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So, I got Cve Story on steam for the sale...
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So, I got Cve Story on steam for the sale because I've never played it before and it's hyped to ridiculous levels. I thought it was pretty good and deserving of the hype, but what the hell was with the difficulty spikes on certain parts?
For instance, most of Cave Story was simple enough, but this thing was a bitch to kill, even compared to later bosses.
Is this something most players find, or was I the minority for getting my shit pushed in by this weapon to surpass Metal Gear?
It's pretty easy with Curlys gun.
I beat it in the end with the sword, for some reason it ruined me if I used anything else. The twin dragons also fucked me hard until I got the sword out. It's useless for getting through caves but it will tear bosses apart.
Or Bubbler or Blade.

The boss ain't that hard as long as you have exp on your weapons when you enter.
That sums up most of the bosses. With level one weapons you can get wrecked, but level three and knowledge of their attack patterns can make the fights quick and easy.
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I honestly love this game but some of the story decisions are retarded. The first time I played it I got the booster 0.8 which apparently fucks over the entire story and results in curly dying.

I restarted the game as soon as I found out because I needed to protect this face.
I'd say this game has a funky difficulty curve, I'll try to describe it (and see if I remember all the area's after ~7 years)

>starting area:
basic shit bar the demon door trick
>Huzzah fight 1:
easy enough once you get the rhythm going
>egg coridor:
piss easy, even Igor was just an easier version of cooled toaster
relatively easy, though the second fight in the power room with ballrag was surprisingly tricky cause of the limited space. bullfrog by comparison was a breeze
pretty easy till you reach the sandy area under jenka's house, first time I died to regular enemies (also curly was a joke). rabbid furby was easy enough too
>area with the beetles, the shop where you get the snake and the jamming track:
very fair area, challenging enemies but easy to take down if attentive. black baby was easy enough, proffesor X was the first boss who took more than two attempts but honestly not that hard
>wet area(not the waterway):
one of the best fights Vs full power mines of moria deamon, though not very hard. Now the Core, he took me many attempts, like atleast 8. the part where he floods the arena and fires those big projectiles fucked me sideways
easy , wind-down type zone, fun but not hard in the slightest
>egg coridor?:
not much going on here, bar that randomly very hard twin dragon fight, I can't even remember why I found it so hard
>moonsong area:
very atmospheric but very easy
good mix of enemy types, can catch you unawares
>last cave?:
fuck me is this hard if you've got the true ending mode, this was a brutal spike for me and took a few attempts
easy but you want to perfect her cause of the attrition so was fun to perfect fighting
>crown scientist guy, first form:
pretty tricky actually, would always loose too much health to him
>scientific crown, enraged:
a complete joke, just pattern dodging

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Who else wants to impregnate curly?

>undead core:
complete fuckfest, harder than ballos in my opinion. managing misery and luggage makes it a brutal DPS race
>Bloody sacturay:
fucking great last area, fantastically hard as it's very fair (bar maybe the falling rocks area)
he's hard but honestly his 1st forms the hardest so was kinda underwhelmed by him once I started getting his patterns down

anyway, that's my take on the dificulty, maybe I'll draw it on a graph in paint, idk.

I think they did a good job and it's still one of my all time favourite games

appologies for any forgotten areas, I'm very drunk and it's 5am
Strange, the Core was easy for me. I literally just stood there and machinegunned it in the face until it died.
>he took the machine gun
someones not getting true ending
I took the booster too, it was my first playthrough.
fair enough, did you take the Spur second time through, was core harder then???
Me Anon
>he paid for Cave Story
The fuck were you thinking? You realize that it's completely free from that fan website for the game, right?
I liked every version's interpretation, even the 3DS port.

Although + was just played off my friend's account so I didn't overspend.
Bubbler is the EZ gun, the Machinegun requires more maintenance to not fuck up with.
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yeah to be desu

The key for the core is mobility. Given how broken the lvl 3 machine gun jetpack is, PLUS the booster 0.8 should really make it a breeze.

Going for the true ending (and with the spur so you have a lvl 3 weapon on hell) is a difficulty spike because you are pretty much slowed during all the fight with core.

On hard (3hp) it is the first real filter. The others are the last cave (true) onward.
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