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Hey guys. Camp America is a program that...
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Hey guys. Camp America is a program that charges lonely non-Americans an exorbitant fee to go work in an American summer camp, and I've swallowed the propaganda. I'm not the adventurous type, but a couple of weeks looking after clean-spirited colonial youths in the great outdoors seems bearable.

Anyone done this before and has stories?
Anyone been to an American summer camp and knows the deal?
Is it true that American girls like a British accent? (I'm from the North, so don't think Hugh Grant)
How's the racism over there?

Watch some american summer camp movies and ignore the promiscuity. It's team building and leadership exercises. Canoeing, archery, camp fires, and other bullshit. It can be fun.

American girls have a fondness for the accent, but it won't get you much further than being an icebreaker. They won't understand the regional difference, so don't worry about that.

Racism will depend on where you go.
I don't know how old you are, but yeah Brits have confirmed to me that a British accent makes the panties drop. I think the best advantage of it is, yanks have no frame of reference, so you can behave as outrageously as you wish and theyll think it's just the "british way". If you force your tongue down a random girls throat whilst drunk they'll think "thats just how British people are".

Having said that, British men are generally better at charming women, and have better confidence then American men, so I'm sure it was more than just the accent.

There's no racism towards Englishmen, but if you're a paki or other minority, they'll be just as racist towards you as they would up in Newcastle. Having said that, black/white racemixing is trendy at the moment, so I imagine a black guy would still have to mop up pussy juice daily.

If you're underage B&, summer camp is where everyone gets laid for the first time, contrary to >>1071041 the promiscuity displayed in movies is 100% accurate. It's where 11 year olds get their first kiss and 15 year olds lose their v-card.

If you're in your 20s or late teens I imagine there'll be some secret drinking and hookups among counsellors, but don't expect any wild orgies. Remember the drinking age is 21 and they are very strict on that, so make sure you know someone over 21 willing to do beer runs for you. Probably, the groundskeeper or head chef at the camp will do it for you.

All in all, I don't understand why you paid money, but you will have a blast. Camp is an important part of growing up and where some of the best memories are made. You'll have fun.
>Racism will depend on where you go

No. I've lived in northern states (NY, NH, PA, etc) all my life. Most people in any state are racist. Almost every white person I knew hated blacks and hispanics and every black person I knew disliked white people and hated hispanics etc etc. Nearly everyone in the U.S. is racist to some degree and from my travels Europe isn't much different.
This entire post is cringeworthy and i wouldnt vouch for its weight either.
Remember the golden rule: if you've slept with less than 20 women, you're not allowed to discuss anything to do with hooking up
I worked at a summer camp in Canada, so not entirely the same as Camp America, but I think the countries are similar enough to make some generalisations.

Personally I loved it. The hours were long and the pay was shit (about $2 per hour when I worked it all out), but the work itself was enjoyable, if you like working with children. You'll be spending loads of time with your fellow counsellors, but that's not a bad thing - assuming you're not a complete autist then you'll probably form a pretty close bond with the group and have a brilliant summer. If you have any more questions about the camp side of thing, I'm happy to answer them.

Regarding whether North American girls like the British accent, I think that the stereotype is generally true. Me and another counsellor, an Aussie, were in a bar in Edmonton and it was only about half an hour before a girl came over to us and "OMG I love your accents! Can I come and talk to you guys for a while?". I think it was my accent she liked more though. Nothing happened with that girl, but I got many comments about my accent throughout my stay, and did sleep with a Canadian girl eventually, even though I don't get much luck here in the UK. It might be a bit different with the northern accent though. The Canadians I met were able to differentiate between posh (i.e. southern) and non-posh (i.e. northern or cockney) British accents, and I think in terms of 'sexiness', they preferred the posh one. That's just my experience though.
Thread replies: 7
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