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Game day is coming up soon; what are you bringing to play?
I've got turbo turns and mono black evilstuff in the mail for this weekend. These decks are the most fun I've had playing magic in forever
My FLGS is doing a team sealed, hoping me and the lads get good pulls.
Abzan counters
But after game day in switching to u/b surge fucking eldrazi displacer fucks me up to much.

Maybe try to slot a cunning strike in there.
Auctualy the more I think about it the more I think cunning strike won't be worth it.
Jace vryns prodidgy could work out maybe.
In fact I may just focus on more general u/r then surge specifically.
On the other hand pyromancers assault does seem like a fun card
R/W rally and equipment. It might not do so good since I didn't want to use any tarkir stuff, but stranger things have happened.
Yeah I'd like to see Evilstuff please
Playing Jeskai Prowess until they take the cards away from me. Having half a deck full of cantrips is just too much fun.
Nothing, because I'm going to a 2HG tourney hosted by a friend instead.

Otherwise, Colorless Eldrazi.
Running a U/B eldrazi ingest deck. I haven't had a chance to test it in actual play beyond the kitchen table, but it seems pretty solid.

Here's the deck list, and feedback is appreciated.

After a month of playtesting and tweaking, I've dropped mono green ramp for atarka red wins.

If I can't have fun, no one can
I'm rocking Gruuldrazi Ramp.
After returning to the game recently, I´m running U/R prowess.

And I am going to lose horribly in the first round, I just know it.

UR Prowess looks like an awesome deck, you just need to not run out of gas with the help of draw spells (especially cantrips like Expedite).
Will it be possible to run UR prowess post-rotation? I just got the deck put together and I don't even get to use it for long
Thanks, I´m going to give it a try there. Back then I always boros.

The first u/r playtest was kinda slow for me, but the second one was kinda over fast, probably because I lack all the good stuff for the deck, like abbott or swiftspear.
You can't build the deck without swiftspear, anon. There are options to replace Abbot, but Swiftspear is a must.
Go Jeskai, it's better on a budget. UR is only better with the fetches and Jace to double down on cruises.
I would if I could. I started with battle of zendikar and don´t have any jeskai or two colored cards to make the deck one.

Wait... Is the duel deck still legal?
The budget singles for Prowess are super cheap, anon. Online ordering is your friend.
Unfortunaly, I will be getting my money monday only.

But thanks for the tips, guys. I will be reporting back on saturday evening or sunday.

Now I just gonna try to get the swiftspears elsewhere...
What does jeskai have that UR doesn't?
Better budget options. Seeker is great, Defiant Strike is another solid cantrip, Ride Down can be fun. UR is better when you have the Jaces, but if you don't want to drop $300+ for a playset, Seeker is in my opinion the best replacement.
BW control

i havent played magic in over a decade so this should be interesting
Legacy/modern player here.
Are there any good reanimation spells in standard? I was looking at playing a deck that revolved around resolving Vryns Wingmare and Siege Rhino over and iver again.
I'm rethinking my B/U aristocrats deck, I was thinking about adding white and pretty much making it esper rally.
I had a lot of success with normal B/U version but I'm in mood for a change.
Do you guys have any suggestions?
I'm playing Jeskai Prowess

2 x Zurgo
4 x Swiftspear
4 x Stormchaser Mage
2 x Reflector Mage
2 x Elusive Spellfist
4 x Mantis Rider
2 x Thunderbreak Reagent

4 x Roast
4 x Defiant Strike
4 x Slip Through Space
3 x Titan Strength
4 x Send to Sleep

21 x Assorted Lands
Has Send to Sleep been good?
It need more testing, four may be too many. I just want to get blockers out the way - turns three and four are wher I can do crippling damage with this deck.

I have a couple Abbots but they're in the sideboard as I feel they're slow for main deck. Ride Down has a certain appeal, I'm testing at a friend's place tomorrow and will finalise the deck and sideboard.
I run Fiery Impulse to deal with early blockers, and Slip Through Space to push through. The 2cmc with no card advantage turned me off to StS.
I've got a pile of cards that MIGHT be Junk Tokens:

x2 Hangarback Walker
x4 Zulaport Cutthroat
x3 Immolating Glare
x3 Silkwrap
x3 Dromoka's Command
x3 Nissa, Voice of Zendikar
x1 Abzan Charm
x1 Painful Truths
x1 Monastery Mentor
x2 Liliana, Heretical Healer
x2 Siege Rhino
x3 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
x2 Ob Nixilis Reignited
x2 Muderous Cut
x3 Secure the Wastes

I actually want to include a couple of copies of From Beyond because I think that enchantments are really well positioned right now (Dromoka's Command isn't seeing too much play and there's basically no other form of enchantment removal) but I'm not sure what to cut. Is Liliana a good card right now? I don't run enough non-token creatures for me to be convinced she's right for the deck, but I think that a 2/3 lifelinker might actually be okay against decks like Atarka Red.

I'm also considering a merciless Executioner/Citadel Seige transformative sideboard.
>Wait... Is the duel deck still legal?
Do you mean the clash pack if so yes armed and dangerous is still legal I'm bringing a very similar deck to game day myself.
RW Ally Equips using Zada, Hedrons Grinder and Lantern Scout. My plan against U/R is to recover health at turn 3, when scout lands and proceed to hit with LifeLink more than I take. My biggest problem is Devoid Black. Transgress Mind, Grasp of Darkness, Murderous Cut, Thought-Nazi and Wasteland Stangler are too much to handle. My hand ends up with only lands and with Knot and Strangler beating my ass.
I've had good results against Collected Company decks so far. But it needs some tweaks.
File: 20160212005344229.jpg (1 MB, 1228x904) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1228x904
So I've been playing this sorta netdecked greenramp build for a while, and I've been preparing for Khans rotating out to play it in standard. I've swapped out the Khans stuff for equivalent ramp stuff but I need some advice for cards. r8 and h8? I'm pretty new and don't know a majority of the stuff in the format.

