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Tell me how the game is going
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Come, anon.
Tell us about your current ttrpg.
That guy?
That DM?
That girl?
Epic adventuring?
Currently going great. Its kind of a big deal right now for my group.
After 5 years of steady gaming. We've finally had a group make it to lv 10.
Since two of us had Friday off, we started Friday about 1pm.
We stopped the session Saturday morning at 10 am.
Last session everything went to shit. Apparently the party can't leave a city for 4 days without it being destroyed by the gods. And it took the GM 4 and a half hours just to tell us that this happened.
Hopefully it will get better.
Hope is a virtue.
I don't like the description of your DM though. I fear it may not get better.
The dm let me play a large race. I cast shileileagh and hit a fucker for 3d6 + 7 instead of the 1d6+5 the dm expected. Then roll20 went down seconds later. The party believes I hit him so hard it broke the servers.
Did a large race fit into the setting?

Also; stop breaking servers.
I did a trial run of a game I've made, intended for one-shots meant to introduce people into how tabletop RPGs work. The first trial run went well over a year ago, so I figured a few rule tweaks and the second one should be great. One of the players broke up with his fuck buddy the day before so spent the entire night before we started drinking, joined by another player who was drinking out of sympathy. Things went kind of shitty.
>trying for the third time to ST my New Orleans MtAw scenario (based on N.O. VtR book)
>tired of starting adventures on beggining of metaplot (February 2014, one month before MardiGras)
>ok, let's advance the plot and put then in last week of October 2014
>in original adventure, they would be at least powerful enough to face big metaplot issue
>give them a lot of bonus to start with, more arcana dots, free merits and lots of dots in rotes
>this should be enough
>basic plot: Be guided by a higher spirit to find an old object (I decided to use that cursed emerald on core rulebook)
>go into depths of N.O. swamp
>old house where old object was
>time to fight
>crocodiles fight.ok.
>demon (inferno, not descent) not that good
>one of PCs went straight to boss. Seer Master of Death
>PC is also Moros, tries to crack the floor above boss so he feel down
>not good enough. One of boss' legs gets stuck on the floor
>boss puts PC to sleep
>steal soul time
>one of PCs (who was fighting the demon) was a Fate focused Acanthus
>uses scry to see what's happening to friend
>oh fuck
>ok, GM, I want to wave the Fate so the floor cracks down (since it's an old as fuck house, it will be enough) and my friend gets safe
>rollss Fate + Gnosis
>6 successes
>I secretly roll the "you're abusing from Fate yu sick bastard" dices
>ok, the floor cracks down
>the WHOLE third floor cracks down on you
>and since the house is old as fuck, the second floor also cracks down
>but this isn't enough. The first floor also cracks down
>but it's okay. Moros PC is lay down there, sleepy and confy in the ashes of your enemies

But since he did 6 fucking sucesses, none of PCs died. How ironically...
Playing 3.5
>we find an old tower in the jungle
>skill checks determine it to be at least 1500 years old
>we're lv 1
>explore tower. Find out its a famous wizard 's from a bygone era
>two rooms not touched by weather or time
>library and guarded room
>guarded room is guarded by huge golem made of some shiny metal
>starts to move when we get within 15' of it
>research in the library ( approximately 46334567 skill checks) tells us the golem is voice activated. We need a password
>literally 2 hours game time reading books in library and trying passwords
>we give up...DM calls us idiots..tells us to keep trying
>3 weeks of in game time...still nothing
>we give up and leave empty handed
>DM :" hahaha the password was "guardian open"!!! It was so simple!!!
>we go back to tower to metagame that golem, because we're pissed
>tower is gone...a time warp of some kind moved it
>" you all are so stupid!!! Hahaha hahaha! "
Its not an easy puzzle if it takes that wrong.
File: 1341644608162.gif (498 KB, 200x179) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
498 KB, 200x179
It's been fun, but next week is going to be hell. That Guy has been awful for... ages, seems like always. He never gets better, even when we try to help him not be so awful, so the group is going to do something that will drive him out. They don't intend to drive him out, but this will be the result.

