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Homebrew Guardsman thread
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Post your homebrew regiment! References, fluff, and images welcome.
>>45053211 (checked)
Lenaia Rangers.
The rich and mighty of Lenaia, a thriving trade hub/hive, have had a lot of trouble with organized crime. so they literally bought the all female PDF off the planetary government.
However, the PDF was expensive, and thus they had to pool a lot of their money together. As such, every investor get a certain percent of the troops under their direct command. You can imagine what happened next. Civil war where the Lenaia Rangers were forced to fight one another just to prove which rich fuck was the richest.

After a certain time however, the Rangers refused to fight, they turned on their masters and slaughtered them all. The planetary government was now in their hands, but there was still a planet to pacify.
They pretty much do breaching buildings and urban warfare 24/7. Pic related is their parade uniform they wear in the planetary council.
File: IG2.jpg (2 MB, 3000x4000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3000x4000
Budikan Furies
Hailing from Budika located in the star cluster Maiden Stars this all female regiment seeks to carry the fight to the enemies of the imperium.

Hailing from a planet where male populations stay just beneath stable levels means the women of Budika are the ones that answer the call to war, after the ceremony called "The red day" they enlist in the imperial army and are sent to the battlefield.
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>medival and scifi
love it.
Hey you improved it since the last one.
Nice job anon :)
Has the Administratum noticed any stopages in the tieths?
Eh, I think it doesn't look as good, but it does make more sense to be armored up when you breach a building.
Also: trousers/shoes are hard.
thanks anon
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>the red day
why do I get a feeling menstrual blood is involved
Nah, the Lenaia Rangers used to be the PDF. Tithes kept going on as normal, and were kept all male just as local tradition demanded.
However, you do raise an interesting point. What would be the relation to the rest of the Imperium? They slaughterede all of the nobility on a planet, a fairly rich and important planet at that.
How would the Imperium react, if at all?

My guess is: as long as tithes keep going they will not care too much. Trade might slow down/speed up depending on how things go with the clearing of organized crime and stuff.
Am I the only one who likes the idea of Tau as space Slavs?

>You see Ni'kolai, not are to be need close combat when enemy is shoot first
It would make more sense to introduce a space Slav race who were Tau clients.
Nah they just wear bridal dresses that are the color red, only after some time did i make that connection too
If I were you I would shorten the lasgun and put a mask/ eye protection on them. Dust would be a very big hazard in hive warfare, and having a long gun makes moving through confined spaces more difficult.
anyone got any guides or tips for homebrewing D&D 5E?

>other then: Don't.
Elbanian Fighters

noting overtly special about them beyond that they all wear pink ribbons on their arms in memoriam to a long forgotten commisar who lost their life while they held off some chaos shit on their own until more powerful reinforcements could arrive.

Probably lore breaking but it's the kind of a thing I like

>"Sergeant Vlyad, while we commend you and your people for your success in the recent campaign against the Orks, the Shas'O and I have a few criticisms on your overall strategy and tactics. You strategies face difficulty when attempting to mesh into the overall fighting force."
>"Oh, you have criticism? I would like to hear it, blue fish, since you were there to make judgement yourself on what is best."
>"You blew up half a ruined city just to take out the leader of a minor warband!"
>"It work perfectly! Greenskin then moved in in force, where our superior Sovetka technology and steel carried day as planned!"
>"You suffered nearly 45% casualties and almost 20% fatalities in a battle of attrition that we expressly told you to avoid at all costs. Such losses do more harm to the Greater Good than help."
>"Sovetkans not run from good fight! We fight Greenskin to a standstill, trap him in shooting gallery, kill them all with superior firepower. Such losses happen. Is war after all."
>"Yes, about that 'superior technology and firepower," we noticed you've also made a startling lack of progress in integrating Pulse weaponry and drone systems into your combat force."
>"Sovetka gun is fine as is. No need for flashy plasma. Drones too stupid, cannot take orders well and run away when situation is hard. Not like Sovetka. Why are you being Comrade Questions with me? You got planet, is victory. We drink to victory!"
>"You destroyed half a continent with raw artillery fire and chemical weapons! There weren't even any real threats out in that direction!"
>"Supply give munitions, we use them. Is waste to not use. Send message to enemy that Greater Good is also Greater Threat. They get message."
>"The Shas'O will be hearing of your startling lack of compliance."
>"Shas'O does not understand Sovetka way! Only understands blue fish way! Sovetka way is fine. Greater Good is achieved through Sovetka way."
Terran 4,097th "very irregulars".