Probably BW control, I can build it for less than 4 flip Jace's and it's a deck that doesn't run flip Jace. Plus I need the Gideon's anyway for BW Tokens in Modern.
The most interesting mechanics we have is prowess and 1 flicker creature.
Get rid of the hedron crawlers
Get rid of 3 conduits
Add 3 Ulamogs
Add Sylvan advocates
Lose when you don't get a nut draw
Just seems like youre spreading your mana too far out for a fast deck at that point
>running 6 ulamogs
>Run -2 Conduits
>Run 6 Ulamog

File: 1447171539021.gif (4 MB, 360x197) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 360x197
Bringing a Control Brew

>tfw people ragequit against your deck on Cockatrice and you can never properly test your deck
Can you guys tell me why Painful Truths is so much better than Read the Bones? The way that I see it:

+Can draw you up to three cards
-Forces you to use three colors for max value
-Need to pay 3 life for full value
-Is shit if you don't have three colors online

+Can effectively go 4 cards deep
+Can use any color mana after B
+Only need to pay 2 life
-Only draws you two cards
My nigga
Jeff Hoogland's list ?
I tweaked it a little, some things I didn't like when playing the deck and the sideboard.
A blast to play
Depends on your deck
If your playing a midrangey 4colorsgoodstuf.dec just jam painful truths because all your cards are the same.
If you're playing control and blue play Dig Trough time
If you're playing control with no blue run read the bones.
Can Bant be good in standard?
Playing Atarka Red and every list that I see has Painful Truths in it.

Sure its an extra card but I'm not exactly getting too many lands during a matchup and may want to leave some colors up. Painful Truths forces me to use these colors that I may need for a Become Immense or Atarka's Command from the top of my library, whereas I can keep colors up with Read the Bones.

I don't know, thats the way that I see it I guess but I could be wrong since I haven't played this deck since last summer.
Bant midrange

2x Warden of the first tree
4x Knight of the white orchid
4x Sylvan advocate
4x Dromokas command
2x Silk wrap
4x Reflector Mage
4x Gideon
3x Archangel of tithes
2x Wingmate roc
2x Treasure cruise

10 fetches, 4 duals and the rest are basics
Why the fuck would you play a draw spell in a deck that aim to kill turn 5 max.
Your starting hand should give you the kill.

1x Linvala
3x Secure the wastes
Fuck if I know.

Every deck that I see topping runs at least 2 Truths in the sideboard along with 4 Self-Inflicted Wounds.
yes very good as of late
I'm bringing a Green Blue mid range deck with Crush of the Tentacles.

It's a fun deck to use
Bant coco is one of the best deck right now.
After rotation I think it'll just wrecks face even more since nothing of the decks rotate.
What happens to a token if its bounced?

Hey guys,

Considering my usual format, Modern is currently FUBAR, I'm looking to dip my toes into Standard. However putting a deck together only two months before rotation seems like a bad idea. So instead I'm just going to invest on Standard staples that might still be good after rotation.

What are some of such staples?

I already got my hands on the new Eldrazi, Sylvan Advocate, Collected Company and Gideon.
it disappears into the ether
Another anon here. You're right, the worst thing you can do with the deck is spreading the mana base, if you go into the tapped lands route you end up with a slow as fuck deck and that goes against the basic idea of the deck, if you go into the painland route you end up killing yourself because the deck doesnt use generic mana at all, and the fetches route simply doesnt cut it because the only fetch you can play in your colors is Flooded Strand and that doesn't get your main color Red.
I've been playtesting the deck since day one and trust me when I say UR is the best version and the budget version at the same time. Don't even get me started on Jace, he sucks in the deck, t2 you want to be attacking with two swiftspears for seven damage not durdling around with a do nothing creature.
Thoughts on running Collateral Damage over Fiery Impulse for Atarka Red?

I figured that since you have a shitton of tokens you may as well have a free bolt when they are blocked/die.
Collateral damage is a trap card, you want to keep your guys to do more damage.
That one token can stay on the board, block something and get 1/1 counter from atarka's command. Its really player preference but if you don't draw into token makers your SoL. Might be good in a mirror match up.
Kinda hard to do more damage if I get a Virulent plague cast on me imo.

Also its value even if they decide to use spot removal, right? Or if I go into blocking mode and I have no chance of attacking anymore.

Atarka only pumps, it doesn't put a counter on the creature.
Also anti-reflector mage tech imo. Would rather sac it and deal 3 to kill the mage or 3 to the face instead of having a creature back in my hand for a turn.
Not at all. The majority of the deck is red, and both the UR and the RW painlands are legal. It runs pretty smoothly. Fumarole is available too, and provides a 4power creature to turn on Temur Battle Rage.
U/W mill. I never play standard so this should come out on nowhere. Still haven't tried it, but I don't want to play against people who will be there.
>the UR and the RW painlands are legal
Have fun playing against all those other aggro decks in standard, did you notice how color hungry the deck is?
Since tokens don't exist anywhere but on the battlefield is doesn't exist in exile so it can't be returned to the battlefield

I learned that the hard way
It returns to the hand and immediately stops existing. It matters for Stormfront Riders.
>If your playing a midrangey 4colorsgoodstuf.dec just jam painful truths because all your cards are the same.

