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Super Mario Maker: Netflix and Shill
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Feel free to shill your levels and discuss

Working on a collaborative level. 10 anons required.
The theme is a vertical "tower" style level.
The game/theme is SM3/Ghost house.

If you can't complete your section in 24 hours give progress updates or give up on your section so it doesn't take weeks to complete this.

Here is who is working on the project:

Also I got two submissions for B3 and initially I was going to have a vote for them but I decided to make an extra area for one of them. It will lead to a credits section that use miiverse posts to display the level creators
the thread would be dead there. This is also a partial mosaic thread making a group level.
Hey I'm Hippopotasauce I think I'll give up my level section.
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ok that's fine.
Game Boy Advance Minigames!

Escape the Dungeon with your Dad!

Goombadad Origins Story

Mario Travels Through Time

I don't have anything new because I'm still working through my Bookmark backlog but I will shill these four as always in case anyone has yet to play them.

Once again, good luck on the new collab level!
File: map1.png (3 MB, 3242x1174) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3242x1174
here is a map of what is completed so far. It's looking pretty good so far. The one on the bottom right will be an optional area
I don't think this got answered last thread - in B3, if you jump up to get that Mushroom, won't you get trapped because of the semi solid platform? Like the blue bar (whatever they are called) won't fall down because there's a semi solid platform behind it anyway?

Also someone wrote FUCK on my level, kek
If you want to claim A2 remember to download the level first to start.

not if the semi solid platform goes past the blue bar or at least that is how I set it up
>not if the semi solid platform goes past the blue bar or at least that is how I set it up

Ah ok I see now that the large blue window must be on top of it. I thought there were multiple pieces there... I complicate things in my brain. My bad haha
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HI, Can you try my level?

Thanks! :)

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A course based on Spelunky. Conquer the mines and be remembered as a hero.

Been working on this forever, block limit's a bitch.


Pick 1 dlc you would like to see from this poll
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Just uploaded this.
this level is amazing. feels very much like spelunky


Kill yourself faggot.
Themes like Desert etc to spice things up but not completely add a huge part to the game like SMB2 theme. Although I would love that too. And All-Stars.
Does anyone know if bookmarks update while you are playing ingame or do you have to restart the game?
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Thank you very much.
I've played a lot of the game so I really tried to capture all the visual stuff and gameplay mechanics.
Just press the refresh button ingame.
pretty good. you should stream MM

I just made this level. Hope you guys enjoy it. I just got the SMW theme so I'm trying them out.
Might stream some levels in a little while. Just need to clear my bookmarks and eat first.

There's really no clear all bookmarks button? Welp.
you have to clear bookmarks individually unfortunately
What's the lock option for?
Wow, I always look at the other sections that the other anons do, and I realize how simple my sections always are compared to the others lol
I think it just prevents you from deleting the bookmark I guess.
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>using emoticons on a image board is bad.
Dude. You use HD emoticons here.
Ah okay.
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I really wish there was an option to update your own levels online without having to completely re-upload it.
Here's my newest Shmup, it's pretty hard:


Also check out my newest traditional level. I'm trying to make an easy SMB 1 style campaign, lemme know what ya think.

A4 done
File: 1127246.jpg (1 MB, 836x1098) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 836x1098
I guess I'll stream for a couple of hours or something.
Reply to this post with Bookmark links and I'll play your courses.

Shit, realized I forgot some stuff, use this version instead

I'll check it out when I get home. If you struggle with block limit, try hollowing out an area (like the one near the end of your level) and replacing the space with a semi-solid wall. Works for me.
Still need someone to claim for A2 for the collab. I also need an update for those working on B4 and B5
i think you mistyped my name

its rainylol
I fixed it
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np i cant wait to see the final version
I'm B2 anon. Sorry if I forgot to give you my profile.

Here it is:
Next time you do one of these you should have it be themed like "chain chomps" or "overgrown" or "city"
added to the list
probably let someone else do it next time but yeah different themes are fun
File: map1.png (3 MB, 3208x1170) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3208x1170
this level that is being made is going to be great
Yeah, this seems like it will be great. A3. A5, B1, and B2 look really nice.
Someone should claim A2 or I will do it myself soon
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