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>when a PC dies first session
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>when a PC dies first session
Man I'm a fuckup. Anyway, regal me with your tales of shit gone south.
git gud
>tfw killed a PC in the first session involving combat.
I felt bad about it. But the dice had spoken
I've killed a player in a first session and had a player almost die but could save themselves by cutting off their arm, which they did.

Call of Cthulhu is a fun game.
>I've killed a player in a first session
>and had a player almost die but could save themselves by cutting off their arm
Are you sure you should be posting this on the Internet?
>the players saw big footprints along with various small ones near some cows that had beem killed by spears or javellin
>they follow them to the nearby woods
>they fail to see that they are been watched
>they find an empty camp and while searching for it they spot a brigand o the other side of it
>a chase begin
>they don't catch up but the fighter notices that the brigand is running in the direction of a claring
>when they aproach the said clearing the brigand is standing in the middle
>they notice 4 armed men surrouding the clearing and a big humanoid figure on the other side
>walk in the clearing anyway....

They better have some luck on those dices
See, that's why I prefer to start at like 3rd or 4th level. One unlucky axe hit doesn't mean making a new character. And it's not like we haven't all done 1st level a million times.
I move to change the singular form of die to dice and the plural to dices

In my language the usual confusion is with the word data as it is the same word we use for die
>First Session of a Rouge Trader game I'm GMing. Have the party, which consists of simple working crew members, an Astropath that doesn't like his Boss and a Dark Eldar prisoner, seize control of the ship by starting a full scale mutiny.
>Have them fight some simple packs of Guards before reaching and boarding the bridge elevator.
>Doors open, heavy bolter crew guarding the last corridor opens up on them. Everyone makes their Agi-Check and hops into cover, only one unlucky PC that got some nasty mutations during chargen gets torn to bloody shreds.
>"Want to burn a fatepoint?"
>"Nah, I'll make another one, more chances to roll for mutations."

>TFW Unnatural Strength(x3) and Psy rating 2 occur.
>lost an arm
That's how you do it. You don't kill a character unless it's a very appropriate and entertaining scene for the player. You have it cost them, they survive but at an interesting and character developing cost. GM'ing done well.
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same player, I'm GM all times

>Freeport, City of Adventure
>player made an alchemist
"blah blah blah, a group of orcs hanging around the dock are looking hard in your direction"
>walks up to orcs, picks fight
>gets punched in the face
>pulls vial of acid and throws it
>throws it in his square so the splash damage hits three orcs
>I tell him he'll take damage
>no fucks given, bombs away
>orcs continue punching
>pulls alchemist's fire
>spikes it in his square again
>orc knocks him unconscious with a punch
>alchemist expires in a burning puddle of acid

later game

>player makes a fighter with super high strength
>wow look at all this carrying capacity
>I better fill it with lamp oil
>lamp oil x 96
>fails saving throw against flame trap
>so does his gear

later game

>dragonlance campaign circa war of the lance
>player makes a kender rogue
>party is camped by a raging river, swollen with spring storms and snow melt
>kender starts to steal from party
>gets caught
>pulls knife on character who caught him
>mild ass kicking ensues
>kender runs to the river and dives in to make his escape
>"I sink to the bottom and hold my breath for as long as possible so they can't shoot me as the current takes me away"
>decides to surface with three rounds left until drowning
>fail three DC20 swim checks in a row

This kid never had a character that made it more than two sessions. I felt bad because he legit was autistic.
I think it was the best solution for all involved.
>make a new character
>go cave exploring
>find some necklace
>can't examine it with magic, so try to pick it up
>it explodes in 6d6 fire damage
Did you shit in your GM's cereal or something?
>Make alchemist
>long backstory
>knows other players characters since childhood
>oracle tries to pick a fight because rp
>use party as cover for whatever shit he might try to pull
>dm stops the fighting so we can continue
>next morning a party member took insult as being used as meat-shield
>tries to coup de gras me on his turn for watch
>dm has no objections
>party shrugs and moves on

I played this campaign for a while longer, a few more stories. But to this day I recall it as the worst campaign I ever played.

