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Family Reactions to Your Vidya
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What are some of the reactions your parents have had to the games you were playing?
>Dad walks in on me playing Dark Souls
>Laughs and says he hopes I enjoy my Harry Potter game with my other nerd friends
>Tells me spells and swords won't get me girls
>Remind Dad he took his cousin to prom so it's not like he would know
>Tells me to watch it

>Sister reading her book in the room while I play Persona 3
>Leveling Social Link with Aigis
>Sister then proceeds to tell everyone on facebook about my "virtual girlfriend"

>Mom watching me play Max Payne 3
>Huge James Patterson fan
>Actually wants me to let her know when I'm playing because she likes the story and Max's character so much
They don't give a shit.

My mother was impressed at some of the shit I was doing with Guitar Hero back when that was still popular, though.
>calls out his son playing derivative weeaboo bullshit
>alpha enough to take a blood relative to prom

Dad sounds pretty based
Cool family, but your sister is kinda of a bitch for doing that on fakebook.
Years back when I didn't have a headset and I still played consoles, I drove my mother insane by playing Dead Rising. I was pretty much hammering the Y button constantly and I replayed the game several times over and over.

>show my brother shinovi verses and akibas trip 2
>"man those japanese games are weird"
>half-brother is legitimately autistic and likes persona, smash, metal music
>makes me look great in comparison despite being a depressed, dull asshole

>mom thinks video games are a waste of time
>actually works hard for a living so I have no real retort

>my dad has no idea who I am
My dad is rad, man.
>Alaskan Crab Fished during the summer in college
>Taught me Oly lifting since I was 12
>Works as PT so if I get injured during training I just go to him for help.
I still got the bastard on women though

Nah, we got a lot of overlap with friends who are cool and know I say shit about waifus and other bullshit all the time.
>Playing Crysis
>Dad walks in
>"Wow, those nips are getting fucked! Wish we'd had one of those suits in World War II!"
>Tell him they're Koreans
>"All Gooks look the same to me!"
>playing CS:GO by the Festivus tree on my shitty laptop
>dad walks over and looks over my shoulder
>"What's that?"
>"What's what?"
>"That game. What is it?"
>"Counter Strike."
>"That doesn't look anything like Counter Strike."
>"Well yeah, it's the new one."
>"It looks like shit."
>"It is shit."
>"Then why are you playing it?"
>"Because I don't have 1.6 installed and your internet up here is even worse than mine."
>"The hell is 1.6?"
>"Counter Strike 1.6? You know, the not-shit version."
>"Oh, right. Regardless, Counter Strike was always kinda shit."
>"Really? What did you play? Unreal?"
>"Nah, Quake. That was a good one."
>"I hear that."
>"We should set up a LAN sometime."
>"Figure out how to buy a decent modem and we might."
>"Got me there. You're shit at the new Counter Strike, by the way."
>"Oh, fuck off."

time to reinstall quake

Your dad wasnt 20 in the 1940s, fuck off
>and know I say shit about waifus and other bullshit all the time.
literally autistic
The first DR was great.

Stop posting on dad, Vivian
That's cool. Just assumed that most sisters are bitches. Never had a problem with mine growing up. Of course she is 7 years older than me, so we obviously didn't grow up with the same group of friends. And we didn't live in the era of the internet and definitely not facebook.
>play mostly on vita
>no one sees what im playing
>thank god
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>All 4 of my step brothers are in town, something that rarely happens
>I bring smash 4 over because everyone loved smash back in the day
>all of us end up playing it and having fun
>decide to pick naked shulk and spam IMREALLYFEELINGIT
>after a few spams, my mother asks why is he constantly saying that, and what is he feeling
>step dad looks at the character, and says he's feeling gay pride
Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena were basically the same game. You could do less fancy shit with Unreal's movement system, but it had better maps. That's about it.

Everyone has rightly shitted on Counter-Strike since ever, though.
>Step dad gets me interested in WW2 history
>I read up a ton of books on it and stuff
>start getting into vidya games
>Medal of Honour Allied Assault comes out
>step dad buys me a new graphics card to play it
>love the shit out of it
>over the years just love the history of WW2 and the military in general more and more
>now I want to join up with either the Royal Marines or the Paratroopers
>suddenly they're against this

Just want to experience combat, man.
You can't really talk shit to your dad for taking his cousin to the prom because he obviously eventually did get his shit together as he's jizzed in your mom at least once. Probably way more then once, he's probably jizzed many gallons of cum into and onto your mother.
I only do it around my close friends (ie the ones on facebook) and it's for the weird thing that it's a built lifter talkin bout weeaboo shit. Calm your buzzwords, cuck.
Nothing, my mom stays away from me and I never knew my dad.
As for the rest of my family, my sister usually makes some shitty joke comment or something. My brother usually stays away when I'm playing vidya since he hates being around people while they're playing because it "bores him." Doesn't stop him from watching TMartin and Markiplier, though. I think I must be repulsive or something.
When I was twelve my father bought me Halo: Combat Evolved.

I put the disc in and started the game up as he watched.

He immediately started yelling about how we were ripped off. "This is bullshit, why can't you see your character?! What a stupid game!"

He drove me back to the store and returned it.

He bought me Jet Set Radio Future instead so I ain't even mad.
Eh, sometimes my mom comments on the art of games. She saw me playing the final level of Drakengard 3 and thought it was cool.

My dad doesn't really get a chance to see the games I play, so nothing.
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>yfw your family dont give a shit about your interests
>dad was murdered
>mom died in a car crash
>brother died of lung cancer
>grandparents died in a house fire
>I was diagnosed with cancer last year
>I'm 22

Video games
Merry Christmas, faggot.
ripip anon
so you want to die?
im interested on serial killers that doesnt mean i want to be one.
Plot twist: his mom is his dads cousin
you're a fucking retard mate, pathetic do you think they care that you like 2D? no one cares
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No one here gives a shit about your interests either, do you have a face for that?

Your dad is a badass and its too bad he was cursed to have such a pussy faggot for a son on Christmas
my mother can't look at games with too much happening at once the screen because she gets headaches.

My father plays vidya too so he is always cool about games.

he laughs when i play weeb games though, he laughed his ass off when he saw naruto's running animation when i played ninja storm revolution 2.

He himself is a fps and thirdperson adventure games guy.
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>live alone
>nobody EVER sees me play games
I honestly don't know whats worse
>Play Yakuza 4
>Stuck in a cutscene
>Mom comes in and says it remind her of Mexican Soap Operas
>Sits down and watches me playing the game
It was kinda awkward because you can never be sure when a lewd scene is about to pop up.
At least you don't have to buy anyone else gifts.
what kind of cancer?
IT'S A JOKE, FAG. Holy shit, it's like you don't have inside jokes with your friends.
File: 2984724137981248.jpg (51 KB, 460x437) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>OP is an incest baby

Yeah, well, it's not like we don't already share a board with a lot of English people already.

the kind you get from /v/
chronic /v/
Maybe you should overreact and never, ever shut the fuck up, that'll make you amusing to watch.
Ass cancer based on his post.

If my experience tells me anything it's that your sister is tsundere and your mom lusts for your dick.
>bought red dead
>dad is a big Clint Eastwood fan
>hey dad check this game out
>he actually watches me play for a bit
>laughs at the silly rag doll physics and killing people
>"well I'm off to bed"
I never play it anymore though
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I'd be disgusted if my sides were still attatched
> playing osu!
> anime song with cute girls in background
> sister walks in
> ''oh you are playing those dress-up games?''
Only reaction I ever got from my family from playing was when my dad laughed his ass off at Sub Zero's spine rip fatality back in the day.
im mom likes to watch me play uncharted 2 and wind waker because it looks GREAT as she says.
>mom watches me play dark souls
>i invade some guy
>he bows
>i backstab him
>mom: serves him right for bowing to an invader

>play any game ever
>dad walks in
>fuck go learn shit you dumb fuck stop playing

>play yugioh power of chaos
>sister starts playing it
>play skyrim
>sister starts playing it
>play vtmb
>sister says: stop playing that ugly goth shit
They dont care... for most part

Mom thinks SMT is an ugly game. Friends love it tho. Thet bust up their asses laughing at how the demons look
none of my family gives a single shit

and thats fine with me
Can't blame her, though.
Most people who do play games frown upon that series, and for good reason, so her reaction is expected.

There's a reason they train you up to be better than the usual Rifles battalion pieces of ass.

Quite a lot of people go into combat and survive. What's the point of joining the army to sit in the Falklands or Thailand or some shit for your 4 years in some lame ass Rifles battalion.

Yeah, I wouldnt die for my country, but I'd die for the group of soldiers around me.
She's sort of right, in a way.
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You're dad's pretty good, anon.
dad: oh that looks cool anon/ wow what a nice soundtrack

mom: hey anon, how are you? as in nothng
>Actually wants me to let her know when I'm playing because she likes the story and Max's character so much

Easily entertained, aint she?

Rockstar could not write good fiction to save their own lives.
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>dad walks in
>don't dumb yourself down

>mom walks in
>who allowed you to play those violent shooters?

>grandpa walks in while I play Vice City
>what are you playing, Mr. Crooked Legs?
>grandpa walks in years later while I play San Andreas
>oh, it's Mr. Crooked Legs again!
im not a big enough faggot to let them know i like anime
You've got my sympathy anon. We've all got our challenges in life to face but you're up against it. Hope you come through all the stronger for it. Keep your chin up man!
Mom so based

I had 5 minutes to talk to my mom before i left after my xmas family visit, I tried telling her about TLOU's story and world.

