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Why does everybody deem it necessary to take...
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Why does everybody deem it necessary to take 20 pictures of everything they encounter?
And worse yet, why do they always have to pose? I don't get it, and it annoys me.
Get your vain ass out of my picture!
Am i the only one who feels like this?
I don't take pictures at all, fuck these people who don't believe you unless you have some pictures of you being somewhere, everything i want to remember i have in my brain.
I like to take pictures of things, but don't like people in them. First time I realized that it may be odd was when my mom saw some pictures I took during a trip in high school, and she said "Looking at these no one would know you were there". I responded with I would know. But that's what made me realize that people pose in pics mail to show other people they were someplace, not to actually a picture of the place for themselves
Nah ur wrong tho.

I would much rather look at a picture of myself and/or friends/family in front of some shit 5, 10, 20 years down the line than to look at the same picture i could look at on google with no one in it. Its fun to see what you looked like and how you were acting back in the day. Most of my pictures hardly anyone is even going to see other than myself.

Thats not too say you cant take dope pictures without anyone you know or yourself in them. But those are usually odd photos that captured something unusual or something typical yet interesting about the culture that you wouldnt see anywhere else, rather than some boring monument.

Maybe its vain to want to see myself in photos, or maybe youre just ugly.

Ofc you are gonna remember important shit, but you arent gonna remember every detail and those can be fun to look back on.

I usually just take phone pictures tho, bc why am i gonna lug a fat ass camera around when a phone pic is just as good unless you work for nat geo
Agree. I have some pretty nice equipment but I only use it for photoshoots. I'd rather remember the good parts and forget the rest.
Because while of course they're stored in your brain, to me there's something special about having a physical reminder of what you did when you were younger. Especially when you're older.
As someone who takes a lot of photos on their travels I have certain rules that I keep for myself.

1. I always make sure to take a look at whatever I was photographing just to enjoy the moment and not just capture it and leave.
2. I take the majority of my photos without me but for the truly special sites like a world wonder I definitely will take a photo with me in it. Showing 100 photos of me standing under coconut trees is boring. Showing 1 photo of me standing under Chichen Itza and 50 photos of the area surroundings, the jungle, a couple cities in the area etc. is much more interesting.
3. I don't take photos in museums. I have yet to come across interesting (non professional) photos from inside of museums.
4. I don't just walk up to a sight, snap a photo and then move on to another sight next to it. I take photos of the things around me. Like the poster above said, no one wants to just look at photos of places you can find on google. But if you for example photograph a monk praying in front of the giant Buddha you'll have a wonderful photo that's both unique and lets you remember the site when you look back at your photos years later. Don't just taking a photo of a building, take a photo of a woman holding a sun umbrella with the building as the backdrop or a guy grilling a hot dog in front of it.
5. People make the photo more often than not. People are interesting, static objects less so. Dynamic subjects (people, animals) are much more interesting. Snapping photos of buildings is what I did when I initially started traveling, now I focus on actually framing something interesting in my shots.
6. Only about 10-15 out of the 200-300 photos I take on a long day of exploring are worth sharing.
Sorry, I had a few beers. Some of those sentences are fucked up.
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I follow suit with this fellow traveller. I take a few pics here and there but for the most part I'm just trying to capture the day. I'm still young but I'm already getting to the point where I don't remember those small moments, but when I see a picture of them the entire day comes rushing back to me. If I didnt take that picture that memory would be lost, like tears in the rain.
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heh, posting this reminded me of why i only took a picture of half the painting. I stared at it for at least 15 minutes observing all the small details of the entire painting and i realized that the house looked eerily similar to a farm house i passed by hundreds of times in my youth... If i didn't take this picture I probably would never remember the feelings I had during that moment. Some people might if art means a lot to them but I've never been highly appreciative of art until i seen this painting, or hell, visited moma.

It's also worth noting that the older you get and the more you pack your brain with memories the more it will forget older memories that didn't mean as much. The movie Inside Out exemplified this really well. A single picture has the ability to bring back the entire adventure and remind you of how much fun or how terrible it was... At least for me that's how it is.
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I like taking pictures of mundane things in other countries that you can't see back home or elsewhere. You can show how a place really looks and feels with photos like these.
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I'm sorry I can't be a realtraveller like you OP, but I enjoy taking pictures. The thing that makes me uneasy is taking pictures of people. I don't like feeling like I am exploiting them.

Where is this from Anon?
no, you're the only REAL TRAVELERâ„¢ left on this planet
You don't understand. I also take pictures on my travels. I just feel like many people overdo it, particularly the posing.
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Solid advice. Pic related wouldn't have been the same to me w/o the woman sitting there.

Oh boy. This has some weight behind it.
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Am I moving on a "once in a lifetime" ride like a helicopter over the grand canyon, hot air balloon over Bagan or something similar? No pictures. I do not want to spend my time looking at it through a two inch screen.

That said, I take pictures of notable places, people included. My pictures are supposed to be a representation of where I was and what I experienced. My colleague at work asked me to remove the tourists from his picture of the Parthenon. Fine, but why not just download an image of it then? What does his image add to the pool? I did, of course, because that's what he wanted, but it completely defeats the point of photography if you ask me.

That's a nice shot. I also think that people add a sense of scale and perspective to shots. I took one of the Grand Canyon when I was stood on it and when I looked at it I thought the scale wasn't really conveyed. Then I saw the helicopter as a minuscule dot and it really added something to the image.
Sometimes I take pictures of myself in places because otherwise what's the difference between it and a picture in the internet? I want to see it in ten years.
It doesn't mean I just go and take the picture and move away tho.
Yesterday I was at the Escher museum in Den Haag and after admiring my favorite work of him I snapped a selfie with it. Love it.
I forgot to add, I have never included myself in any of my pictures. Partly because I hate looking at myself, but also because I am not part of the landscape in my own eyes. Then again, I've never understood this (self) obsession.
>back in the day
>fat ass camera

lol why do I imagine you are wearing a Kangol visor, Ecko tracksuit over a FUBU jersey, and are listening to the beastie boys on CD in your wood paneled basement, while bitching that your kids don't appreciate real hip hop?
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do you think he read all those newspapers? he strikes me as the type to do this every day for years on end.
its a road near lilloet british columbia. It was built to explore mining options but the mines never came to fruition.
what the fuck are you even on about
>I responded with I would know
>hey everyone look how superior I am, even when I was young I was better than everyone
Fuck off
I am British and was in London yesterday.

Walking down a fucking packed Camden high street, literally crowds of people you have barely any personal space.

>group of 8 Spanish tourists blocking the entire pavement posing for a photo
>Shouting "Thank you! Thank you!" to people walking through their shot despite there being no room to move unless you want to walk directly on the road

In British Museum

>hordes of people infront of timeless artefacts like the Rosetta Stone looking at it through a 4 inch screen infront of them instead of the actual piece itself
>One woman taking photos of exhibits with a selfie stick pouting infront of them

Fucking kill me.

Please kill me.

>flying half way across the world to look at something that is directly in front of you through a screen and upload it to your social media accounts to get social validation
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