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Who would you have in Poker Night at the...
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Who would you have in Poker Night at the Inventory 3, /v/?

For me:

>Gordon Freeman [speaks only in subtitles,] G-Man, Alyx, or Coach
>Steve from Minecraft

I'd also like to see the Inventory renovated and expanded. I love the part when you get a win screen and the background pans across the Inventory all flashy-like, but the Inventory interior itself is pretty small.
They'd never put Clementine in there, only because devs would want to avoid any Facebook mom groups who've never touched a game in their lives to "e-protest" and sign a Change.org petition about video game paedophile making little girls do illegal things like gambling.
Well that's lame. I love Clem. You're probably right though. Even though Clem has already done illegal things like killing, so I don't think gambling is really that bad by comparison.

Who would you put in the 4th slot anon
>>Steve from Minecraft
i was going to call you a retarded but then it hit me
they actualy fucking did a minecraft game so its totaly possible
yeah man i wasn't sure if it would trigger /v/ too much but you could have him making witty remarks about spades cards/diamonds cards, and suffering PTSD from creeper explosions
Poker Night 3: Indie Edition

Terry Hintz (LISA)
Asgore (Undertale)
Plague Knight (Shovel Knight)
Wilson (Don't Starve)

Dealer is Fish (Nuclear Throne)
Narrator is the Ancestor from Darkest Dungeon
I'd put in an Undertale character, not because I want to but because I know it'll help sell copies.
File: trelldar.gif (83 KB, 256x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Poker Night is for characters which have actually been in a Telltale game [other than Poker Night itself].
Poker Night at Freddy Fazbears Pizza
Mordicai (Regular Show)
Strong Sad (Homestar Runner)
Rick (Rick & Morty)
Mangle (FNAF 2)
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What game was Brock Samson in? Did I miss a Venture Bros game?
An undertale character would require a voice actor, or speaking in a text box

Which might be kind of neat now I think about it
Space Ghost
Chad Ghostal

Moltar deals.
>Poker Night is for characters which have actually been in a Telltale game

Where are all of the Telltale Venture Bro's, Army of Darkness, and Penny Arcade and Team Fortress Games then? You don't actually know what you're talking about.
>Rick (Rick and Morty)
>Bigby Wolf
>Civ 5's Gandhi
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3 MB, 255x191
>Dallas (Payday2)
>Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty)
>Manny (Grim Fandango)
>Scout (TF2)

The dealer is the Announcer from TF2
The waitress at the bar would obliviously be Miss Pauling.
And the new ante would be 30,000 duckets.

Just try and tell me you wouldn't want to play that shit.
it would be rad but you've got 3 [3] TF2 reps and i don't wanna support payday devs after their P2W tactics in Payday 2
>Steve from Minecraft
Kill yourself
Heavy from TF2? a Tellatle game?
I feel like you could just have the whole table as TF2 characters and of course it would be strip poker so you can get all the hats and misc from them
TTG character, maybe the walking dead, maybe that fairy tale one
TF2 Character (maybe scout?)
Just Cause 3 guy
someone else
>People here actually play this

And there I thought it was a cashgrab for kids.
The Narrator (The Stanley Parable)

Bigby (The Wolf Among Us)
Fiona (Tales from the Borderlands)
Dante (Devil May Cry 4)
The Spy (Team Fortress 2)
Rick (Rick and Morty)
He's in a Telltale game, and see >>323026631
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16 KB, 480x360
>Not hoxton, bonnie, or sokol
peeday poo is a shit game and you are shit
>Engineer is the dealer, has a dealing turret built into the table.
>Gordon Freeman speaking in subtitles? Hell yes.
>Joker, can cheat(you have to call him out on it, and he gets a finite number of second chances), gets his ass kicked by Batman when he loses
>Lee, with Clementine filling the role of Max, giving him tips(The Player is bluffing, etc. Completely random, not necessarily accurate, but Lee will act accordingly usually). When he loses,
>>Clementine will remember this.
>Rick from Rick and Morty, sometimes various Ricks from other universes.
>Waitress is Harley Quinn
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It is a shit game, wanna know why i say that?

I've wasted 800 hours of my life on that piece of shit.
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Fuck Rick.

I want Shake or Carl.
Did anyone even buy poker night at the inventory for the game and not just for the tf2 cosmetics?
Various random ideas with no consideration for how the characters would gel:
>An Undertale character, not really sure who but it'd work for the game
>A VALVe character who hasn't gotten a real spotlight to themselves for a little while. Engineer, Alyx/Barney/Kleiner, Spy, maybe something weird and out of left field like a Counter-Terrorist. Please no doter
>Rick and/or Morty

I actually wouldn't mind getting an original character in a faceless mook from a random game who you learn about through his dialogue, that's a neat idea.
Osama bin laden
Elizabeth II
>An Undertale character
>not sure who
It'd pretty obviously be Sans, Papyrus or Goatmom not knowing what she's doing
I was honestly thinking Undyne could serve as a Straightwoman.
Somebody gave me this idea awhile ago and I'm not sure if it'd be neat or unimaginably horrible.

Phone Guy from FNAF as the dealer, a few of the bots actually do the serving for him.
>not Frylock
>wanting a nigger
I thought Frylock was a SPOILER YOU FAGGOTS Mexican lesbian.

>Plague Knight


>put in Sans
>he speak in his usual HURRRRR fashion in text boxes
>everyone can understand him
File: 1352747610227.png (321 KB, 645x552) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
321 KB, 645x552
>Rick Sanchez
>someone from Dota 2 (don't care, but it will attract people to the game)
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