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Dural Magissa Garden
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Since people are talking about this little gem in the Hidan no Aria AA thread, I figure I'd start a thread on it to avoid cluttering the HnA AA one.

Anon who keeps reading Chinese scans of underrated yuri manga here again, and holy shit have I been waiting for an opportunity to talk about Accel World Dural Magissa Garden. Which should otherwise be known as The "Virtual Reality Game Anime Except With Lesbians" You've Always Wanted That Isn't .hack//SIGN.

First things first:
>Is this actually yuri?
It is, and it's fantastic.
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The protagonist, Chiaki, is a girl with a huge-ass crush on the female lead from the main series. This might ring an unwelcome bell, but unlike Akari in Hidan no Aria AA, she doesn't fixate on her idol figure alone and actually forms two-way relationships with the rest of the main cast.

Speaking of the rest of the main cast, they're basically a yuri family.
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No, seriously. Due to the setting of Accel World, there are two older girls who officially take on the roles of "parents" to Chiaki (and her girlfriend, but I'll get to that later).

You'd think that the whole "parents" thing was just silly virtual reality terminology for mentorship, but they're really going all out here. Not only are they very maternal towards their juniors, they've also got some great chemistry together. You know the drill, a tomboy prince paired off with a more feminine girl.

What's interesting here is that the prince is a dignified and deadly dancer, whereas her "feminine" partner is the perverted, buxom, genki comic relief and also a FIRE-BREATHING DRAGON. Not that common a coupling of character types.

>fangirls squealing over princely figure
>same princely figure has had go through the very unprincely act of piggybacking her wasted partner home
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028 (1).png
675 KB, 900x1300
Anyway, there's a lot of material in here to give you warm fuzzy family feelings. Like that time DRAGON MOM takes Chiaki to go clothes-shopping for her girlfriend.
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They're also vaguely incestuous, but hey. Social conventions and taboos certainly aren't going to stop DRAGON MOM.
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Your main ship for Chiaki should be this adorable half-Russian girl, Lilya, whom Chiaki rescues from bullies. Chiaki later commits herself to drawing Lilya out of her shell, and after some homoerotic bonding and the customary heartwarming pep-talks, Lilya reveals her ability to transform from a petite doll into a gigantic, terrifying monster that overwhelms its opponents through sheer destructive power.

Ever since then, Lilya's become quite devoted to Chiaki.
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I'll let the pages speak for themselves here.
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I'm greatly excited about everything you are saying, but this is the part where you mention the manga ended, was cancelled or otherwise stopped after something like two volumes, like plenty of things I've been greatly excited about.
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>"Then, together with you, I'll do battle."
>"Chiaki is enduring her fear, so I want to be by your side."
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Worry not, the manga is still ongoing! And so are the English scanlations, though they're a little slow. Please continue to be greatly excited.

Anyway, if all those pages above aren't enough for you, I shall now narrate a few scenes from a pictorial metaphor of fluffy, comfort sex.

>Chiaki's insecurity causes her to lash out
>"Directly connect with me."

Note that a direct connection is "an act restricted among family members, or at most, between lovers" according to the manga itself.
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>"Chiaki, my pocket money can buy just this one."
>"Ah. Sorry, I'll pay my share."
>"Chiaki. I'm starting."
>"Ah ... un."
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Woops, last two lines from the previous post actually apply to this page.
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>suggestive SFX
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>pages of Lilya giving a rousing speech about overcoming her fears with the help of Chiaki and her "parents"
>then this page
>"If you truly wish to not harm those important to you, make a wish by their side."
>"Chiaki, now that you have people important to you, you absolutely can't run away."
>"Don't worry."
>"Our mothers [small text: parents] are really strong. Much stronger than anything Chiaki can even imagine."
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>"So, is it okay, Chiaki?"
>"Try to fully accept their wish to become Chiaki's parents."
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>"Also, I want to become much, much, much stronger."
>"That's why, Chiaki."
>"I also want Chiaki to be by my side, fighting together with me."
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>"... Lilya, unknowingly, you've become a lot stronger."

Just look at this page:
>DOUBLE hand-holding
>intertwining fingers
>linking their minds together via direct connection
>the cord they can afford is so short their faces are like three inches apart
>foreheads touching

How grossly intimate is this? And in public, too.
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This shit is so gay that even the ojou-sama bully character has a crush on BOTH her victim and Chiaki.
>Accel World

Isn't that the one with the literal fat fuck as the main protagonist? Oh and thanks OP, this looks really nice.
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And if you thought she wasn't going to be important after Lilya's befriending arc, the same ojou-sama bully later gets a sympathetic backstory reveal of her own and a cool gangster girlfriend.