Infantry that specialize urban combat. And deamons.

Recruited from the Holy Planet itself.

Coats made from the skins of the 12 foot rats that haunt the underhives where they live. Often with carapace from the man eating cockroaches over the top of it.

Mars pattern las-rifles. Usually the ones that were thrown back for some sort of defect, disassembled and reassembled into working order by the unlucky tech adepts that get assigned to this regiment.

They speak some pre-Gothic gibberish nobody else speaks. Just as well so nobody can hear the blasphemous crap they come out with. To outsiders the languages sounds like someone swearing and angry at all times.

They do venerate the Emperor but the details of this are not well known to outsiders. They do hate Space Marines. Space Marines are angels that fell from grace and ruined everything. Fuck those guys.

They are big into tattoos, brands, ritual scars and war paints.

The job of Commissar is often just to translate with outsiders.

They do have a few psykers but they try to keep it discreet as they look like feral world shamans.

Officers are often also priests and administer the ritual scaring. The officers are usually literate in their own fucked up script and might have picked up a bit of Gothic.

The places in the underhive that they hail from is almost certainly one of the old nation states, or what is left of one, back from the Unification Era.
>Comrade Questions
top fucking kek anon
File: laughter2.gif (967 KB, 245x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Why are you being Comrade Questions with me?
Marcossan 422nd Infantry

The sweat and blood of man is the currency of the Imperium, few places exemplify this truth more than the sprawling Hive Cities of Marcossa. Whereas a standard civilized world of the Imperium may muster a regiment numbering in the thousands, a Hive World will muster millions, if not tens of millions in the first week of recruiting offices opening up.

The standard propoganda of fighting for the Emperor, travelling the galaxy and seeing the stars will net the first hundred thousand eager young souls in a single hab-level alone. Promises of regular meals and steady pay will reap in the more wizened or less naive. Should numbers still be considered insufficient, many juvies and gangers eager to escape local attention sign themselves up and the Arbites are keen to empty minor offenders from most of their cells with the promise of pardons. And if that still yet fails, there are always the press gangs.

Were it not for the oversight of the Administratum; and the occasional execution of some embezzling noble, the highborn of Marcossa would doubtless send this mass of men off in but the rags they wear. Instead they are reluctantly equipped with the Munitorium-minimum and undergo 6-months of training before being shipped off to the nearest warzone.

Casualties are invariably high, the equipment provided is scarce, the majority of the officers are either disgraced noblesons or corrupt middlemen that have bought their commission and the Commissars find themselves organising daily firing squads to maintain morale; but time and time again these fighting men of the Imperium have held the line nonetheless.


I run horde guard but always in separate squads. Feels good to be able to put 100+ models on the board in 1000pts matches. Feels bad to take them off in huge swathes too. Sometimes though, out of the muck and filth of no-mans land a hero will emerge; screaming his defiance atop of a mountain of corpses.
File: 1437396701684.jpg (10 KB, 320x374) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 320x374
>Why are you being Comrade Questions with me? You got planet, is victory.
Do you have the mini's kitted out all custom like?
>"Comrade Ivan why are we fire people staying backs there when they could be joinings in glorious melee combat?"
>"Because Blue fish people cannot be of swingings the power sword with scrawny arms and will be of slaughtered in glorious melee combat"
>"Why not make power suit like marine men so that they can fight in melee?"
>"Because tau peoples are pussies Comrade Strelnikov, They are pussies"
Keep in mind that for every success story at least 20 men died like dogs under heavy fire, were torn limb from limb or fled in the face of a terrifying foe..

