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Hi /trv/, first time posting here
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Hi /trv/, first time posting here
I'm an italian high school senior and once i finish school i'd like to spend some time in the US
What are some cheap methods to travel through the US?
I was thinking about volunteering or about finding a job (Maybe teaching Italian or something like that) but i dont really know.
Also, what are some must see places in the US?
(this might sound like a stupid question but i'll ask anyway.
I have an Arabic name since my parents are immigrants, can that cause me any trouble in the US?)
travel by greyhound bus and stay at campsites

your arabic name might get you detained at the airport on arrival
See https://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/temporary-workers/temporary-nonimmigrant-workers for information on visas that let you work in the US. Generally you have to have the job lined up in advance, and your employer plays the major role in applying for the visa.

A teaching job seems unlikely without further education. Maybe you could be a fashion model? There is a special subcategory for them.
Were you born in Italy and have Italian citizenship? I want to say it may be fine, but I can't guarentee that someone trying to get into the U.S. with an Arabic surname won't sound off any flags for the DHS.

I will do must see cities/towns in my next post.
Hahah, i dont think i'm suitable for that kind of job.
Thanks for the info anyway
Born and raised in Milan and yes, i have a citizenship
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IMHO must see places in the U.S. in no particular order,

>New York City
>Boston including the Massachusetts bay area, a lot of cool little towns in New England accessible by transit and MBTA commuter trains (Salem, Newport, etc)
>Burlington, VT and Portland, ME (you might need a car to get to Burlington, dunno if any bus company serves it)
>Savannah, GA
>Miami and the Florida Keys in general
>New Orleans
>L.A. (massively overrated most would say, it's okay though, especially if you're a film buff)
>San Diego
>Portland, OR
>Cincinnati (>inb4)
>If you have time maybe Montreal or Quebec City in Canada.
and the list goes on, I only mention cities and towns but there is a list just as long for must see nature and outdoors stuff. I'm positive someone here will probably greentext my list and say how bad it is, but every American is going to have a different say as to what is must-see and not. Depends on your interests OP.
Also forgot Charleston, SC
Thanks a lot!
What exactly are your interests? Due to your age renting a car is out of the questions which immediately limits what you can do in the U.S by quite a bit.
I think a few companies have 18 year age limits. You still need a license though. And insurance, which would get expensive.

If you are in the US a while, could be better to buy a old car then resell it. Maybe even make a little money if you did it right.

Also, no idea what is worth seeing in Burlington.
I'm 19 (we usually finish High school at 19 y.o. here) so i have a car licence, my interests are mainly Literature, Art, Music and Movies, and i'm willing to become a comicbook artist one day
are there any particular places that you'll recommend me?
as you can see i kinda like hipster-ish stuff, like most people in their twenties
I'd recommend staying in the Northeast then. NYC, Philly, D.C, and Boston with maybe a side trip to Montreal.

You could in theory do the west coast, the only city you might have trouble getting around in would be L.A, but there is normally a lot more to see on the east coast. Especially if your limited to public transit. I suppose some places may rent cars to people under 21 but the price would be insane.
What about Richmond?
Is it worth a visit?
ehhh, you would be hard pressed to be able to stay for more than a day or two without being bored. Unless you are interested in civil war history it isn't that fun for a young person.
I'm also southern european, I did a road trip around the east coast not long ago.

First off, if it is your first time traveling to the US you will surely get checked/your stuff searched by the personnel. Probably won't have anything to do with your surname, just standard procedure.

Now this is very important: since you're not 21, you won't be able to rent cars NOR be able to check in in most of hotels. Most US hotel franchises will absolutely deny your ID if you try to get a room, unless you go with someone who is +21. This probably doesn't apply to big cities' hotels or hostels, so you better stick aorund the big urban areas.

The cheapest way to travel around the US are cars, considering that gas is dirt cheap and that public transport sucks outside of the big cities. Since you can't rent cars, you can use Greyhound (bus company) which is slow and expensive, but will get you places.

The cities I recommend are:

An obvious pick. You will need weeks to see and do everything that new york offers to you. Traffic is a mess.
Way less interesting than NYC although it's still beautiful and offers tons of historic sites about the country.
>Washington DC
The National Mall is something to be seen at least once. If you like museums and monuments, that city is for you.
Absolutely beautiful, quite a lot of interesting places to visit, although not as many as the previous cities. The climate is also very nice.

Now keep in mind that all big american cities have bad neighborhoods. Watch out where you go, because shit can get pretty ghetto after walking down a few corners.

Hope that helped you
If that's the case i might wait a couple of years and travel to eastern europe and asia in the meanwhile

I didnt know about all these 21+ policies, here in europe i never had any trouble with hotels and transportation since i'm not a minor.

Thanks for the info
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