This, plus you're often running Sorin Solemn Visitor / Seeker of the Way so the lifeloss is often irrelevant.

I like this standard desu, it's interesting in that it's slow but relies on building upon your previous turns so you can't just durdle forever. Kind of why Atarka Red is so good- it has a very solid velocity
I would assume the truths are for grindy mirror matches
Why are singles so fucking expensive?
>Why are singles so fucking expensive?

If it's Eldrazi, it's because memedern and speculators

If it's anything else, it's because speculators and because all the best cards are printed at mythic
>reflector mage is a common
>>reflector mage is a common

To be pedantic, it's an uncommon. And see my second point - speculators. Foils for reflector mage are $10+, which is close to some rare foils in price.
Oh fuck of course faerie miscreant.
Will probably have some prowess in there so maybe mage ring bully although I will probably take that new u/r flyer guy instead.
In fact definitely not mage ring bully lavastep raider will do the job better and allow me to trigger surge more.
Also I love the flavor text on lavastep raider.
But he has to many ulamogs and not enough conduits for that.
What are you building for post-rotation?
I'm a Zombify/Rise From the Grave and a Grisly Salvage/Mulch reprints away from BG Reanimate being legit.
Otherwise I guess it'll be Red Sligh with Lava Axe, Fiery Impulse and the new vampires.
OP here. I am bring a pretty greedy 4C ramp. It was originally Bant Ramp during BFZ for Dromoka, Ulamog, Part the Waterveil and Ugin but with Kozilek's Return printing, it felt obligatory to have red for it.

Lands (25)
10x Forest
4x Shrine of the Forsaken Gods
3x Sanctum of Ugin
3x Island
2x Lumbering Falls
1x Plains
1x Haven of the Spirit Dragon
1x Mountain

Creatures (11)
4x Sylvan Advocate
4x Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger
2x Dragonlord Dromoka
1x Kozilek, the Great Distortion

Sorcery (12)
4x Explosive Vegetation
3x Map the Wastes
3x Part the Waterveil
2x Nissa's Renewal

Instants (8)
3x Dig through Time
3x Natural Connections
2x Kozilek's Return

Planeswalkers (3)
3x Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

Enchantments (1)
1x Zendikar Resurgent

Sideboard (15)
2x Hallowed Moonlight
2x Winds of Qal Sisma
2x Negate
2x Dispel
2x Nissa, Vastwood Seer
2x Sphinx of the Final Word
1x Void Winnower
1x Kozilek's Return
1x Desolation Twin
File: 1438435990255.jpg (117 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117 KB, 1280x720
What is the best graveyard hate in standard ATM? Cranial Archive? Anafenza? I need something against the graveyard heavy decks. Im playing 5C so color is a non issue.
File: top dek.png (1 MB, 1710x1001) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
top dek.png
1 MB, 1710x1001
red deck until i die
otherwise 4 colors rally would not be so retarded to play.
>Cast all my shit
>Don't care about your removal
>Try to exile my shit ? sorry i sac everything
>Duress to take my rally, sure
>Collected company end of your turn, i bring a reflector mage, bounce your anafenza and a jace
>I have now 2 zulaport, a husk and a sifter in my graveyard, time to rally with my flipped jace
>gg ez game no re get rekt son
>Forget the part where i sac all my shit and i can scry 10 and draw 9 while i drain you for 8.

I hate this deck, happy to see it die after rotation as it is the most retarded deck that tries to pretend its difficult to play.

How about if i sideboard in Flaying Tendrils and Hallowed Moonlight?
File: Skub.jpg (35 KB, 375x523) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 375x523
how about you just play atarka red and GETEM
Never as retarded as Rhinos: the Tapping
>We will never get to play the perfect format that was INN / RTR again

Just fucking kill me already
Hey guys, im sorta new to MTG, but i know the basics and some. Im going to my first draft today at my LGS. Tips appriciated.
take all the rares and shinies
File: 9234923424.jpg (164 KB, 622x442) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164 KB, 622x442
If i drop the Scout and then proceed to attack with Piledriver and another Goblin, will Piledriver still become unblockable?
check out all the cards in Oath first. Mostly look at commons since that's what you're going to be playing with most of the time.
You can also check out the "set reviews" on one of the sites like Channel Fireball or something.
Some rares are shit, don't pick them just because they're rare.
Also, no matter how much you try, picking all the walls is NOT a deck if you don't have any finisher. God dammit there's one guy at my LGS who always does that and games with him last forever and you sometimes win by just taking 40 turns.
File: 1421503361263.gif (410 KB, 221x196) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
410 KB, 221x196
>order last remaining cards for my Eldrazi deck last friday
>everything is sent out on the 8th or 9th
>everything from all over europe arrived already
>except for the one TKS I ordered from not even 200km away that was sent out on early monday morning

I'm curious as to why nobody uses ingest. I've posted this in many standard threads but never get responses.
Is it because ingest isn't guarenteed to remove a card valueble to the other player and can potentially help them? Are the processor effects not considered worth the time? Is it not fast enough?

Like I said in my original post, I have no REAL magic experience, but I love the flavor of this deck and enjoy using it, so I'm very curious.
grixis goodstuff all the way

jace, jori en, fiery impulse, grasp of darkness, baby chandra, the whole shebang.
drawing all your processors and no ingesters is basically a disaster, wasteland stranglers just aren't good enough as 3/2 bodies for 3, especially in a format with both atarka red AND rhino in it

The risky thing about running mill effects (or ingest effects; they have the same problem) is that if you hit something the player doesn't need (land number 8, for instance) it helps them rather than hurting them. Also, unless you're ingesting a whole lot of cards at the same time (see Newlamog), Ingest won't do enough on its own to knock out the opponent.

