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Tell us a bit about the DarkRP community/ies you were/are staff on.

As for me,

>Former Head of Staff of a decently big community, 2 servers with a constant ~50 players on.

>Quit during a mass resignation with another 10 staff members, due to insane corruption among some other Heads of Staff and the main owner being a dipshit.

>After our resignation, most of us were treated like shit, and although we did nothing other than simply quit, we were community banned, and DDoSed in multiple occasions.

Try to guess the name of the community and tell your own stories and experiences.

Is it modified rp?
Nrgaming im on it :)


Hint: it has alot of Brits
Fuck I miss Gmod. I played this and TTT. too bad that the mods on Dark RP and TTT are the biggest cunts on earth. Literally a bunch of power hungry teen age douchebags


No idea who you may be, but take my word on this, enjoy yourself while you are still a low rank, because if you get to HoS you're going to be repulsed by the amount of corruption.
They are so bad ( the co owners)
It is nrgaming i saw a couple of posts of that community.
Doxing owners.
Ddosing other servers etc
Anyone know about that north korea RP for gmod? Is it active? if so where can I get the files?
Recommend a server for NK mod?

I am only interested in NK mod for Gmod pls help :D
My friend (resigned with us) was being DDosed for a good 10 mins a day for about a week, and our IPs were floating around in the forums for a good amount if time... The owners themselves used to DDos a former staff members server. Its full of shit
>Play Dark RP with friend
>I'm an arms dealer and he's a drug dealer
>Open a gun shop
>use it as a front to sell drugs
>cops are on to us
>decide to stop selling cheap guns to mafia
>cops are happy
>3/4 of the cops are corrupt and watch our backs
>help us destroy the mafia's money printers
>we own all the money printers (only a limited amount can exist at once)
>set up crazy safe no one can go into
>wasn't too long after that we were deep in the mayor's pockets
>establish a drug trafficking empire that lasted weeks after we had logged off

It's fun when you have hours to sink in
They posted someones ip on the forums because he fucked UP as a p2w mod
Did they DDos alot of people?
If you went against the owner called Dusty, then you would be DDosed till you got a new ip

More than you can count with your 10 fingers. Ex staff mostly, and generally people they dislike.
OK had enough of the community
Shit is about to go down and u Can believe that
You sound like a child.
BTW any other community you guys would recommend? With non cancerous people if possible

I am actually 7 years old. How could you tell?
Or until you learned a god damn thing about computers and just redirected all the traffic right back at him you dumb nigger.
Who the fuck is still afraid of DDoSes in 2016?
>"corruption", in a video game
Age restriction is 18+ here children
>With non cancerous people if possible
In an RP server/game? Are you joking?
RP is where people let out their inner cancer.
RP exists so people can behave beyond awful without being publicly executed.

It's not really about the game, it's about the community and the people. Corruption probably isn't the best word to use. Just imagine a team if 8 heads of staff, 4 decent ones (the ones who ended up quitting) and another 4 immature kids that were asslicking the co owners whenever they had the chance. It ruins the entire experience.
I am nit afraid of DDos, I think that it is funny when people thinks DDos is enough to stop a guy from playing games
So not "corruption" as much as "bloo bloo bloo I didn't get my way"
If you want to get your way and have people lick your ass just start your own server.
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>used to play on some random server semi-regularly about two years ago
>often I tried to run gun shops but kiddies would come in with their fuckbuddies and light the place up
>get sick of it and decide to make up an occupation that the server lacks: bartender
>I play as a civillian and buy a building with a wooden counter that nobody ever uses
>I decorate the place a little and start selling beer to people that come in
>I'm the only player in the server who ever does this (at least when I played)
>The plan works great and my bar becomes a big hit with the other players
>Plenty of shenanigans go down in the bar due to so many people hanging out in there. Made for some good laughs
>Place gets raided by cops several times because of criminals hanging out but I just stand behind the counter and watch the fireworks from the sidelines
>Even made two great steam friends from doing this
>Never get robbed because I have no guns
>Nobody thinks to look in the back room behind the counter either
>Have several money printers in there that keep the dosh rolling regardless of sales

Shit was cash

>bloo bloo bloo i didn't get my way

Having to deal with annoying Heads of staff, power hungry co owners, and then one of the oldest HoS getting banned for no valid reason (basicaly the owner didn't like him), is what made us quit. Not us "not having it our way"
If you weren't nitpicky little niggers you would have just put up with the leader's bullshit.
That's what good followers do.
If you don't like it, follow someone else, or lead.
He owns the server, he is your god. RP enough for you?
About a year ago in a darkRp server

>Some hobos were running a school for lolz
>Bunch of people would just go inside and pretend to be students
>Realize this is a good opportunity
>Change Rpname to edgy white kid
>Run inside, kill about 7 players there, drop gun into pocket and run away
>20 seconds later community manager brings me
>I tell him to look at my name and that I was just RPing.
>Finds it funny, jails me for 5 mins and flies away

