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Finally got around to uploading my short film after months of posting the trailer. Thoughts?


Post your own short films/trailers and general work or just come to chat about ideas.
I thought it was really good and interesting. I've seen some short films but this is the first one that I've actually liked.
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Thanks anon, glad you liked it.

Im working on a horror comedy short next, will upload when I finally get it done.
awesome look forward to it. Really great acting from everyone by the way.

Cheers, a couple of them only got hired a few days prior to filming because prior actors dropped out due to conflicting schedules, 2bh I'm glad it turned out that way.
Working on a short film myself at the moment, also a comedy/crime sort of thing. This helped me with a few ideas actually.

Also it certainly is nice to have a thread (for the time being) that actually has some positivity and earnest feedback for aspiring film makers. Makes a change from cuck and bane memes.
It's okay.

I liked the acting but the audio and directing was pretty shit
Work on cameras and angles specifically, frame rate feels unnesscerarily high and should probably add some color tones to the overall product.
It kind of feels like you didn't edit it but did some scenes shot-by-shot.
Are you going to add subtitles, because I don't understand your gutter tongue.
Is it Dutch or something?

Best of luck to you, anon!


Cool, good luck with it! And thanks for checking out my film


Agreed desu, thanks for watching!


I put more time into the writing than cinematography, and colour for me was a nightmare. I have a lot of shit to learn still, thanks for the feedback and thanks for watching!

Tell it to Kanjiclub.
Where'd you get the actors from?
If I were you I'd try a few horror shorts to hone your skills. Here's something I made a year ago when I was in highschool, it's pretty bad but I still like it.


Couple of actor groups online and I knew the rest from college. This was a student film so my class organised the auditions but the people who showed up were nowhere near right for the parts, most of them wanted to do serious roles and I don't blame them, comedy is subjective enough as is and there's nothing worse than being an unfunny clown.
You ever done anything a bit more serious? Action/Thriller oriented?

I'm heading off to film school next year if I can afford it. I've got a knack for filming so hopefully it goes well

That was a pretty solid short, the lighting, setting and music created a nicely tense and mysterious atmosphere and having a silent protag is a great move, you did well.

I have considered horror and even did a test shot for an idea I had, might return to it soon if Im happy enough with the story


Not yet, I mostly have done comedy shorts and skits like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfabBrWyH60

I wanna do more serious ideas though, even something shlocky.

Good luck with film school, anon.
Glad you liked it. I hate most of the stuff I make
There's not much to really go on from that, but I really liked the first shot. Something about the lighting in the second one felt a bit artificial though, I'm probly just nitpicking

Trailer for a 25 min short I made last year. Never finished editing because I was fucking terrible at writing dialogue and I ended up hating the finished product. Some parts of it were pretty cool though, I might end up finishing it eventually


I'm currently producing a psychological horror short about a guy who finds a computer that has a sort of command prompt for real life. Supposed to be a metaphor for how power corrupts, I might post it here when I'm finished
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>Realizing you have no personal style of storytelling
Great work OP for finally getting out and doing something. Proud of you.
No, seriously. What language is that?

Just try to make a few short skits at home, see what works for you and make it your style


T-thanks anon


Dubliners speaking English
First short.

Let's just say it's subject may relate to some of you.

Pretty good. Reminds me of that show Utopia. Nice, clean shots
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