>when less than half the party dies first session


in the first dungeon adventure ever played, a group of 50 men at arms went down into blackmoor dungeon, and one made it out with a magic sword.
Which sense of the word "die"? Because I've got a fantastic mental image of some really confused IT guys and want to know if this is true.
I had somebody burn a fate point and someone else lose a finger in the first session of Dark Herrsy.
However, it was entirely not my fault. One party member raged at the sight of several heretics, but only killed one. His rage kept going and he lashed out at the nearest party member, cutting off her finger. The other members of the party tried to subdue him, only for the party arbiter to roll too well with her shock maul and kill him, requiring him to burn a fate point.
Party was still angry at me
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That isn't normal

What a fuckhead player.
was it a trap? Was there something in the cave? Did it not ping your detect magic at all or did you not have detect magic to ping it with? If not magic then where did the DM have the trapmaker hide a shitton of alchemical explosives?
>Playing fighter with falchion.
>DM imposes a crit fumble table
>Roll a shit ton of 1s
>End up accidentally killing everyone in our party that was involved in melee. Even killed the DMPC through crit fumbles.

The DM didn't even want to use crit fumbles at first either. It was another player pulling some backseat DMing bullshit.
Yet more proof that critical fumbles should never exist.
Not really. The rage rules require him to attack until he kills a sufficient amount of people. He just got unlucky cause our motorcycle driving arbiter ended up killing most of the enemy herself
I like having "able to survive an axe hit" as something you work towards, personally.

But I know a lot of people like jumping straight into games with lots of violent combat, so I guess it really makes a difference how you run it.
>PCs has to put on hazard suits to navigate a room with poison gas
>It gets darker as they go further in
>while in there, one player gets the bright idea to ignite a match to illuminate the place. You know, the room full of gas
>Everything explodes, the sight was not pretty

The entire group agreed to kick that retard out of future sessions.
Hey, at least I hadn't grown attached to it yet.
What blast radius? Because if you could have avoided that by poking the thing with 11ft pole first, it's all on you.
We sorta have that in portuguese.
Data and dice are "dados"
>fighter with years of training
>every 20 swings you drop your sword, kill an ally, cut off your dick or something like that
Critical fumbles are stupid.
Did they have any way of knowing the gas was explosive?
>Playing Pathfinder
>Online game
>GM tells me to play a cleric. While he's cool about it, he makes it very clear a cleric is what the party needs
>I tell him every cleric I ever make has awful luck, but I'll bite the bullet for him
>Fastforward to first session
>I make a coherent Battle Cleric, pounds people with a Spiked Chain, all is fun
>First combat
>Troop of at least three archers (Don't remember specifics, but not important)
>My Cleric summons a dog flank buddy behind one of the archers
>rolls a 2
>Wizard enlarges me, so that I deal even more damage with my spiked chain
>Oh boy.jpg
>Charge the archer
>Roll a 2
>The archer fires in point blank range, which provokes an Attack of Opportunity
>The archer fires
>Natural 20
Now, if you've never played Pathfinder, or aren't familiar with Enlarge Person it essentially boosts up your damage a considerable amount, but you lose 2 AC, my cleric normally has 18 AC, now she has 16
>Roll to confirm the crit
>Its roll+its bonus equal 17
>Critical Confirm
>I'm level 2
>3d8+3 damage
>Literally gets 27 damage on a level 2 cleric
>The DM let me make whatever I wanted afterwards.
As the old saying goes, "It ain't genocide if it's kender."
>"It ain't genocide if it's kender."

True enough, it's simply pest control
>had a player almost die but could save themselves by cutting off their arm, which they did.
So, you run a LARP based off the Saw series?
>when a PC dies first session
Meh depends on how. If the death's due to a freak roll it's ok, that's why we have dice. If someone else fucked up it's bothersome.

First time I ever played DnD.