Another problem is that, unless your opponent either is terrible at deckbuilding or is playing hideously overpowered combo, losing even twenty cards off the top is extremely unlikely to win you the game.
Why would you put that many processors in the deck to begin with? However I totally see your point there. It creates another situation of getting "mana fucked" so to speak, except with exiled cards.
I figured the ingested cards are more to disrupt the other players tempo. Once you get your processors out you theoretically start out pacing them (especially using oblivion sowers).

Are you saying the ingest/process effects aren't worth the trade off of raw damage you can be getting from other types of cards?
>Flaying tendrils
>against a bunch of 2/3 and sac outlet
Nice tech BRO
Even if you have 4 hallowed moonlight, they have 4 rally and 4 collectes company with jaces to recycle. And if you need to hold 2 mana every turn, they'll just beat you with creatures.
To expand on my thoughts here, ingest by itself isn't what will kill the other player. You just ingest to power creatures like ulamog's nullifier or wasteland strangler, who only need 1 card each. After that it's strictly a bonus fishing for lands to take with oblivion sower.

Beyond the three I listed, the other processor cards don't really feel all that influential or useful to me. Which is a shame really. If black had more proccessors I could see the combo working well. Sadly most of the processors are in blue which provide some form of evasion to your other creatures, and blue has plenty of evasion base. I would have liked to have a processor who had a higher exiled card requirement but disrupted lands or something.

I completely agree on mill though. Even if you were to only hit the other player with mist intruders, you would still kill them before mill does. It's an extremely flavorful effect for the eldrazi though. Especially Ulamog's 20 card swing!

So how do i get any form of advantage against Rally? Or do i just lube up?
Just spread your gluteus if you're not playing some fast aggro deck and hope they don't have a sifter to block on turn 3.
This deck is retarded and your only way out is if they get flooded or mana screwed.
so I am trying mtg out with Magic Duels and apparently it is missing many cards from the latest sets but include other basic cards from previous sets for "balance" reasons. Does that make sense? It also has a 4-3-2-1 card limit based on rarity so maybe that is why.

I just want to enjoy the new sets as they come out without having to trade so much...I like drafting but drafting with real boosters is retarded when you don't want the cards. fug.
So I was going to build Atarka ramp/landfall, but then I remembered that I was broke as hell and couldn't possibly afford the Commands, fetches, duals, or practically anything else. So I built a mono-green landfall deck. Tell me how stupid it is.

Instants/Sorceries (11)
3x Explosive Vegetation
4x Seek the Wilds
4x Nissa's Pilgrimage

Creatures (17)
4x Undergrowth Champion
4x Blisterpod
3x Avatar of the Resolute
2x Hooded Hydra
4x Jaddi Offshoot

Lands (23)
20x Forest
3x Blighted Woodland

Everything Else (9)
4x Retreat to Kazandu
3x Slab Hammer
2x Nissa, Voice of Zendikar

3x Bane of Bala Ged
4x Leaf Gilder
3x Caustic Caterpillar
3x Feed the Clan

The plan is to dump as many lands onto the battlefield as fast as possible, get a fuckton of triggers off Champion and Retreat, use Nissa to shit blockers all over the board while my creatures get hueg, and finish it off by just beating their face in. Probably with Champion or Hydra, though that all depends on where my +1/+1s end up. Bane and Gilder are there to try and handle Ulamog (I honestly can't find anything better except the shit that is Scour from Existence. If only World Breaker could hit creatures.

Since its green and you have enough fixing and ramp, I'd recommend splashing white and throwing in Retreat to Emeria for more token spam and some Captains Claws for even more token spam. And I'd go Oran-Rief Hydra over Hooded Hydra just for the landfall. And splashing white lets you sideboard some Ulamog hate with Isolation Zone, Pacifism, etc.
How will the spoiled cards affect Standard so far?, Will Lightning Axe see play?, Invasive Surgery?

Will Madness be big?, Delirium?, Investigate even?
>splashing white
Did you not hear the part where I can't afford it? I am building this on a Nissa I pulled from the prerelease, 35 bucks, and a prayer. Windswept Heath is 52+ for a playset, Canopy Vista is around 14, and while Captain's Claws isn't that expensive, I can't really see a good use for it. So while I agree with you that splashing white could be nice even just to deal with Ulamog (though I don't think the tokens are necessary), I'm afraid it's simply impossible.

Also, Oran-Rief Hydra is a good idea, but it means you can't dump it in the early game like you can Hooded in an emergency if you just need a body on the field (hell, you can morph it if you have no other options). Maybe a good idea, but I'm going to go with the Hooded for now and see what happens. Maybe I'll go for the Oran-Rief later.
So I'm debating on what to go to gameday with. I've currently just got an Abzan Aristocrats deck I pulled of here after BfZ was released that looked fun, but I've gotten curbstomped all the time at my LGS with it thanks to having a cancerous meta. Most everyone plays some shit they saw did well at the PT without regard for cost. Last time I played with it I went 1-3 only beating the only other guy there that was just there for shits and giggles. I guess I'm at fault for preferring to brew jank and have it work than try to go 4-0 everytime.

