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Cabo San Lucas?
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I live in dreary, cold New hampshire and want Sunshine.. I checked out cabo and there are tons of options.

I think I could live with a cheaper in town hotel IF there are beaches or open coastline where I can go and hang out that aren't private property owned by resorts..

Anybody familiar enough to say if this is easily found? I just want to flop out on a sunny beach till I've had my fill, do some swimming maybe snorkel and come back to the misery a little refreshed.

This place has adequate reviews and cheapish rates. With RT airfare I could do a week for around $1,500 all in

oops forgot the link

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Most beaches in cabo are not swim able

Keep this is mind when you book a place
consider La Paz as well, not to short of a drive from Cabo.
I read this after a whike

now is this just basis over-protective cover your ass type warnings or is there something unique about the ocean there?

I am well used to swimming along the new england shore even in the heaviest storm suf..

To me the bigger the better but if the topography of the shoreline is such that the magnitude of the surf is just far stronger of an undertow that no human being however strong a swimmer can withstand the overpowering offshore pull and will invariably end up too far out to get back in?

I saw a few videos and there is a beach called Beach of the Windows which sounds ominous but that water looks so gorgeous..

>>1066743 Thanks. I'll look into it.. any problems renting cars down there ?
I found this on a travel forum.. this is what I needed to understand the reports of risk...

the carnival people tell you that the beach in cabo is the most dangerous in the world. it has a sudden 500 foot drop only 15 feet from the shore.. this removes any possibility of getting a footing and you rely entirely on swimming strength. With large waves breaking right on the beach you get upended and have difficulty getting above the waterline.. if I go I'll confine my swimming to the Gulf of Cal side
You'll get murked by the waves and the officials will ask you to stop anyway

I'm a triathlete and I didn't test the waters

Some spots have beach access, the picture I out was lovers beach, but you have to take a boat to get there and good luck if you have to shit
Cabo is for golfing and clubs

It's a wonder place if you don't mind sticking to the pools, but the beach will kill you

I go every spring as its a 2 hour flight from Houston
As I said I really just want someplace warm and dry that is not humid and sunny I want to get a good week of sunshine so just laying on the beach somewhere where I can soak in the sun will be plenty for me I don't need to golf I don't want to club found this place looks good vidasoul.com
I live in so cal i go down to Cabo twice a year for easy/cheap vacation
with that being said, i would look elsewere, since the hurricanes the locals have been a lot more annoying and pushy.
I would recommend playa del carmen. great beachs and resorts. plus 45 drive to cancun and hr drive to some great mayan ruins.
I actually had considered the mainland too scary with all the narco shit.. they say the Cabo area is very safe..
Cabos very safe.
What I meant was they are a lot more aggressive trying to sell you shit
well I like to think I am a very open hearted generous person so this won't bother me.. I am thinking of staying up the east coast a way anyway not right in Cabo..

https://www.google.com/maps/place/VIDASOUL+Hotel/@23.1970597,-109.5089344,10z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x86a5f398709febbf:0x34eeee85fc9366aa for the first three nights then over to the Pacific side for a few more

Fellow nh anon here

First of all winter sucks in the shire

Been to puerto vallarta and playa del carmen wanted to go to cabo but the whole not swimming in the ocean thing kind of turned me off. In researching cabo i believe there is one main beach you can swim in.

The flight to cancun will prob be cheaper cancun, playa del carmen, and tulum also are cool because of the mayan temples. Chichen itza is awesome.

As for safety i never felt unsafe in any of the places and cabo i think may be the safetest.
In my reading It sounded like all eastern beachs (facing mexico) are safe as they don;t have the full force of the pacific rolling in.. I read the swimmable beaches will have clear sinage saying safe and those dangerous also warning to stay out.. I understand the basis now better

last search I did on airfare was under $500 RT which is pretty inexpensive.. maybe $400 for a week long car rental from Dominic http://dominicloscabos.com/index.htm then food and lodging.. so around $2k for a week staying in the places I just posted above




One other idea came to mind though.

What about camping? Anyone ever look into places safe to just roll out a sleeping bag on a beach for the night?
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