I wish my mom had free time.
I'm conflicted on whether your sister has great or shit taste.
me and your mom would get along
>Huge James Patterson fan
I tried to make it obvious
>let dad play FE:A
>he makes his MU a dark mage
>tell him how you can marry off characters and make children to come and fight
>tells me that chrom isn't going to have one
>i ask him why
>he seems attached to robin
>isn't your MU a dude?
>he turns the 3ds up to me as his trappish looking MU in the skin tight dark mage outfit is in the middle of one of the homolust convos your MU has with chrom
>finish guitar hero expert
>dominate on cowadoody online
>develop carpel tunnel in right wrist
>mom proceeds to explain to the nurse at hospital how it happened
>mfw i know they think im just another wanker
>i have no face
>be poorfag so have to constantly ask dad to lend me money to buy games
>he does if I show him what I buy since he's that kind of guy
>this is a problem since most the stuff I want is anime kawaii loli pantsu game
>make do by only buying eShop/PSN credit
>eventually I get tricked into showing him Etrian Odyssey 4
>"well, I know you like all this Lord of the Rings stuff and it looks all pretty neat, but why are you playing all barely dressed little girls?"
>"It's a Japanese game, this kind of thing comes by default"
>"that's still pretty weird, son. Don't make me worry about leaving you alone with your sister."
I used to play Lego Racers with my mom, she used to powerups while I was driving.
Nowadays she hates videogames except for Alice Madness Returns
>Mum walks in
>"Are you killing people again?"
>tfw i'm playing LittleBigPlanet

Every time, geez
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>Playing MGS GZ
>Mom walks in on me playing
>Won't shut the fuck up about handsome Big Boss is
>Tell her to just go away if she's just going to talk through everything
>"Okay. But boy, you have no idea what I'm going to do to myself later."
>clicks her tongue

I really didn't need to know that, mom.
>Only have like four games as a kid for my NES
>One of those games is Deadly Towers
>Play the shit out of Deadly Towers
>Brothers all play the shit out of it too
>Dad calls us to dinner but we're all too busy taking turns dying to crack-addled puddles and slowly levitating bubbles
>Dad stromps over
>He grabs the Nintendo and holds it above his head
>Shouts about how the game is tearing our family apart
>Throws the console onto the nearby tile
>Nintendo breaks
>Have to play old Atari instead

Thanks, Deadly Towers.
Nothing, but I used to play all the old C&C games up to Red Alert 2 with my grandfather.




>Both like vidya so its all cool

>Well if it keeps him quiet

>What is this, what is that, stop hitting that guy its cruel

>Blank stare

>She got into the same vidya as me

Girlfriends family
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>"that's still pretty weird, son. Don't make me worry about leaving you alone with your sister."

He knows
>Implying they don't give me shit about worse stuff
It's like you're never had friends close enough that you can insult each other for everyone's hobbies, fetishes and fuck-ups
My mom doesn't really criticize me or my brother since I was a top student in high school and now he's turning out to be one too.

My high school English teacher was pretty chill about vidya, one time he took a sick day to play Skyrim when it released

>mfw he was arrested for child porn a few months ago

Your dad's a luddite, is he?
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I have no words
He doesn't know shit.

A true lolicon knows that his calling is for 2D only. Not out of any moral quandary, but because 3D children are little shits.
dem loli mods for Skyrim are only the tip of the iceberg, anon
Nothing really, my Mum used to say how cool the stuff looks when I played fantasy games but other than that nobody ever gave a shit even when I'm over for holidays or Birthdays and play Project Diva or Senran Kagura to pass the time.
mum and dad dont play vidya but they dont have a problem with me playing them. my younger brothers and sister (ages 6 - 15) all play games as well, so thats kind of cool

>plays CS on laptop
>tells somebody to buy a decent modem
>for LAN

I know your story is made up but your imaginary dad and you are retarded.
He has issues with interactive media for some reason. He did beat Shining Force once when he thought he was going to lose his job but that's about all he's played.
I want to believe this is true.
>christmas party 14 years ago
>mom and dad make me spend time with my older sister
>she is the biggest normalfag to ever live
>spent high school as a teenager, went to college to study cosmotology or whatever that hair-dressing shit it, works at a bank, has a husband and kid
>I'm just (was) a college bachelor slob
>her son owns a game console with street fighter 3, which he brought with him since there were no other kids
>he asks me to play it with him
>I play SF3 and try to hide my power level
>end up beating him several times
>sister goes nuts, calls me an asshole for beating her kid in a video game like I could help it
>her husband (who isnt insane) points out her son is five and doesnt even hold the controller right
>spends the rest of the party refusing to talk to me
Dad pretty chill about vidya, used to buy me a lot of games when I was younger.
Mum used to get pissed off because I played violent games, ever since I was old enough she stopped caring.
Grandma watched me play Prototype 2 and complimented Heller on being strong.


is your mom hot?
My mother only jokingly calls me a murderer when I'm playing a game and the rest of my family doesn't give a shit.
My baby niece love Pokemonami when I use it on a bird pokemon though, she even learned to feed them.
>sister plays skyrim
>sister does not play vtmb
Gee, I wonder.

For 1. You don't even NEED a router to set up LAN.

For 2. I can only imagine what a faggot you look like trying to act like a hardcore FPS gamer on your shitty laptop, faggot.
>i was playing brothers in arms
>dad enter's the room
>sit behind me and starts giving me an orders >after 10 min asks me about control
>after learning controls he push me off chair and start playing
>then he beat the game like 5 times
>when i play modern games he is not interested
>"It's too hard foe me"
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>wanted to try out younger brothers new 360
>he wants the room to himself
>lets me take the 360 and fallout 3
>play fallout 3 on the living room tv infront of grandparents
>think they would flip shit
>actually think its amazing
>they love how i killed gaint ants
>get an idea
>put in cowadooty 4
>go make lunch for all three of us
>come back and they're playing cod4
>all they do is shoot the gun
>after 20 minutes teach them how to move and aim
>they just keep killing british soldiers
>breddy good time

this was back in 08 and i still have same 360 and they're still alive

but I'm pretty sure my brother was masterbating
My parents don't really give a shit. My mom sometimes says something along the lines "I wish you would get a girlfriend soon anon, I really want to have grandchildren you know."

My dad tried to give me advice about women some time ago but since he's known my mother since grade school and they've been a couple since the beginning of high school and never dated anyone else he has as much dating experience as me. So he only told me that intimacy and sex are nice and I should try to get a girl eventually. He was really cool about it though.

One of my flatmates at uni had this annoying habit of coming into my room without knocking so he saw me playing some obscure shit, watching anime and even reading hentai but he didn't give a fuck since I always fixed his PC when he had problems with it and even recovered some important uni data from his hdd when he fucked it up with a virus or someshit since he's a computer retard

My other flatmate played some casual games so I would play shit like quake 3 and the original contra with him
>acknowledging your family
Ignore the quote.
File: 1404365096572.gif (2 MB, 500x390) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x390
>Dad plays big openworld games to 100% completion and likes Xcom a lot. Introduced me to vidya when I was a kid

>Mom plays nothing but Tactics RPGs. Grinds the shit out of every Disgaea

>Sister just does nothing but play Minecraft and other shit that gives her SO MUCH NERD CRED SUCH A GEEK :3

>Both parents are professional artists
>I'm not a fuck up and have my own apartment and a full time job
>My parents don't understand vidya in nearly the same way I do, but we both still bond over it regularly
>Bought them Disney Infinity for Christmas and just played with in 2-player with them tonight.

Sorry you guys have shit families.
I was referring to Yu-gi-oh, Skyrim's bad by default.
>Senran Kagura
>Akiba's Trip 2
I don't know what the fuck you were expecting

Yeah, I'd say so. She's aged really well.

>implying the router jab wasn't part of the bantz
>implying I'd haul my desktop thirty miles out to my parents' place


You mean out from your bedroom and into the living room? What kind of lazy fat fuck are you?
File: bf8[1].png (260 KB, 358x310) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>saints row 4 free weekend
>plow trough the storymode
>dad usually sits on the livingroom couch watching TV and occasionally oogling at my PC screen
>romance ben king
>hear a faint "Oh for fuck sake.." coming from the bedroom
Please provide us with more stories or pictures.
File: 1417991737066.gif (113 KB, 498x594) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this one
>playing Ass Creed
>grandma in the room reading a magazine
>possibly lost or something because I was walking around in circles
>"he walks with such purpose for someone who isn't going anywhere"

>playing red dead redemption
>mom's friend is watching
>suddenly see a wolf run at me
>shoot it
>woops, it was just a dog
>mom's friend gets legit mad at me for killing a video game dog

This is all I can really recall.