Currently its this:
2x Smothering Abomination
4x Nantuko Husk
3x Sultai Emissary
4x Blisterpod
2x Carrier Thrall
4x Zulaport Cutthroat
3x Sifter of Skulls
4x Catacomb Sifter
3x Hangarback Walker

3x Rally the Ancestors
2x Evolutionary Leap
4x Abzan Ascendancy

2x Shambling Vent
1x Llanowar Wastes
4x Plains
7x Forest
8x Swamp

I kinda want to take out the Abzans since I added Sifter of Skulls and maybe take out a Catacomb Sifter and Nantuko Husk to throw in 3 each of Eldrazi Displacer and Brood Monitor for the infinite combo, and to have some shit to answer another Hangarback, but doing that makes me want to throw in some From Beyonds so I can grab the Eldrazis I need. I'd either lower the number of Displacers and Monitors or get rid of Evolutionary Leap to fit those in, but I can't decide. And yes, I know I need to throw some Rogues Passages in(I'm not sure how I forgot those when first building this) and I'm planning on adding a couple of those BG manlands and maybe some Corrupted Crossroads since I'd be running a lot of Eldrazi and could use the colorless output. I could throw a couple Nissas in there, but I'm not sure how well it'd work with the deck.

The other option is to throw together a RB(maybe U) Devoid Eldrazi Funstuff deck. Use a good bit of Vile Aggregrate, Walker of the Wastes, Forerunner of the Slaughter, Reaver or Slaughter Drone and some Kozilek's Channelers to ramp up to some fuckhuge drop like a Desolation Twin
Going BW budget allies.Thoughts on hedron blade sideboard for all the eldrazi decks im expecting to see?
I always thought that Oran-Rief Hydra was a good option for monogreen Ramp/Landfall strategies.

I wanted to try it building this deck:

>4x Jaddi Offshot
>4x Sylvan Advocate
>4x Undergrowth Champion
>4x Oran-Rief Hydra

>4x Explosive Vegetation
>4x Nissa's Plgrimation
>4x Swell Of Growth

>4x Blighted Woodland
>4x Fertile Thicket
>16x Forest

Would that work?
Small correction, no Nissa's Pilgrimage, instead:

>4x Seek the Wilds

And you don't have to get the duals to make a playable deck, especially when you already know its going to be jank. Throw some Evolving Wilds in, or just rely on Seek the Wilds or Explosive Vegetation to get what you need to splash white. You only need to throw maybe 3 or 4 Plains in to make a splash viable without fetches since you're running green. Or use a couple Lifespring Druids.

And I'd almost say get rid of an Undergrowth Champion and Avatar of the Resolute to make room for Oran-Rief. You don't really have any bombs(aside from Hooded, which could end up being used as an early drop anyways) and slapping that out and spamming some lands out for the counters will make a huge difference. Plus, trample.
File: haha wrong.jpg (8 KB, 251x201) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
haha wrong.jpg
8 KB, 251x201
>cutting Nissa's Pilgrimage
You've only got 16 cards there, run a few of them. They're surprisingly good - 3 mana for another Landfall trigger and a bonus land or two in your hand? Yes please.
Also, when SoI is released,
>Sylvan Advocate: Out
>Duskwatch Recruiter: In
Fair point. However, Champion can grow to retarded sizes fast, Avatar is lovely if you just hit Nissa's -2 before dropping it, and honestly I'm not entirely sure what I'd get from running white besides tokens. I do agree with you on the Oran-Rief, though, maybe it's time to drop it. And maybe I should find a better two-drop, as I'm not sure Avatar will be coming out when I've got the counters to support it.
Also, I was debating splashing some Wastes just to run Ruin In Their Wake over Seek the Wilds. How stupid an idea is that?

I mean if you're gonna rely on landfall triggers, you might as well splash a little red for Mina and Denn. Maybe throw in some Evolving Wilds to shit out two lands on one turn if you're not gonna run red(and keep it even if you do). And if you're running Sylvan Advocate, might as well run some Embodiment of Insights too, itll give you some manlands to take advantage of the Advocate. and with Undergrowth and Oran-Rief, tossing in Retreat to Kazandu would be crucial for the counters.

Its not entirely stupid, but you'd definitely want Evolving Wilds in there to shit out a Wastes early to make Ruin in Their Wake useful. I'd stick to Seek the Wilds as it has a secondary use of pulling out creatures. Plus you will definitely be running enough lands to almost never have to worry about those 4 cards not including at least one land

Since you're not playing modern I wouldn't expect a lot of Eldrazis. Granted, your meta may be different than mine, but Eldrazi are not a huge factor in most as far as I've seen.
File: image.jpg (42 KB, 384x288) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 384x288
>Return to Kazandu
Opinion discarted.
How many Mina and Denn should i run in a Human/Elf tribal (red/green)?

I mean with only a mono-green deck and half your creatures relying on counters, doubling up on those with Kazandu is definitely worth it.
any tron players here?
4x Urzas
3x Eye of ugin
3x tomb of yawgmoth
4x eldrazi temples
6x swamps
2x bojuka bogs
2x Ghost Quarters
4x oblivion sowers
4x Blight Herder
4x Wasteland Strangler
2x Void Winnower
2x Ulamog Ceaseless hunger
1x Emrakul
1x It that betrays
2x Dismember
1x Slaughterpact
1x Doomblade
3x Thoughtseize
3x Inquisition of Kozilek
2x All is Dust
4x Relic of progenitus
3x Expedition maps
61 cards might throw out one of my thought seizes.
Fair enough. Any ideas how to get around flaying tendrils or kozilecks return or the shitton of other boardwipes? Nothings got a butt over 2 in this BW allies deck. I do have march from the tombs, but tendrils is gonna wreck me.
File: 1455229954520.gif (1 MB, 268x274) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 268x274
you have a shitton of ramp spellS, you just need to get the basics you want from those spell fucktard
Retarded modern player lost in standard thread
Tron is shit right now haven't you heard Eldrazi are better ?
Go get the latest Eldrazi from Oath of the Gatewatch™ Booster Packs!