>1e, way before there was such a thing as "you die at negative 10" or "you automatically get full HP at first level".
>Roll up a fighter.
>Have 2 HP.
>Descending a chasm to the dungeon of whateverness.
>Find a door, it's not locked, but it's stuck it's stuck.
>I've got the highest strength.
>Try to force it open.
>But fail dex check to keep my footing.
>Stumble as I shove the door.
>Take 1d2 damage
>Roll 2

It was rather pathetic.
Honestly, after that I'm surprised there was a second time.

I did have a good referee, one who learned when things went wrong. We started instituting some houserules, and having fewer of the random "roll to resist something bad happen" events.

Besides, this was an age where people felt no shame about randomly assigning the first group of wandering monsters a "PC prisoner" who would be rescued and join the party right then and there. You used to have dungeons where 4 people went in, and 4 completely different people came out with all the loot and xp. It was a sillier time.
>make a new character
>go tower exploring
>find some barrel
>try to open it
>it explodes in 200d6 fire damage
>'you can make a saving throw to half the damage'
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Hello Josh.
Also I agree, that was fucking retarted. And I resent the dm for making that call. Also sorry for not speaking up then and there and demanding a retcon.
>brother of a player joins
>makes [character] at the start of session
>GM tells us we see [character] at the side of the road to ruin
>two players (guys brother + randude) ask [character] to join the plunder
>first room with swirling vortex in the middle
>[character] jumps in vortex
not even 10 minutes of game time/ 20 minutes narrative time.
His next character dies because he insists of participating in a gladitorial challenge to the death.
Arbitrary DMs and stupid players, the thread?

Only one of my characters has ever died (not that I play a lot), but here's the story
>Be in a dungeon full of stupid elemental traps
>My character is a Tiefling Investigator (Pathfinder), mostly just the guy who picks locks and that's it
>He does know 10 languages though, which I was proud of
>Room with a chest and four vases, one in each corner
>Ask DM if its trapped
"You have to enter the room first"
>Say I do
>The Chest AND all four vases are mimics
>Charges my character and all attack
>Die instantly
>GM says I can prepare another character for next session if I wish
>Be around long enough to hear player arguing with GM if the mimics can 'stack on top of each other without a dexterity check' to get at the guy who can fly at will

I'm at least partially glad I dropped out of that campaign. I should have known Pathfinder wasn't going to be very good.

Okay so probably not the right thread for this but whatever. Last night in a session I was in, we almost had some PvP.

Level 1, this is our group's third session.

Last week two of the players ditched and we had two fill ins we thought would continue to play after the other two rejoined. We're doing some kind of quest looking for the source of some killings in a village, we're tracking some tracks, kill some wolves, find a little girl who lost her big sister and take her with us, and enter a cave.

At this point I should state our characters. Leaving out the two temps since they didn't return.

Fey bloodline sorcerer with a tiger pet, I think he was a half-elf or human or something I don't know.
Female eleven year old dwarf with FIVE charisma, she's a Fighter.
Some kind of cat person thing Rogue.
A human wizard.
And me as a lizardfolk vitalist.

So we're in this cave, the two drop outs return at the mouth of the cave, meanwhile the other three are deep in the cave facing down this undead thing that looks like catrogue chick and sounds like her too. Little girl is with us. We manage to kill the ghoul thing after it makes weird illusion crap that only certain people could see. I send my psicrystal to scout out the submerged area ahead, find out there's a deep pool with a giant lizardbeast in it. Group decides to go attack it. The femdwarf rushes up to it, passes a room full of corpses and decides to throw one in the water, which the crocogator thing grabs and submerges with. Everyone but me moves into that room, I'm back in the room with the corpses, DM tells me to make a perception check since I stayed to check out the corpses, I find a magical cloak. I couldn't identify it (OoC I figured it was a Resistance +1 and was right), so in character my character didn't wear it since it came off a friggin corpse and I didn't want to risk a curse.


OoC, the dwarf's player wants it because it's magical so he says that his character sees mine pick up the cloak (despite being completely absorbed in trying to get the gator's attention and I'm way back behind the group) and immediately rushes his character over to mine and demands the cloak, going so far as to draw her weapon (halberd) for it. Thankfully, he stops and goes to pick up a cloak from another corpse hoping it's magical and dives into the water. When his character finds out her new cloak doesn't give her awesome swimming powers or anything, he rushes her back over to my character and pulls the halberd on me again. At this point we've spent like ten minutes dealing with this nonsense, so I give in because other players were telling me to just give him the cloak (and I kind of bitchily say "Fine, let him have his way" to which someone else said it was equally petty to not just give it to him). Minutes later, his character throws the little girl into the water, talking over people trying to stop him from doing this.

