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Best F2P games and why?

Warframe Pros:
>You're able to get everything without spending any actual money. (Except a few vanity items)
>Updated more than many other games.
>Pretty good cooperation
>Randomly generated levels

Warframe Cons:
>A few minor bugs
>Bullshit RNG
>Get's repetitive at higher levels
What's with the increased shilling of this game lately? You didn't even bother to change the text from the other threads.
Does it have to be an MMO? Elona+ is one of my favorite games and it's free so posting it anyway. It's a sandbox roguelike without permadeath.
Warframe is nothing but a skinnerbox for idiots.

I've put 150 hours into it, and then realized that the game was boring as fuck, and I was having absolutely 0 fun.

I also have an impressive tolerance for boring, monotonous games, so trust me when I say that warframe has almost no redeeming qualities.
Didn't realize there was other threads. and I just wanted to see what good free to play games there are now and this was the only good example I found.
I stopped playing Warframe years ago and only started up again after I heard about all these updates. The game is fun for a while, but after all the story quests it is pretty boring. The Second Dream was a very enjoyable part of the game though.
if you've played for 3 to 8 hours you've played pretty much all there is to play
Not even kidding. 99 hours and counting right now and I still have no desire to put it down, nor have I spent any money whatsoever.

Easily the most hours I have ever put into a F2P game.
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OP again, adding a new example because Warframe is apparently hated.

Nosgoth Pros:
>Leagues gets very competitive
>New content still being added
>Fun with friends
>Personally, I like the overall design of the game
>Everything, except for (most) vanity items, are unlockable

Nosgoth Cons:
>Legend of Kain fans won't enjoy it because it's now just a PvP game
>Still in Beta
>Can have fucked matchmaking
>People constantly rage quitting 2 minutes in
If warframe is hated than Nosgoth is Hitler.
Fucking shit all over The legacy of Kain's mythos and universe.
Heroes and generals is pretty good. You're fucked if you want new shit though and have to grind, but you start off with everything you need to be competent on the battlefield anyways
>Fun with friends
Thats like saying a pile of shit is better with diamonds. You are just added something of much greater value to something that is worthless.
Nosgoth is fun for 15 hours until you start getting matched against squads who decimate your team each round.

In fact, if Nosgoth gave you an option to enter matchmaking that blocked people from inviting their friends, it would be a lot more fun.
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PSO2 is pretty fun if you chill with the english speaking guild. Shame even with the patch there's so much Japanese shit.

>tfw want a game with that level of character customization to play
I'd love if the solo leagues had solo matchmaking.
Aren't video games just a giant skinner box in general? The point of a game is to spend time on it and enjoy it.

If you enjoy playing warframe, isn't that the point?
150 hours in a game until it gets boring is pretty good too.
I really like Dirty Bomb
>wall jumping
>long jumping
>gotta go fast black lady who don't need no man
>emphasis on teamwork and proper merc composition for every map
>movement and hip firing are essential
>free characters are good
>Superior People's Republic of China military man

>mercs are a grind to unlock or expensive as fuck to buy
>the best loadout cards are a grind or RNG
>shitters need to stop sniping and doing nothing all game

>"Here you go no charge, oh wait, EXPLOSIVE charge" - African Slumlord
I haven't been able to decide if that game was good or not, but I'll check it out now
And they are adding a lot of new story elements now, so the skinner box portion isn't quite as bad as it used to be. There's also the sortie missions, which act something like raids in WoW or something.
You forgot
>Made by the guys who did Brink.
You forgot
>no challenge
>pointless grind
>totally unbalanced
Learn how to maneuver maps as fast as possible (run with knife, long jump, walljump) and try out stopwatch and execution.
How in the fuck did you spend more than 2 hours to realise that?
Dirty Bomb Pros:
>Developers of ET
>Core game is modern W:ET.
>Not P2W at all, even without paying the game isn't grindy
>SD owns the IP, Nexon is only handling PR and servers
>Active, steady-so-far playerbase
>SD is actively developing the game, even if patches are slow
>Balance is decent enough so far, but could definitely improve
>Movement is simple to learn, easy to master (aiming WHILE utilizing movement is another story), and has importance

>Servers are by Nexon, so they're not great
>No community map or server support
>Nexon anti-cheat will randomly kick you out mid-match (doesn't happen often, but still frustrating when it does)
>Nothing worth spending money on, makes it worrisome for people who want the game to last
>The development team is bottlenecked by only having two programmers, making updates slow and certain bugs take forever to fix
>Fragger and Sawbonez have been the best characters in the game forever
>SD makes a lot of questionable balance decisions, and also listen to the community. That means the WHOLE community, including retards who have no idea what they're doing

It might look like the cons outweigh the pros, but I could break down the pros to pointlessly make the list longer. It's worth a try if you liked W:ET or like fast-paced FPS in general.
I dunno, if the new stalker shows up while you are alone, he can be pretty challenging.

Also, no challenge only applies to lower levels. Higher level stuff requires good team comp and people to have minmaxed their stuff to one degree or another.
>Thunder still not buffed
>His signature weapon is still absolutely shit
I really think Kira is stronger than Fragger in most situations and Sparks gives Sawbonez a huge run for his money. I play Proxy, Aura, Nader, Kira, and Arty primarily and I've had more rages with Aura on defense than any other merc. Healing station and shotgun is some real cheese.