>projecting again


There's nothing really to tell, anon. We don't have that kind of intimate relationship. Sorry.

here my grandfather plays stalker
>mom has a thing for Max Payne, Big Boss, Batman, Zangief, Heavy Weapons Guy, Sundowner, Ezio and Doom from Dota 2
>dad wants to know why Juliet Starling isnt in every video game
>Dad says, "You know, I really did enjoy that Mario on the Nine-tendo"
>he bought me an n64 on Christmas when I was 8
>we were poor as fuck
>he also stole a steak because I hadn't eaten any meat in a week
>we stayed up until 2 AM playing
>only played vidya together a few times after that
>there was a block party one night and everyone was there except dad
>us kids were all playing in the street
>mom was trying to get dick from a neighbor
>dad was at home beating Mario
>couldn't believe it the next day and had the confidence and drive to beat it then and there
>he hasn't played a video game since and only sparsely played to check out new technology before

I never got along with my dad because he's such a fucking beta with women. He's still with my narcissist mom and gets mad at my sister and I when we tell him she's a cunt. He won't be seeing his kids this Christmas because he refuse to see us without mom.
>Dad comes in
>playing dark souls
>I'm in the tomb of the giants
>get flattened by a skeleton beast jumping out of fucking nowhere
>Dad yelps, spilling his tea
>"I'll leave you to scary games, anon"

That's about as far as it goes
>Dad liked video games but I haven't heard from him in years. Used to play a lot of Star Wars Battlefront.
>Mom likes Tetris, Galaga, and 2D Mario, but for some reason absolutely can't into anything 3D and instantly gets disoriented and confused by the controls. Only 3D games she is semi-capable of playing are driving games, and she's one of those people who turns their entire body and tilts the controller while steering. Likes Crazy Taxi though. Has a strange habit of thinking anything I play that looks fantasy-ish and has a sword is Zelda.
>Mom's boyfriend occasionally plays sports games, but has anger issues and tends to rage unreasonably hard at games, so doesn't play much.
>Uncle liked Final Fantasy, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden (NES and Xbox), DMC, etc when he was in his 20s, but slowly stopped playing anything but Guitar Hero. In his 30s now and rarely plays games.
>Other uncle had a large SNES library while I was growing up, now a PC gamer who mostly plays games like Civ and TW.

And I'm pretty sure nobody else in my family has ever touched a video game or has any opinion on them one way or the other.
I hope it's braincancer, faggot
File: 1417728556094.jpg (122 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122 KB, 1024x768
I like this

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you would be dying for very rich white men. Not your buddies.

Save yourself the trouble and go to post secondary education. Don't be meat for the grinder.

Source: militaryfag
My mother thought I was super cool because I was playing TTT2 online and got a double perfect. She jumped up and yelled "YAY!"
I customized Bryan Fury to look like a "power ranger".
merry christmas you faggot

I sort of understood until this part.
That's so hot.
How many moe traits does your dad have?
They don't care.
>just sitting around playing
>cousin walks in and lies on bed watching my play and fiddling with phone at same time
>occasionally looks up and makes some comment/asks a question about it
> talking/playing at same time
>goes out after an hour

>playin vidya again
>brother walks in
>sits on bed and watches me play/ fiddling with phone
>makes some comment/ask a question about it
>talking /playing at same time
>goes out after an hour

>sister walks in
>Lies on bed and sleeps
>keep gaming and trying to be quiet and not wake her up by clicking too loud

>niece and nephew walks in,
>"Hey uncle! Min if we play something here?"
>give them my sisters ipad with some educational game
>leave after an hour

My room seems to be the place everyone comes to have some quiet time, It's upstairs in the corner of the house.
>heavy weapons guy
I was talking about stories of her teasing you, nothing sexual.

>this angry about getting corrected

File: 1409131048697.jpg (26 KB, 206x290) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 206x290
>Playing Skullgirls after buying it from the sale
>Didn't lock my door
>Sister walks in because she has no sense of privacy
>Sees Valentine on screen
>"God damn, look at dem titties. They're bigger than mine. "
>she trips on the rug and falls on her face
>"I'm okay. My air bags deployed."

That brightened my day.
>be 14
>have strict, religious parents
>hate anything remotely sexual
>convince dad to buy me assassins creed 2
>happy as shit
>get home after buying
>impatient little shit
>hook it up to living room tv
>60 inch tv
>Start playing
>intro scene
>moaning commences with parents both in room
>Try to press xbox home button to pause game
>screen lags and audio still plays
>run to turn xbox off
>dad yells at me for a good hour and makes me return game
File: 1337030130918[1].jpg (34 KB, 300x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 300x450

your mom has a thing for bara
Let me marry your sister, anon.

I promise I'll be gentle at first
Why didn't you visit her at night and show her your Solid Snake?
>That scene where Raiden wraps his arms around Snakes legs in 4
>Crying all over the place
>You where the thunder in that rain or some shit
>Mom walks in
>"They gay?"
>yeah, pretty much
1, 2 or 3 Max Payne? Or all of them?
Your mother's cool nonetheless.
Dad doesn't really care, mom likes video game music but other than than she's pretty indifferent as well, sister loves playing though, yesterday we spent the whole day playing Sacrifice and Soulstorm together so no complaining here
>Mum doesn't care
>younger sister didn't care until I got a Wii U, then she begged me to bring it back to their place so she could play
>Dad used to play vidya in the DOS era, but he likes hearing about advances since then 'cause he's really into tech, particularly likes the Halo universe for the ships and aliens
>older sister thinks violent video games are the devil, her kids started watching me play Doom 3 and she took them away despite how fun they found it, still plays a lot of puzzle games and stuff on the Wii
I have something similar, have mixed feelings about that myself.

Also my mattress(broke bed in my sleep and don't want to buy another, actually very very comfy) is apparently enchanted with some comfy magic because people who lie down there fall asleep pretty fast every damn time.
>"Why can't you put this much effort into school?"
>He keeps telling me how disappointed he is
>feel bad about it because he's right
>decide to go to college
>excited, he tells me he'll help me in anyway as long as I graduate
>He's so happy that he told me he was thinking about suicide once but changed his mind when I mentioned college.

Sometimes I wondered if he was actually serious.
Have been lifting for 4 years. 6'4", 24 years old with a great body. It's like a 'do whatever you want' card.

I occasionally get the jelly guy going behind my back trying to disuade girls by going "did you know anon plays videogames? What a nerd" which always backfires because the girls approach me later and tell me about how jealous the guys are that I get so much female attention.
>your only interest are games.
File: 183[2].jpg (8 KB, 199x268) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 199x268
>Playing pacman DX championship
>Dad walks by
>he was huge into arcade vidya back in the 70's
>sees me playing
>''man these games got alot easier these days''
>''times change oldtimer''
>i leave to take a shit
>dad sees me leaving
>grabs controller
>i come back
>see new highscore
>mfw i still didnt beat his highscore
>posting pictures of my mom on 4chan

I ain't about that life. Anyway, I don't really have anymore vidya stories. She kinda just floats in and out and doesn't talk unless prompted. Glass heart and all that.
Someone finally knows my pain
I've had fucking days where I come home from school and I've got everyone in my fucking room for no reason, there'll be my nephew,niece , cousin, sister and brother all in the room at the same time.

>That feel when no privacy but much fun with family
File: 1360363455243.gif (2 MB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 480x360
>Mom gets games like Shivers and King's Quest back when I was a kid
>Try to play them, always get stuck
>Mfw she actually managed to beat those games without a guide or anything.

>Get to Grand-Ma's house back when I was a kid
>She got her Snes up
>Mfw she was almost to level 100 on Tetris 2
>dad knows I'm a massive Nintenfaggot
>gets me the newest Pokemans game every time it comes out
>somehow always gets me the wrong version but that's alright
>stepmom also knows
>does not approve, or just wants to shit on me
>everytime someone comes to visit and asks me if I have a girlfriend already, she says something to the tune of "anon's gf is Japanese and made of plastic"
File: face.jpg (5 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 225x225
Your dad's based.
File: 1207114938120.jpg (4 KB, 112x124) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 112x124
>Dark Souls is the weaboo shit
>not Persona

1 job, 1 fucking job.
>My mom sometimes says something along the lines "I wish you would get a girlfriend soon anon, I really want to have grandchildren you know."

>mfw I never really had a interest in real romantic attraction past high school
>fine with just a waifu
>my real desire is mainly just to have lot of money from working and learning about science because god damn learning physics is fucking beautiful, it's like learning the language of the universe that we live in
>want to live in a nice home/apartment by myself and just fuck off and learn more shit and enjoy consumer luxuries
>honestly don't really want to have kids or have a wife or a family
>just want to learn more about fucking science

Is this odd?
File: Shivers-PC-Box.jpg (60 KB, 664x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 664x800

Is this the Shivers you're talking about?

God fucking damn it that's my childhood right here
File: 1413495347626.jpg (245 KB, 702x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
245 KB, 702x800
File: 1417901777775.jpg (19 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 300x300
Now post the star fox one.

Already in a relationship. Plus, mother.

Plus, not that close and don't really talk about things like that aside from occasional bouts of random "how's your gf" "good" "mm, must be nice" etc.
>>fine with just a waifu
what the fuck is wrong with people like you holy fuck how pathetic can you be. Now don't get me wrong I understand not wanting a familly but having a waifu is just flat out pathetic
Marriage and children are just a trap set by married couples to bother everyone to go at their pace
Your dad got cucked by video game character.
>tfw no buttcream for your assmad
File: 157218_1.1.jpg (120 KB, 600x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120 KB, 600x900

not at all anon! in fact there's someone JUST LIKE YOU in a popular tv show, you should go watch it!
File: cat_laugh.jpg (46 KB, 357x334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 357x334
>playing five nights at freddy's 2
>sister bitches about how dull the game is
>mfw my sister pissed herself on the spot
My dad likes to watch me play games even though he doesn't care for the ones I play. I was fighting the Ur Dragon in Dragons Dogma the other day and he commented how dumb it is that I need to go out of the boss room and get back in because the damn thing flees in 10 minutes or so. And I kinda agree, the Ur Dragon is anti-fun.