And that's the story of how my level 1 vitalist nearly got oneshot by a level 1 fighter...

You are both utter pussies.
Fuck off, wizard.

Lol it's funny because you're both unfunny hyperautists.
Spell crit fails are even more fun.

Try a game other than DnD for once.
>Crit fails fireball while party is damaged
>Explodes party

Rolled 4337 (1d10000)

Nah. Go look up the "10,000 random magic failures" roll book. Some of the things are really cool. I'll show you.
4337: For d6 days target can find secret doors 9 out of 10 times.
>When only one guy shows up for the session and your evil NPCs flay him alive after casting hold person.
feels good man.
>wildsurge 4d10
>The nearest star explodes in a massive supernova
b-but the bad guy d-died t-too?
>Create lvl 1 Witch
>Go with party into town in search of someone
>Use familiar to scout
>Someone kills familiar with bow immediately
>Meet up with player-like npc's
>mage offers to help re-summon familiar
>use inn room
>Suddenly casts silence
>Grappled and strangled to death
>No explanation given for motive
>Party leaves town without looking for me
They were proably chaotic aligned hence no explanation is reuiqred
>le chaos maymay Xdd
Just got back from my first session with a new group.

>Level 5 with 3 other guys
>roll a druid, I dunno, bears are fun, and I haven't played 3.5 for 5ish years or so
>I guess we're on a ship going somewhere
>Dude rolls 99 for the random encounter
>Some huge fucking water drake thing
>I go shark mode with a mounted archer on my back trying to get clear of the ship
>Archer shoots at drake, hits once for like 15 damage
>Drake ignores the ship with 7 ballistas firing constantly to fuck our shit
>Breath weapon, down to 1/4 health
>Breath weapon next turn, down to -8
>Half orc ferocity, heal my shit with an 8 on cure light wounds
>drake chases us for 5 more rounds completely ignoring the actual artillery fire it should be receiving
>too bad, the crew apparently don know hwo to use their own fucking ship, one (CN) character is having a leisurely breakfast and another is invisible and flying away
>Archer is pumping out damage but is only one man
>Breath weapon
>sadly and slowly sinking
>Archer still fine
>Everyone else is fine
>drake doesn't give a fuck about anyone but me
>drake climbs aboard ship, leaving me for dead
>finished in one round by the CN breakfast bastard
>Invisawhiz brings me back to positives with a wand

Same session, next game day, we go fight some weird trolls
>Fight two, I go negative twice because apparently I'm the tank
>win that battle
>heal up to 14 hp
>three more attack
>fall back
>bears endurance
>blinding burst
>go in hard with my new bros
>crit 3 times in a round, once by a blind troll
>24 to -30
>shark fin soup is served
>The trolls catch the CN breakfast mage
>bullshit magic item ressurects her
>archer crit fumbles, headshots her
>-20 something
>Trolls descend on archer
>Invisawhiz fucks off

At least I didn't die alone
>kender starts stealing
>gets caught
>pulls knife on the guy who caught him
Oh man, oh boy.
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>cows that had beem killed by spears
>they are been watched
>a brigand o the other side
>a chase begin
>a claring

Please, please, please, can "a chase begin" be a meme?
Eh, I wouldn't blame anyone for using an ability that makes you immune to pinning, fear, and also gives bonuses to pummeling shit into submission. Of course, the catch being that you might attack friendlies if you fail the roll to snap out of it once the fighting ends... Though even then you get a cumulative +10 to the snap out roll every turn.
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One time I tried DMing a simple D6 game with my college buddies & it didn't end well