We're playing a pirate crew, and everyone seems to have their own personal idea of what that means. Most of our money is tied up in a "crew fund" that is overseen by the Quartermaster. That Guy is First Mate which so far means nothing. Last session he and the crew's musician happened upon a sizable amount of treasure, and That Guy pretty much kept it all for himself. Though this was independent, not an "official" crew action, so it seems fine to me. But the musician thinks differently, and so will the crew next session when they confront him about sharing his newfound gold. The ultimatum is that he can either give them the gold, or they take the gold (though it sounds like they'll skip to killing him). This will be the end. If he resists, they will destroy him, he will get upset, and ragequit. If he doesn't resist, they'll take his gold (or the stuff he bought with it) and he'll ragequit. This really isn't going anywhere else. He has an immense victim complex whenever he doesn't get as much (or more) treasure as everyone else, and when he does get more finds a shitty way to justify it ("Oh, I would have shared if you had asked about the loot I was hiding"). It all stems from him trying to "win" at D&D. So there is going to be interparty conflict in-game, and out-of-game someone's going to get his feelings hurt and leave.

I'm just going to make sure my stuff is off the table before he flips it.
Hope lies in rolling dice.
Just started running a star wars game using the west end system.

Going great, players are thinking things through, and learning that's more fun than murderhoboing, I'm having fun coming up with puzzles for them. Last session was based on and then there were none.

Only downside is one of my best players is sitting this one out, because he only really plays 3.5 and I am all sad and shit about it. I love trying different systems.
Haha! I made the password "Password!" Why didn't you guess it you gibbering retards? All you had to do was keep guessing obvious things! Hahaha!

What a dick.
I've got three games I'm playing in at the moment and all three are going pretty well. I'll start with the worst one so you can appreciate the difference in GMing styles from the three of them.

First off is a D&D 5e game set on an uncharted island that the group has been hired to explore. I'm playing a Tiefling Life Cleric who is out to try and set up a city for his kind to live in peace and is actively rebelling against the usual Tiefling stereotypes. The only character that I don't really like is a Barbarian whose player insists on playing him as chaotic stupid. We met a random Fey woman in the middle of a forest and she offered us a place in a hunt. Naturally my Tiefling was suspicious, as were most of the party, but the Barbarian was having none of it. He went with her and we followed solely to keep him from being enslaved by accident. Doesn't help that he's being played as having zero respect for anyone that can't beat things to death by nutting them. It's kinda pissing me off, OOC, because the first character he played with this group was awesome. Completely fantastic paladin-like character in a Song of Ice and Fire RPG. He was pretty much the best played character in the group. Then the player opts to send him to the Wall and create this ridiculous, kleptomaniac rogue character and ever since then it's just been that kind of character (stereotypical to the extreme, for whatever they are) over and over again. I know he can roleplay brilliantly, but it's like he doesn't want to put the effort in any more.

Only other complaint I have about that game is that the GM seems pretty new to the scene, despite being more experienced than me. He's dropped wolves on us three times in five sessions, doesn't do lead ups to conflict at all and is running the game through a hex grid that is just boring to me.

That's that one done. Next up, Shadowrun.
We'd find new details about archmage in the library...
>his favorite food was rabbit pie
>" rabbit pie"
>his village sweetheart was named 'Genny'
On and on and on...

Second is a Shadowrun game over roll20. I've known the other players/GM for years and they're a good group, with fairly black trenchcoat inclinations. We're only a couple of sessions in, but so far we've established ourselves quite well, dropped some Trog balls through someone's roof and are on well on our way to robbing some places. As games go it's fairly average so far, but I know the GM is good at this setting so I expect it to improve. The GM is decent at improv, and knows Shadowrun back and forth.

I can't really complain about this at all. It's a good game, but average so far.

Lastly, and by far the best campaign I'm in, is another 5e campaign in a more traditional style than the hex grid of the other game. We went through a co-op worldbuilding system called Microscope to create the setting and it's worked fantastically to get us all involved in the campaign from the very start. The problem player from the other 5e game is in it, but I've managed to curb his worst excesses by having mine and his characters be siblings. It means he focuses more on the character development, which is one of the highlights of this campaign. All of the players are great roleplayers and the GM is the best I've ever played with, bar none.