He does play games himself, but he's a bit of casual. Plays games on easy, doesn't like challenge and hates boss battles. It's kinda weird since he used to play some hard games during the PS1 and PS2 era.
Fucking based
>like I could help it
10/10 /v/
What the shit? She probably isn't your mom.
>me and my brothers all home (4 of us total)
>play smash
>decide to put in stakes
>older brother wins

>later in the evening
>all been drinking
>older brother goes (as a joke)
>"winner gets to fuk ALL the women!"
>he means the wives of all my bros, winner takes all
>wives jokingly say "haha, yeah!"
>we play
>I win
>jokingly go into bedroom and say "haha ladies, time to go!"
>they all come (as a joke)
>we enter
>bang on the door and women are pretending to have orgasms
>one of them suggests "lets take some pics to fool them!"
>"haha yeah!" the rest yell.
>we all get under the blanket
>taking a selfie with them all close to me, hugging and squeezing
>"anon, place your hands on my breasts!" "mine too!" "and mine!"
>they take off their tops and I touch their breasts and we send the snaps of me doing so
>suddenly feel one of them starting to grope my dick
>feel hands go down into my pants and starts rubbing my cock
>dick gets hard
>"haha ok lets go to the living room now." one of them says
>they remove the blanket
>everyone can see my erection
>"oh my"
>"okay, this is inappropriate"
>"no, no, this is perfect" one of them says
>tells the women that we should take a group pic of them kissing the hard penis
>the rest of them agrees
>suddenly end up with 3 women sucking my dick
>take it to the next level and I'm fucking them all in turns
>creampie them one by one

how was your christmas, /v/?
>mom plays Pikmin 1+2 I want to get her a Wii U so she can play Pikmin 3
>dad plays World at War, think I might get him more shootan vidya
>little brother plays WaW and MGR and Metal Gear Solid 2-3
>little sister plays Persona 4 and Metal Gear Solid 3 on very easy though
My dad's never reacted to my vidya in years. Though yesterday I was trying out EuroTruck Simulator and he talked about how he used to drive a truck in the army. Then he told me to crash the truck into another car because it'd be funny.

thanks for shitposting
Best new dad vidya story
>Last fall
>move out
>don't talk to family for 6 months
>remember li'l bro was kinda into vidya but still a fucking ass about it
>parents never accepted us playing games, sold our old Ps1 and Ps2 without us knowing
>he's 16
>invite him over christmas
>we spend the holidays playing DaS, KSP and he absolute loves my games
>tells me he wants a wii
>buys him a wiiu this year with smash with the last of my money
>he spagetti all over the floor
>parents shit gets flipped
>tells him to return it and focus on school
>we tell them so sod off
>played smash to 3am
>parent calmed down but still fucking pissed

This was a good christmas
File: louis-de-funes-02.jpg (178 KB, 1006x729) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178 KB, 1006x729
File: 1410756580080.jpg (4 KB, 216x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 216x200
>spends all day playing farmville
>no siblings
>young enough that all my cousins are a generation older, but old enough that I'm an uncle to several nephews and nieces
>they're all cunts anyway
>mom's been dead for a while, and didn't know shit about technology, let alone vidya, when she was alive
>dad's pretty alright, doesn't play vidya himself but understands the appeal as a medium
It's pretty much to the extent of "so what's the goal of this one," "the graphics sure beat Pong", and "where's my DS so I can play Tetris".
File: 1415320282442.png (130 KB, 274x385) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
130 KB, 274x385
I wish I could screen grab on mobile
My dad really does the whole 'You winning, son?' shit. Only when he's drinking.
I'm currently living with my sister, and she's the one who got me into gaming and anime in the first place.
Whenever we have some together time we usually watch anime or play Smash 4 and sometimes LoL.
I have a feeling i could have been less of a loser if my sister didn't rope me into this stuff, but then again i'm as happy as can be so i really would want it any other way.
File: 1415417193565.gif (183 KB, 214x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
183 KB, 214x200
You're a good brother

Merry Christmas
Getting my mother into the Telltale games atm. She loves GOT and would sit and watch me play the Walking Dead like it was a TV show. Dad raised me on games as a kid sitting on his lap while we work through Doom together or cyber dogs. So eh. They just can't understand me spending loads on my PC even though I'm studying computer science...
File: Shivers.jpg (42 KB, 650x490) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 650x490

Do you watch incest anime?
Your dad and sister are jerks, but your mom is pretty cool.
dad sounds based
>>half-brother is legitimately autistic and likes persona, smash, metal music

you dont know what legit means.
>tfw parents are getting older could get sick and die anytime.
>tfw I can barely support myself.

I fucking hate video games sometimes.
my mother likes videogames, somehow. She watched me play Dark Souls several times and enjoyed, and asked me about the first ace attorney's plot because she was interested in the concept of playing as a fucking attorney in a videogame. Also, she played ghost trick, she liked it.

My dad isn't really interested in videogames, but he's cool about it
File: kevin.jpg (10 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 480x360
>Mom thinks my mass effect 3 character is hot
>mfw its supposed to look like me

>Gf can't play anything for shit, but at least she tries. usually just ends up picking out outfits for any custom characters

>Play coop fps with sis sometimes

>Dad just asks questions, and compares whatever I'm playing to something he used to play
>making a female CAST in PSO2
>mom walks in and say she's ugly as fuck
>takes away my keyboard and mouse and makes the character herself
>" don't change anything anon, she's perfect "
>shows screenshots to friends, says that my mom's character is way better than mine

I just wanted to be a 2-meters tall dark-skinned combat robot with huge breasts, thanks mom.
My mom used to watch me play 3d platformers in the 90s. These days I only have contact with my fiancee and she enjoys mostly cute vidya (but for some fucking reason does not like Crash or Zelda)
You guys never give up do you.

I can understand pretty much every blind hate I come across, because people are normally sick in the brain somehow, but I cannot fanthom how anybody can hate another person for loving a fictional figure.

I bet you are an le atheist too.
Forgot my mother was the Lemmings and Ms Pac Man high score holder in her naval base
File: 1398113271025.png (37 KB, 171x182) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 171x182
>Playing Omega Ruby in bed
>Mom comes in
>"It's cold. Can you go out and get some wood and start a fire."
>"Just get under some blankets."
>"Motherfucker, if I could get under some blankets and be fine I would have."
>"I'm not going to chop wood. It's late and it's cold."
>Keep playing Pokemon
>She comes over and gets into my bed
>"Oh my god, it's like a goddamn furnace in here."
>Turns over and watches me play Pokemon, making comments, until she falls asleep

There's something about a heavy accented french woman saying "motherfucker" that's hilarious.
>my dad was huge into vidya when he was younger, had a Jaguar and was a huge Sega fanboy
>whenever I play any Nintendo game he'd have this disappointed look on his face as if it actually fucking mattered
>he also introduced me to Diablo when I was a kid
>been playing Diablo 2 ever since
>it's my favorite game of all time
Thanks Dad
>my mom fucking loves Frogger for some reason
>my brother is probably playing vidya this very moment
File: 1419049701639.gif (312 KB, 342x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
312 KB, 342x512
> Mother thinks everything I play is violent.
> Which is actually true, since most action and adventure games involve some sort of violence.
> Dad does not really give a fuck and think videogames are cool.
> He actually played a few games when he was younger, I remember finishing Time Commando and MechCommander with him.
> Sister is cool and likes to watch, but she lives in another state.
>Play lots of Grand Strategy and Total War
>Dad comes in
>Why are you always playing those ''Geo-Political War Simulators''
File: 1418155836506.png (147 KB, 300x246) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147 KB, 300x246
Played Dark Souls, begged my brother to try the first part of it just so I can laugh at how much it wrecks his shit.

Family later moves and he calls me some months later, says how he beat Dark Souls and the DLC.
Never plays any vidya anymore besides that one time. He's too busy rapping and taking orders from his manipulative girlfriend.

Mom is too blind and old to understand video games.

Dad is non-existant, I was a one night stand.
File: -...You lost me.jpg (19 KB, 158x229) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
-...You lost me.jpg
19 KB, 158x229
>Mother calls you a motherfucker
>Hops into bed with you
>Keeps trying to get your attention when laying there with you
i dont wanna say it but i think everyone will think it
File: 2Yc7mw8.png (702 KB, 1280x643) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
702 KB, 1280x643
>implying anon has friends

come on anon
Brush her teeth for her
File: 1417113580674.png (189 KB, 1164x672) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
189 KB, 1164x672
>Since I've moved out to uni 4 years ago I've always had less and less time to play videogames.
>Finally find some time now that I'm at home to parents.
>Take my DS to play some tetris
>father walks in
>"why do you waste your time playing game instead of making money, why haven't you made a new facebook yet"

playing games is no more fun.
Still watch out for your brother and his Wii. They might still sell it off sometime. I never trust people who are like this
We watched Oreimo together when it was airing.
It isn't really that weird, since we do actually have sex from time to time, since we are living together after all.
>mom doesn't care
>dad occasionally goes "What the fuck is THAT?" in a thick Mexican accent

They both play a ton of mobile games, as my mom is on disability and my dad is on suspension because the postal service is trying to get him fired (tl;dr he gets paid more than most in his position). Lot's of free time.
Money isn't fun by itself, why don't people get something that simple?
File: 1374988904919.png (117 KB, 570x558) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117 KB, 570x558
>Playing USFIV in the living room
>Mom is sitting next to me on the couch
>Getting noticeably frustrated that I'm losing to a mashing Ken
>"This guy doesn't even know what he is doing. You better not lose."
>Pixel of life left
>Start to get a comeback going
>Get Shoryuken'd
>She kisses me on the forehead
>"I still love you."
>She gets up and walks away
>"You failure."