>the party was a fairy thief, elf psion & dwarf mage
>had nothing prepared so decide to have the session be how the party met in a tavern
>the session was 100% improvised
>Dwarf immediately gets drunk & falls over
>He decides not to get up
>He spends almost the entire session on the tavern floor because of this
>meanwhile fairy wants to start a bar fight
>fails at talking an Orc into fighting the PC Elf
>decides to throw a knife across the bar
>rolls a crit
>kills a guy
>frames the Elf for it
>the people panic & flee
>Dwarf gets trampled to near death
>he has 1hp left
>the Elf gets pissed off & wants revenge
>attempts to trap the fairy in a glass full of beer
>rolls a crit
>fairy is now dead
>she rolls a new character who is a city guard & promptly bursts into the bar with some more gaurds
>Dwarf finaly gets up
>starts swearing at the gaurds with 1 fucking HP
>Gaurds get pissed off
>punch the Dwarf in the face
>rolls another fucking crit
>Dwarf fucking dies too

That was how my one & only attempt at DMing went
I was so surprised that the Elf somehow survived
Well, at least Elf McTreehugger has a good background story now. The best characters are those you take with you from surviving super short dungeon crawling sessions.
1e DnD was superior. It was all about halberds and opening doors back then, and humans were the only ones who could level to the max.
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>gangster took counterfiet bills to a casino and lost it all
>gang doesnt want money traced back to them so we get hired to steal or destroy the money (bigger reward for stealing it)
>me and another character built more stealthy
>other two players are a troll and dwarf who cant pull subtle
>fuck it, decide me and elf poser will sneak in while dwarf and troll cause some commotion in the casino
>dwarf and troll decide to pretend they got cheated by a dealer
>shit going fine
>suddenly troll gets the bright idea to pull out a gun
>fucking what
>full on gun battle in casino
>dwarf and troll dead
>me and elf poser faces when we get out safely and discover half our team is dead

I suppose the distraction was good, but they weren't supposed to start a Smokin Aces scenario.
Here's the tale of our first session of Star Wars D20
>Party consists of a Human Scout (myself), a fat Gungan Noble with Hutt connections, a Gungan Jedi Guardian named Annie Binks, an Ithorian Jedi Consular who is an extreme pacifist, and a Cerean Force Adept who has been living in the woods alone for god knows how long.
>head to Endor to investigate a dark side presence in the wreckage of the Second Death Star
>navigate our way through the woods, fighting some wildlife on the way
>find the wreckage, the Imperial Remnant has beat us to it
>stormtroopers are all over a crate with the Dark Side MacGuffin
>decide we'll sneak attack them
>I crawl into the bushes and set up the ambush, the Jedi and Force Adept follow suit
>The fat Gungan fucking bails before combat begins, Force Adept follows suit
>Gungan Jedi is doing decent, Ithorian Jedi is visibly and audibly upset that he's in combat. I'm still in a bush, shooting
>Shit goes south, but we get the MacGuffin and flee into the woods
>Fat Gungan calls in a Hutt favor for a bounty hunter. Tells him that he wants the MacGuffin and lethal force is authorized.
>Bounty Hunter finds the battle
>immediately shoots the Gungan Jedi in the back, deals 3d8+1 damage
>23 damage dealt, Gungan has 11HP
>Annie was dead before he hit the ground
>That Guy starts arguing that a blaster rifle shouldn't do 3d8 damage and how this system is stupid
>Party descends onto bounty hunter like angry bees
>We left him in a shallow grave on Endor

At least our That Guy quit after his joke character got one-shot. The DM later said that he likes starting at level 1 so he can "weed out the weak".

Wait, was "That Guy" Annie or the fat noble?
>troll gets idea
Found the problem
Both, really. Annie quit first because his character did, then the Noble's player quit three sessions later after he became thoroughly important to the plot.

Honestly, I can't think of someone who can make a Gungan character and it not be a joke.
>tfw all the pcs die the first session
Get a DM screen next time so you can cheese any rolls that ruin the game that quickly for anyone.
At the very least that better have been a full alignment change for that faggot. Holy hell.
That's lazy, all rolls should be out in the open, if the dice gods decided you die today, then you die. That's life.
Never lost a character, probably due to being DM 90% of the time, but one game I played had a dude lose 3 characters in 1 session.