We just finished an expedition into the sewers beneath the city we're based out of, fought a Lurker that got nicknamed Poothulu and then prevented the summoning of an eldritch horror that came from a scroll we acquired in an earlier adventure. The NPCs are realistic and sympathetic, there's a good breadth of friendly to outright dickish behaviour amongst the nameless NPCs. Best example of that so far was as we were investigating a murder. I (being a Moon Circle Druid) had found a medallion from one of the major guilds in the city near the scene of the crime. Our Wizard, who is being played as an arrogant playboy, took point and led us into the guildhall to ask some questions. His first statement: "We're investigating a murder!"
>BBEG is God's sister
GM should have told us this was a dualism homebrew, I've been using the Monotheism sourcebook this entire time
I could have killed him right then. Seriously. I try to salvage the situation by mentioning that we found a medallion and we wanted to ask some questions about it. Our Wizard handed it over to the clerk at the desk, who immediately pocketed it and then claimed to not know what we were talking about. If I wanted to kill the Wizard, I wanted to string this guy up by his eyeballs. We argued a bit, thought of about a billion different ways to try and remedy this situation, then got thrown out by the guards.

I've got a plan to sneak back in (I've posted it in /5eg/ already), but we're on a time limit and the rest of the group is in favour of just abandoning the investigation and moving on. Not something my Druid is happy with, you can be sure.

All in all I think it's one of the best campaigns I've been in and we're only a half dozen sessions in. I've just gotten completely immersed from the start. The Microscope worldbuilding probably helped in that. The group knows the mythology of the setting so our characters actually start off knowing the background legends that are usually the GM's job to tell. It makes it much easier to get into character that way. I'd recommend it for any group that is getting ready to start a campaign.
Those are the worst dm's.
I'd rather game with a furry than a DM that pulls that shit.
>3.5 game, lv 1
>PCs find a tunnel inside the warehouse they were exploring
>exploring=attempt to rob
>PCs go down tunnel
>a long ways...
>find a room with 2 orcs
>slaughtered orcs.jpg
>next room is some kind of wizards room
>PCs search..find a stack of scrolls
>PCs are all fighters( no magic), but they know these can be sold
>door leads farther into the dark...
>no torches
>PCs grab scrolls and a few coins..
>head up? Head back? Return to town?
>hell no...they break a table leg, use orc clothing, make torches
>go into darker tunnel towards who knows what
>ambushed by small pack of orcs led by a mage
>fight to the end...but die anyway
The plan was for the PCs to stop the "invasion", after finding clues about it.
They pick the dockside warehouse I had planned for the battle...and unknowingly attempt to rob it.
Why do players do this shit!??!!?

It doesn't really piss me off...just irks me.
I had this nifty little invasion planned..
Setting is just Golarion, so a centaur traveling out of its tribe isn't too outrageous.
Trusts the secret question anon, not the password. You should have told the golem you forgot the password and wanted to change it, then have him send you an email with a link in it
>a more traditional style than the hex grid of the other game.
>not traditional
I kind of suspect your DM might be running something like X1 - The Isle of Dread, which is about as traditional as you get.
I'm not certain that many tg users actually play ttrpgs.
I think it's more that the majority of games don't yield anything interesting to talk about.
Where's that DM that had all the tpks?

Go find him. Bring him here. Make him deliver unto us more tales of party slaughters.

We had a 1hr argument over how to open a door.
Three levers. Three doors.
2 levers were stuck...only one showed signs of use.

>wait..it could set off a trap.
>we can't go on, till it opens
>pull the lever..nothing happens
>that lever was to the door we came in
Two rusted levers.
DM wanted us to go to town and bargain with the blacksmith for some rust remover. Who wanted us to bring him some ore...blah blah.

We didn't like the blacksmith, so why would we talk to him?
Getting the door open turned into a name calling contest. We all went a bit that guy.
>fuck it..let's leave
>no. We came this far.
>IDC..let's go.
>you dick. No.
And on and on.
Normally a fun group. We were all menstrating today I guess.
The Arbite psyker just got a master crafted rosette and is now pretty much invulnerable to any non-psychic powers. He has no active powers except for Invigourate and Warp Perception.

The Assassin-Investigator just bought an elite advance as a hidden option after picking a fight with a demon and getting his soul eaten. He spends his time cuddling the Arbite. I'm legitimately worried they're going to kill each other over it.

The Sage is stalking a local cult leader who he thinks is a cult leader disguised as an Ecclesiarch, because the Arbite is too busy with his duties (they went to his homeworld and he signed to help in exchange for gear, meaning he isn't available for some missions), the Assasin-Investigator is fucking retarded and glomping him. He's right about the cult leader, but got caught breaking into his home. Found nothing.