Rally the Ancestors since they're all probably tiny. Stoneforge Masterwork, maybe make it equipment focused with Stonehaven Outfitter and assorted random equipment to bulk. And if you're running B, I really like the new 1/4 Vampire Ally. Forget the damn thing's name, but its a personal favorite of mine from the set.
What the fuck do you have 4 Urzas, 4 Urzas what ? Tower/Power Plan/Mine
Do you know that you have to have 1 of each on the battlefield for them to generate 2 or 3 mana ?
Do you need help ?
Are you retarded ?
Sorry john, BW processor build is kinda done now that thought knot and reality smasher are released.
since you already have the urborgs, temples and eyes, drop the tron lands, get eldrazi mimic, matter reshaper, thought-knot seer, reality smasher and build the new eldrazi, but with iok and thoughseize
its a much better faster deck, Tier 0 in modern and can beat legacy and vintage decks
A true 3 for 1 is hard to come back from in a game. While it's true that rtb can dig you 4 cards deep, you still only end up actually putting 2 in your hand for 1. Painful truths puts 3 cards in your hand. It usually happens a lot faster than another 3 for 1 card Treasure Cruise, and fuels your graveyard instead of depleting it for other delve cards. In this multicolored standard, you should really not have any issues getting 3 different colors of mana if you're playing it in Abzan aggro or Jeskai midrange by turn 4-6. If you're not playing 3 colors, then rtb is fine. You usually won't want to be tapping out for this card on 3 since you'll want to be impacting the board in some manner.
Running a Fetch-less and Jace-less U/R Prowess.

Got first place last week and I tuned it up some over the week.

Decklist? You've got me intrigued as I don't want to blow a week's pay on a playset of Jace.
I am intrigued. Tell me more.

So I've kinda decided on this as what to go with. Could probably use some tweaking.

My negro, just got back into standard and I really like the deck. I got fucking destroyed by Rally at FNM tho. Its a shit matchup pre board and decent in post board, fuck that deck.
>every Atarka red deck plays 22 lands
>I play 22 lands
>half my draws are land with little to no gas

Why play so many lands with a deck that curves out at 2?
Finished 5th today. Fuck all eldrazi ramps, they make my rhinos cry.
Anyone have luck with monoblack eldrazi?
Oh my god I can't handle all this card advantage
I'm having so much fun with this deck, but Ultimate Price is not very good in this current standard. Any suggestions for what removal to replace it with?
No idea. I really want that promo but I've never played standard and dont have the cards for it. Whats the cheapest deck that will land me in the top 8?
Grasp of Darkness is pretty good. It can basically kill anything the opponent throws at you early to lategame.

Oblivion Strike is basically uncondittional removal and bypasses protection against Black.

If you'd consider other colors there's Immolating Glare, which is straight up the best removal spell in Standard at the moment.

there's a guy playing monoblack midrange at my lgs, he does pretty well.
how much does it cost to make a deck?

is it worth actually showing up to the local game store?

I went to a prerelease once and the place had terrible BO but I'm in a different city now.

I wish this game just copied Hearthstone almost exactly with their digital release except using Magic cards of course
Hearthstone is fucking awful. At the very least, you're investing in cards and you can get some value back.
yeah but buying/selling is a load of work and the money doesn't even go to wizards unless you buy the boosters. Grinding or buying points to get random nontradeable boosters is way more fun.
BO is the natural flavor of mtg players
its to us what curry is to indian people
hail your grixis goodstuff overlords

all the most expensive cards in standard packed into one tidy package

4 jace, 71 who cares since you have jace
wtf is a grixis
best shard
>Ultimate Price is not very good in this current standard
It's a perfect storm for fucking ultimate price.
>70% of creatures played are multicolor or colorless
yeah, no, I'd rather play a spell that has actual legal targets.
Dragon fodder into bushwhacker is good stuff man.
Congratulations anon.
I should have chosen better words I meant its a perfect storm for fucking over ultimate price.
Bringing this. It's almost the same deck as the one I won game day BFZ with, so I'm hoping I'll win one of the two my city holds this time around.
how hardcore are typical FGS standard players and like how expensive are their decks?
Jeskai midrange is the fucking deck guys, reality smasher and chandra all day. And I have enough room for a full on aggro sideboard.
mono-goblin is a deck i'm going to force at rotation.

GGC, driver, fodder, scout into bushwhacker is a line i could see myself hitting.
File: 1430714891463.jpg (42 KB, 399x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 399x388
red plays 21 duderino

>hitting outburst on-curve with less than 21
>hitting 1-drop into whacker on-curve with less than 21
>doing anything but topdecking land with more than 21

my shop has multiple 5k winners, open top8s, gp top 8s and at least one guy who made the pro tour twice.
File: 1448411827735.jpg (102 KB, 346x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102 KB, 346x500
Just playtested my R/W allies. Holy fuck firemantle mage puts in the work
Played standard again. Apparently mill is still not a thing. FML
too many Devoid or otherwise colorless cards right now in the mix with all the 4-Color-Fuck-You decks. i mean yeah if you play RUG Tutleage you get a Bye against Red Deck but other than that you're gonna have a bad time.
yup. Pretty much just got hit by a truck. Did get a bunch of triggers out of B/W allies, but then she just did that reanimate 8 cmc allies each game. Fuck. I want to play standard it feels impossible to do something that is relatively cheap and resonates with me. Maybe next season. Until then I guess it's edh.
actually maybe making a deflecting palm deck might be cool.
Son I'm gonna have to ask where you learned to spell radiant purge
Just came in 1st at FNM with this. 4-0. Taking it to Game Day tomorrow.
Artificer's Epiphany is a good card.

