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ITT: Moments that cause your character to...
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ITT: Moments that cause your character to say "I immediately regret this decision."
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Will Save Passed.png
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Every time you fail any kind of charm/mind-altering spell and the would-be target is now staring you down extremely pissed.
My character (who lived in a swamp for his whole life up to this point) saw a river, jumped in to swim across, and was promptly swept away. Though it worked out well enough for him, he's a coward and got to avoid the ensuing fight.
Charging a slime

I wish I could filter images so I could stop seeing this ugly fucking fanart in every thread. I like UT but Christ am I sick of this picture
>Roll a Rogue
>Spec for Combat primarily
>Group ends up in fight against T Rex
>They don't stand a chance
>Surprise Attack!
>Massive Damage!
>T Rex turns to notice me
>Leans down with wide open mouth
>Too fast to avoid

>"I immediately regret this decision."
My character doesn't regret that he got the attention of a dozen enemies at once. He regrets running into the party. He doesn't mind plucking five bombs tied to a single rope from the ground. He just wishes he told others to back away. He welcomes death to take him whenever it feels right, but the outcomes of one too many rash decisions have forced him to dial back his death wish for the sake of the party.
I actually fucked a dragon in game, once.

Yandragon was not amused I tried to go out adventuring again.
Pretty much anytime my character tries to throw a sticky nade in combat. She has accumulated the worst freakin luck with those things. Last time went like:

>Party is wrecking up a bandit den
>low health everywhere
>kill all the bandits in this particular wave
>my dumbass wood elf runs up and throws a nade into the next room which has 2 unexpecting bandits
>misses both completely
>jesus why would I do that again
>proceeds to almost die before facing the final boss

Never again
playing the trap finder rogue for shackled city.
in the first dungeon, the first 8 doors had 6 traps. Half of the first session was "roll hide/move silently/search/disable device/open lock" and i feel like an asshole for taking so much time.
I also know im going to die horribly by the end of it.
>Party is travelling down the road one day
>Bunch of level 4s
>Spot black armored warrior we keep bumping into
>Decide to say hi
>It wasn't him
>Guy is really grumpy
>Attempt to mend conversation by apologizing and introducing myself
>"Fuck off"
>Proceed to have argument with rude knight
>Eventually he threatens to kill me
>"I'd like to see you try"
>He proceeds to cast AoE spell. Knocks everyone but the Paladin unconscious
>Paladin has to plead for his stupid friends
>Knight agrees eventually on the terms that we give him one item of sentimental value
>I brought this upon myself
>Give him my precious quarterstaff

We later found out he was a dearh knight
Should have called him a faggot and then stared straight into the eyes of your GM, unblinking.

His move.
They come close, and finally kiss, abandoning the charade they've been keeping up for so long and embracing their true feelings
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There's also better media for passing will saves.
why is there a death knight just walking around, screwing with parties?
I know it was just a misspelling, but I'd love it if he was a dear knight - a knight who went out of his way to take something most dear to people.
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Oooh story time.
>Be criminalistic monk in the party with a light side for saving comrades
>All about that money
>Accept job for transportation of goods
>Ask what goods are but denied all questions, but given good pay for it
>Shrug and accept payment alongside the rest of the group
>About a day from the city
>First watch, 9-11 AM
>Goods get stolen by being overrun by Saurians
>Find one barrel of the goods
>>It's gunpowder and light enough to put in my pack
>Track down the rest of the goods and come across a large saurian encampent and decide to sneak around the long way
>Decent rolls and manages to get behind a sizable rock, until the Healer decides to try to sneak with me
>Healer rolls nat 1
>Healer is in the darkness but shot by arrow
>Decide to jump out from behind the rock, drawing the attention of the Saurians in an attempt to save the only healer in the party, Explosive barrel in hand.
>I immediately regret this decision
>Chuck the barrel at the nearest fire, rolls nat 20 on strength, rolls nat 1 on throw
>Barrel slams into Saurian's face, and rolls in the opposite direction of the fire
>Rest of the group sits back doing legitimately nothing
>NPC fighter sprints into the fight in order to save me
>Bloodthirsty drawback
>Decide to fight with her
>She goes down
>Everyone is dying
>I escape with 5 hp remaining and 10 saurians chasing me into the forest
>Finally manage to escape
>Hears explosion
>Oh Shit.
>Come back to the site and everything is gone. Party is in shambles.
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Meant to say 9-11 PM

Oh you..
The world is a big place with a lot of stuff going on in it. Not all of it is level-appropriate.
In a game of Dark Heresy I accidentally triggered the end game a really long time before we were meant to. I pretty much found a big pile of stuff that pointed to the inquisitor we were working for, or one of his other underlings, being really fucking heretical. GM wouldn't say what the thing I found was exactly but by including the words "glowing" and "green" I'm 99% sure it's fucking necron shit.