I think youre looking into it too much.
>not fucking your sister

What are you, a faggot?
your mom's pretty cool

mine can't even figure out how to play candy crush
Translation: "Why haven't you earned enough money for me to piggyback off of your success?"
I'm a single child, I guess

My siblings were all disowned by my chink parents for being useless
>Ace Attorney
>Ghost Trick
Fantastic taste right here.
File: 1418861857542.gif (491 KB, 500x370) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
491 KB, 500x370
she seems like a nice woman
one would think they would do the same to you.I guess you got lucky
When you like eachother and live together and both are too introverted to ever get a girlfriend or boyfriend., it happens.
>"he walks with such purpose for someone who isn't going anywhere"
Thanks for the quote. Time to get some delusional liberal pussy at college.
Well you ARE already at your 4th year

In the same boat, actually. Mine are even planning out how to divide my future income and which things to buy.

huurr hur
File: diggo3.jpg (8 KB, 482x353) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 482x353
>playing Snake Eater
>the first Ocelot fight comes along
>Ocelot in his tight leather and beret loading his revolvers while posing
>Dad says thats probably some kind of faggot
My dad was literally one of those "are ya winnan' son" types.
My mom doesn't give a shit.
My sister plays some casual videos and as such also doesn't give a shit.
>come home from uni before my brother
>he comes home from being to busy being a nurse
>set up ps3 and play some xrd
>he gets to our house and sees me play
>"Is that the new guilty gear? Does Ky play the same?"
>"Yea more or less. He is closer to his midnight carnival incarnation"
>"Aight lets play you can get the stick".
>He rapes my elphet that I have been practicing with and I have to go back to sol.

Not really that crazy but I haven't played games with my oniichan since he became a CAWADOOTY bro while being to busy being an adult.

She has really high standards and has an interest in a lot of what I do. She gets upset when I fail.

At anything. She expects me to be the best regardless of my actual aptitude.
File: 124124123.jpg (21 KB, 150x236) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 150x236
Nigga it oughta stop happening
>Dude why do we need to get on with our lives if we can just keep fucking eachother
>this is much easier
My mom is always impressed by graphics when she sees me playing anything new. She also thought the Atelier girls were cute.
Dad doesn't care much, but he likes telling stories he has from playing games like Doom, Dune or WC2 years ago.
My sister plays games like Ace Attorney with me, or alongside me, rather. We liked Hotel Dusk, Layton, Ghost Trick and such.

I also convinced her to start up Pokémon Black, since she's usually pretty genwun about it.
>Dad knows what my favourite game is
>Buys me said game and ask how its going
>Ask me whats it is about because he actually care about his child
>Isnt a cunt like OP's father
I've seen my sister on /vg/
So there's that.
the fuck do you expect? they're both failures at life

like their future retarded accidental babby
Living the dream.
Probably a tripfag too
Seen her? She posting selfies or something?
Say what?
Dad still has the PS2 to play SOCOM, Ghost Recon 1, Splinter Cell and MGS2-3. He never really made the jump to the next gen. He watched when I played the rest of the MGS series though, and commented on my inability to play stealth games correctly.

T-thanks dad
>Recently got a projector and silver-screen because that shit was cheaper than HD television
>Dad asks me to hook up computer to it so he can play Doom
Is your dad the fucking hulk? Have some goddamn patience
Walking through the house, she's on the computer pretty much all the time. We share the computer, she has bookmarks for /vg/, plus I saw her on it once.
File: 1413745775062.gif (1012 KB, 500x257) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1012 KB, 500x257
>listening to music while grinding materials on Dragon's Dogma
>current song is fuwa fuwa time
>mum comes in to ask something
>hears my music and looks confused
>asks if I'm gay when we are eating tea
Can't a guy enjoy his waifu's music without being gay?
File: 1340253486757.png (113 KB, 396x381) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113 KB, 396x381
Your face when people make up stupid stories like this because they get off on making other people get off.
My older brother likes a lot of the same games I like. Sans weeaboo. We LAN games quite a lot. My oldest brother, the "successful" one, has not surprisingly turned into quite a casual. Though he still plays games.

Mother plays a lot of "mother" games like hidden object stuff and The sims. Taught her how to mount a ISO and emulate SNES games, which is quite interesting since she's almost 60 and don't know anything about computers.

Father doesn't mind games but isn't really interested in them. He's old but still sees the good in technology.

How would anyone get off to that story?
How come it's gay to enjoy cute girls anyways?

I mean. It's gayer to enjoy bulky manly men if anything.
who was main vocals yui or mio?

azunyan > mio > yui > mugi > ritsu. They are all pretty close though except for ritsu.
File: damn it.png (24 KB, 338x356) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
damn it.png
24 KB, 338x356
People on /v/ do not really get off though

I probably would if this captcha keeps getting this annoying
File: 1298624100449.jpg (18 KB, 600x339) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 600x339

>Years ago, Fallout 3 had just come out
>Playing the fuck out of it
>Uncle wants to try it out
>He has never played a 3d game before, but he loves the fuck out of our old super nintendo
>I set up a new file for him, explain how the controls work "One stick moves you, the other controls where you are looking." etc
>Watch silently (I'm not an asshole, if he wants help he can ask) as he struggles to figure it out.
>He doesn't get it, after like seriously 40 minutes he is finally at the birthday party, I don't know how
>His character still hasn't managed to look up from the floor. Every time a character speaks to him and the camera automatically pans up he immediately looks back down at the floor.
>I leave to go to a party
>Tell uncle he can play as long as he likes
>Come back three hours later
>For some reason he unplugged the controller and rolled it up neatly
>He also unplugged the av cable
>System was still on
>He was still at the party, character crouched in the corner, staring at the floor.

I love my uncle but for the life of me I can't figure out what he was doing with that joystick.
>being a robot
Are you asking because you're saying no one is getting off or because you honestly don't understand? Because believe me - people get off to stories even as "subtle" as that.
Do you have any privacy type extensions installed?

Disabling them made them at least solvable for me.
i play with my younger sister and while she isn't great she can hold her own, I have fun playing with her since she's pretty much the only person I truly get along with in my house.

She's only a year younger but I've noticed that I have morphed her more than I like I admit, i bassicclally turned her into a female me she's she got into most of my hobbies.

Sometimes I think that she should of picked a better ole model but whatever, I have fun with my kid sister
Alpha dad
Your family sound like a bunch of faggots.
Alright! thanks, anon

I really don't get it. There are weirder stories in this thread that would qualify. It's just an inappropriate comment that goes nowhere.
File: spider.jpg (19 KB, 400x273) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 400x273
>Older sister loves pokemon; kicked my 7-year old ass outta bed to watch the first episode of the anime. She still has her old game-shark hacked blue and red versions in good condition in a little tin case.
>Kicks my ass at Super Smash Brothers if she ever gets a break from her boyfriend and job.
>She mains Mario, for some fucking reason.

>Mom had a history of video games; when space-invaders first came out, she would skip class along with her brothers to go back home and play that shit.
>Not much video games now; she'll pick up the newer versions of pokemon-- depending on if my sister has completed it and decided to hand them down.

>Dad played the shit out of Delta Force, Counter Strike and whatever FPS he could get his hands on.
>Would sperg out whenever someone killed him-- rather violently.
>He died of a brain tumor a couple years ago.
>The same one his own father died of, at the same exact age.
>I'm next.
>dat 2hu reference
Are you going to violate your kawaii imouto-chan?
File: 1419195698171.png (1 MB, 1200x1150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1200x1150
Mio. Can't agree with that order though Mugi is muh waifu


Because according to my parents watching cute little girls is apparently gay
Seems legit
My dad introduced me to the wonderful world of weeb with Pokemon and Digimon.
>my dad was in WW2 guise
File: let.jpg (229 KB, 500x630) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
229 KB, 500x630
>Playing game
>No one around
>You do something amazing, something amazing happen in game. Something that if it was streamed or filmed it would get a lot of views and people would talk about it
>Someone decides to stay behind you and watch you playing
>Boring part of the game like grinding or transition areas, only boring stuff happens.
>"this game is so boring why you play it?"

Why? Why this happen every time?
Just get tested before you reach their age.
Explains why /vg/ is filled with cancerous attentionwhores I guess.
File: 1377469287705.jpg (23 KB, 400x377) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 400x377
Me and my dad were retileing the roof and every time I would climb the ladder, up or down, he would go "snake eateeeeeer". Every. Time.
>Sorry you guys have shit families

Jokes on you, my mom's dead and my dad left when i was born.
She want the D
File: happy.png (2 KB, 209x214) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 KB, 209x214
>Be 18 year old me
>Playing Red Dead Redemption
>John says "fuck"
>My dad bursts into the room
>Gets this 'holy shit' look on his face
>Screams "What did he just say?"
>We had watched Wolf of Wall Street last night
>"He said fuck dad"
>"He just cursed!"
>Energy slowly leaves my dad's face
>Mfw he turns around and slowly walks away
>eating tea
Oh man, I feel you, bro. It happens in shows and movies too. They just don't know. They don't understand.
Never happened.
Le top kek
>tfw grew up with two older brothers
>don't know the joys of shaping a younger sibling that looks up to you
>older brother getting married
>might become an uncle
>will probably end up the creepy uncle anyways
>John says "fuck"
>My dad bursts into the room
>"What did he just say?"