And then there's me. The beleagured GM who is entirely out of his depth.
File: 83950959.jpg (93 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I love ttrpg story threads. I don't have a game going actively, but if you kind anons would like, I could regale you with some very old tales of a shitty game I DMed way back when I was a highschooler. Some of it is "lel so randumb xD" stupid, but I like looking back on it and sharing it anyway. It's healthy to laugh at oneself and share in that laughter.
Elite advance as a Nul, I should mention.
>a local cult leader who he thinks is a cult leader
Well, he's not wrong.
I made a DM questions thread to ask this, but no one's responding to that so I'll post it here.

How can I get my players to stop metagaming? We just finished a session, and all session they were being annoying as hell. Cross table chatter about unrelated things, two of them were constantly on their phones, even after I asked them to put their phones away, constantly riffing on literally everything.

That's not even the most annoying thing. At one point they were discussing the best course of action, and one of them said right in front of me "anon won't do that, he always has it planned out so that X happens" (can't remember the exact context). That really pissed me off, and once he said it, they ALL started saying things along those lines.

I don't want to go on too much of a rant, but has anyone found any ways of effectively stopping this? I've asked all of them multiple times to stop acting this way, individually and as a group but they keep doing it.
Hiatus because our rookie DM didn't enjoy himself and thought we didn't either.
Finally got a full 4 players so Im pretty pumped to throw some dungeons and shit at them.

The party is a dwarven barbarian, a dragonborn paladin, a human druid and an elven summoner (warlock archetype homebrew). System is 5e.

Trying to pull off a combined early game investigative play gradually shifting into a Dragon Age Origins style plot. You go around gathering allies to fight the evil you discovered earlier and try to organise an effective army. Then, late game, the players will lead a massed army in a march on the BBEG's powerbase, trying to keep tenuous truces in play long enough to achieve what they need to.
He's wrong about the disguised as an Ecclesiarch bit. He just wears all the shit because noone could stop him. I threw a straightforward cult at him to find and it's turned into him hiding under his bed for fun and riffling through his undies looking for chaos symbols.
>Tell us about your current ttrpg.
Just the same steven universe ttrpg. Five players with a temp sixth, been playing since August and gotten in a ton of sessions with a lot to have happened.
>That guy?
Not really, no.
>That DM?
She's quite competent and somehow makes the game enjoyable and fun, even for me.
>That girl?
The other human character though to be fair she's being possessed by an emerging villain threat
>Epic adventuring?
This most recent game we were led to discover an old abandoned storage hold, I think it was. It was in a giant beehive where some hostile bees posed a threat to us. Eventually we found that the beehive was on a giant tree in which was the storage hold. The other human is starting to become a risk to us though so I think the time is getting close where the villain will emerge. Pretty sure it will just posses her body completely, but no matter what hopefully she doesn't die from what happens.
That's not how rust works I'm afraid.
I cannot imagine a more disgusting cesspit of inbred human filth than you and everyone you know.
Players go by their own paths, not yours
My games are going pretty well.

We're off this Sunday due to Super Bowl (fuck that), and our Twitch stream has been racking up some regular viewers coming in every week to see us, so that's a great feeling as a DM.

I dunno what's gonna happen next session. A big fight with a zombie nightmare-creature, followed by the party gathering up a small army of militia and NPCs to help them storm a Goblin stronghold.

There really aren't any That Guys, just one guy who has kind of a hard time being vocal or expressing any sort of emotion, but that's all.

No epic stuff yet, they're still only level 3.
The game has not started yet. Can I still post here? Characters are done, the GM is learning how to use Roll20, I'm trying not to go back to my sheet and change stuff.

The party is 3 researchers
>Pro Wrestler wannabe/sport doctor
>Paranormal Swordsman
>Smartest of the group and general support
I have three, one of which is still in character creation, one of which has a lack of characters currently (but is still running) and the one I GM.

The one I GM is going pretty well, they've just entered a Temple created from nothingness by their fallen comrade.

The one in character creation is gonna be Eclipse Phase, in all of its glory, my character is the only one currently almost ready for play, and my Morph is a quantum computer, basically.