>"You're not going to refuse directly connecting with me?"
>licks the cord in a blatantly sexual manner
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>several resolved misunderstandings later
>"Become our comrade."

Their developing relationship is actually rather cute because ojou-sama bully is such a lonely person, and this is the first time she's been invited into any sort of group unit.
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That's the one. And no problem!

The female lead from the main series actually compares her first encounter with Chiaki to her impression of him. Presumably, she thinks they're both cute. But nobody cares about that, because we've got more legit yuri going on elsewhere.
this seems gay as fuck,and first three volumes are already translated,sweet. thanks OP,I'm gonna check this manga now.
so how many volumes are out?
File: 025.png (705 KB, 962x1400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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More legit yuri like this pairing.
who's the auther?
accel is shit
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Chiaki is awfully fond of cupping Lilya's cheeks.

It seems like five volumes are out in Japan. Chinese scans have gotten through 38 chapters.

Cute, but remains painfully subtext it seems, which I'm 100% fine with for anime, but with manga, I feel like being a little more demanding doesnt hurt.
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On a side note, let's discuss the prominent male characters in this series.

>Chiaki's older brother
>told Chiaki so many stories about Kuroyukihime that she developed a crush on her

>DRAGON MOM's childhood friend
>nothing but platonic feelings on DRAGON MOM's side
>most developed relationship is with his gay friend

>DRAGON MOM's childhood friend's gay friend
>has a whole arc dedicated to his feelings for DRAGON MOM's childhood friend

Rest assured for now.

Sorry buddy, it appears that Dural Magissa Garden has the same author as its parent series. Don't give up on it just yet, though. It's been pretty good so far, though I can't claim with 100% certainty that I don't have shit taste.

Well, they're kids, and we're really in the beginning stages of their relationship still. A big portion of the manga has been spent on developing the plot, other characters, and action scenes, which I feel is a pretty nice change from what I usually find in yuri-relevant material.

And hell, the direct connection thing is supposed to be family- and lovers-only. So if Chiaki and Lilya did it, complete with ridiculous amounts of blushing, awkwardness, and passionate declarations, I can take it as the closest we're going to get to a first-time sex scene.
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And so I leave you all with one final comment: ANIME WHEN.

That aside, watch Koukaku no Pandora next season. I think I've already made my case for that one some time ago.
>it appears that Dural Magissa Garden has the same author as its parent series

The biggest question is why did he make the parent series in the first place instead of this.
From what you've posted I think I prefer my yuri just a bit more overt. Still I'll probably check this out later, thanks for showcasing it.
>A big portion of the manga has been spent on developing the plot, other characters, and action scenes
oh,then I guess I won't check it after all,not what I'm looking for,and not sure if is worth it reading it just for a few subtext scenes in between.

Yea, a focus on plot and world building is great. But the subtext is still pretty meh.
>Well, they're kids, and we're really in the beginning stages of their relationship still.

So you're trying to sell the faintest maybe-could be-eventually-in-10-years-yuri-if-you-squint as a series for /u/

>family yuri
So, it's like Opapagoto but with even more excuses, huh. The lack of scans is pretty depressing, though. I'd read it if raws were up to date.
File: 0047.jpg (146 KB, 1113x828) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146 KB, 1113x828
Alas, we ask that of every harem series with a yuri-relevant spin-off.

That's fair. If by overt, you mean explicit fantasising and declarations of love, have you checked Koukaku no Pandora out? If you meant something more along the lines of kissing or sex instead, I can't think of any ongoing manga (apart from Hidan no Aria AA) with yuri as a "side topping" instead of its main genre which has what you're looking for.

It is actually extremely hard to escape from the subtext. There is some sort of gayness in practically every chapter, be it relationship development, sexual harassment, or gratuitous blushing. Even the action scenes so far have had a strong focus on partnerships and the characters themselves. You don't have to expend any effort at all.

The reason why I said that is because Lilya has only very recently grown out of being a wallflower dependent on others into a partner able to stand by Chiaki's side. It'd be too hasty for them to go full yuri right now, taking that into consideration plus the fact that they met not too long ago.

Anyway, I feel that this could be genuinely relelvant to the interests of some.

Haha OH BOY, did you know that Opapagoto ended with an explicit three-page kiss, an unmistakable confession of love, and the protagonist more or less adopted into her faux-wife's family? If this winds up being anything like Opapagoto, I'd be over the moon.
has translation on that stalled out? Haven't heard about it in a while.