This fucking piece of shit takes fucking days in realtime to craft shit. You'd have to be a complete fucking idiot to wait that long like a dumbass.
Trade crap for platinum
Speed the build up
You can even just do other shit while waiting.
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>Your pet is..
>a little girl!
Fragger has more HP, can instantly kill an uncareful player/group/team (and have his grenade back before they spawn), isn't gimped on some maps, and the M4 is still a laser rifle. Kira has better utility than Fragger, but that's because he's a killer and she's a FOP, they're not really meant to be equally compared since they play different roles.

Sawbonez has a medpack that isn't shit, isn't reliant on hitting an initial rail in close quarters scenarios, isn't made of paper, and isn't map dependent.

Neither Sparks or Kira are bad, but you would rarely see them in DBC/DBN if they didn't impose the one-merc per team ruling, which exists because of Fragger and Saw (even after nade, M4, and Crotzni nerfs). Pugs don't matter, you can play anyone you want in pugs and do work.

Isn't this the game where you're literally loli space ninjas and the community lost their shit because they found out they were playing as little girls the entire time?
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>only frame I was looking forward too was put behind the biggest grindwall

Game is shit OP btw
>filled with cheaters
>devs wont stop them
but they also made Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. One of the best objective based team shooter u can ever play
File: 1410147161442.jpg (98 KB, 716x417) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Warframe is trash. The Korean MMO-tier grinding and RNG is atrocious, especially later on. No meaningful endgame. BUILD timers, holy shit. Heaps of garbage gear put out for the sake of grinding XP and bleeding more plat from users.

It could be fun if it wasn't F2P and the F2P elements were removed - i.e., less bullshit and better endgame play. Got to MR 15 before I finally quit.
I'm not sure at this point if people play this game because its fun, or because they have a robot/latex fetish.
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Warframe also recently started doing the same shit as Valve: putting community content in-game and selling it for cash, only giving the creator a 30% cut of the profits.
God i wish that game was still active. I used to love it so much.

[Spoiler] I'm a covert ops [/spoiler]

i need a medic...


"We have captured the Old City"

"I am an engineer"

"Dynamite Planted"
Blacklight: Retribution Pros:
>nice weapon customization
>nice armor customization
>Siege, CTF and Domination
>most things can be purchased with in-game money

>US only (servers)
>some nice stuff (Atago helm) are permanent only through mt
>dying community
>HRV (on non-custom servers) is the whole game


>It's pretty fair for free to play though inventory can be a bit small.
>Visually it's pretty appealing
>Dungeons in a Diablo clone are pretty cool and it has boss fights that are pretty cool
>Lots of customization and numbers to fill in, unlike Diablo 3's 4 skills with a rune setup
>Tons of skills and abilities. I juggle 12 on my mage
>The art and waifus are 10/10. See pic
>Leveling is really fast


>It's repetitive leveling up since it's a repeat of the same few quests
>PvP is terrible and an unbalanced mess
>No random maps so every dungeon run is the same
>Has on and off server issues

It's a got some fun ARPG combat with the amount of skills and the art design is fun if you aren't offended by half naked women. It gets repetitive at end game farming the same few dungeons but the boss fights are all pretty interesting and still keep me on my toes. You'll have to spend a little money at some point to combat the inventory size but overall I've had a blast and suggest it.
>I need a medic
I wish this was in DB, since so many bad medics don't hear death screams around them and ignore V21.
isn't the game dead already? Last time I checked there were like 5 servers, and only 2 were full.

Thats pretty fucking dead for a Free to Play shooter, shame too, coz the game was actually pretty fking good, had great ghost in the shell/cyberpunk vibe and atmosphere.

Too bad the devs and fking perfect world didnt give a single shit about the game. it could have been a big thing had they put more effort in maintaining it.

Blacklight tango down was great too, but fuck games for windows live.

Seriously, these games (especially tango down) had such amazing atmosphere. i have the comics too, and the lore wasn't half bad either. The whole Blacklight vs The order storyline, mixed with the plague and shit. Dark cyberpunk games are hard to find.



they've been taking community feedback and idea's almost from the start though. And now the community is getting paid for it. I'm not sure i see the issue
Is it better or worse then path of exile?
File: 1450517589790.gif (590 KB, 356x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I keep hearing the main reason it's dying is that the dev team is now a fraction of what they used to be, and that they're concentrating on the PS4 version that makes them more money since it doesn't have to go through PWE.

In any case, the shooting mechanics and balance got totally fucked up with the PS4 parity patch and a lot of people left over it.

Right now, I'm playing that Ghost in the Shell shooter but its not that great. At least it's not dead and I enjoy the presentation of it.
was thinkin of getting that. hows the ingame population? Steam shows there arent that many people. ALso does it have oceanic servers?
No, but there is an Aussie one. No clue how many people play on it though since there's no server browser. Never have an issue finding a TDM match in US West, but the other two game modes can take awhile to get a room going. Wait for OB.
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