Made me laugh.
Maybe your mom wouldn't care as much if you didn't listen to shitty music sung by 40 year olds trying to sound 15
What other music do you like?
>be 7
>playing Sonic 2
>stuck at Act 2's boss forever
>mom notices
>she learns to play while I'm sleeping
>wake up next morning
>shows me how to defeat boss
death grips
Laughed so hard at this
File: 1413245473320.png (149 KB, 500x481) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149 KB, 500x481
>playing game
>someone is looking
>this game looks cool anon
>out of nowhere sex scene
>oh ok, I didn't knew they had that in games
>awkward as fuck

Fucking Indigo Prophecy


>Dark souls
>Executioner boss
>Jock brother comes right after I finish the battle
>You're playing this game for a while anon
>He stay to watch
>Giant woman with big tits in a room
>Enjoy your games anon
>He slowly goes walks always with an awkward expression

Every time
File: 1416488427770.jpg (153 KB, 720x707) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
153 KB, 720x707
>tfw dad used to have great taste in vidya
>used to watch him play Tomb Raider, Spyro, Gex and others as a kid
>got older and would play War of the Monsters, Star Wars Battlefront 1 &2, and other shit like that with him
>now he only plays Call of Duty
Goddammit dad
Like 95% of my music collection is weeb stuff I do listen to some non anime stuff though

>not eating tea
I knew a faggot weeb like you would only listen to weeb shit.
WLAN is a thing man.
Back at uni my friend and I used our wireless network to play with each other between our apartments with a ping of 12
> "I reckon the Chinese invented videogames to stop all the Aussie kids from studying"
When dad was my age he had 5 wives, 20 children, 32 mortgages and walked uphill too and from school.
Nah, I only fap to my waifu
>not playing q3 cpma

Why so casual?

They're about as similar as tennis to badminton
My dad used to be like that too when I was a kid. Used to play a lot of games with me and my brother, I always loved watching him play Silent hill and metal gear while drinking hot cocoa or something.

Those were the times.

He got some heavy depression because of some medicine addiction and killed himself. I miss that old bastard.
i play with your younger sister too man, with my fucking dick
(cont even if no one cares) Mom likes watching me play Journey & other ghey vidyas because "it's refreshing and poetic" but that doesn't stop her from turning off the console to watch her fucking prerecorded Columbo episodes.

> Walking
> Not skiing with wolves behind him
What a cakewalk
Baby boomers

Don't worry, our kids will have it worse.
>Play Touhou
>Mom comes in
>"When I was young, those were space ships"
Sometimes I gotta love her for these kind things.
File: hqdefault.jpg (10 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 480x360
>(cont even if no one cares)
ur a faget

>Mom watching me play Max Payne 3
>Huge James Patterson fan
>Actually wants me to let her know when I'm playing because she likes the story and Max's character so much

That's pretty cool. Your dad's a fag and your sister is right though.
Persona is a joke.
he never said that though

When you say "WE WON THE WAR!!" do you mean your country or you personally and other people?

He was just referring to the nation, retard.
File: 1367543163247.png (251 KB, 957x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
251 KB, 957x1200
>Hating best toaster

Do you hate love?
>sister was never interested
>older brother (ten years senior) would often play them when he was younger, but when he went to sleep, I'd get on and crush his scores
>Mum plays the fuck out of Puzzle Quest, I bought the expansion, the sequel and Galactrix for her
>Dad plays History channel games
>Remind Dad he took his cousin to prom so it's not like he would know
So like how is this is an insult? Is his cousin really ugly or something?
I hate Persona fans.
They were better when they weren't trying to be VN's.
>tfw my older brother and father abused me
>my father's dead of cancer and my brother is a drug addict

Serves them well
File: 1417988001174.png (325 KB, 382x417) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
325 KB, 382x417
>Mom comes into my room while I'm playing Dragon's Dogma
>She usually gives me shit for playing vidya, thinks they cause mass shootings and are disgusting etc
>Starts asking questions about what I'm doing
>Watches me fight a cyclops, says it looks "adorable"
>I kill it
>She gets all pissy at me for killing something so "cute"
>Just before storming out she tells me I was conceived in my own room

k then
You are an idiot.
>playing prototype 2
>grandma walks in and sees
>"shove over faggot u can't play for shit, gimmi that"
>grandma swears mor than a 10 year old playing cod

Love my grandma
>play Painkiller
>dad walks in
>"whoah that's pretty nice game and music, is that Doom 3?"
What the fuck lol
File: 1400908359497.jpg (47 KB, 624x460) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 624x460
>They were better when they weren't trying to be VN's.


>I hate Persona fans.

Dude, we hate ourselves. We're basically divided by game and even so by the girl we picked for romance.

In this fandom you can tell if someone is a shitposter or not by if they picked girl A or B in Persona X.
Are you trying to start an internet fight or something, bitch nigga?
Damn anon. I'm sorry to hear that. He sounds like he was a bro
I literally couldn't be clearer.
Also, you're a faggot.

Merry Christmas
Those faggots

There's a difference between

>Fuck you, you're retard and now I gonna tell you why's that.
>fuck you, fuck off

I wish the last one was a bannable offense, mindless post with nothing to add.
File: Every time.jpg (45 KB, 270x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Every time.jpg
45 KB, 270x249
You're a fucking demon.
What'd the point of 4chan be if we couldn't call eachother faggots for no reason?
>doesn't understand the age old cousin to the prom schtick
>bitch nigga
>Doesn't seem interested in them.

>Watched me plays games ever since i was a child and still will now

Mothers Boyfriend
>Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Tony Hawk Pro Skater fan.

>Plays game as much as I do

>Used to play games on PS2 but mainly plays The Sims now

>Likes the lore of World of Warcraft because he reads a lot of Fantasy.
File: 1400997747406.jpg (19 KB, 243x255) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 243x255
>In this fandom you can tell if someone is a shitposter or not by if they picked girl A or B in Persona X.
>transferring music files to bluray discs to create a music backup for my dad
>this is happening on one monitor as I game on the other
>he keeps coming in to check on how it's going
>playing Shadow Warrior
>he has no reaction to the game whatsoever

I wished he said something so I could have talked about the game with him...
Fuck you, you retard. I can still make an argument and call you a faggot, faggot. Is that hard?
>playing Alien: Isolation
>dad walks in
>where are the aliens
>show me the aliens
>the last alien game i played had aliens everywhere
>im going out but when i come back there better be aliens

he watches ufo documentaries all night too
>using the word schtick instead of meme like a special snowflake
>not having a hot cousin
>not wanting to take your cousin to the prom and fuck her
>being this gay
Get out of here you sexual deviant. Your kind aren't allowed.
>Are you going to play video games for the rest of your life
Yes probably mom
my dad thinks vidya is a waste of time and that it's turning me into a basement dweller

my mum thinks vidya is evil because you kill dudes and because the vidya companies are trying to get you addicted to their products

my sister watches minecraft player

>replying to this bait
File: 1419038456071.jpg (158 KB, 720x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
158 KB, 720x720
>Playing Ultimax
>Step-dad walks in
>"What's this?"
>Always hate saying it because it's sort of a long full name and no one knows what Persona is anyway
>"Persona 4 Arena Ultimax"
>"Why aren't you playing Final Fantasy?"
>Because there hasn't been a good one in years
>"Final Fantasy 10 was good"
>"FF10 came out years ago"
>"Did it?"
>Real dad is an asshole who exclusively plays Facebook games
>Mom literally doesn't care
>Brother is borrowing my (our?) PS2 to play FF12, we share most of the same interests save for anything I picked up in the last 4 years
>Cousins probably still play vidya, they live in Texas so I don't know
>Cousin who lives in town is a weeb and plays FF14 all day, we usually play Persona/fighting games together
>tfw he doesn't like to play me as much anymore because I took the fighting game knowledge he gave me back in the original P4Arena and am way better than him and his friends now
>Have yet to demonstrate my new Adachi knowledge at Salt Night

Can't wait
>playing a game
>doesn't even matter what I'm play
>"why don't you go outside, get some sun"
This board is +18
Fucking lol
>playing cs 1.6 as a kid
>dad joins in and kicks my ass
>I start bawing since I was 7

good times
at least you get to die soon, the rest of us have to continue living
>>im going out but when i come back there better be aliens

If it was me, I would just put on tv a mexican channel or novella for when he came back.
File: 1372848179678.jpg (57 KB, 504x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 504x470
>dad comes over
>divorced parents, family thinks he's a scumbag, don't see him too often
>"you're playing video games huh? I've been getting back into them myself"
>lists a bunch of horror games (clocktower, fatal frame, pathologic ((we're slavs))
>explains how he enjoys 'deep' atmospheric horror games with messages and literary influences, particularly in regards to pathologic
>"i-i see"
>i was playing persona 3
>the answer
>against some colorful surreal shadow
>with a party of mostly females

I was going to say something about the Jungian psychology and Greek mythology but I wouldn't have believed myself.
>the rest of us have to continue living

You can kill yourself anytime you want. It's your life.