Land (23)
4x Caves of Koilos
1x Island
1x Llanowar Wastes
1x Mirrorpool
2x Polluted Delta
3x Ruins of Oran-Rief
3x Sea Gate Wreckage
4x Shivan Reef
2x Sunken Hollow
1x Swamp
1x Yavimaya Coast
Creature (22)
3x Bearer of Silence
4x Eldrazi Mimic
4x Hangarback Walker
4x Matter Reshaper
3x Reality Smasher
4x Thought-Knot Seer
Instant (11)
3x Artificer's Epiphany
1x Murderous Cut
3x Spatial Contortion
4x Warping Wail
Artifact (4)
4x Ghostfire Blade
Sideboard (15)
4x Dispel
2x Negate
3x Negate
2x Self-Inflicted Wound
3x Ultimate Price
1x Island
If I felt like building a new deck it would be Red Black. Either Eldrazi Aggro or a Dragons build.

Probably going to just do a draft because they are running one at the same time as game day. If they are short people to start though (probably looking for a minimum 6) I'll bring Temur Dumbstuff, pretty much the same as it was last game day.

Going from memory

4 Rattleclaw
3 Beastcaller
4 Knucks
3 Haste Surrak
2 Woodland Wanderer
2 Trample Surrak
3 Sagu Mauler

2 Kiora (filler for more wanderers)
1 Atarka Efreet (filler but fun when they expect maulers)

4 Temur Charm
3 Fiery impulse
4 Ferocious Counterspell

4 Temur Land
4 Evolving Wilds
4 UR Painland
2 Lumbering Falls
1 UR critterland
8 Forest
1 Mountain
1 Island

2 Radiant Flames
3 Feed the Clan (never found out if this card was worth using)
1 Boiling Earth
4 Disdainful Stroke
2 Shaman of the Great Hunt
3 Windstorm
try this instead

radiant flames can be whatever you want depending on meta (as long as it's a noncreature spell). tormenting voice can be magmatic insight if you want, too.
But...but how does it win? Elementals? Fucking rattleclaws? THIS DECK DOES NOT MAKE SENSE AND IT SCARES ME.
>Play elemental uprising
>Untaps rattleclaw
>Play a one mana cantrip
>untaps your creature land and rattleclaw, draw if need
>Play another uprising
>dig again
>repeat process until elemental's/rattleclaw's are big enough to kill
cycle ascendancy triggers until you have a bunch of 20/20 unblockables on turn 3
File: shork.jpg (24 KB, 246x191) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 246x191
Ran into a deck playing Rhino, Jace, Mantis Rider, Crackling Doom, Abzan Charm, Painful Truths, Goblin Dark Dwellers

It's like 5 Color Standard All-Stars is a legit fucking deck

These mana bases are fucking retarded
Yeah it's a retarded deck. Everytime I got the rally player to less than 10 life and then coolected company->rally. Sry 10, draw 9 drain for 8. Of course they hit the 2nd rally with the shit ton of scry/draw and you're dead next turn.
The decks really wants a splash of blue to play counterspell main like 2/3 dispel but it hurts me to fuck up the manabase for this retarded deck.
drop the list fukboi
went 3-1 with Mardu Dash Aggro, finished my Blue/Waste Control deck with trades

Beat Lifegain, Lifegain, U/R Prowess; finally lost to Temur aggro at 1 life and 7.
Yes it is. It's Blue/Green combo deck. Tutelage + Nissas Revelation into a Crusher or Breaker of Armies or ulamog. Works best in a control hub.

It's not your grandpa's mill but you have no idea the salt these people possess until they get milled out by a green card.
that person did not show up expecting to play a game of magic worth participating in.
This shit FINALLY stops in 2 months
Looks pretty good - I personally find ingest very useful. Last night i played with dominator drones and the ingest helped me stop them from drawing good cards, plus there are lots of eldrazi that get bonuses from moving exiled creatures into the graveyard.

I think you need some more lower cost creatures and some more instant spells and removal spells - it will be tough early on with that deck especially against any kind of fast deck

>scenario includes the opponent controlling Anafenza
>saccing doesn't cause them to go to exile

Are you high?
>not understanding it's different situations.

Are you retarded ?
File: image.png (765 KB, 1001x1001) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
765 KB, 1001x1001
>mfw people still haven't realized vampire tribal is going to be completely bonkers with Drana
New-ish player, still have much to learn, I'm hoping for some feedback on the following, it is a purely swamp/colorless deck, mostly made from some boosters etc.:

1 Oblivion Sower
2 Warden of Geometries
1 Thought-Knot Seer
1 Sludge Crawler
2 Dominator Drone
2 Hedron Crawler
1 Kozilek's Shrieker
1 Kozilek's Channeler
2 Sky Scourer
2 Slaughter Drone
2 Kozilek's Pathfinder
1 Ulamog's Despoiler
1 Ulamog's Crusher
1 Deceiver of Form
1 Guul Draz Overseer
3 Oblivion Strike
3 Witness the End
3 Unnatural Endurance
2 Swarm Surge
1 Grave Birthing
1 Grasp of Darkness
1 Tar Snare
1 Untamed Hunger
1 Grip of Desolation
1 Remorseless Punishment

