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>Steve, you're a genius!
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>Steve, you're a genius!
>I am? I mean... of course
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>imgur filename
Resistance? I mean yeah... I'm with the resistance
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>time for plan B
>what's plan B?
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>black guy is the heavy weapons guy
>Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
>Pizza pepperoni is awesome
>No you idiot!
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>...it would mean the end of the world as we know it.
dumb fropo
>male and female protagonists can't stand eachother at the beginning
>by the end they're in love
Stop being tsundere anon, by the end of this thread you will love me
You got dubs, I got dubs>>64508344

Maybe you're right.
> check the cctv (or literally any tv even fucking HDTV 4k)
> grey lines across the image to show its on a tv

Boils my fucking piss
>destiny brought us together
>Nerdy, skinny guy trying to lock-pick a door
>takes to long
>Chad character fucking destroys door with his foot
>Skinny guy: "Well, I guess that's another way to do it"
no subliminal messaging here senpai :^)
>Pizza pepperoni
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>X talks shit about Y with Z
>Z goes pale and stares at X
>X: Y is right behind me, isn't he/she?

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>Villain who is about to be reformed looks over the disaster he has caused.
>"...what have I done?"
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>movie begins with an open casket funeral
>camera pans over the crowd and on to the coffin
>zooms in on corpse
>main charcter vocieover: Yup, that's me
>it is me starts playing
dumb frogposters
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Dumb "dumb frogposters" poster
Does dumb frogposter mean a dumb poster of frogs or a poster of dumb frogs?
>Capeshit standing on the edge of a skyscraper
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>you just don't get it, do you?
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>Scientist or other smart person with a British accent
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>"strong female character" knocks out a group of guys all on her own
>bonus points if she does some sick karakete kicks and spins
literally none of these have happened in movies
It can mean whatever you want baby.

Reminds me I need to fap to ogre fiona
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Or a frog that posts.
the fact that "frog" and "poster" have been fused into one word suggests the former
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>The murderer sent an email to us!
Kek i was thinking about the avengers, thats a kids film come on
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>Scene where a character is standing in front of the camera and another character is standing in the background.
>Character in the background is talking and in focus while the one in front is blurred out.
>Background character stops talking while he becomes blurred out and the one in front becomes in focus.
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>in english please, pointdexter!
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>implying Avengers isn't a kiddie flick
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fedora pepe.jpg
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>...We're in
It was aimed for a more aged public than shreck

How else would you know who is talking?

>Unpacks laptop
>Hacks without even using a mouse/mousepad

>Attempting to be stealthy
>Laptop literally beeps every time a button is pressed
i like that pepe, mind if i save it? :>)
i fucking love these threads. one of the few good things that's left on /tv/
>implying Avengers isn't a kînéma
>flashback to 35 years ago
>character looks identical but has a light goatee and hair is parted the other way
Go ahead, it's all yours. :)
>its so crazy it might just work
forgot pic
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thanks dude
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>movie about historical events
character speaks perfect english
>Douchey FBI guy approaches police lieutenant and says "ok, we are taking over from here"
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what pepe is that?
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>movie set in an entire different universe
>everyone speaks english
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>Movie ends at a dance party
>The stuck up guy is looking at everyone with a grimace, but then slowly starts tapping his foot.
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>small woman beats the shit out of a creepy rapist
>turns to a friend
>"I have a lot of big brothers."
fucking lol'd 2bh fem
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>non-imorptant characters dies like flies in a shootout
>important character gets shot
>dies dramatically in the hands of another main character
>the shootout is still going on
>rich nigger
>fancy car gets wreck
well played
>you're a loose cannon, detective, but damn it if you don't get results
>I don't go by the book
>I get things done
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>you gotta do it by the book
>bye, book
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>character types on keyboard for 5 seconds
>"I've hacked into the NSA databanks and rerouted their satellites to track magnetic fluctuations in the atmosphere"
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>Character has an animal companion that isn't a dog
>It acts like a dog
Some folks are born, made to wave the flag
Ooo, their red, white and blue
And when the band plays "Hail to the Chief"
Ooo, they point the cannon at you, Lord

It is me! it is me! I am the senator's son, son!
It is me! it is me! I am a fortunate one!
>grenade lands near allied soldier's feet
>he always has time to pick it up and throw it back
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>Not using a GUI
>Not breaking the firewall
>Grenade or explosive lands next to character
>It's a dud
Star Wars Episode VIII
Name three movies.
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>Movie form early 2000's
>Movie about freaky/Weird people
>Somebody once told me starts playing
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>"I'm not your average guy"

You shouldn't be asking questions like that until you show your Rare Pepe membership card, there's too many scalpers around looking for free info on rare pepes.

But you seem pretty trustworthy so I'll tell you that it's Pucci Pepe

PLEASE don't hover over the spoilers if you're not an official Rare Pepe collector.
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>"I'll pretend this conversation never happened."
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>PLEASE don't hover over the spoilers if you're not an official Rare Pepe collector

I did anyway

I've notified the Rare Pepe police with your IP.

You have enough time to enjoy your last tendies before they kill you in cold blood.

PLEASE do not be like this guy if you value your life.
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>we're going to break into it by dismantling the power source with a program I wrote, then get into the main vault by disturbing the volatile compound...
>whoa whoa whoa, ENGLISH
>we're gonna blow shit up
>was that so hard/now you're speaking my language/I knew I liked you
>it's always one of those 3 options
>newbie police officer is close to solving the murder but no one respects them enough to figure it out
>they solve it on their own
>"I guess we were wrong. You're promoted."
Sweet, a Facebook thread!
this tbqh family
>main character says something witty at the end
>zoom out + panoramic shot
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>"Look, I just need you to buy me some time!"
>No one can buy time
>I need you to find the files in the computer
>Smashes the computer because they're PC illiterate

Every fucking movie.
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>Police Chief receives some bad/shocking news
>Gets up from chair and looks out the window with arm crossed behind his back
name one piece of kino, two pieces of cinema, four films, eight movies and 16 flicks from between 2010 and 2014 where this happens
I do this irl
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