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>See big question mark on my map
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>See big question mark on my map
>arrive at known location
>hidden treasure!
>be cheeki breeking around
>kill squatters
>yes ivan we left big stash at coordinates
>go to location
>its a fucking box of 9x18mm
>get killed by bandits after they yell A NUUUUU CHEEKI BREEKI IV DAMKE
>Explore ancient ruins
>Waist high cover everywhere
>find weapon upgrade in said ruins
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>old, forgotten dungeon
>candles still lit-up

Thats one of the things I hated about the witcher. Everything was marked by a question mark and I had little to not incentive to go there because it was always going to be randomized shit loot thats worthless compared to crafted gear,

I don't know how the witcher gets away with such a shitty loot system and still get goty.
>go under the stairs

i chased them in the vain hope of finding a challenging enemy encounter

Never happened. Goddamn why is the game so easy
I didn't even play the game but cmon, the loot system isn't what makes a game good, at most it can be an annoyance. Also a GOTY doesn't need to be a 10/10 masterpiece.

That being saidBloodborne is true GOTY
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Macgruber - 10.jpg
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>it's a Marge A plot Lisa B plot episode
It was a shit year with shit games. Witcher 3 its average at best.
>shit shit year, shit games

Everyone everywhere has the opinion that 2015 was a great year for games with something good for everyone except for /v/ contrarian capital of the internet. Goddamn you spergs make me mad sometimes, I don't even know why I come here
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>go in dungeon
>dark with extinguished candles
>loot treasure and start heading back
>candles are now lit
It was a shit year you fucking shit eating normie
No it wasn't you fucking basement dweller, best year of gaming since I dont even know fucking when. I bet you only play waifufag pandering games and believe that they are good.
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>quest markers
>2015 best year
>Can't cite another year




Pick one and fuck off.
Because I don't fucking remember another year with so many games as good as this one. And 10 years ago I just played whatever had a cool cover and didn't watch releases very carefully. But that's not even the point, the point is that you faggots are contrarian as fuck. You claim to hate FO4 yet log in hundreds of hours, say that Witcher is a piece of casual shit yet you have played it even more hours than FO4 and to top it off your most played games are most likely CS:GO,Dota or LoL but then proceed to say that your taste in games are superior.

Fuck off
>/v/ is one person

Holy fuck, kill yourself you over presumptuous faggot.
The vast majority holds those views, that's why they are memes. Don't play stupid
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I just played Betrayer and this was my biggest complaint about the game. At first I wasn't even checking the map because I was able to figure my way to the areas I need to go by myself. Finally, I decided to check it

>Every single thing in the game is marked
>Every area is completely filled out the second you enter
>Spend the rest of the game just going from point to point, collecting everything

It was still an okay game and a little spoopy in the dark, but what a fucking let down.
>Being this white

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>Go in ancient ruins that haven't been explored for hundreds or even thousands of years
>Money inside can be used as legal tender
This reminds me:

>start playing Goldeneye (never really played before, aside from MP with my older bro back in the day)
>get used to controls after repeated attempts
>demands repeated plays to get through levels
>die a lot
>eventually finish a level
>start getting through game on 00 Agent

And later:

>receive splatoon amiibo as gift
>decide to try the challenges
>do first one, it's just the first level with a different weapon
>braindead easy, maybe even easier than the normal single-player
>finish one, realize it's just endless stream of this
>stop playing

I can't believe I have to go back 20 years to find a game of reasonable challenge.
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This is a good criticism of the quest marker design mentality
>2015 was a good year for games
Some people seriously believe this? Why?

Sounds interesting. Listening to it now. I wish Thi4f had been good, it had a few cool things going for it.
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