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Wizard spells
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/v/ I'm making a game and I figured you could help me with some spells, there are a few rules that should be followed though.

It's for a wizard, so no "Leap" "Battlecry" "Whirlwind" and so on.
No win the game spells.

Besides that anything goes, I will compile the list of spells tonight and come back tomorrow to showcase the ones I have completed.
Rain of Frogs
Because we Old Testament now, son.
We need to know more. Is it turn-based or real-time?
I'm not really sure how Rain of Frogs would do anything. Explosive frogs? Acid frogs? Exploding frost frogs? Frogs that attack nearby enemies?
It's real time, but that shouldn't limit you. A turn based spell can still work in real time.
How boring, limiting wizards like that.

I choose Teleport, Spell-Shout, Maelstrom.
I don't care as long as it's frogs and they're raining
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Can't go wrong with good old fashioned mind control.
Please expand on what mechanics you're using before asking a question like this. This has huge implications on what spells are viable and which are not.
something like here at 1:00

Just wanted to know for reference. I agree that turn based spells can work in real time, but the way it's done needs to be tweaked to suit.

How about this: Chain Gravity. The way it works is you cast the spell on a target to slow it by 30%. for each consecutive bounce to another close target, the slow on the initial target and each target in sequence increases by 5%. Bounces up to 10 times or something.

Sounds like you need to read Jojo.
i've been thinking about a game of life system
>mana is main resource
>depending on how you use you resource
>you can control it
>branch off from there depending on whats relevant
>if your character is good at materializing things, then hes good at conjuring a sword
>if hes good enough, conjure a sentinel
>if your character is good at changing the temperature of his mana
>then your character can throw a fireball at different magnitudes

i want this.
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What kind of thing are you looking for?

Area spells?
Plague of Knives
Infernal Eye
Celestial Judgement of the Four Winds
Summon Pumpkin
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Life/Mana/Resource drain.
Oh, here, I have one: Futurecast.

Rip open a portal in time to instantly cast any spell from ten seconds into the future. If you do not cast the spell within ten seconds, the effects of the spell cast are entirely reversed.
Anything involving time
Slowing down, stopping, speeding up.
Chronomancy best mancy
Teleport is already in. Spell-shout is good, but a bit vague, Maelstrom would be cool.

I'm sure I can come up with something.

Mind control is always good, especially if the NCP's you can mind control have new abilities for the player to use.

Anything pretty much goes as long as it isn't any win game spells and fits a wizard.

Seems like a blackhole, might work if the enemy would randomly appear somewhere else in the game.

I've thought about a gravity spell that took weight into account and actually worked like real gravity forcing the subject to the ground.

Anything goes.

Infernal Eye and Summon Pumpkin sounds awesome, Plague of Knives would fit a rouge character better. Celestial Judgement of the Four Winds sounds like a fun spell.

Every game needs something like that. Wheres the fun if you can't drain life?

Not really sure how that would even work.
Go the earthbound route
Like nighttime stuffiness, which causes the afflicted to stop to sneeze and take damage every once and a while.
Kentucky fried magic
is its own element, Deep fried, which bypasses all damage resistance,as well as all damage weakness
Futurecast would work like this: You activate it, and then get to cast any spell in your book independent of its cooldown. When you do so, any effects from that spell will persist on the target (be it damage or some other effect), unless you forget to cast it within ten seconds (sending it into the past and helping you moments earlier). If you fail to do so, all damage and other effects from the spell will reverse, restoring HP or removing debuffs.

Clever mages could use it to cast a debuff on themselves that would end up saving them for ten seconds and then deliberately no cast it into the past to have it removed from themselves.
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Tether one enemy to another; Their movement is limited and if one takes damage, both do.

Throw a bone shard that does minor damage. If the target dies during a certain period of time, they rise as an undead creature.

Disease cause damage over time. If target dies during, they explode and infect things near them.

Turn someone into a berserker werewolf thing. They become limited to melee range and are forced to attack the closest target.
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Wizard thread?
Summon Earth Shark
Sheep Catapult
Hex of Forced Book Reading
Bone shard and disease is two really neat ideas. Tether is a good one too, berserker werewolf thing however I think I'm gonna save for the buffer/debuffer class.

Love them all. This here is why you ask /v/ for ideas.

Mannequin curse.
The subject will start seeing everyone as Mannequins.
Save roll on fear, if succesful save roll on mind.
If fear is failed the character become scared, if mind on roll is failed he is aware of the illusion but do not remember in which Mannequins replaced the enemies, the subject act as confused.

>Not really sure how that would even work.

He's referring to this.