Anyway a bit after this happens I run into this one Sister of Battle we met earlier. One other guy and I were snooping around to try to confirm or deny my suspicions of the inquisitor. We were in a scenario where I knew even trying to lie would only make things work, but I was stupid enough not to without some of the truth. I let it slip the person I was snooping on was the inquisitor I was working for. The sister rapidly went from "mildly annoyed about us causing a bit of trouble" to "Purge it all with fire". Party unfortunately broke up after that session, so I never had to live with the consequences, but if it didn't end I probably had a day at the most to figure out what the hell is happening before someone burns down half the city, be it the cult or the sister.
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7th Sea game, end of the Freiburg module.

For those of you unfamiliar - it's a 16th century swashbuckling game set in Not-Europe, and Freibug is a city in not-Germany. At the end of the module, Posen, the biggest, most pants-browning bad-ass general & fighter to ever swagger her ass across not-Germany sieges the city.

While the siege generally goes well due to our stacking the deck in our favor, we spot Posen's personal banner riding to one of the other gates we and our hand picked lieutenants are not helping to secure. We rush over to it, and set up some hasty prep to receive a cavalry charge, with some tossable barricades to trip up the horses and give up our sizable collection of firearms to the NPC's manning the barricades so as to let them volley fire into the horses.

Posen rides in, my sneaky half-not-Arab summons up a bank of mist, the barricades are deployed unseen and the volley fire completely wrecks the first line of the charge and results in a Blues Brothers style horse pile-up in the gate. Posen manages to avoid being shot and her horse is the only one that made it through by virtue of being completely in front.

She is a stone fucking badass in personal combat, and we are all going to die if we actually try to take her without some kind of plan. We spot her downed personal standard, and the party tactician decides the best way to keep this murdermachine occupied is to steal the banner and play keepaway.

My sneaky not-Arab is the best one for the job, so while our tactician shouts to grab her attention, he sneakily dives through the mist for the banner. He's magically silent, extra hidden by mist, and is damn sneaky. Good stealth roll, Posen needs a 26 to spot him.

Posen rolls 27. Wheels her horse, hits me on the charge with a boar spear, drops the spear and vaults off the horse to drop kick me in the face, and then plants a boot on my supine body. 3 Dramatic Wounds in one surprise round on me.

>I immediately regret this decision.
They could be interpreted as a failed will save, though.
That's actually really cool and I'm writing this down
"Yo, Vicky-boy! All this, and look who they sent, huh? Us! You try and go out conquering Asgard, and Richards doesn't even get off his goddamn ass! How's that feel, huhhh? HUuuuuuuuuuuh!?"

You, can, uh, imagine Doom's response. It wasn't happy. Thank god the Mark VII was arriving around that time.

OOC is was a calculated risk because we were getting out shit pushed in, but the very next sentence out of her mouth to her AI was "...mistakes were just made."

Still, with basically everything focused on me, it allowed the rest of the group a proper chance to counter-attack.
"I want to flirt with the nobleman who started acting strange after his trip abroad."
>Some shenanigans are going down, better retrieve the princess because shit is not save.
>Grab the sleeping princess fireman style, but at this time the personal honor guard wakes up and starts throwing a pissfit.
>Hand over sleeping beauty, let's just regroup with the rest of the party before we get slaughtered.
>Son of a bitch drops her and she smacks to the ground, still won't wake up. Obviously drugged.
>The door was locked from the inside and this child molester was the only one inside.
>His head rolls over the ground a second later.

It was a magical sleep spell from outside the door.

>I regret nothing, NOTHING!.
Enemy minions survive poison DC 24.
At level 3.
4 times.
What's this from?
>I wish I could filter images so I could stop seeing this ugly fucking fanart in every thread. I like UT but Christ am I sick of this picture
4chanx lets you filter posts by the image's md5.
It's from a trailer for The Secret World, an MMO about ancient conspiracies vying for power while at the same time trying to prevent the end of humanity. It's one part Dan Brown, one part Buffy and five parts Lovecraft.

It's a very /x/ game, is what I'm saying.
"You hear a click."

ill have to check it out thanks
It's not too bad. Combat is pretty shit (although not strictly worse than something like vanilla WoW), and the dialogue is hit or miss, but some of the treasure hunty-y and puzzly quests are fun, and the overall lore and atmosphere is pretty great.