And that's how to MassRDM and get away with it
>join a city 17 rp
>walking around, people are doing dumb shit and pretending they're NPCs
>some girl is contemplating suicide on a ledge
>everyone is standing below her doing that "no don't do it, it's not worth it" shit
>get behind her
>push her off with like /me push or whatever the fuck
>she turns around briefly before jumping off the ledge
>stupid bitch wasn't allowed to turn around
>immersion broken
>waiting in line for rations, because that's the only way to get credits and food
decide to doubleup and get seconds, hop back in line after a few minutes
>guy gives me some "he he he thought you could trick the system huh buddy? get him!" bullshit
>2 combine dudes charge out at me with taser clubs
>hop the line and sprint that shit
>one combine unloads on me
>doesn't hit a single shot
>all the streets are huge because the world is tiny, low-poly, boxy steam engine bullshit so she's shooting at me for a good minute, even as I take turns because there's no move speed penalty for shooting in steam
>literally 2 solid minutes of chase before I wind up in a dead end
>for some reason she's not there when I turn around
>millisecond later I get a long-winded OOC rant asking me if I got shot and telling me I have to RP as wounded if I got shot and couldn't have gotten away
>what the fuck am I reading
>I peek out the dead end, she's standing in the middle of the street a block away
>scurry down another alley, send her a response: "nope, didnt hit shit, lrn2shoot"
>immersion broken
Oi how you do that? I never been ddosed and I have dynamic IP.
I also don't know shit PCs.
> inb4 le spoonfeeding
>doesn't hit a single shot
It's because they have the stormtrooper/shoot to miss rule on these RPs, the idea is you miss the target and the target through some formula figure out if you got hit or not
>literally just walking around aimlessly
>notice a guard punching in a keycode to unlock a door to their security base or whatever
>notice the characters on the display above the pad are numbers, not like ****
>decide to hang around on the ledge overlooking the pad
>guard walks by
>punches it in
>wait for him to go in, give it a minute or two, and punch in the key
>door breezes open
>I start doing deus ex corner camping tactical advancement bullshit
>literally just a storage room and a black hallway I can't walk down
>jesus fucking christ, okay whatever, no awesome police facility infiltration this time, time to loot the storage room
>a few cardboard boxes, and a fence protecting a few ammo storage crates, and some brooms and doodads and shit, not the weapon-cache or ration storage I was looking for but fuck it
>spend a good 20 minutes trying to smash the cardboard boxes by throwing them (no weapons)
>spend a good hour trying to break the fence protecting the ammo boxes
>finally manage it
>break them open by jumping on them
>all empty
>not even a fucking ration
>immersion ruined
>log back in, wonder if the door code is the same, maybe they packed it with rations this time
>just as a guard is walking by
>chase ensues
>nope not this time, get teleported a mile away into the ground
>what the fuck is happening
>combine is an admin, and he's busting me for exploiting or something

Go on
>get asked how I got the code
>explained my genius plan to him, since we're OOC and all
>admin ooc: "That's metagaming"
>literally what the fuck
>banned for 3 days for "metagaming"
>immersion ruined
>after 3 days FOR SOME REASON I came back
>tried the door, code was changed and now it showed ****, good job admins
>bored as shit, bump into a guard
>push him over and grab his club, all in text
>he actually reacts
>he tries to speak
>beat the shit out of him with his club
>run away
>I now have a weapon, I am GOD
>some lowlife kid sees my club
>becomes my biggest fan, and the second in command of my crime syndicate
>we decide to run some scams
>I mean I decide to run some scams, I can't understand his plans, he's clearly 7 and using a webcam mic
>trap some girl in our crime lair
>show her my club
>she gets scared and tries to run away
>luckily I have my best man on door defense
>he fails miserably, she slips right by him, locked door and everything
>chase ensues
>right as she's about to reach the guard outpost I out-parkour her and drop her to the fucking ground with the club
>guard sees us
>drop him to the fucking ground with the club
>now me and mumbles have a combine and a random female citizen tied up in a room
>server reset
>ok whatever, log back in
>my club is gone
>msg the admins, no response, nobody cares
>explain the situation to mumbles
>he's just as mad as I am
>implying this can ever happen on darkrp
Go for Santosrp f a m it's whitelisted and more serious but it's quality when you are actually playing
>decide to pull the biggest heist of all time
>go back to the outpost and push a guard over, grabbing his club in the process, this time with mumbles crouched over behind him
>the second I push him he looks around, looks at mumbles, turns back to me
>teleported into the ground a mile away
>admin is busting me for "power gaming"
>same fucking guy that busted me for the last thing
>explain the situation to him calmly
>he tells me I'm not getting my club back
>call him an asshole
>life ban
>immersion irreparably destroyed
That's 4/4 for>>322815921
You'd be surprised, you just have to be mildly charismatic and you can get half the server on your side
I could never get into darkrp and I only ever went into those servers to fuck with people by throwing washing machines at them.
Gee, admins on gmod servers are powerhungry edgy teens, who would've known.
things like that happened to me, and now that you reminded me, I'm mad.

Too bad its been dead for like 5 years.
Even though there's so much fucking cancer, I still like to play it.

Are there any good servers to be a cop on, fucking up crooks' shit without getting slapped with a ban hammer?
>Reasons why i don't play Gmod, the thread.
Fucking kids wreck everything. I'm just not patient enough to go find servers that are mostly +18 and then hope they aren't the same power hungry, rule bending asshole. Fuck running a server as well.
I used to play in divinityDarkRP
It was pretty cool, was.
Now its filled to the brim with kid mods and literally no fun zone because newbies call everything rule breaking, i used to make mazes and shit on high traffic areas, it was so fun, most older players had a great time but everyone else called it propblock and they spammed the admins to get it removed everytime

My character was called Jason Statham, If anyone here recognizes it.
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Thread images: 2
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