15 Swamp
4 Unknown Shores
3 Crumbling Vestige
2 Holdout Settlement

Ideally I'd like to replace Tar Snare with something better because it has a high mana cost for such a terrible card (probably another unnatural endurance instead) and I would like to have more low mana cost cards also, for example some more sludge crawlers instead of something else, otherwise unless I get a perfect hand it's difficult to get the more powerful creates out there before losing.

why do you want to build a trash tier draft chaff deck ?
Your deck is bad and you'll lose.
That's not largely constructive m8
YOUR deck is bad
I mean, for a new player's deck built out of packs its not abyssmal, but you'll really want to take a look at some decks online to get a feel for what they look like. By in large they're not full of a bunch of 1-2 ofs, you want to pick good cards and have a lot of them for consistency, filled in with some flex cards that usually come in 1-2 ofs that help your game plan. Right now your deck is really looking like something that someone takes out of draft night.

As a side note, buying packs is one of the worst ways to make a good deck, you really want an idea of cards you like, down to a 60 card deck list + 15 card sideboard and trade for them/buy them as singles.

Of course disregard all of this if you're just making some kitchen table jank.
I kind of want to make a U/W fuck you mill deck

Something based around tutelage + altar of the brood with jeskai barricade and every other wall/wall-like card I can jam in there, with a decent amount of wraths too of course.
File: abide snek.png (8 KB, 1025x556) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
abide snek.png
8 KB, 1025x556
what if you just played jeskai ascendancy retraction helix altar of the brood combo

>silence you
>trigger, trigger
>retraction helix my caryatid
>trigger, trigger
>briber's purse for X=0
>trigger, trigger, trigger
>activate caryatid, return briber's purse to my hand
>cast briber's purse for X=0
>trigger, trigger, trigger
>demonstrate loop, move to game 2
That sounds amazing but sadly not legal in standard, I don't think there's any infinite combo involving milling in standard right now. I think the only infinites are some pseudo o-ring loop involving one of the new removal enchantments, and infinite +1/+1 counters on Enduring Scalelords. I guess there might be potential for infinite combos with the vampires that do shit with when you gain life, too, haven't looked into it that much.

Really though I'm just waiting for Zada to be busted right open. Card has so much potential for breaking, I'm surprised nobody has done anything with her, not even G/R with become immense, hordeling outburst, etc on top of an atarka red shell
Hm I'm trying to decide how many jace vryns prodidgys I should run.

I have decided I will definitely be going with the full 4 faerie miscreants so that's eating up some of the room for my blue creatures.

I have a pretty good idea on the red side of things though and I still have to work out what u/r spells I will use. Probably just the 2 oath craleatures.
>Hm I'm trying to decide how many jace vryns prodidgys I should run.
How much money do you have? Because the answer is four.
Anon can't improve his deck if he is not told what's wrong with it.
Well I already have 1 but money is no option I earn an average wage but I have very few expenses so I guess I will buy another 3.
I still say the new duel lands are to overpowered
Entering the battlefield untaped just because you already have a few lands out is already a bit much but basic land types pushes it into bullshit levels
I should probably take a look at what's been revealed for shadows already.
thanks buddy(s). I went to FNM for the first time this week with that deck but with a few different things (it was a red and black one, now it is just black) and managed to win a couple, but you are right, most good decks seem to have multiple quantities of specific cards, wheras mine just has 1, or 1-2, of a couple.

In your experiences, how willing are people to trade at such events? I'd like to replace my dominator drones with sludge crawlers, and then a few more sky scourers maybe.

I really like the ability of the guul draz overseer but I suspect by the time I can summon it, it will be no good since it's a 6 mana card, would I be better off removing it and replacing it with a second of something else?

Thanks for the responses, the concept of building a deck seems so simple but then to actually do it doesn't seem to happen.
File: 1376441372565.jpg (17 KB, 385x329) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 385x329
oh wow i thought this was the modern thread

You're probably better off buying commons and most uncommons from the store. People are usually willing to trade, but typically their binders will mostly be rares as it's not feasible to carry thousands of commons with them.
File: 1455241944088.jpg (59 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 500x500
I had the worst 2nd match last night
>using a blue/green
>against a store made intro deck
>have 3 lands 2 sweep aways with 2 creatures with prowess
>Keep getting land floods
>lose with 12 lands

>round 2
>shuffle a little better
>3 lands in hand
>get land flooded again
>mfw lose due to land floods

only have 19 lands man. Fuck
I honestly never really trade much myself, so I can't really speak of willingness to trade.

As for Guul draz overseer, that card is unfortunately pretty trash. You really need to decide a plan of action for your deck beyond being a pile of cards you like. I can't speak much on exactly how you could build a B/x eldrazi deck in standard, I assume a fast aggro deck that looks to overwhelm your opponent with low cost creatures is the way to go, though. You should try looking up black eldrazi decks from standard and see if any have been making waves that you could look through for ideas.
I always open the deck a few times before going to a FNM. And if I get a land flood, I open it again. Shuffling usually doesn't solve the problem.
So back from the gameday I lost against atarka aggro and white/green +1/+1 (don´t know the names for it) and then won against a red/black/white lifelink deck.

U/R prowess didn´t work that well for me. How was everyone elses gameday?
Return from the Tomb. Run 4.
Rally the Ancestors only works with Chasm Guide to attack. Run only 2 as a finisher, to bring back the kalastria healers and Zulaport Cuttrhoats drain your opponent's remaining life on his attacking turn.
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