump also correlates with new levels of the xp cards. Which scale just as stupidly as your base xp.
Was pretty bad, MMOs are dead. I should really just play Ragnarok for another 12 years.
Played the beta for around 30-40 hours, game is complete trash, and I dont mean trash as in the game lacks content or anything, the game mechanics and world are terrible, shit, it felt like an anime shittier style version of that steam mmo game spiral knights which I literally played for less than 15 minutes.
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>gives a review for a game he didn't play more than 15 minutes.
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>Be Bokor 2, about to go 3rd circle
>Patch introduces a bug that straight up buttfucks Bokors
>"We're totally aware of the situation and we'll get right on that."
>Since Zombie Train is my primary (more like ONLY) source of offense, and they insisted they'll get on that, I choose to keep at it
Had a lot of potential, class synergy was literally some of the best we've seen in MMOs, did away with tanks/dps/healers and instead had it so every class really was unique

Then they threw in a cash shop that is utterly P2W, nerfed dungeons down so you have to grind more but can only do like 5 a day, and absolutely refuse to add in any difficulty
>absolutely refuse to add any difficulty

This was probably my biggest gripe so far, a lot of bosses had a billion hp but attacked so infrequently and at low damage that bosses just felt like a chore. It did start to get a little harder as I got farther though so maybe the hard stuff just isn't in those lower levels.
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The bad:
>Extremely linear
>Almost exclusively corridor maps
>Poor class balance
>Controls and targeting work fine, but it's not quite precise enough for the game to be fun competitively in anything like a guild vs guild environment like RO's WoE
>The exp curve is absolutely retarded with certain level intervals being chores to grind through, emphasizing saving exp cards to use at these levels
>Monster designs are uninteresting and forgettable
>Bosses are boring damage sponges with terrible AI
>Buggy as all hell even after several long beta testing periods

The good:
>Interesting and diverse classes
>Good music
>Overall nice aesthetics and graphics

Those are just the things I came to think off on top of my head. Tree of Savior certainly has potential, but IMC games have not shown that they are capable of fixing the issues currently plaguing the game, so I'll only remain cautiously optimistic about it.
Are you talking about the Korean version?
Wasn't the xp rate x10 or something in the beta. I honestly lost interest when i realized that it was a corridor simulator. The game would have been so much better if they already had guild implemented.
Going for a non-int cleric line build is suffering, and somehow they managed to shit on people doing it even more during the icb.

"Oh, what's that? You're NOT immediately going Krivis for your first job advancement? Shit, we didn't think of that."
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