The third one... Lacking in players. It's WoD, where we are Special Crime Investigation. I dunno if the GM is a fa/tg/uy, I hope he won't be offended. Because in all honesty, his style of playing is weird. First things seem chill, and he seems like he's up to something. But then there's stuff like our boss watching porn and repeatedly masturbating offscreen, implied rape and mutilation of tens of people, including children... It feels vaguely like I'm being pulled into a magical realm, or it's just unnecessarily gritty for some other reason. Like, I know WoD can be very edgy, but potential does not equal execution.
But the GM is great otherwise, he's really smooth with inducing dice throws, surprising us at good moments and keeping the game going without interruptions. A much better GM technically than me, but that framing of the setting kinda irks me.
Going pretty well. After a while of trying my game finally picked up. Last sessions was the best so far as the part found a sword of 40 Curses. Went into effect as soon as you touched it. Made for some nice shenanigans.
Honestly the best advice I can tell you is to grow a backbone and tell them to cut the shit. That's really the only way.

As far as the metagaming shit, if they say "Oh he's gonna do x" switch it. If you're good at improvising then ezpz, if not then that'll be good practice. Otherwise threaten to stop running games. That's what I've done, and the most I have to deal with is "I know x is gonna happen bit my character doesn't so this is gonna suck" or "I know I shouldn't do x but my character would definitely do it"
playing black crusade. just trying to figure out how to inact punishment on a PC for sacrificing some of my crew members without consulting me, without breaking party cohersion, because we all are enjoying our characters and the last thing i want to do is kill a PC for acting on his goals.
Campaign fell apart.
Aside from what >>45276727 said, another option is to start outright punishing the players for it.

They missed something because they were on their phone? They miss their turn. They start telling others what you're likely to do? Their character suddenly falls ill or is otherwise incapacitated and you make them leave the room. Everyones chattering and talking? Rocks fall. It depends on how harsh you want to be but you will find this sort of thing makes players wise up pretty fast and stop the bullshit.

Still, subverting expectations and sacking up are your best bets to open with.
>oh no, these guys enjoy things i don't enjoy!
Shut up, you twat.
File: Sad NCR ranger.jpg (7 KB, 258x195) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sad NCR ranger.jpg
7 KB, 258x195
I'm the only sane man in our group, no one else knows how to roleplay, and they're all homicidal maniacs.
Session last night went fine.
Had to kick two friends out of the chat for playing league.
>one isn't a part of the campaign
>other killed his character and was making a new one
>both insisted on being a nuisance
Had another guy dick around on vidya the hole time, but I excused it considering he's the best role player at the table.
This too, though personally that's something I'd save for players who are consistently bad and can't take a hint.
Ran my first Pathfinder session as GM last Saturday - one of the players couldn't make it so I did a kind of prologue thing (the PCs were on a ship to a port city, so the session took place during the journey). Ended up going through all the material I'd prepared and improvising half the second half, but I think it turned out alright.

It was a little more railroady than I intend to make the rest of the campaign, but I suppose that was inevitable when it was limited to being on the ship. Still, the players managed to surprise me - the planned part of the session involved them waking up in a strange jungle dream realm full of mirrors that are windows to other places, ruled over by a demi-god in the form of a pipe-smoking tiger in a mansion.

I realised when they got to him that I hadn't actually prepared a reason for him bringing the players into the dream, and improvised something about him wanting to sample the memories of interesting people (which should actually work well for later). They made a deal with him to learn how to use the mirrors to travel to other places in exchange for regular samples of their memories.

The players (all more experienced than me in PF) enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, fun was had by all. I have a more solid idea of what's going on once they get to the city, and I hope the next session will be great with some more preparation put into it.
Yeah. You don't bring out the artillery until you need to.
Do tell. Storytime is always fun.
>not "The Road So Far" as the OP picture
One job.
Currently doing a murder mistery game using Velo City system on Roll20, everyone is more or less okay except for a player that is Obviously Underage and fills everything with his cringy af RP (He acts like a super edgy serial killer and ONLY THAT)

I'm also out of ideas for events to have
My whole group is furries except for the DM and I.
File: dragonturtle.jpg (149 KB, 640x496) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'd say we're doing excellent. I started DMíng my own campaign for the first time (did a sidequest once before), and we switched to a new system as a group (finally transitioned to DnD 5e from 4e), but considering the new system for all of us and my inexperience as a DM we've had great fun and things are going great 2 sessions in.

I've had positive feedback while also discussing what I should improve, and a player who was trying too hard in the first session played wonderful the second time. I've got some great story ideas and I'm really looking forward to how our campaign will develop.

I couldn't be happier right now.
Thread replies: 59
Thread images: 5
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