(Try to ignore the shitty music)
Inflict Projectile Diarrhea.
Reverse Gravity
Water to Wine (there is water inside of people)
Salieri's Sandwich Summoning Spell
Cosby's Cranium Compressing Cantrip
Cease to Exist
>Battlefield changes to just the wizard and the targeted enemy
>Enemy is now easier to damage
>When it dies time returns to when the spell was cast
>But the enemy is dead
>Any timer based buffs that wore off on the wizard are returned

>Instantly kills any frozen or petrified enemy

Dying Curse
>Target an enemy, if you die the targeted enemy dies

Because making your opponents asphyxiate to death sounds fun
Timestop, because fuck yeah timestop.

>Stop time
>Surround enemy with fireballs, arcane bolts and summoned weapons, all suspended in mid-flight
>Restart time
Greased Bomb

Same as fireball but it deal damage overtime too.
The fire cannot be put out normally (for obvious reasons).
Make a spell that's insanely hard to get, like harder than actually beating the game, that instantly wins the game.

Takes any group of objects and telekinetically mushes them together into an obelisk-like structure. Can be used to inflict create barriers, or inflict crush-based physical damage by "assembling" enemies and rocks together.
Transmogrify dicks.
I'll let you decide what that means.
A spell that let's you send out a familiar as a scout. Ie, conjure a mouse to grab items for you and the like.
File: bleach-4920415.jpg (170 KB, 800x1201) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
170 KB, 800x1201

That happened in Bleach recently and it was cool as hell. Guy just summoned SPACE around Kenpachi and almost killed him.
A spell that can instantly kill anything, even bosses, but comes with a significant downside, like a permanent, stacking debuff.

Using it on the final boss gives you a bad ending where you both die
Animate Organs; Bring life to an enemies innards
Could you imagine being attacked from the inside by your own organs?

The mage is posessed by the spirit of a long forgotten hero.
He lose all his spellcasting abilities but receive a great phisical boost and spectral weapons and armor.
More magical power = greater spirit, otherwise the mage can call a willing spirit if he knows it's name or the title the spirit can recognize.
Battle network games had that. It was still way too easy to abuse.
Necrodickery: take control of an enemy's skeleton while they are still alive. The skeleton then eats its way out or something.
Choke self.
Updraft (Level 1)

Lifts the target into an airborne state on turn 1. On turn 2, the target falls and takes damage. Targets in the airborne state cannot use close-range attacks on targets in the grounded state, and vice-versa. Re-using the spell on an airborne target prolongs the airborne state by 1 more turn.

The mage use all his spells at once.
Aiming is random, target spells target everyone randomly (except for the mage).
Buff and debuff affect everyone except the mage.
For the duration of this spell the mage cannot hurt itself.
That sounds even worse than my idea. I mean that in a good way
Blast from the Past - rewinds time, making incoming projectiles return to their point of origin: their caster's face.
Useless Teleport

The mage summon an useless or broken item.


The mage shoot a small item at the enemy.
Nice, I've been meaning to make a wizard roguelike for some time

Im gonna be stealing the ideas from this thread too
I like it

Ah I see.

Yeah I'm not gonna do that

Reverse Gravity is decent, but I'll think I'll rather have something like air walk instead. Water to Wine, I guess it could be a channeling spell that needs to be finished before the target dies.

Love the cease to exist, shatter is cool but would be kinda limited. Dying Curse sounds neat.

Nice one.

I want something like this, but I have a feeling it will be really hard to code.

Will do

Sounds neat as hell.

Well some of the spells already suggested kinda are "instant" kill ones, like the Shatter one and turn Water to Wine. But the debuff is a cool idea to have. Players will hate using it, but will want to due to the power.

Sounds like a neat way to have a summoning skeleton spell.

Please go away Phil

Sounds like a good idea.

Neat one, where you can keep the enemy airborn until you feel like letting him down.

I'm pretty sure that would cause the game to crash or drop down to some seriously low frame rate.
Conductive Magic

User steals all buffs from adjacent enemies, including any multi-turn charge abilities (which the user will then use on the appropriate turn)
Shock and Awe

The mage turn invisible and create a copy of himself.
The copy then proceed to rip one of its arms off.
Everyone that see the scene remaine shocked (immobile), everyone that resist the shock must resist against the illusion otherwise they will still believe the illusion to be the mage gone mad.
You could make a spell that targets an area, like 10x10 tiles, and randomly rearranges the position of all the tiles, monsters and items inside it. Could be fun.