>Koukaku no Pandora
Guess I'll check that out as well.

I wouldn't say I'm after yuri as a side topping necessarily, I just prefer yuri in a fully realized setting, doesn't really matter what that setting is, of the fairly current stuff Gamma is one of my favourites but so are Virgin's Empire and Shinozaki-san because they all pull off their world building very well.
It doesn't look as slight as you're implying to me. And /u/ has liked a lot of other stuff with less.
I've read Opapagoto but I'm not as excited about the ending as you. MC clearly said she doesn't have romantic feelings for anyone. How dense is Chiaki anyway?
On the konosetsu scale, one being one minor blush and ten being full konosetsu, where does this manga stand as far as its subtext goes?
Obviously Sunrise needs to adapt this
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0049 拷貝.jpg
191 KB, 852x1200
There hasn't been a release from the English scanlators in a while. The Chinese scans are complete, however.

>Koukaku no Pandora
Just a warning, the English translations are quite behind. Even Seven Seas hasn't gotten to the more yuri parts yet.

>yuri in a fully realized setting
That's the ideal, anon. I can't get as invested in Virgin's Empire due to a personal bias for an ongoing narrative, but I really enjoyed Gamma and Shinozaki-san too.

>MC clearly said she doesn't have romantic feelings for anyone
If this occurs towards the end of the series, would you mind pointing out to me where she says so? The only instance I remember is when she explains that she doesn't have romantic feelings for her pseudo-daughter. The final chapter demonstrated a lot of personal revelations and character development, insofar as a series this short can have such development, so I wouldn't write off the possibility that she changes her mind after her pseudo-wife makes a grand show of her feelings by sacrificing practically all her inheritance to buy the protag out of debt.

Plus, the wife kind of took her by utter surprise right there.

If we're talking about Chiaki and Lilya alone, I'd rate it a decent six. Lilya is obviously devoted to Chiaki.

>I want to grow stronger in order to stay together with Chiaki-chan.
>Only for Chiaki-chan.
>I'll put my everything on the line so I can grow stronger for this person ...

And so far, a good part of the manga has concentrated on their developing relationship. As for Chiaki herself, she believed in Lilya wholeheartedly from the start, and considers her highly important. They're also set up to be partners in battle. It might seem lacking at the moment, but they've got the potential. KonoSetsu wasn't made in 30 chapters, after all.

Sunrise won't even give us a third season of Horizon.
And this is different to regular /u/...how?
>personal bias for an ongoing narrative
This must be a rough genre for you then.

Interesting that you draw the line between VE and Shinozaki though, I personally see more development in the former.

I told myself I'd just check out the first chapter of Magissa Garden but ended up reading the first 5. Quite like it so far, my biggest gripe would be that the dragon lady's antics can be a bit grating at times. The scene where Chiaki and Lilya shared lunch reminded me of the cooking sisters manga (which to my mind hasn't been getting any complaints about how real the yuri it is) and I like the current communication difficulty gimmick. Thanks again for introducing it.
Thank you for this manga's introduction, OP. Your work is appreciated. And just ignore the trolls, autists and retards. If they were guys instead of girls, nobody would be making these remarks. There are many people who would hypocritically shift the goal post when it comes to girl/girl relationship outlook.

I wish this can be adapted into an anime, but they must be keep it het-free at least, for the main spin-off characters, just like in Hidan no aria AAA. They must not follow Railgun, where one of the main spin-off female characters winds up being in love with the guy.

Sure, autist. Except they are doing the same things hetero anime romances do with similar type of characters. Stop being a hypocrite and sit there and count all kinds of friendly anime behavior between a girl and a guy as the real deal. While, when it's between two girls, suddenly they are no longer anime characters, but must follow some kind of SJW rule of real-life lesbian behavior for anything to count. Utter trash.
Opapagoto had 5 chapter translate in Spanish
only 2 in inglish
Thanks, sounds decent enough. Not gamma levels of awesome, but a good read. A six on the scale's good enough.

>Sunrise won't even give us a third season of Horizon.

Why Sunrise why. Season 2 was a bit meh, sure, but there's such cool stuff happening later on...