Stop with this smug attitude, you don't want to kill yourself, faggot. If you wanted, the job would be done by now.
File: 12451251333.jpg (86 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 800x600
>It's your life
>To throw away

>You're going to hurt everyone
That's really nice
have you considered someone over 18 can live with their family?

you know, with the majority of the board being autists and all
This happened to me yesterday.I'm Indian and that needs saying because:
>Finally finish downloading Far Cry 4
>Get to the part where you have to liberate the first outpost.
>Hijack an Elephant.Name him Ganesh.
>Dad enters the room."Anon,can I use your printer for a minute?"
>"Not now,dad."
>He watches me run people over with Ganesh.
>Mission Completed.
>Get down from the elephant.
>Accidentally fire my AK at Ganesh.
>"Anon,did you shoot the elephant?"
>Dad,it's just a vi-
>It was an acci-
>Dad leaves the room.Hasn't talked to me since.
>Mom tells me to stop playing violent video games and get a job already.
File: greeks.jpg (22 KB, 412x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 412x250
>Live in grease
>The entire country is a big bible-belt
>Rich elite controls football industry and media, shit on vidya by labeling them addictive
>Vidya ads banned because muh violence
>Internet police dept or w/e is called in english wants to ban vidya completely, along with internet privacy
>Parents are sheep and believe vidya is an addictive hobby created by the New-World-Order
>Wouldn't be able to play vidya if I was depended on them.

>Come to /v/
>People are mad because their relatives are simply annoying

See the bright side guys, at least you don't live in sheep-land.
Well congratulation anon the brainwashing worked. Enjoy your term of service and always wear you helmet.
im just bored of this life and want to move onto the next one, i feel no compulsion at all to kill myself
That's what you get for dishonoring you and your family.

>I'm going to be unhappy because that made other people happy

You do two things, you kill yourself or you do what the majority here don't have the balls for. You change your life around, its your life, your feelings.

This world exist inside our minds, feelings are just chemistry. You can choose to be happy, just learn how to do it. Learn meditation, it will be the first step.
>Parents are sheep and believe vidya is an addictive hobby created by the New-World-Order
>implying they're wrong
>only my close friends
>Be playing Tekken 3 with my dad and little brother
>stepmother comes in
>"What are you playing!?"
>oh shit.jpg
>she throws a fit, saying this game is not appropriate for my little brother
>dad tries to talk back the only way he knows how
>"But he's really good at it! Just now he did a special move where he broke my neck!"
>shocked silence.webm
>brother never allowed to play with us again unless stepmother has given express permission
i've had that one before
>It exists inside our minds
>Nobody really matters, only myself.

Tell me this is easier to think simply because it hurts less.
Tell me you aren't a psycho.

>vidya are popular because the NWO promotes them
>Not because people pay 70$ for shitty, incomplete casual titles
File: 1389711927317.jpg (99 KB, 337x416) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 337x416
>Playing Planetside 2
>dad comes in
>watches for a while
>''Are all these guys players?''
>''Yeah, you can have tanks, aircraft and stuff too''
>''That looks pretty cool''
>Watches for a while more and then leaves

>Bought a headtracker
>tell my dad to come over
>Show it to him
>Asks me if he can try
>let him play War Thunder with it for a while
>Played it for like an hour just flying around and having fun like a kid

My dad is so based. Mom doesn't give a fuck
she has good taste in homicide detectives
File: issues.jpg (34 KB, 280x471) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 280x471
Are you saying games are popular because people buy them?
>dad enjoyed CoD 4 so I decide to get him MW2
>bit worried about the No Russian mission but should be ok
>in the elevator, doors open
>they start opening fire on the innocent people
>turns around and looks at me completely mortified like I'd killed a cat or something
>uninstalls the game and doesn't talk to me for a while
>Playing windwaker
>mom comes in
>"is that boy or a girl?"

Next thing we know water boils at 100 degrees celcius
>play RDR in the living room, my father, aunt and sister in the same room
>aunt sees me shooting outlaws
>"But... Doesn't that make you want to kill someone in the street afterward?"
>"Uh, no?"

>mfw she died of cancer 6 months ago
File: 1419399058351.png (633 KB, 900x606) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
633 KB, 900x606
>mother laughs at a lot of the design choices of Xenoblade chronicles
>constanty berating little things for shits and giggles "why don't you push the robots over? they have tiny tiny feet!" "why have you turned into a girl?" "what's with the brit voices?" "how can they hear each other when they're all yelling at the same time?" "oh my god, is that how he jumps? you should jump everywhere"

she's a blast to be around and she just loves taking the piss.

also, my older sister. her name's Rhyan, so every time Reyn goes to call out REYN TIME or his name is simply mentioned she's looking for who called her and getting subsequently annoyed.
When i played racing games my dad would be amazed with how real the cars looked and would turn up the volume when I was accelerating down a straight road, shit was funny.
He also never "understood" LittleBigPlanet when i could play any other game and shoot people
>russians playing russian game

>tfw you'll never know what it's like to have a sister or a brother
File: 1406429152742.jpg (90 KB, 499x359) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90 KB, 499x359
>Mom would play Doom with me when I was younger
>Dad would play Duke Nukem 3D with me
>Got nightmares but it was worth it

Otherwise my father never really cared what I played. My mother likes to watch games I play, though.
>actually believing this crap

>I'd die for the group of soldiers around me

you'll die alone in the mud because you were told to. the others will mourn you for all of five minutes before resuming orders.

>I wouldn't die for my country
you'd die for the rich old men who profit from war

>mfw I was a field medic
>mfw I hated every day of it, but it was my only choice back then
>mfw badasses like you are a dime a dozen
>mfw I usually had to attempt to patch what was left of them back together

good luck with it though, bud.
if you wanna do it, do it
>playing rdr
>mum comes into my room the exact moment Reyes is fucking that prostitute
>play counterstrike 1.6
>dad comes in
>"hey son, that looks cool, what's it called?"
>"counter strike, dad"
>"can you do multiplayer in it?"
>"ofcourse dad, though you might need a pc or a decent laptop to play it"
>dad buys a laptop the next day
>teach him the basics of CS
>we play a deathmatch
>kill the shit out of him
>"woah, son, you're good at this"
>"thanks dad, well i gotta get to sleep"
>"ok son, see ya tomorrow"
>wake up, sees dad playing in the living room
>"hey son, let's play another deathmatch"
>dominates me in the second game
>and in the third game
>and in the fourth......

one week later, i learned that my dad was playing CS non-stop while i was sleeping and was even searching for maneuver tips on the internet
I got a good one, but I'm gonna fucking cringe writing it so I hope you're all happy

>Christmas 2007/08 I can't remember exactly
>At uncle's place
>Uncle is pretty bro and plays a lot of vidya anyway and is pretty funny
>For whatever reason I bring my DS
>He somehow gets a hold of it and boots up Phantom Hourglass which I was playing at the time
>I used to make up stupid words all the time, usually for the amusement of my friends and sister and one of them (Nershty) just happens to be the name of one of my files
>He boots up THAT FILE and starts reciting what Ciela is saying in a stupid voice
>NERSHTY! NERSHTY! and the rest of her dialogue
>Everyone's laughing
>I cringe into a corner
>Mum notices and makes fun of it

I gotta tell you it was hard writing that.
File: 1337081262265.jpg (35 KB, 310x336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 310x336
>this game looks cool anon
>Indigo Prophecy
Only way out, anon. You got to fuck your sister.
File: 1419494571600.jpg (61 KB, 616x616) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 616x616
OP has best mom
It doesn't hurt less knowing that reality it's an illusion create by the senses and that the brain is just a feedback machine that feeds on that illusion.

Everything it's all on your mind, if you learn how to trigger the right feed to your mind, you can learn how to be the master of your feelings.

Since it's all inside your mind, you start by looking at your inner self.

Meditation it's the first step to learn about yourself, to learn about your universe.
that's a much better name than grand strategy
My family when it comes to vidya isn't too terrible. My mom raised my older brother of 13 years and had gotten used to all the shit. Actively encouraged me to partake in it as it was better then a baby sitter and she is a true hikkimorri so it kept me inside.

My dad thought they were a waste of time but would try them on occasion just to bond with me and my lil bro. He did start pressuring me more about how much time I put in them when he remarried his satanic new wife which was the worst about video games are the devil and dumb shit like that (nevermind her kids were almost as bad as me about that) my dad never truly stopped me though because he knew it was basically the one enjoyable thing in my life.

Only real funny story I got was back when I was 18 6 years ago.
>Be playing persona 4 and borrowing it from a friend, have a week to finish it before I leave for college
>Get to shadow kanji and going through the dialouge
>Get to the end and I hear a "What the fuck" behind me
>Turn around and my dad is right there
>Tell him I can explain but he just turns around and NOPE.jpg out of the room
>He never mentioned this again

i want to bang OP's mom so bad
File: aWe36x1.jpg (57 KB, 452x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 452x960
File: 1412766518367.jpg (36 KB, 400x385) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 400x385
>Playing Heavy Rain
>Uncle walks in
>"hey anon what movie are you watching?"
sounds about right.
Get in line. I have a tent, been waiting for weeks.
Can't you skip that mission?
>Playing Kirby's Epic Yarn in the living room
>Mom walks by, stops to watch
>"What are you playing?"
>"It's Kirby"
>Watches for a moment
>That nursery room styled music
>That 'clearly meant for 5 year olds' aesthetic
>Waddle dee's tripping over themselves all cute like
>"It's kirby"
>Collect a piece of furniture
>'YOU FOUND A FLOWER SOFA' pop up on screen
>"I found a flower sofa"
>"I see that"
>Walks away
My Father used to play some vidya so he understands.

Mom dosen't give a fuck.

