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ITT: How you got banned

>be playing Squad
>decide to join an American server for a change
>have a great game, stats around 45-7
>suddenly hear the familiar sound of a hacker spamming noobtube and shitload of explosions
>write & shout in voice
>"Enemy AC-130 above!"
>Server closed connection: player has been banned
I said the n-word here and got banned.
>Be playing World of Warships
>Ominous sound of a modded battleship
>Start frantically typing telling teammates to stay away from the battleship
>He shoots half my team down with a single gun in 30 seconds
>I'm struggling to cap a point and possibly win the battle
>2 seconds
>He oneshots me with a hyper torpedo
>Curse and swear in chat for a solid minute before getting banned

I wall hacked in csgo with a public hack

Now i use a paid one and literally havent been caught for a year

VAC is trash
>>322295503 (You)
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>/v/ server
>everyone is not a happy camper
>mention that this game is pretty fun
>banned instantly
Thanks for the you senpai
i got banned consecutively from about 4 GMod sled servers for crashing them by spawning in 10000 balls every 3 seconds
How is Squad? My friend plays it and I have an itch for a military shooter, but despise CS.
>sec is on me for breaking and entering
>I disarm one
>I'm not spending 15 minutes in the brig or getting put in perma
>throw the downed sec into space after stealing all his stuff
>BANNED: non antag killing
Killed someone with a Scout two times in a row in Counter Strike; got banned.
Killed someone on a private server in Battlefield 2; got banned.
Played Gunbound; Got banned for playing Gunbound.
>micspammed 80s music on a tf2 server
>majority of people liked it even if it was against the rules
>richboys donators that suck hard at the game decide to vreport me
>the server staff is so shit,it takes a week for me to get banned
>3days ban
intoxgaming in a nutshell
That game is so far from CS as one can be.
Similarities: you shoot guns. That's it.

If you want to play military shooter that's semi-realistic but not as autistic as Arma and not as arcade-y as Insurgency, then Squad is a great choice.
Warning though - the game is early access/pre-alpha and it shows.
It's currently poorly optimized and only the bare bones gameplay is available.
I got it a week ago and have something like 70h on it so I do think it's real worth it though.
>playing TFC hunted mode
>spawn as the hunted
>winning the fuck out of the game
>suddenly kicked and banned
>realise every hour the lowest k/d ratio players are kicked to improve the quality of the players on the server
why would they even use that game type?
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>going from server to server micspamming my angry duck sounds
Yeah you deserved to get banned. Mic spam is cancer
Admittedly not mine, but still worth posting.
>replies right as I make a thread about it

Really the only thing holding me back is the price tag - I would have been all over that if they put it on sale for winter sale.
I spoiled Star Wars when it came out.

Banned before I had even spent five seconds in the server.
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>Diablo 2: LoD
>Running Pindlebots with multiple accounts.
>Loot everywhere, have to keep a tab of account names and password
>Every other day, make a public game and drop everything the bot has collected.
>I'm Robinhood.
>You have been banned for illegal activity.
I recently got killed by someone in TF2 who named his weapon after a major star wars spoiler.
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>Playing weird Legend of Zelda ripoff game called Graal Online
>Playing one of the smaller maps
>Guy sitting in arena, normally means they're waiting for another player to start a match
>Go in, start the match, and hit him once
>Guy does an angry emoticon and suddenly I'm in the "banned" jail
>Admin messages me asking wtf I got put in there for
Just play surf servers.
99% of them don't give a fuck about micspam, even if it is against the rules.
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I had a lolicon spray in TF2 :(
The devs have said that the game won't be on sale before it gets released though
what server
>Playing Battlefield 3
>Join a server
>Server keeps relaying a "Rest in peace" message for some guy
>One of the players asks who the guy was and how he died
>I say "He died of AIDS"
>Server moderator posts a split second after me saying he lost a battle with cancer or some shit, then reads my post and gets offended I guess
>Try to damage control it just in case since I'm my KD is going positive and I don't want to leave by saying that "that's just what someone else told me"
>Moderator tells me I'm lying and kicks me off the server after a bit of back and forth of "I'm not lying", "No, you are lying"
There's literally nothing wrong with dying of AIDS so I don't know what his deal was anyway.
>friend of admins is always camping the same spots in cs
>call him out on it
>people spectate him and see he just sits every round
>we all laugh and call him shit
>he tells an admin i called him a nigger (which i didnt)
>collective group of white admins get butthurt over their white guilt and ban me
>ask to get unbanned because it was a good server
>formally call the original guy a nigger faggot and get banned from the forums

other than that, i don't remember being banned for anything other than raiding admins on Rust servers.
>playing on cancerous community servers

they did you a favor banning you from there.
>Join random tf2 server
>"No swearing allowed"
>Try saying nigger
>It gets filtered to something along the lines of "I'm an idiot who can't read the rules"
>Pull up the Cyrillic alphabet on Wikipedia and replace the "e" with it's visually identical Russian version
>Spend the rest of the match calling everyone a nigger and redpilling people who were calling me racist with links to graphs and statistics that I pulled up on google
A solid outing
Come to think of it, I didn't even get banned for that.
>Playing Red Orchestra 2
>Get a Lag Spike
>Speed Hack Detected
>Speed Hack Detected
>Speed Hack Detected
>Banned until map change
>be playing tribes 2 with friend
>we decide to be little shits
>hop on katabatic and instantly join opposing teams
>one of us grabs a bomber and the other jumps in the bomber seat (long time ago; don't remember who went where)
>We do bombing runs on both bases respectively
>all kills are attributed to me
>all teamkills are attributed to me
>I'm instantly banned
>my friend is not

I'm still baffled by the fact that a shitty griefing stunt pulled off by two people only resulted in the one ban. The humorless fucks.
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Thread images: 8
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