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ITT: characters who did nothing wrong
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ITT: characters who did nothing wrong
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Adachi. Except for tripping over his dick at the end, anyway.
I always thought he was wario when I was a kid
shoulda been a party member.
Not doing anything at all and hoping the problem solves itself is still doing it wrong.
You could argue his wife is just as bad for not doing anything either.
>Asgore 'Toddler Terminator’ Dreemurr
>Nothing wrong
>A man who lost his child(s)
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yomiel, not sissel
Lost his childs and turns into insanity, but he really don't want to do this
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Toriel wasn't purposefully killing children. She fucks up from time to time though. She's not perfect.

Losing your child isn't a decent excuse to kill children, anon.
There was nothing wrong with turning into a megalomaniacal ethnic cleansing enthusiast in the face of tragedy.

He didn't try to reverse the situation once he calmed down though, making him a fuckwit that got cucked by a fat skeleton for a political decision he didn't even believe in.
he was called by humans who wished to pay him tribute
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He did nothing wrong, except one thing. He was too nice.

Who would win? Rando, Mike or Big Lincoln?
Gary the Hot Soup
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He steals men's souls and makes them his slaves!
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he just want to save his planet
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Wrong character
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He was a good boy
Alphys was has to be the only character I genuinely disliked in the entire game.
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Such a lonely dude, good thing his friend is a Great Guy.
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He/she is just a confused child
even without a bottle of hot soup?
Crocomire thread?
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heh ehhah ahha.gif
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I get it.
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Not just did nothing wrong, but did literally nothing
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>harvesting kids brains and starting war to end war
I can go along with what he believes in but the shit he actually did was stupid and fucked up.
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Reminder that Alphys
>Just wants to be your friend
>Upgrades your phone to give you the best item storage in the game
>Set up obstacles but never ever puts you in harms way
>Takes responsibility and cleans up her life in the end

Reminder that Mettaton
>Abandoned his family
>Stopped hanging out with Alphys as soon as he got his body
>Is openly abusive towards her
>Tries to murder you because he doesn't believe in you.
>Never changes his abusive personality.
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Ends justify the means brah

Might makes right
Toriel was actively trying to prevent Asgore from getting his hands on the children. She's tried the stockholm approach multiple times. And they've all failed.
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the same could be said of all religions
>le epic esgy rapin nigger
no seriously
kill yourself
>rapin nigger
>most of the cases fall outside the statute of limitations
>several of the women were confirmed to be liars
This... is the power of tumblr
Toriel is just as bad. She abandoned her responsibilities as queen because she couldn't take the pressure. She probably could've talked Asgore down once the initial shock of losing his children passed.
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>no option to join him
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Vergil was shouting that bullshit years ago and way before Armstrong (and yes, the sentence comes from a book, but i want to stay in vidya territory) and even him was proven wrong spectacularly on his face.
>and even him was proven wrong spectacularly on his face.
No, he was proven right when Dante's Might Made him Right.
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>Be creepy demon monster
>Some priest dude seals me away because I look like satan
>Stay trapped inside giant wondering monsters for ages
>Some guy appears
>Wants me to revive some girl
>Tell him I'll do it but warn him he'll probably die
>He accepts
>He actually succeeds
>I'm finally free
>descendant of the asshole priest is back to fuck me over again
>Wipe out his little helpers
>He runs away
>Chase after him
>He does some cheap sword magic bullshit move that kills me in one hit
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Arkham had very low might but managed to fuck him in his azure ass (plus Dante's and Trish') using one of the oldest trick in the book. He was defeated only because he was an idiot that could not handle too much power.
Alphys played God
Literally created something the Geneva convention would have a stroke about
Everyone is like 'k lol'
Has a shit taste in anime
Alphys is literally worse than Chara
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>be medic in MSF
>have to remove a bomb from kawaii schoolgirl's vagina
>do it
>there's another bomb
>save large leader's life by jumping in front of him and losing an arm in the blast
>9 years later
>wake up and am rused into thinking I'm big boss
>build up diamond dogs to avenge miller and myself
>find out the real big boss fucking dumped all this responsibility onto me for no reason after i saved his life
>10 years later
>get killed by big boss' son because he thinks I'm big boss

Massive Medic did nothing wrong.
Mike could probably take down both without too much of a problem. He was only hindered by status effects.
when his theme started playing i thought it was a noise he was making from his open mouth
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>Medic's CQC was probably the greatest we've seen in the series
>Fated to die as a shitty 8-bit boss that shoots pellets and goes down to a bunch of RC missiles to the back

Medic had a hard life.
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Thread replies: 55
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