And I got my two siblings Minecraft and other shit.

So yeah pruddy gud
File: bb.png (283 KB, 623x469) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
283 KB, 623x469
>Geo-Political War Simulators
are you me?

>father used to play some vidya, and some generic fps nowadays
>mom doesn't care
>sister plays anygame i play
>two brothers which play minecraft nonstop
Almost it seems.
File: 1413478914780.jpg (11 KB, 231x363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 231x363
>'YOU FOUND A FLOWER SOFA' pop up on screen
>"I found a flower sofa"
>"I see that"
>Walks away
File: 1383685705439.jpg (127 KB, 504x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127 KB, 504x470
>dad/mother/brother walks in
>"Can you please stop playing videogames for a bit?" and other random insults
>"You will never achieve anything in life..."
>huge sigh, they exit and close the door behind them
>mfw I wasn't even playing videogames
>GF walks in while I'm playing Bayonetta
>Says "pretty cool"
>walks out

You guys live with some judgmental ass people
File: 1352247707658.png (351 KB, 370x501) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
351 KB, 370x501
>mom sees me play touhou
>sees the graphics
>"I reeeally hope you got this game for free"

>less than an hour spent playing over the last two weeks according to steam
>decide to play something for once
>5 minutes in mom walks in
>"wasting your time with those games again"
>close game
File: 1416952348618.png (49 KB, 260x221) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 260x221
You did, didn't you
File: 1413687943255.webm (2 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1280x720
>whole family comes in
>mother gets back together with scottish boyfriend from almost 3 years ago (long story, they found each other over facebook, yadda yadda yadda)
>he sounds really cool
>he visits us in New York
>one day I wake up before them, start playing fallout 3
>he wakes up and sees the game
>asks if he can try it out
>turns out he plays ps3 and he learns the controls rather quickly
>he starts off rather fine
>get to the part where Butch's mum is attacked by radroaches
>he kills Butch's mum
>Butch comes crying to his character
>he kills Butch
>"Dad wtf"
>"He's a little pussy bitch ahahaha"
>proceeds to go "ahh fuckin bitch", "fuckin pussy bitch", "piece of shite" at everything that attacks him
>gets to Megaton
>meets the beggar outside
>"get a job you fuckin bum"
>tell him he needs to go to the saloon
>he meets Moriarty
>he's telling him to go meet the hooker for the caps she owes him
>he accidentally talks to him again and triggers the dialogue where Moriarty wants 300 caps instead of 100
>he says "fuck you Irish fuckin prick" and shoots him
>whole pub kills him
>"lemme try this out again when I get the hang of it"
30* years ago
File: 1407361997752.png (19 KB, 870x870) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 870x870
true anon also that pic ;)
It sounds like you instead really love your dad and you're hating on him for shit your mom does.

I know this is going to sound very sjw but its not like he has the right to 'control' her and as such her faults are her own.

Honestly I hope you at least call him. One of the reasons he sounds so introverted is messed up family relationships.

Yes I am
I wonder what DaS derives itself from (other than DeS).
File: 1417389498992.jpg (221 KB, 1122x992) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
221 KB, 1122x992
>>he says "fuck you Irish fuckin prick" and shoots him
Don't listen to the other anons, they don't understand the compulsion.
I hear they're short on paras right now. But you gotta want it or you'll end up a squadie.
My dad is also a gamer (mostly RPGs and Action-Adventures), so we talk about them every no and then.
However, he's a filthy pirate and I'm not anymore, so he always plays and finishes games before I do, for the most part.

I was playing State of Decay the other day while I'm visiting my family over the next three weeks and he said it seems just like TWD.
Got my Dad and Sister to play PT a few nights ago.

Didn't get as good a reaction as I expect from my sis, but got a great one from my dad
File: 5636847725363.gif (2 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 320x240
>wanting to involve your parents in your sad, anti-social hobbies
What's anti-social about video games?
That's right, nothing.
>considering suicide because douchebaggy son is doing nothing with life

should of just waited a little longer for him to top himself

>parents should love and support their children
>not scare them with threats of killing themselves

sounds like a twat
Dad plays occasionally Pacman, Tetris, Donkey Kong, that sort of arcade stuff. Thinks everything else is humbug.
Mum played some simple games with my sister and I when we were younger.
They never really cared about what I played but I didn't play that much vidya anyway as a kid, it wasn't my only hobby.
Both regard it as being stupid as opposed to reading and cinema, especially dad who is big on both of those.
They were infinitely more pleased if I pored over books and not games, even if the literature was pulp so it's not like I was civilizing myself with classics.
When I did play I got a free pass on it for being a sort of bookworm and having music as a hobby as well.
Both have very little idea on what vidya is like beyond 80's arcade and the limited variety of games I played as a kid/teenager before I got my own PC.
>going this far to defend yourself
got a story
>playing CSS few years back
>dad comes to room, asks what I am playing
>tells me to move over
>he grabs the mouse and moves around
>he does not understand keyboard movement
>looks around, sees teammate
>shoots at him, misses because lolspraypatterns
>"Its your teammate"
>turns around
>"and this guy?"
>he is terrorist
>panic shoots
>terrorist gets him
he is top man in his joking mood
>11 or so
>playing soul calibur 2
>fighting Ivy
>mom walks in
panic and run out of the room

She didn't really seem to give a shit at least
My dad will appreciate big tits if he sees any.
Your dad is 2cute4me
>somewhere around 2010
>reinstalled C&C Tiberium Sun
>new game, GDI side
>briefing cutscene, sister is watching
>asks me about game
>tell her its strategy and they are talking to you as a commander
>"so when will you play"
>"in a moment"
>cutscene ends, actual graphics show up
>my sister explodes into laughter
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my dad and i used to play halo 1 and 2 in coop when i was younger

>mfw he just stopped playing video games with me cause he was too busy drinking

>mfw he died last year to brain cancer
more like gaylo
That's what he gets for not getting a ps triple.
my mom plays Nintendo games and currently is playing animal crossing

Dad doesn't really play games. But he loves seeing me run over people in gta

He also loves bullying the villagers in my moms town. He asks her to hit the villagers with the net and toy hammer because he finds it hilarious when they get mad. My mom gets mad at him for it. It's pretty cute.
are you me?
father died of brain cancer too
seems like a lot of people i know have been getting cancer recently. its really depressing honestly
>Playing games like MGR, DaS,etc
>Swear a bit if I do something stupid or get hit
>Dad walks in
>"What happened son, did they kick your ass ?"

>Playing RDR
>the only sex scene in the game with that mexican rebel and a bitch
>mom is in the room and hears moaning
>Starts sighing, and leaves the room disgusted

Brother and sister play games too so it's okay. Mom has never played a videogame. Dad usually plays car games or the occasional RTS.
>Nintendo breaks

This is a fucking lie.
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>playing deus ex
>brother walks in
>tell him to get out if he doesn't like it
>he then proceeds to turn his console on and play call of duty
it's all kevin nash and hulk hogan's backstage politics!

I wish my dad was that based
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Family gives me shit for playing games in general. I tell em to fuck off.
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there's different fuwa fuwa time versions?

also pic related, only options
>Chillin, maxing, relaxing all cool in my room
>Mom calls from the other room, "Anon, come here a minute!"
>I go
>See mom playing on old 3DS
>"I can't beat this boss. Wanna help me out?"
>tfw she's playing A Link Between Worlds.
>not beating his faggot ass

you must be the younger brother
>playing Civ V when my dad walks in
>wow anon, you sure do enjoy these strategy type games huh?
>end up talking about history and stuff with him and Bernard Cornwell books

>playing Dark Souls in front of my mom while she's knitting
>she tells me I suck at the game
>I tell her that I'm actually pretty good
>she laughs and says I suck

>playing Civ III hotseat with my sister back in the day
>helped her learn how to play BfME and Warcraft 3
>she mostly just plays guitar now but me, her and my girlfriend will play video games together once in a while

My family is cool
ooh thats adorable.
k-on is abhorrent, have some shame.
>dad wants to play GTA V for a bit
>boot up the game and leave room
>come back and Trever wakes up naked and high
>dad asks why I have my character naked
>"I-I swear game does it by itself, they do their own thing in the background "
Your dad sounds like a nice guy who's putting up with a cunt wife and even worse children. Go see him. Fuck
My parents were gamers back in the day but kind of dropped off the boat around 5th gen. They still express interest, but routinely say games "aren't for them anymore." It's kind of depressing, actually.
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weeb shit.jpg
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I know that feel
I downloaded pretty much off that mikuru radio page

topped it off with some OHR
>Sister talking shit about how I play Japanese games like Zelda saying they're "weird" and "normal people don't play them"
>Remind her that those "normal games" like GTA have shit like virtual strip clubs and hookers
Hushmode, nigga. Hushmode.
I can't think of the name right now but Demon's Souls was heavily inspired by some manga. Dark Souls though is mainly inspired by western fantasies (not western RPG's though)
>playing Dark Souls on the big TV for a change
>mom comes by
>already on my way to change the input to CSI: Some City
>says there's no need and sits next to me
>starts asking questions about everything
>spent the next two hours discussing lore and design with her
She's pretty chill.
You're thinking of Berserk. Dark Souls draws a lot of influence from it too.
My grandma likes to watch me play GTA:SA. That's all
There are Yui and Mio versions.
K-on is wonderful, have some pride.
yeah that's the one, thanks anon
Did you fuck her?
here anon, this might be a song you like if you don't enjoy K-ON!