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Thank you for the positive feedback on The...
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Thank you for the positive feedback on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and for being with us throughout 2015, it really means a lot to us. Stay tuned for what's coming next!
you're welcome

You sound like a fag and your shits all retarded.
Geralt is cute. Cute!

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was just about to make a thread
Goddamn, i just picked up tw3 again after having a huge break from it. Stayed up all night adding another 8+ hours to it, maybe even more. 50 hours in and i just got to Skellige
theres not many games today that draw me in for extended periods of time beyond shitty arena multiplayer games (dota/lol/fps).
Idk what it is about the game but its got me entranced as much as Fable did 12 years ago.
But its kind of a double edged sword because i know when i finish it there's gonna be that shattered feeling ill have for a fortnight.
Also goddamn, its a fucking gorgeous game in motion. Im sure there's similarly impressive games out there nowadays but still...shits pretty

I felt really empty after playing 80 hours over the course of two weeks and finishing the main game and Heart of Stone
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just to gush a little bit more, im really suprised at the facial animation. Not just the lipsync thats not stellar but what game is, but the wrinkles and creases people get during conversations. Ever so slight frowns and sidways glances. Goddamn they know how cinematography works at cdpr...i wish i had that DAI gif with the jester being kicked out of the window to show side by side.
I mean im being bias because im on a witcher high but still, theres not many things this game does thats below average, if any

I started playing W3 just after finishing up Fallout 4, the differences between the two are night and day, Witcher 3 felt like it actually had love and care put into it, the dialogue and story was on a whole different level.
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bretty gud, Geralt looks like he skipped leg day tho

How bad was this year that we gave an award to this? It's barely a game, and the plot would probably be in the New Teen Fiction section at Barnes & Noble.

Did TLOU ruin /v/idya? Are we doomed to have games one notch below David Cage productions sweep the game awards?

yeah man, it makes me simultaneously hyped and super cautious about cyberpunk 2077(if it ever becomes a thing, the trailer was uploaded nearly 3 years ago). I'm sure CDPR can do a fine job but cyberpunk as a genre is a whole different beast. It has never really been successfully portrayed in games media and only has a skeletal structure to build from lore and design wise which can be great for freedom of story telling but also super detrimentalespecially seeing CDPR's success with incorporating old ass folklore into a fictional universe
>do I fit /v/ ?

I don't know. I thought The Witcher was okay. Nothing really amazing.
No he doesnt, since 90% of /v/ thinks this garbage actually was the game of the year.
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How about you choke on dick imposter?
Cyberpunk when, you cucks
honestly though, i want to see how many hours you guys have clocked into the game to come to that opinion.
Or are you merely shitposting 4 teh lulz

I can understand not liking the gameplay, but I felt the storyline was pretty damn good, from the side quests to the main story/DLC. The voice acting was well done and I actually gave a shit about a lot of the characters.
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>it has never really been successfully portrayed in games media


>Deus Ex
>Final Fantasy VII

CDPR are not original, revolutionary, or remotely good at what they do. They are not your friends.
I can't imagine a game, even TW3 visual wise, with a super dense city.
i should have been more concise, i meant in recent media. Meaning like. I donno ps2 onwards? im sure you'll rebut me with plenty of examples but in reality, cyberpunk is a hugely untapped market
and in truth, as i verbally process this comment, i actually would prefer the trend of nearFuture thats all the rage today vs traditional cyberpunk. The more i think about it the more i realise cyberpunk only sits with me about 60-75% of the way. if that makes sense whereas nearfuture is 80-90% because you can see todays technology taken up a notch and thats exciting to see...
not sure what this comment turned into
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I can't relate.

The story never came together. The first half is about finding Ciri, why? Well because she's Ciri. At this point I feel no relation or care about Ciri, and the only time her character and backstory is expanded on is in flashbacks and a single, optional dialogue respectively.

So apparently CDPR stayed true to "subtitle" and made The Wild Hunt the subplot. Almost the secondary subplot. I mean they show up a whole 4 times, and the main antagonist a whopping 2 times, wherein he has 2 spoken lines. His backstory? Flashbacks. And not playable flashbacks either, not that those were any fun either, but a monologue by a...elf guy, who also has no character, and monologues us his backstory in the eleventh hour as well.

So you find Ciri, cheers. She's a space wizard, which was already established, which the writers literally refused to expand upon or explain because "Geralt doesn't understand it". Well it's time to make the trek to Helm's Deep, and by trek I mean fast travel.

So it's time for the final battle, right? Virtually no plot beyond "bad guy want woman, protect woman". I did enjoy when the writers teased for a single second a parrallel being drawn between Geralt and Eredin, only to, quite literally, have Geralt say "muh Ciri" and fuck off with it.

So bad boy comes, you defeat him in a series of mostly cutscenes except literally who dies and Ciri goes SSJ2 and now The Wild Hunt retreats.

Wait, there's more! The hunted becomes the hunter. Yada yada yada you kill Eredin because he's evil and shit, BUT WAIT, remember that one guy who wanted to see a whale or some shit who you were randomly forced to talk to who mentioned some random ass mayan apocalypse? HE WAS RIGHT NIGGA, AND GUESS WHAT COUNTERS MAYAN APOCALYPSES? DESMOND MOTHERFUCKING MIL- Elder Blood.

Elf guy betrays you, except he doesn't, watch a cutscene, Ciri walks into a snowstorm, enjoy one of three shit endings.

GOTY 2015.
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