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What does /v/ think about The Division
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I remember sawing the trailer like 2 years ago, game looked epic as fuark.
But never checked/watched/read anything about it afterwards
Two years later and the release is comming close.

What does /v/ think about it?
I have a feeling that trailer was not the actual game running, and that the final game is not going to live up in the slightest. I'll tell you right now the graphics won't even be close. But I'm a jaded bastard, don't let me spoil your hype.

Thats the thing. I was only hyped 2 years ago for 10 minutes, then i was like. Meh, too long before it comes out.

Haven't paid any attention to it, untill 2 days ago when i saw it pass by
The Ole Ubisoft Hype Train , Great First trailer then the downgrade then repeat
I played the xbone alpha. it's a graphical downgrade, but not that severe. game is good. to avoid "shilling" posts, I do not recommend a pre-order. wait and see, try to get into the beta that starts sometimes this month (for pc).

idk man, I had a lot of fun with it.

Could you explain a bit about it.
Only thing i hear is about the fucking dark-zone which i pretty much get now
I played the alpha of it.

Was bretty gud.
inb4 xbone

guaranteed to be shit
>More generic Ubishit

PS4 owners will enjoy it I guess.
DOWNGRADE, fuck this shit.
It's meh.
An anon was streaming the Xbone alpha a few weeks ago, and it was as boring as you'd expect from an open world MMO shooter.
Like everything from Ubisoft now, it's a confirmed downgrade and it will be a mediocre game in general.

I actually got really sick of them shoving it down my throat these past 2 years.
RPGs with guns don't work. Enemies can outlevel you and just take more bullets to kill. Breaks any sense of immersion. Gunplay does not work with scaling health systems.

Game world is mostly flat, there is very little verticality in gameplay. You won't get flanked by assailants taking cover in a building. Game is entirely cover to cover combat.

Would be better without leveling/loot and with a smaller but more detailed environment (interiors, etc).
It looks like an X360 game now.
well you explore NYC (people from NYC says it's pretty much a 1:1 replica) and the surrounding areas in a "open world" setting. malls, sewers, streets, abandoned buildings, parks etc. All these areas are either singleplayer or co-op where you play with other agents (players). you kill shit, get loot, discover lore, do missions and so on. darkzone you already know, which is the pvp zone where you can go rogue and kill other agents for their loot. once you open fire on another agent, you are marked for a certain amount of time and if you die in that time you suffer penalities like xp loss. it's also the zone where you can find really good stuff to extract.

storywise I couldn't really tell you since we were dropped in a random spot for the alpha to avoid spoilers.
I was like you, saw the announcement demo and was stunned. Then after the initial buzz wore off, I realized there was no way in hell that was actual gameplay footage and there likely wasn't even much of a game at that point (why is this actually allowed???).

Well I'm definitely going to let it play out. Wait until it releases to see the extent it's downgraded/what features get cut/how the online is/etc. Buying this type of thing on hype just gives more incentive for companies to flat out lie about their games.
I saw a livestream of the closed beta a few weeks ago.

It looked bad, you could literally run into the same event (With the same dialog) like 4 times in a span of 5 minutes.
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Basically it has you flying from, Im guessing the tutorial/intro area of the game or something because its after a battle, you basically only get a very very small slice of the game, you go to take back/protect your main base, which only allows you to upgrade the health wing to a certain extent after you save a doctor held captive by Rioters (bandit NPCs of the game).
Saving specific key people allows you to upgrade wings which open up modded variants of the skills you unlock as you level up, in order to upgrade the wings of your base you do generated side events with specific coloration to the type of wing, completing these events gives you resources to the wing, after doing main events there are random events that also yield parts for crafting and modifying weapons which wasnt part of the Alpha. Enemies also drop Cosmetic clothing sometimes, your gear has no cosmetic appearance so thats nice.

As for weapon balance, its pretty okay but some weapons are either OP or complete shit with its recoil/accuracy. Pistols have infinite ammo, but in the Alpha were OP as fuck so main weapons were almost pointless, so Riot Shield+Nade Pistol skill combo was OP.

My weapons of choice were Double barrel shotty for immediate death and the Px4 pistol type because it fires as fast as you can press your trigger.

As for difficulty, it is piss easy if you play it like it is, a cover shooter. If you are anywhere in the open you will get fucked in the ass. Enemies have failsafes though to make you get out of cover, ranging from throwing nades(shrap or gad) to flanking you with guns or a melee rusher.

Now for melee for YOU. In the alpha, melee was literslly pointless, when you melee someone you do just about the same as a pistol shot, and even then you would have to be touching tips to even make a contact since there is no lunge at all in the game.

In the end it was a pretty fun game since I dont have to tell you about DZ.

>Online only

Prepare yourself for no servers.

game itself looks pretty sweet so far though, desu senpai
>enemies outlevel you and are bullet sponges
Purples are rare enemies that drop the best loot, you really want them to be easy?
>no verticality
>bullet sponges and you become a god so you dont need to take cover
>gunplay doesnt work with scaled levels
>you wont get flanked in buildings
You havent played the game.
He's right about most of that though.
There's very little verticality (you can't even jump down from a rooftop since the game is so full of invisible walls, imagine Sleeping Dogs but without any of the parkour), the enemies are ENORMOUS bullet sponges, and the gunplay is boring as shit.
Typical Ubishit.

-Really pretty trailer with lots of neat looking bells and whistles
-Long ass wait for it to come out.
-Despite long ass development time, game will still smack of being rushed and unfinished upon release
-Lots of the cool features from the trailer will be missing
-Graphics will look severely downgraded from the trailer
-$59.99 + DLC
it looks like an average third person shooter I don't really see why people are hyped for it
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