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Yep. Another KOTOR thread. Let's go.
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Yep. Another KOTOR thread. Let's go.

>marry sue combat system
>space jesus is cannon
>putting my 7 inch dick in the handmaiden is cannon
>pretzels lie!
>Revan understood snacks!
>KOTOR is popular again on /v/ necause of Episode 7
>Visas would gladly chocke on your cock and have you charge up her loading ramp
>tfw no KOTOR 3
>pretend TOR didn't happen
>Saturday morning cartoon villian
>fuck the droid planet
>Vaklu did nothing wrong
>Carth is bro-tier
>Based Canderous
>Apathy is death
>Daily Kreia quotes
>KOTOR 2 is better than KOTOR 1
>Influence lost: Kreia
>Jedi Counselor is weak in KOTOR 1 meme
>"Hurr durr, I ask for tips and guides for KOTOR on /v/, because I'm too stupid to realize the game is over a decade old, and there are tons of in-depth guides written about it already."
>In game you are either a benovelent Saint, or a psycho edgelord who kicks stray dogs
>tfw you will never first Mission
>tfw there is no good porn of Mission
>female Jedi Exile
>top kek
>literally why?
>You have failed me.
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>not playing as a big dick Jedi Guardian meme
>Stealth is completely useless tough
>KOTOR 1 offers you several different ways to build up your main character, and different styles of playing, yet the final boss is immune to like 70% of the things you could ever possibly throw at him, and if you don't conform to the right build, you're basically fucked
>or you'll have to hit and run like a little bitch and pray you don't get one shotted (also goes for the rest of the game really)
>"Hey! There is an upcoming encounter behind that corner with some trash mobs. I'd better set up some mines on strategic spots and lure then into a trap" - Said literally no one ever
>"G0-T0! Yes, finally! He's an ideal choice for my party!" - said literally no one ever
>Ohhhh myyyyy gaaaaaaaadd......
>tfw I don't want to leave the Telos cantina and progress the main quest because I'm addicted to the jam
>Carefully plan a Jedi Guardian/Weapon Master build that is OP as fuck
>I legitly feel bad for all enemies now. I one shot bosses. It's not even funny anymore.
HK-47 not mentioned so that there's at least something left to discuss?

HK is generally awesome. No need to discuss him.
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Fuck KOTOR 2. I'm never playing it again.

Fucking /v/ told me it was good now with the restored content mod, except it added absolutely nothing at all to the quality of the experience.
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>>marry sue combat system
I can only guess it's a highlight from one of the threads.

This OP is quite something.
Is this about the typo or are you debating the claim?

It's the hottest new meme on the block.

Get with it, grandpa
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>Visas sounds like a credit card
>AK-47. I see what you did there.
>Davick is gay with an inferiority complex, and Calo Nord is an overcompensating manlet. They hate u cuz they jelly.
>The Restored Content mod isn't that good T.B.H.
>Bastilla is the biggest cock hungry slut in the Galaxy
>Don't even get me started on Mira...
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>If you're doing a light side playtrough, the entire game alternates between exciting action and being the group's therapist who has to put up with their long and boring stories.
>The swoop races surprisingly don't suck.
>tfw I have to grind credits by playing pazaak over and over again
>tfw you cannot relax and enjoy the game, because you have to loot every container and talk to every NPC on the map and make sure you don't miss a thing
>I never really noticed before there are plenty of black people in this game
>Meetra Surik? Literally who?
>Are you SUPPOSED TO like Nar Shadaa?
>The planet feels like walking around /b/
Nar Shadaa was pretty cool in terms of its scenario, but as a thing to look at and travel through, it's a shit hole.
So I'm playing Kotor2 on steam after that big patch it got and using the restoration mod. Sometimes the dialog like autoskips, is there any fix to that?
Reloading works for me. I don't know what causes it, but it doesn't look like any of the patches have fixed it.
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Thread images: 6
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