Reign in that butthurt persecution complex of yours, anon. Railing about imaginary people like that cannot be healthy
>Railing about imaginary people
Talking about yourself? If you aren't butthurt on your own, you wouldn't be responding. And anime characters are not real people, but you are the one acting like they are. If not, what reason, would you have to go against the OP and claim this isn't yuri? Taking imaginary characters seriously and inserting biases to them isn't healthy for you.
I agree with you on the double standards, this series seems plenty yuri to me.
But you only have yourself to blame for expecting Mikoto to become gay in her side stories. At least in this case we have new characters for the spinoff so they aren't really bound by the original.
> And anime characters are not real people, but you are the one acting like they are

...What? I asked how the subtext compared to konosetsu, and thanked OP-neesan for the reply. And mocked you, of course. No idea what you're even going on about here, but it sure seems to have made you very, very butthurt.
I agree but you should refrain from using /v/'s meme word in your arguments. It makes you look stupid.
Nice thread. Great work, OP.

To me, Magisa Garden is... a 'shounen yuri', if that's a word. We have these girls who care deeply and intently for each other, and it came out in the form of 'I must get stronger for my most precious person'.

The art is beautiful (Lilya is indeed, dangerously cute). I'd agree the content is plenty /u/ for this board. Of course, I wish that one day Chiaki and Lilya will become a couple.
Great post, op. I'd usually be a naysayer when Googledanon/Mugino post their nonyuri here, but you definitely delivered.

Gonna attempt to obtain those manga to scan them.
And here's what the elevens think:
http://blog.livedoor.jp/yuri_amagasa/archives/52893033.html Review from 2012, 4,5 stars, secondary yuri category
2015, only two stars, but keep in mind that this wiki is a bit more strict. Citrus got four stars, for comparison, inugami and nekoyama only 3. So two stars is pretty good.
Stars are for yuri level so it a given for subtext to have 2.
I like this guy (don't take him too seriously though):
Seems promising to me.
Low-subtext shows only have one star, that's why I remarked it being rather special that this one has two.


Arachnid, is that you? Lol
I've caught up to the latest chapter. It's good!

It's not quite as hetless as OP implies though, since "mummy" is sending mixed signals. That's easy to ignore though since the yuri signals are much more frequent and hint that the parents enjoy their private time about as much as /u/ would expect them to.

A delinquent girlfriend is exactly what this girl needs.
The way they touch each other is so intimate I feel like I'm intruding.
There's usually one inside a sarcophagus.
Well, there is a reason the elevens don't list the "parents" as a real couple, only MC and her waifu.
I just don't recall that character, guess I didn't get to that part. (Or is it that "mummy" is referring to the parent?)
I think it's referring to the mother who is, let's say, debatably yuri at best later on.

Very strong het leanings around volume 5, so the jp lists drop her and her yuriprince. Crying shame in my book, they were better than the main couple anyday.

BTW; Amazon already lists volume 6 to be released in January, are we sure this series is over?
that's fairly disappointing, I don't mind het couples along with my yuri ones, but I do dislike the bait and switch aspect of this. It makes me worry about how the author will treat the rest of the cast as well.
You shouldn't forget that it's written by the author of Shit Fart Online. Just look at how the lesbian in that one ended up.
haven't bothered with that one. I guess she's part of the harem now?
>I guess she's part of the harem now?
She's dead
No, she had AIDS and died.
Yes, you read that correctly.
Oh, I guess that's actually less bad from a character standpoint. But it's pretty shitty.
The... lesbian died of aids. Really.

You gotta be trolling.
She was born that way. With the AIDs, I mean. There was a titanic hospital fuckup that ended up with the whole family getting AIDs and ultimately dying from it.
She was in competition with the MC, so she had to be disposed of as permanently as possible.

I agree with >>1948000 that it's less offensive then being converted. It's just more shocking since we don't see it as often.

With any luck, Dural is the author's attempt to atone for those past sins.
>With any luck, Dural is the author's attempt to atone for those past sins.
I doubt it. It probably exists only because some editor thought a female-cast spin-off was a good idea.
>yfw the whole Durai family gets killed off by Super AIDS again
This is the author that wrote about the "glopping noise" after all. Two years worth.
Didn't he actually convert one of the mothers in this series?
Okay, at least something. Still, what was that author thinking? That's still a retarded plot tweest.
To whom? Her childhood or another boy?
Wait if raptor mom went het then what happens to prince mom? I thought the two were a pair.
There were only ambiguous hints in that direction.

Actually it is heavily implied on two occasions that they are having sex behind the scenes, but both occasions could probably be taken a different way.
Wait, Accel World's and SAO's author is the same person? Man, what a hack.
Both are even set in the same universe.
How much schlock can one person write before taking a step back and wonder what the hell is going on?
A lot, I guess. As long as the haremshekels keep pouring in, he probably couldn't care less.
It's alright.
It's kind of sad that what you said is probably true. Money is all he cares about.

Yea, I can't believe there are people who enjoy writing stories for money. Disgusting pigs.
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