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Was JJ smoking meth between takes?
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Was JJ smoking meth between takes?
No character growth.
No long emotional shots.
Rapid fire dialogue.
Even the action was rushed.
What the fuck did I just watch.
It was like watching a tranny, on the outside there are females clothes, makeup, high heels and fake boobs. But it isn't a woman.
JJ's Star Wars has stormtroopers, Darth Vader 2.0, Death Star 3.0, Yavin and Tattooine 2.0, but it had no soul.

Literally Star Wars for the ADD generation.
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Did you expect something else?
Dude. Not this bad.
I mean. It was like eating cotton candy. No substance.
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JJ sheckles again
>No character growth.
>No long emotional shots.
Put your phone away next time.
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JJ needs to check out of Harrison Ford and into Betty Ford.

It sounded like a nightmare directing job.
>Phasma just was there
>Finn goes from brainwashed from birth stormtrooper to sympathetic kind-hearted traitor in one day
>Rey is explained in a 30 second flashback
>Kylo is literally "I wanna be Darth Vader"
>Assault on the Starkiller base paled in comparison to the Assault on Coruscant, Assault on Death Star 1 and 2 (it was actually boring)
>No scenes like the 3 suns setting on Tattooine or Ben meeting Luke

Fucking. Shit.
Him and Fisher must have been doing lines or something between takes. Also this movie had the least imaginative characters and aliens out of all of them.
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>tripfag opinion
Better than being a turbopleb.
The only one you got right was Phasma. You can't be so stupid as to confuse Finn's set up with his entire character arc or confuse Rey's 'reject the quest' moment for her arc's resolution. I really refuse to accept you're that dimwitted.

Kylo Ren is the real pleb test. He's got more growth than any other villain in Star Wars. Maybe Vader has more but that requires 3 or at least 2 movies and Kylo's only been in one.

The 'space' battle at the end of TFA was the B Plot, maybe you wanted more but it's not the focus of the end, the ground team and jedi stuff is like in RotJ. Problem is, RotJ also had too much going on in the end so they trimmed down and decided to focus on the main characters. That's a good thing, otherwise TFA would be even more like ANH if they gave even more attention to the ship battle.

Shots aren't scenes. If you want to talk about scenes, Rey's entire introduction is four and a half minutes of her not speaking a single line and you learning everything about her character. It's easily on par with the story telling in the sunset scene ( and the family conversation setting it up) and overall as good as Obi-Wan meeting Luke, though I don't exactly know which scene you're specially talking about with that one.

If you want to focus on length, emotion, and inaction, the sunset scene, from the cut to exterior to the wipe transition is 36 seconds long. After Rey makes her instant bread meal portion packet and steps outside, she spends 30 seconds hungrily eating, then watching a ship take off and puts on her flight helmet. It serves the same purpose of showing their desire for something beyond their desert planet, you feel Rey's situation just like the sunset makes you feel Luke's. Is it as good? No, but that's one of the most iconic scenes in movies period. It's a quiet moment that uses visuals to make you feel the main character's plight.
>Finn's set up with his entire character arc
"character arc" is a generous way to describe his crush on Rey that keeps him from being a complete coward- a coward that still manages to always seek out action. There just is too much conflict between the dialogue JJ presents and the character's actions.
The initial traumatic, altering moment for Finn is when he holds a dead comrade in his arms, the next day he is gleefully blasting them to pieces. Don't make excuses for this hack writing.
>Kylo's is deep
Sheev 2.0 turned him (not explained), he wants to be like Granddad, he has to kill Dad to kill the last bit of good in him.
Rey's introduction lacked the musical swells that John Williams gave Luke's, nor was there emotional depth or memorable scenes. Maybe...the exterior of the crashed Star Destroyer (Hey kids, see it IS Star Wars)
We get she is alone and poor.
I think what killed it for me is I can tell she is acting, her facial expressions, body language.
JJ is no young Lucas.
>Han dies, Rey and Leia briefly share their grieve. Chewbacca walks off without a care and doesn't acknowledge Leia about Han despite being Han's bro for like decades.
>Rey considers Han a mentor even though they only knew each other for maybe 1 hour.
>Because soo little time is spent on StarKiller base, it seems smaller compared to deathstar despite it being bigger then deathstar.
>Starkiller could've just being a smaller base on the base with a giant laser instead of a planet. The base would look like a circle on the planet that way it would satisfy marketing by ressembling the death star
>Most fast paced Star Wars movie
Just never mind. What you have is opinions you want to treat as facts. While I could argue with you until my fingers go numb, I can't change how you feel.

You can not like the movie, you can say Kylo doesn't work for you, but acting like it's a mess is a joke.

Don't bother responding tripfag, I won't be here to read it. I've gone over these exact points too many times on this board. Just download a cam and watch the movie again, paying attention this time.
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>mfw a tripfag was a contrarian faggot near me
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He looked high as hell on the John Williams 20/20 special. Hopped up like a kid trying to get John William's autograph. Obviously, there's a release date but it's gotta be tough on the old man.
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chewie mourns.jpg
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>Chewbacca walks off without a care
Watching movies is hard, but repeating things I've read other people say on the internet is so easy!
Did you enjoy Not-Yavin at the Not-Ruins where the Not-Max Rebo was playing at the Not-Cantina?
I did. I was tired of everyone trying to return to Not-Tattooine.
And man, that luck that the Millenium Falcon was right there! And Artoo activating at the right time! And Rey pressing the right or rather WRONG ha ha ha buttons!
What comedy! Those monsters almost had Finn for desert!
for a tripshit he's not super wrong though, I don't know how people still defend the new Star Wars without being completely clueless normies who just eat any shit that's shilled their way
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Thread replies: 20
Thread images: 9
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