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So i'm planning a trip to Scotland with my family in July, for 2 to 3 weeks. We're most likely going to land in Edinburgh, spend 3 days there and rent a car.

So far i marked a few castles and abbeys, glen coe, ben nevis, loch ness.
What are must-sees and more confidential stuff in Scotland?
Is it easy to access the isles with a car? Skye seems nice
- Visit Skye, it's amazing. I've been to almost anywhere in Scotland and it's my favourite part. The scenery is amazing
- Drive the coastal route from Oban to Fort Williams (Ben Nevis) to Mallaig. From Mallaig you can also take the ferry to Skye.
- See Cairngorms National Park. It has a lot to offer. Hiking, cycling, skying or just driving around
- See Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park
- Try to visit at least Islay, Jura, Arran or Mull. Google them to find which interests you the most
- Drive from Inverness to Brora, and possibly onwards to Wick. Beautiful coastal area
- Visit at least one whisky distillery. For the most complete experience I'd advise The Balvenie as it has a malt floor and an active cooperage. But I could easily list 10 more that are absolutely worth is
- Eat haggis. It's amazing in every form
- The Orkney Islands are great too. From the man of Hoy to the shipwrecks between Holm and St Margarets Hope to Skara Brae to the lovely Orkney Brewery. Try their Skullsplitter beer
- Inverness is a fun town too, as is Oban itself

I second skye. I was there new years eve, its great.

Drive up the west coast to tongue if you can. Its beautiful, really remote though. Theres a trail up the coast from ulapool.


theres all sorts of brochs, standing stones, glens, castles, caves mountains, ruins on the route. I did it with my gf in a rush in 3 days, we didn't get t do all that much but it was a great trip.
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Castle Doune. It was most of the castle in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and if you stop in the gift shop on the way in they have "loaner coconuts" so you can gallop around in style.

This is a great stop to surprise fellow travelers with. Didn't tell people I was with why we were stopping at Doune, just that it was a castle I particularly wanted to see because of "its history," which was technically true. My power level went to over 9,000 in their eyes for the rest of the trip.
Thanks familia, all of this looks great
I'm really enthusiastic about this trip (more than usual)
We definitely won't miss out on the haggis, i've already had some and i love it
I've made a sport out of trying as many things with haggis as possible. So far I've had:
- Haggis with neeps and tatties
- Haggis & cheddar panini
- Haggis burger
- Haggis pizza
- Haggis Pakora
- Breakfast haggis

And maybe a few more that escape my mind right now.

I third Skye. Did my dissertation there for six weeks, was beautiful.

If you can, drive towards Elgol and walk over the path to Camasunary bay. There's a bothy hut if you want to stay a night, but it's nestled at the base if the mountains.

Take midge spray though!
Just don't go to Dundee and you'll be fine. Worst shithole I ever set foot in.

Edinburgh is more metropolitan, lot's of different people and has a bit of city atmosphere despite lacking the population.

Glasgow is alright, suffers a lot from being the 'second city'. People are more open, lot's of street musicians and a bit more social.

Aberdeen was pretty chill with some nice places but I don't think it will entertain a family for any longer stretch of time.

And don't ever stop your car in Dundee. No matter what anyone says. St Andrews is quite shit too, unless you want to hook up with rich overseas students which I'm assuming you aren't.
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Went there with my family in 2014 and it was awesome.
Edinburgh was amazing and I want to do part of my master/PhD there, I don't know why really.
Fort Williams and the Highland are amazing, especially for the scenery.
Skye was the best. We went to Neist Point, a light house near cliffs it was the very best place for me. I recommend spending a few days in Skye just to hike around (the needles are amazing too).
We were also around Inverness/Elgin and I've liked it but I think that highland/skye is better overall.
Saint Andrews was nice too, I liked the vibe there.
What's so bad about Dundee?

Thanks again everyone for the recs
Has any of you visited Balmoral? Is it worth it?
Anything specific you're still looking for OP?
Do all Scottish women sound like Amy Macdonald? That accent is like having all the angles in heaven whisper dirty talk into my ear.
that should be angels
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