Somewhere, a trucker reads alien letters carved into the bathroom stall walls of a truck stop. He cannot look away. Pathogens in the grammar open an event horizon in his head. He spreads the scrawl in every stop on his route, carving it into the stalls. He itches and he scratches. Others see the letters. They itch. They scratch. He scratches his face, draws the runes in red with his box knife. His head blossoms into a bouquet of writhing lampreys.
>dearh knight
I read this as "dearth knight", like he has a really barren plot of land, and goes around mugging people to support himself.
>DungeonWorld, GrimWorld-variant
>That guy went down a hole to explore/abuse the xp mechanic.
>His rope snapped and he fell into water and discovered a big monster while the rest of the party were waiting above ground.
>My first inclination was to let him get the shit kicked out of him for a couple of rounds, but I didn't want to be a dick so I said I'd carefully climb down the hole to give him a hand.
>And then I was like, fuck that shit. I'm a fucking boss, I'm fucking awesome at Defying Danger. I told the DM that I was going to just jump in the hole and use the water at the bottom to break my fall.
>In my head I was so heroic.
>DM: Okay then, roll two d20s and take the highest as damage.
>At this point I could've pussied out, as I figured I could have cheesed it with a Defy Danger roll, but I agreed with the DM that I hadn't done anything in the fiction to justify a Defy Danger roll.
>I took all the damage.
>I ended up with 1 HP and then went into the fight as the thief and I duked it out with the monster and the other two guys took the long way down.
>After the fight, I waded to the shore of the knee-deep pool and collapsed, taking a moment to catch my breath before downing the party's only healing potion to heal my shattered leg.
>"Next time, I'm going to take the rope."
>Playing Drakar & Demoner
>(kinda like DnD, but Swedish)
>Lost in a ridiculously large magic forest
>Fighting stuff, trying to get out
>One of the things we fight is a blotrese
>A blotrese is basically some kind of huge undead monster born from land where a lot of blood has been spilled
>Next session
>Fight and basically slaughter a small goblin army
>GM: "You all survived. Although, a lot of blood has been spilled here..."
>A fucking undead giant rises from the ground, consisting of dirt, wood and goblin limbs combined in a gory mess
>Dwarf/fighter fucking leaves us there
Not me but a fellow party member decided to take a piss on a grave cairn and just about got our party wiped by wraiths.

Now we always check to make sure he goes before we enter the dungeon
After rolling my stats
>Roll a Rogue
>Spec for Combat primarily
>GM "Game is settled in Ravenloft meets Eberron, so a lot of undead and constructs"

>"I immediately regret this decision"
>rolling for stats
It's time you stopped kidding yourself and just admitted that point-buy or arrays are the superior ways to pick character stats.
Never ever implied the opposite, but my opinion means nothing against my GM's rules.

"Then come and get it..."
I forgot to use a coaster in the tavern we all met at.
>Party gets caught in the middle of a royal coup
>One of the turncoats is swinging an axe and turning the guards into mince meat
>Lawful stupid paladin currently with no weapon decides to punch him in the face
Fuck, I love that game.
i had my BBEG show up early in the campaign to do something evil ( burn down a village) in front of the party the plan was for him to laugh maniacally then ride off into the sunset to fight the heroes later when they were properly lveld. i didnt expect the party to immediately try and bum rush the obviously too strong for them villain and his vanguard but by god they did. entire party wipe only killed 3 of his 5 guards before dieing completely. had a bunch of angry players accuse me of railroading
Rolemaster game.
>my character comes across a scrying stone.
>very impulsively I shout "show me the dark lord".
>my character is seen a vision of the first fallen demigod. This isn't a picture, it is being thrust back into time to see and experience his fall from grace.
>the dark lord sees him, and gazes into his mind. he goes catatonic as the evil begins to burn away his soul.
>character now knows he is doomed to hell after he dies. Instead of giving into dispair he stops being a elven man-whore scoundrel and becomes a force for good.
>I end up passing every fear check for the rest of the campaign.
>I had seen the face of ultimate evil, nothing else compared to it.
>" Mr. Demon Prince, I know the dark lord. And you sir are no dark lord".
>a gentle gust of unexpected wind snuffs all of your torches
>you are left in complete darkness
>you are likely to be attacked by a grue
Cast Light
Do you/your character listen to Linken Park as well?
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only good way to play a game desu
Star Wars Age of Rebellion

Me: I Roll to Intimidate Lord Vader

that ended poorly.
I am so damn sad Secret World had to be a shit MMO. Love the setting and I'm aching for a proper urban fantasy video game, but damn if it isn't a bore to play like all MMOs.
>Be a necromancer trying to use its powers for good
>Town is attacked by goblins
>Revive the dead to kill off the gobbos and save the town
>Roll a 1
>The zombies kill half of the town's population before getting killed by the greenskins
>The town joins forces with the goblins to kick the party out of town
>The paladin punches my face
>Rolls a 10
>I'm now a friendless necromancer with a broken nose and hated by both good and bad guys
Ahhh, I remember that thread. Good times.
No but his favorite movie is Hurtlocker
That actually sounds really awesome
It was a really terrible mistake that did turn out kind of cool. I had a lot fun towards the end of the campaign. The gm would spring a trap or puzzle on us, and I would come up with solution he did not expect. He was very good natured about, we would be congratulated, and he would improvise something else. You could definitely do good guy GM memes with Pete.
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