Third Person

The mage switch the perspective of two creatures.
Mage switch Naga's perspective with Gnoll, now Gnoll will see with Naga's eyes and Naga will see with Gnoll's eyes.
They maintain all their racial benefits or lack of thereof.
Evasive thoughts - target can't quite remember any bit of information. Leaving them with the feeling that any bit of information is right on the tip of their tongue. This does not affect muscle memory but does affect remembering what a man wearing robes and pointing a wand at them means.

Hard will check to recall any information

Easy will check to react to situations and the enviroment
Thje skeleton opens your mouth with his arms and gets out and runs away to freedom. You end up as a piece of skin flapping on the ground. You need to eat cheese and milk for calcium to grow a new skeleton.
Mage stores energy into his body.
Releasing it causes an AoE explosion around the mage.
Can stack multiple charges of energy.
More charges = Bigger and more damaging explosion, but also damages the mage.
Can overcharge for a huge fucking explosion, but it massively damages and debuffs the mage.

If you include this one, I'll let you decide the upper limit of charges and the consequences of detonation.
Different anon here.
What if you had a first person RPG like Morrowind, but instead of simply tapping the button to cast a spell, you had to hold the button down, dependent on the spell? ie, a simple light spell could take merely 5 seconds (or be channeled) or a fireball could take a minute or more; skill and training would reduce the time.
That would be way too long

Switch 5s to instantaneous and a minute to 5s
What if spells required inputs similar to moves in fighting games?

The mage drop an extremely heavy item on the target.
The item is always comically out of place (an iceberg in a desert, a piano in a cavern, a tank of water near a lake) and disappear after 2 seconds it hits something.
Now we're cooking with shoryukens
You could do it Drakan style, i.e. making the player draw a pattern in the air to intone/prepare a spell. Not necessarily for every single spell cast, Drakan had you do it when you started fighting or wanted to switch between different spells.
I like it, but since it's real time I'm gonna have the spell create a "tiled area" that swaps everything around.

Sadly enough the first "phase" of the game will be singleplayer, but I'll keep it for the multiplayer part.

I'll think there wont be a limit, but the damage will stack and some other debuff to keep people from stacking it to much, but depending on the items/how you build the character you can stack it differently.

Some spells will require different types of inputs.

Nice one, although I think I'll keep the objects smaller.
Yet another different anon here, thanks for reminding me that my dream fighting game that takes place in a medieval tournament will never be real.

R.I.P. Guile-knockoff crusader
R.I.P. zoner wizard
R.I.P. dickass thief


No you switch the enemy vision.
For example if you switch the vision with an enemy that cannot see you the other one will act as blinded.
This would be for a fighter that grabs a spellbook and tries to do it with little training. Wizards would be significantly faster (and different specializations would allow you to cast ie, destruction spells must faster than protection spells, depending)
Soul of the sinner

The target creature is haunted by a spirit that force it to aim for the genitals of its enemies.
If the enemies have no genitals it will aim for eyes and other weak points.
Might as well make them control each others body, and if a naga in the body of a gnoll tries to cast water spells it will fuck up and backfire
>Want to make a game with deep, powerful spellcrafting
>Have no idea how to organize the spell effects, could just be "fire damage" which make spells into a lunch buffet of effects, or things like >>258267912 which are very specific and don't lead to customizability

That's a bit overpowered though.

Here's an easy one


This spells work in two ways.
First it cover the target in harmless food, could be blood, pieces of steak or even bits of fruits.
Then it summon a bunch of creatures that are starving and are extremely territorial and aggressive.
The creatures can be of any kind, even undead.
>Space Magic #1
Target a field, ALL units in field are either

Moved to another random spot within the field (Takes some damage)
-Chance to partially moved to another spot
-Causes speed, damage, hitrate debuff, Possibly 2, or all 3
Shifted into a another dimension, Removes Unit from world (Lowest chance)
Partially shifted into another dimension (Huge Damage)

>Space Magic #2
Removes target area from world, any units caught in area are killed, has channel time before casting

If there are 2 people on opposite sides of the field, but are not in the field, they'd be moved to be right next to each other after casting, because that space doesn't exist anymore niggaaa
Glass Cannon: a shapeshift that gives the wizard a huge increase in damage, but also turns his body into glass, multiplying physical damage taken. Blunt/crushing damage (aka maces and shit) will destroy him in one hit.
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1 MB, 365x353
Minority World
Mage designates a zone where everything in it behaves the opposite.
Damage will heal, healing will deal damage, fire freezes, ice/water burns, debuffs become buffs, etc.

>mfw I've been reading too much Toriko
Just have the spells leave debuffs/parts that can interact with other spells. Casting water spells adds a water debuff, if the player casts a lightning spell afterwards damage is trippled.
Incorporate grease.

