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Witcher 3 GOTY?
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Is Witcher 3 the general consesus GOTY 2015 of /v/ and the rest of the world?
It's winning most of the GOTY awards and got pretty great reviews, and every time I see a GOTY-Strawpoll here, Witcher is at the top by a considerable margin.
Is Witcher 3 your GOTY, and if not, what is?

Also general Witcher thread I guess.
the question is why?
why does this cutscenes simuator wins game awards
Its not even a game
>the 'no gameplay' meme

Not sure if you trolling or just never played the game and still shitpost.
so where is it?
tell me
the combat?
or the memetcher senses?
Yeah, it's my GOTY. I feel like some of the people criticizing the combat for veing absolutley horrendous have not played it/played it on a low difficulty.
It's a bit better Arkham fighting system, and /v/ doesn't shit on Arkham combat nearly as much as they do on Witcher

Oh fuck off with your bullshit
Wait, how is the combat not gameplay? What the fuck are you on about?
it is bad gameplay which is worse than not having gameplay at the first place
Try to play more games anon
higher up your stadards
>moving goalposts
Yeah okay, whatever you tell me. So you played the game on one of the two higher difficulties, and the combat was really that bad to you?
i like how you don't even counter my points because you know they are true
you just say ''eh you are wrong''
What a fag
>artifficial difficulty with broken mechanics and controls
>thinks its improved because of a fdifficulty setting that just increases the damage
Learn how to make games cdprojectred
Honestly, witcher 3 is my goty.

There are two reasons:

1. Better than anything else ive played this year

2. Best overall gaming experience ive enjoyed in a long time

People bash witcher so i gotta ask, what games this year outclass it as a goty candidate?
File: 16663160-mmmain.jpg (39 KB, 620x413) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 620x413
It's the big winner of 2015.

Bloodborne is better, though.
I've been playing it recently, and while I haven't been playing very many games released in 2015, it's probably the best of the ones I have played.
If the best thing about this series is the story,why wouldn't I just read the books? The game play is far from compelling, and I'm sure the world would be more interesting in text.
The game takes place after the books, certain characters (e.g. triss) were mentioned barely in the books.

The story was told in maybe an 8/10 way in the books, but id say the game tells its story in a 10/10 way
Wait, your "points"?
Your points are "The gameplay is bad".
And I don't know how I'm supposed to counter "This gameplay is bad"
I mean, it's not broken. It's not too easy, yet not broken in a way that makes it frustrating to play. The hitboxes were a bit off, but that's mostly fixed. The hits are of consistent length, and it takes skill to win some enemies, especially in groups.

I actually liked the short stories, the novels, eh not so much. I found the game exceptionally atmospheric, but that's really subjective.

What are these broken mechanics? What is this artificial difficulty? What's broken with the controls?
Question shitlords....my brother bought me Witcher III for my birthday and I still haven't even downloaded it. I'm a huge souls fan. I couldn't stand Witcher II. I think I'm going to be disappointed and I will disappoint my brother by not playing it. What do?
Try it. The game is a lot better than Witcher 2, but I guess it's not everybody's cup of tea.
Play it until you get to Velen and go into the Bloody Baron quest. If you don't like it even with the Bloody Baron, the game's not for you.
you have to pause the game to apply useless oils that don't do anything
if you gonna hit something anywas why do you have to pause the game before you do it?
also the combat is magnet based , then why in the actual fuck there is a lock on button if you make the combat magnet based?
also geralt is retarded because when you want to hit enemy 1 he thinks you want to hit enemy 3
the combat is a mess , the balance of the game is a disaster
its glichy and even with the patches is still unplayable because of the horrible pacing
2 hours cutscenes , 3 hours of walking and 10 minutes of clunky combat
Bravo cdproject red
game of the year
Yeah pretty much.

The only people consistently disputing its status as GOTY are Bloodborne fanboys that are assblasted about the spotlight being taken away from their yearly Demon's Souls rehash.

in b4 "Shallow combat/I spam Quen on the easiest difficulty why is this game so easy" posts.

Though by the time I make this post I imagine this thread is going to be full of these posts anyway.
Cool, thanks anon. I'll try it!
I don't know what to tell you.
The menu system is a bit annoying, I'll give you that.
The lock on button is for the people that want a lock on.
I've always been able to hit the enemy I want, you sure it's not just you being shitty?
I don't agree with the balance of the game being a disaster, except maybe for Igni being OP.
It's in no way unplayable, as proved by the people who have played it you cunt.
When did these 2 hours of cutscenes happen? When did you have to walk for 3 hours?

I actually think that Witcher 3 does infodumps and storydumps almost perfectly. But obviously we disagree on everything, so don't bother answering.
i ma a veteran souls fan and i know how good combat works
witcher has shitty unresponsive , broken combat mechanics and is boring as hell because it is also unimaginative
how this mess of a simulator got game of the year is beyond my understanding
by the way its story is like sherk + lord of the rings
nothing original
You have pretty in-depth commentary, I can see that you indeed are a veteran souls fan.
File: Bloodborne™ 6.jpg (370 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bloodborne™ 6.jpg
370 KB, 1920x1080
>implying i am not
here is some proof
this is from my playthrough
No, don't worry, I believe you 100%.
this, dark souls isn't that imaginative when it comes to combat mechanism, and it isn't even hard, once you have a grip on how to fight.
I don't get why people are all proud of being a souls veteran, it's just a random game, which only has a shitty difficulty curve, but once you understand how to fight, it's far from being hard.
listen i know you have down syndrome but hear this
Play more games to higher your stadarts mr pled
skyrim and witcher are meme games without gameplay
even a granny knoes that
Okay, how long have you been bating?
God damn, I was dumb as fuck
>truth is bait now
how wrong are you anon?
Well, you never told me when the 2 hour cinematic happened.
You moved goalposts.
You started writing more shittily.
And you unironically bragged about being a "Souls Veteran"
Dude, forget about him, he can't be for real, you don't need to justify.
2 hour is exaguration idiot
I mean it has bad pacing
you walk for 10 minutes then you watch 5 minutes of cutscene then you walk another 10 minutes and then you fight with terrible combat mechanics for 3 minutes
repeat this for 60 hours
Nice game
That's just not what happens in the game.
I'm gonna go now.
Nice conversation mate.
>replying to yourself
anon thats sad
B-but I didn't
Not reckless enough to quote both of us so we can easily disprove you with a screenshot ?
Anon, that's even sadder
File: 1438700408150.gif (908 KB, 180x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
908 KB, 180x200
yeah right....
No. Shit combat and crafting and boss fights. 6/10. It looks nice I guess.
File: aaaaahhh.png (95 KB, 164x233) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 KB, 164x233
ITT: Souls fans still mad.
Well, you got me now.
you mean i didn't let you edit a picture?
you can do that anyways
MS Paint > All
you can edit responses even on ms paint
Now fly back to reddit
oh, really, I can edit pictures with MS Paint?
What's next, editing videos with Windows Movie Maker?
You are so wrong about everything that it actively hurts.
stop being on my side, or he'll think I'm samefagging, and he'll be mean to me and tell me to go back to reddit and stuff
God Damn Souls Fags are the Worst.
Oh right. ur a fagogt u fagogt ass fagogt.
Please, stop, or I'll be seriously crying.
You want me to bring up my dad in here?
Yeah, thought so.
Not so tough now, are you?
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