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how do we improve Super Mario Bros. for today's...
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how do we improve Super Mario Bros. for today's audience?
Medieval setting
Add a map
Give Mario a sword and shield
Add magic and potions and shit
turn mario into a mobile game instead of console
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>Press B to jump over him
Make it good
We don't.

We realize that the content design heavy narrative model of Super Mario has a finite appeal and revenue potential, and we move on.
How about we improve new games?
It's the Japanese control setup. A/B are swapped there. You know how they read backwards
remove limited lives and add more checkpoints, should be fine
That basically is Super Mario RPG. A hammer is basically a wooden sword with a massive shield on top of it.
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You mean Peach

Also, don't forget making hard choices about which plumber that gets to live, but all it really does is change the color for your ending.
Not him but I think he meant giant wooden mallet, not hammer.
so, Xbox 360 controls actually have the X, Y, A, and B in japanese SNES-controllers places?

Actually, that makes sense. Y should be at the top, because Y in math goes up and X goes sideways
>for today's audience
Either you mean "ruin" or you want them to hate it even more.

Plus, add achievements for every single thing you do and put the final world in a DLC.
Keep it 2D

Recent sales data has show that 2D Mario games sell quadruple what the 3D Mario games make, that's why they don't bother trying anymore after Galaxy 2. Mario 64 was a mistake.
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An old school Zelda game with Modern Mario mechanics.

Imagine 3D World Mario set in A Link to the Past's Hyrule if it was covered in Mario obstacles and stuff and all the dungeons were huge versions of classic mario type levels.

All the tools and items you unlock are his powerups which you can switch between at anytime but you have to collect them still like link's bombs/arrows.

Legend of Mario World.
>that first time you realize O is yes not X on your jap game
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>add achievements for every single thing

>Start the game
>Hit a "?" Block and see what's inside
>Pick up a Coin
>Pick up a Super Mushroom
>Pick up a Fire Flower
>Pick up a Starman
>Pick up a 1-Up Mushroom
>Pick up enough coins to earn a 1-Up
>Break a brick block as Super Mario
>Discover an invisible block Using the e-Shop purchase to display all hidden blocks will disable this Achievement in the current playthrough
>Go down a pipe to a secret area
>Climb a vine to a secret area
>Discover a Warp Zone
>Defeat a Goomba by jumping on it
>Scare a Koopa Troopa back inside its shell by jumping on it
>Kick a Koopa Troopa's shell while he's inside
>Defeat an enemy with a fireball
>Jump on a Spiny
>Defeat a Spiny with a fireball
>Defeat Lakitu
>Jump on a Buzzy Beetle and scare it back into its shell
>Hit the same Buzzy Beetle with 10 fireballs
>Defeat 3 or more enemies with the same Koopa Troopa or Buzzy Beetle shell
>Defeat a Piranha Plant
>Defeat a Bullet Bill
>Throw a fireball underwater
>Defeat a Cheep Cheep
>Defeat a Blooper
>Rescue one of the Mushroom Retainers (Toads) from a castle
>Uncover the 7 false Bowsers by defeating them with fireballs
>Rescue the Princess
>Rescue the Princess a second time in the harder difficulty
>Defeat enough enemies consecutively to earn a 1-Up
>Earn over 99 1-Ups in a single playthrough 1-Ups purchased from the e-Shop will not count toward this total
>Die to the first Goomba you meet
>Die enough to reach the Game Over screen
>Discover the secret Continue code
>Play through the entire game without collecting a Super Mushroom Purchasing or using a Starman from the e-Shop will disable this Achievement for the current playthrough
>Play as Luigi in a 2-player game
>Beat the game as Luigi in a 2-player game
>Beat the higher difficulty as Luigi in a 2-player game
>Unlock the ability to play as Wario & Waluigi by completing all previous Achievements
Have your first autism spree on /v/

Cheevo Unlocked
>3D remake
>First person shooter
>Open world
>Unlimited lives
>Mario doesn't lose in a single/couple hits, it has a health bar and it's always in Super form
>Regenerating Health
>Fire flower gives you a flamethrower
>Enemies bleed and scream when you kill them
>Everything is realistic
>It's on iPad
>In-game purchases for power-ups, temporary invincibility, skins to play as Pewdiepie, Markiplier and your other favourite youtubers
>Full of references to Angry Birds, Minecraft and FNAF
This would be a hit with modern kids and would probably become one of the most sold games of all times.
I'm not even joking.
Super Mario Bros would be made by some special snowflake indie company
Hints up the ass
Half the levels
"NG+" which only adds a few more goombas to the map
DLC up the ass
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You reminded me of a game idea where your skin color at the beginning of game decides how the game will treat you.
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Wow that game is super gay.
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