No game I know of has grease, and it can open up to some truly fucking hilarious things.
Absurd Mind

The mage mind become absurd.
Any creature that try to penetrate or control the mage's mind will end up controlled instead.
Hi Magicka
Any game that have interaction with spells do it like that.
Hi Divinity
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How the fuck do you make a game that is a.) moddable b.) has lots of skill interactions like PoE?
Say what you want about the gameplay, but their engine is amazing

The mage control a weapon of his choice and then blast it toward the target.
Why would turning into glass make you stronger? I know it's only for the sake of the pun, but allow me to offer an improvement. What if it turned you into a prism, massively increasing light-element damage by reflecting and magnifying it within yourself before unleashing it?
Conjure Oil

Creates an oil slick on a given space: if the space chosen contains enemies, the enemies gain an Oil debuff.

Oil can be lit on fire, and moves from its current space to the 8 adjacent spaces when water is applied.

To pick up and throw shit, or to steal items from a distance, like in Oblivion.
Because it adds spiky glass shards to your spells
Okey I'll think that's it. It's a huge list of spells, so I'm just gonna stop here or I'm never gonna complete them.

Rain of Frogs, Maelstrom, Mind Control, Black Hole, Chain Gravity, Infernal Eye, Summon Pumpkin, Celestial Judgement of the Four Winds, Life/Mana Drain, Futurecast, Time stop, Nighttime Stuffiness, Tether, Throw a Bone Shard, Disease, Summon Earth Shark, Sheep Catapult, Hex of Forced Book Reading, Mannequin Curse, Cease to Exist, Shatter, Dying Curse, Water to Wine, Vacuum, Greased Bomb, Assemble, Summon Familiar, Instantly Killing Spell, Greatness, Necrodickery, Updraft, MAGICAL SUPER FURY OF DEATH, Conductive Magic, Shock and Awe, Random 10x10 Tile Spell, Overcharge, Punchline, Soul of the Sinner, Hunger, Space Magic, Glass Cannon, Minority World, Cannon, Conjure Oil, Telekinesis.

Don't think I missed anyone.
I'm shit at names, so I'll just list some effects

Hit the enemy with a blast of salt. Does extra damage to things weak to salt. Causes extra damage to things that are bleeding. Upgrading it makes you use more salt, and more potent salt. Melts ice, but can also make ice attacks more damaging.

A caustic blast that neutralizes acidic enemies and causes burn damage. Acts like an acid attack but it's a base instead. Upgrading it lets it leave caustic residue that hurts enemies that walk over it. It's burn damage is healed with acidic things.

Telefrag. Point at an enemy and you teleport where they are and they explode. Just watch out, because some enemies are immune to this and if you do it to them you'll die instead. Not an original idea though.

A tether. Using this spell places a magic spear into the ground. This spell uses your health to cast, but when you're within the range of the spear you recover health and have a defense bonus. If the spear is destroyed you lose some health. Upgrades let you place more than one.

Lucky dip. This spell fires off as a projectile and it's effects are up to luck. It can cause most status effects, but you don't know what you're inflicting them with until you do it. Might have been ripped off of the final boss of Mario RPG

Last one. Conjuring this spell makes your health decrease exponentially (goes down fast, but slows down as you run out). To make up for it you move faster and your spells take less magic to cost. Essentially a rage mode. Minimum time to use this is 5 seconds. Possilby add a cooldown period where the wizard is tired for a bit.

I don't play many fantasy games so these are probably commonplace.
Seriously, is this /tg/ now or something?
Godspeed, Wizard Anon
You should get a tripcode if this is going to be a long-term project
laser meteor
A spell that expands your opponent, more casts can cause greater expansion and possibly an explosion of their mass; also could be used to expand teammates for intimidation
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575 KB, 720x479
Pic related, I guess. And I do like your idea.

I'll upload the shitty "game" tomorrow with some of the spells and simply use that as my "tripcode".

Any spells after this I'm gonna add to a second list that I will work on once the first one is completed, just so the people that keep posting don't feel left out.
File: Kcj7opncq.png (186 KB, 936x590) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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1 : Cast spell on props like destroyable statues or beach balls
2 : Target an enemy through normal means
3 : activate spell, the objects you casted it one become projectiles aimed at the enemy
Although an explode function could also work, turn the scenery into remote mines and whatnot
If you're going to be uncreative and just ask others for shit you may as well just copy an AD&D spellbook.
Not him, but that's what I plan on doing.
But I don't know how best to have it so you have multiple "power sources" for spells (memorization, MP, divine-granted, mix and match, runes, etc) as well as the effects themselves
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Thread images: 12
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