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ITT: childhood disappointment stories
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ITT: childhood disappointment stories

>ask grandma to buy me the new Final Fantasy for Christmas
>open my present on christmas
>it's Final Fantasy Tactics
were you disappointed because you already had the game/system? Because fft was a great game.
no, I had a ps1. But I wanted the new Final Fantasy
>it's Final Fantasy Tactics
but FF:T is objectively the worst Final Fantasy game
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> Spent all summer in my cave, playing gothic2
> Holy shit an Addon is announced!
> get it for christmas
> rush up the stairs to install it
> doesn't work with the ghetto ass multi CD cracked version if vanilla my big bro installed for me.
I got an ereader. still worst present ive ever gotten that was video game related.

oh also this year I got an "no school school like old school" N E S shirt.
make sure your balls are lower than the bait you post
Then you should have specified which one, you asshole.
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How's an eReader vidya?
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Iktf op I asked my mom for fallout (the new one) and she got me the shit one from the 90s
Fallout Tactics is shit, yeah.
Surely this fellow forgot about 13. I forgive him
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spreadout shitter.png
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>open gift
>its wind waker
>we dont have a gamecube
>goddamit mom
>next gift is gamecube
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>sequel to M&L Superstar Saga, still one of my favorite games ever, announced just after my 13th birthday
>PiT comes out later that year
>it's fucking garbage

But still not as bad as
>Lego Island favorite game to play between ages of 5 and 8 or so
>Lego Island 2 comes out and is nothing like the original, has trillion year loading times and one playable character and is mostly a shitty minigame collection with shiny graphics
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>be me
>be not autistic
>by Drakengard on release day
No the first fallout. Tactics would've been awesome as it has the BoS, which means liberty prime
Oh, my parents did that to me too, they got me SM64DS for Christmas because I'd been saving up for a DS, then pulled a DS out from behind the piano after all the presents were done.
what is this, 2 truths and a lie?
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>Never had a PS1 when I was a kid
>Only had a PS2
>Get Ape Escape 2
>Played the shit out of it
>Never knew what the 2 meant in the title
>Was confused who Spike was and why characters acted like they already knew Specter
>Didn't know there was a first game until I beat the third game

Fucked me up as a kid.
Biggest dissapointments in my memory (not exactly childhood, but rather early adolescence, when I started being more critical of things):
After Morrowind, it was a massive letdown and generally made me think for the first time more systematically what makes a difference between good and bad game.
>Homeworld 2
Despite playing Homeworld back in 2000, I only got to HW2 around 2008 or so. It was a letdown on every level.
>Fallout 3
Looking back at it, I feel stupid believing after Oblivion that Fallout 3 is going to be good. But at the time, I still thought less about companies and more about individual games and franchises.
>Modern Warfare 2
I genuinely enjoyed MW1. It was not a great game, it was not nearly as good as, say, Vietcong was, but it was a pleasant surprise and genuinely enjoyable piece of pop-culture. I expected MW2 to be more of the same. It was not.

That is pretty much that. Before that, I don't remember any fundamental dissapointments, and after that, I learned to temper my hype.
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I was like 14.

I expected sick ass dragon shit and instead got Taro Yoko's wild ride.
It got plugged into a gameboy advance and read cards? google it too lazy to get pic
>never knew what 2 meant in the title

pretty sure you were fucked up before ape escape
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>file is corrupt
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>2005 Christmas
>Get Command and Conquer Zero Hour from my mom and dad
>It's an expansion pack to a game I don't own
>Later that day playing Half Life 2 online
>"Anon why aren't you playing your game."
>"It's an expansion pack, I need the actual game to play it."

I got banned from my computer for two months.

Fuck you EA.
I don't know why, but this made me laugh.
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You're scum and it disgusts me that I live on the same planet as you, you massive faggot.
>Played the NoX multiplayer demo. Blown away by it.
>Get NoX when I was 11ish birthday.
>Fucking nice!
>Try to install
>Doesn't work.
>Forget about it until 2015
>Download it and it works properly

tfw I missed out on all that glorious multiplayer
I'm pretty sure that is supposed to be a joke.
>be you - truth
>buy Drakengard on release day - truth
>be not autistic - ???

I think that was part of the joke. You know: jokes, often using nonsensical or absurd claims for comical effect?
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Is the punchline the fact that fallout 3 (and now 4) exists? Im still triggered.
that actually looks fun as fuck
downloading that shit
>Is the punchline the fact that fallout 3 (and now 4)
No I'm pretty sure that qualifies as the conclusion of a tragedy.
I wanted to get Bloody Roar, by my mom wouldn't let me.

Which is probably good, more then likely kept me from being too much of a furfag.
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Thread images: 16
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