> be level 2 party
>played grappling monk
>tried to wrestle an ogre next to a pillar or fire
>ogre won the check and dropped him in it

>level up to 2
>roll up an elf druid
>get into fist n' cuffs with a wight
>failed fort save and with the damage from the attack go to -4 hp
>no one could get to him in time and bled out

>roll up a fighter
>sees something shiny
>be told it's on a rickety bridge
>say fuck it, I'm already 2 in
>missed reflex save and falls into a very deep pit

I laughed so hard the whole time
I like critical fumbles in craft checks but combat is retarded. You're equally likely to fail and shit yourself at first level as you are 20th. That's not fun, it's annoying. The difficulty should be in fighting, not functioning like an adult.
I hope you left the retarded party without further explanation.
>Deathtraps the campaign

Sounds miserable
>I am going to spend my downtime whittling a staff.
>You cut your arm off.

Man that is like 4 times as stupid as regular crit fumbles.
Good luck ever getting to 3rd level then. I hope your party likes roleplaying for xp.
You don't use combat crit fumbles for crafting ya dingus. That wand should've just gotten really hot and burnt to ash, running the risk of dealing minor damage to property or the player.
First session? Mother fucker my thief saw a Blood Elemental in a 3.5 Ravenloft game and died of a heart attack ten minutes into our first session before init was rolled.
Dude walked onto a shitty bridge to get a shiny coin. DM asked him if he was sure.
That's an odd way to spell "hilarious".
Don't forget to ask your players whether or not they think that people who fudge rolls are scum.
If you don't want your players to think you're scum.
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>okay , as starting this session , player deaths are enabled . does everyone agree?
>it is not like we will manage to kill ourselves too quickly , right? lets go
>later that day
>a town obscured by high walls , a foul stench traveling with the wind.
>we go inside
>group of 10 lesser undeads ahead , and 2 plaquebringers
>we engage combat
>characters survived combat but lost a good chunk of HP
>want to fight another group dispite stamina penalty from wounds
>get almost killed , stamina penalty decreases sickness resistance
>make it outside , but plague kills them 1 day later

>okay we learned our lesson , can we start from the last tavern again?

>well... didnt we agree on something?
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Apologies for the late response, but this sign was on the door. While it was never directly stated that it's explosive, it should be fairly obvious why that sign is there in the first place.
>call of cthulhu
>play an athlete, jock type
>meet a guy about a tentacley thing that's maybe in the sewer
>guys not all there understandably given the setting
>looks past us and starts trembling
>we look back but don't see shit
>he runs away babbling
>I run after him
>he runs into traffic
>I run after him
local high school student James Mccarthy killed in hit an run horror
not first session, third, but first time player died while i DM'd in years
mind that our sessions last for 2 days sometimes (i just came home from last one, started on saturday)
>DMing for close friends, 5e, mild homebrew, party between lvl 4 and 5
>half-ogre fighter LN, half-elf rogue CN, changeling ranger NE, human wizard CN, warforged barbarian LN
>party gathers in front of fighters inherited smiths shop
>preparing for travel to warlocks lair, gonna approach at night, 2spooky5me.gif
>poor party, fighter and barbarian drawing improvised cart
>wizard thinks it would be funny if he could try one of his new spells, party is fine with it, he's usually funny
>suggestion on fighter "violate the rogue sexually", i rule ok (rogue at 18dex, he'll escape, if all fails)
>fighter fails wis save... itsgoindown.png
>rogue rolls 1, i say continued challenge both roll again, grappled for now, another 1, get's very molested
>rogue pissed, also takes 1d4+3 bludgeoning, was allready hurt, planned on resting while they travel
>at 5hp, says "i run to the forest", party thinks he'll return after he calms down, "he can track us let's go"
>stealth around as party starts going, rolls 27 total stealth, no one notices him
>attacks wizard, fighter holds of rest of the party, "this has to happen", sneak attack + assassinate
>takes wizards remaining hp to 0, death save no1....... failed
>strikes again with both daggers.... crits.... adds two additional fails... body goes cold...
>rogue player stands up, slaps wizard player...
>party buries the wizard, nohealers.mp3
>"i regret nothing" from wizard player, leaves building...
>i laugh uncontrollably... "PvP killed a PC and not succubus at lvl 2"...
>"GM! We want some combat! You never pit us against something to fight!"
>don't like combat, but ok, pit them against a monster that ties into one of the character's backstories to give them legitimate grievance against it
>actually stat it up properly for a fight, make it tough, but fair, with a legit chance of killing a PC. They'll feel heroic after killing this!
>they spend the first half of the session trying to think of a way to avoid the combat entirely, or not expend any effort at all and win
>they eventually drag themselves into a fight
>start whining when he starts actually hurting them and forcing them to fight hard

