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Trip to Belgium/Netherlands
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Hi /trv/,

Me and a friend of mine are travelling to Belgium and the Netherlands in a couple of months and we are yet to decide which cities /towns to visit. We are pretty much into cultural tourism, sightseeing, eating and drinking deliciously and maybe some partying, I also enjoy outdoorsy activities. We are kind of travelling on a budget.

We will start our trip in Amsterdam and want to visit Bruges but other than that we haven't chosen any destinations. Which places will you guys recommend? Tourist stuff is ok but recommendations on cool local spots will be appreciated.

We are both in our late 20's and travelling as a couple. We are also considering nearby destinations such as Luxembourg or Germany.
I'm curios too. Thought about Amsterdam-Hague-Antwerp-Bruges, Ghent, Brussels, and maybe Rotterdam?
Well, it is only a 9 day trip so we don't want to visit more than 4 places. We are considering Ghent and Brussels tho.
Just throwing out options and also asking people for my own sake at the same time.

If you put a gun to my head and said choose 4, i guess i would say amsterdam, bruges, brussels and ghent. 5th would be hague. Never been to any though, just based on my own research and wgat interests me
Also nice but less known are some cities in the south of belgium (which you can easily do if you're planning to do Luxembourg ). Cities like Liege, Namur and Dinant, the last one has an impressive church near a rock
Visit at least one Dutch city that isn't Amsterdam. Like Haarlem, The Hague or Utrecht. All easily reached by train and quite close. Maybe Groningen, which is a little harder to reach.

I'd also go with Ghent and Brussels in Belgium.

An outside option in Belgium might be Leuven. Fun young little university city.
Inaddition to >>1073108 you might also want to consider the Ardennen in Belgium or Hoge Veluwe park in The Netherlands for some cycling and other outdoors activities. Check them out on the internet. :)
I would stay in utrecht for a few days and explore some dutch cities from there. you can be in amsterdam, the hague, rotterdam, eindhoven in an hour from utrecht.

then i would stay at maastricht for a night on my way to somewhere in the ardennen in belgium

and finally on to bruges/gent for the last few days
If your in Maastricht Valkenburg isnt too far, its a really pretty town with a castle and some Roman catacombs and one of those alpine sled run things.
Ghent, Brussels, Bruges, sure.
Ypres maybe? Or maybe cross into Germany and go to Aachen or (further away but in some ways more interesting) Trier ?
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I also join here OP if its alright.

We would like to travel to Brussels in 2 weeks with my friends. Does anyone have some tip for us? What to do/check etc.
Everyone skios antwerp, which i thought was popular. Is it not as good as bruges, brussels or ghent?
Oh, it's better than Bruges, which is basically Venice in terms of artificiality. It's just that many consider Ghent the cooler city (which it arguably is) and Brussels is bigger too. Not to mention that it's relatively close to all the big Dutch cities.

It deserves a visit, certainly. But its location isn't sterling, compared to a lot of the cities around it.
I was just there a few months ago.

Went to:
Amsterdam (day trips to Haarlem, Utrecht)
Rotterdam (day trips to Kinderdijk - cycled back to the city, The Hague, Delft)
Brussels (day trip to Bruges)

If you only have 9 days, go to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Ghent, maybe Brussels or Antwerp. Ghent was monumental.

Didn't really care for Bruges, it was nice but nothing special after going to all of those other places beforehand.

Luxembourg is a bit out of the way if you'll be taking a train. Really pleasant city but not all that much to do.

I'm not going to say anything about Cologne - as it got down to 5 degrees and was raining and I just wasn't dressed for it. I'm Australian so 5 degrees is very cold to me.
>Rotterdam (day trips to Kinderdijk - cycled back to the city
How did you like it? I'm just Dutch and interested.
Same about the other day trips really, but especially this one.
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I really enjoyed it. Not a huge cyclist - in general and because I'm terrified of cycling on Sydney roads.
It was a beautiful day, so caught the ferry out. It's a cute place, what with the windmills and all. A ton of Chinese tourists though, but they go on the walks.
Cycling back to the city was great, dedicated cyclepaths the whole way through some farms or something.
Very nice day.

I'm a very boring tourist - just enjoy walking around the city and taking in the sites; churches, architecture, museums, etc. Because of this, I enjoyed all of the day trips, with Bruges probably my least favourite (could also be because some fat chick tagged along).

Use it is a Belgian organisation, so their guides for Belgium are their best.

If you want something unique: 2 weeks from now this festival takes place, 20 mins by train from Brussels: http://www.unesco.org/culture/ich/en/RL/aalst-carnival-00402
thanks anon! That festival looks nice
I live where it takes place. If you want some more info, you can drop a throwaway email here. Will check back tomorrow.
oh dang hope im not late.

[email protected]
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sorry, its [email protected]
Delft is pretty neat
Sent you an e-mail. Might have overdone it a bit on the info, got excited.
>Aalst carnaval
>got excited
Lol'd. Your ajoƮn is showing.
Guilty. Just 10 days left.
Enjoy it! How's that election going by the way?
Thanks, been looking forward to it for a while. Ever been?

The guy who lost the prince carnival election because of a misinterpretation decided he wasn't going to ruin it for the guy who won. Big man move.
Haven't ever made it, but will probably end up there at some point, I trust.

>Big man move.
To give up that probably once in a lifetime chance while being so close and having put that much effort in it sure is nothing to scoff at. Thanks for the info, I was wondering.
He also quit his job for it and spent over 20 000 euros on the campaign. Only in Oilsjt.

Always welcome.
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