There's no pleasing some people, I swear
Actually, fighter's chances of crit fumbling increase with their BAB, so a 20th level fighter is 400% more likely to kill or main an ally by tripping over his jockstrap than a lvl 1 rookie.
If you roll crit fumbles you should introduce a spell failure fumble roll, 1d20 per level of the spell cast, roll of a 1 means Dark Heresy shit happens. See how many spellcasters want crit fumbles in the game after that.
What system?
Good luck getting to 3rd level? are you playing commoner quest or some shit? Or are your players literally retarded? If you're commonly having to fudging dice you might as well roleplay for experience. instead try properly balancing encounters
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That's just bad GMing. The players are supposed to have fun, and dying in the first session is anything but that.
Nope, and he was "chaotic good"
>session 1
>hurr durr i piss on the dragon/rape the queen/jump off a church tower
>you take X damage, and die
That's where the DM is supposed to tell that player to stop being a retard and keep playing.

Powerless DM's are the same as shit DM's. In a world were you control everything, letting things happen that you didn't orchestrate is incredibly pathetic.
how would they know you fudge rolls?
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red flags.jpg
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>when a PC dies the first session
>because the GM is letting the dice land where they fall, in front of the GM screen
>and because he misunderstood the challenge rating system
>and because he misunderstood the encounter-building system
>both encounters have resulted in a PC death and both would have been rated as "deadly" encounters
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>PC dies during the session that the characters just got entrenched in plot
She crit failed two death saves after her and the entire party stood in a cone in front of the dragon they were fighting.

>1e, way before there was such a thing as "you die at negative 10"

this was in 1e
I'm pretty sure the DM did that so you could roll up a fighter with greater than 2 hp.

Frankly, I'm not even sure if it's possible to get 2hp as a fighter. Like, did you roll a 1 or something?
>That's where the DM is supposed to tell that player to stop being a retard and keep playing.

There is no other way to deal with these types of people. Let them make their shitty choices and kill them. IT lets them know that they will more than likely never make a character passed level 1 and, will hopefully, be enough to make them think before they spurge out the first autistic thing that enters their brain space.
Telling someone to stop disrupting the game is railroading?
No, but you cannot reason with those types of players. If they are going to do some stupid shit like, for instance, try to shoot some dwarf woman in the throat because she wouldn't shave her beard and consent to mutual orgasming with a female elf character, in a very busy tavern, and seriously expect to not be found out as the murderer as they have the ONLY bow-like weapon in the tavern then they deserve the fate that comes to them. Prison, quick trial, and death.

But apparently killing someone for disrupting the game with their antics is anti-fun? There is a pretty wide gap in a session for what is fun and should be allowed, and for what is just autistic and requires a heavy-handed response from the DM to show that you probably shouldn't do something like this again on your next character. I'm not saying you should simply smite them where they stand as a "fuck you" to that player, but if you play stupid games you win stupid prizes.
Diablo 2: Tabletop Edition?
And the less common but even worse
>Opposite of railroading (Sandbox)
>"There's a plot out there, you just have to find it, but be careful because some places are not stated to your level, but I won't give you any hints as to where until it's too late"

Don't get me wrong, sandbox can be fun. But when you have no idea what to do and the DM refuses to give you any hints, it get's old quick.
>not jumping in at the chance you're in the intro of Dark Souls 2
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