>Sergeant Van: Challenged and slew a Dark Eldar Wych and, finding himself to be the sole survivor of his squad, slew another Wych to send the foe fleeing.
Award the Crimson Star [Given Command of a new squad]

>Sergeant Sev and Private Golis: Against two Adeptus Mechanicus Constructs (the Ad Mech Monstrous Creature things) this daring duo dodged every attempt to step on or squash them for three rounds of combat, and even wounded one of the behemoths in turn.
Awarded the Purple Combat Badge [Posthumous]

>Ensign Carson
Following the death of Lt Bruks, Ensign Carson directed the mortars attached to his position and destroyed several Eldar squads despite incoming fire on his position.
Recommended for Promotion

>Bravo Company, 2nd Squad
Despite taking fire and witnessing their attached Commissar messily disposed of by fould Eldar magiks, the men of 2nd Squad assaulted the enemy position bayonetting the Dire Avengers and clubbing the Eldar Farseer to death.
Awarded Double Amsec and Iho Rations [Cleared of any involvement in Commissar Barca's Death]

>Lieutenant Aerys
Lead the defence of the hospitallier field hospital from the predations of the Dark Eldar, took severe casualties and lost the use of his left arm when the Archon and her Inucbi appeared behind his position from the Webway.
Promoted to Captain and Awarded the Purple Combat Badge [Cybernetic Replacement of Arm, cost deducted from his pay]

>Specialst Torst [Flamer]: Last man alive, stood his ground holding a vital objective against the Dark Eldar menace. Immolated the passengers of a venom that careless got too close and repelled an assault on his position.
Awarded the Crimson Star [Attached to Captain Aerys Company Command.]
It's primarily just a headswap of Cadian models with the photo I posted, plus I used a fair bit of the Scions kit my mate left behind. Beret Sergeants and the like.
Pallas 404th,

Not much to say about them except they come from the rim of the galactic south, haven't done jack shit and are well armed, possessing several none standard pieces of equipment
File: _Nemian Final.png (53 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
_Nemian Final.png
53 KB, 800x600
one is the Nemian, think an A-10 with las. Bzzzzzzzzzzzt.
Can we have a few pictures? that sounds pretty good looking
File: Nemian Side.png (59 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Nemian Side.png
59 KB, 1024x768
I just realized I really haven't written anything for them other than their force organization but I have created a lot of concept art for this damn plane.
Looks pretty nifty, But how does a guard Regiment have an air element of their own? are they like these guys?https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Phantine_Air_Corps
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I don't really have a homebrew guardsman thread, but it'd be fun to make one.

The problem is I have no idea how to mix together the things I want to have - hive gangs, tribal customs, China of the last century, cheap/crappy/'the guy who made this has no idea how guns work' weaponry but good vehicles, and the Armageddon Steel Legion.

How do you guys design your guard regiments? How do you chose what's good to put in and what isn't feasible?
File: pi_prod_HD.17-1.jpg (62 KB, 247x327) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thinking about starting a spess-spessialists regiment, based on these guys. Considering they're sold for firt cheap and in metal (£10 for 10 guys plus the additionnal heads for 5 pounds), I might even take their elite versions to do Stormtroopers.
They have their own close air support because they don't have tanks. They posses some heavy artillery, but mainly rely on infantry. I dreamed them up as a self contained expeditionary regiment where they could either follow an inquisitor easily, and be well supplied without draining provisions from a local populace. or be deployed to a small conflict as a singular force in the 10,000 man range.

The Nemain provides a weapon platform for dealing with heavy, and or nasty enemies with the mobility of atmospheric craft.
I must admit it's litteraly the reason why I'm thinking about them.

I might even use a variation of "Feet first into Hell!"
Maybe some Gaelic or Hungarian? Considering those two languages were very present in the We are ODST trailer.
Why not just rip it off wholesale? It worked for GW, why not you?

It's a shame Guard/Scions can't have Drop Pods
The Imperium is so large the central govt on Terra really doesn't give a shit who runs the planets across the galaxy as long as they aren't heretics, xenos, or unsanctioned psykers. So as long as no chaos activity is present on your planet it'll be fine.
File: battle brothers.png (1 MB, 2000x1402) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
battle brothers.png
1 MB, 2000x1402
I like that idea.
You please me deeply, ODSannon, I say Hungarian.
Now that I'm thinking about it, I believe I'll make them Hungarian.
I'll keep the motto, but gives them a Hungarian background.
The gaelic typed has been done now.
At least I'll learn a bit about a country.
File: [Sadly Go-Karts].jpg (18 KB, 640x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
[Sadly Go-Karts].jpg
18 KB, 640x367
>TFW I want to do ODST, but the Scion codex is shit
Elysian Drop Troops, maybe?
Mostly what you like really.

A major rule is simply avoiding soecial snowflakes, so no best of the best, no super well equipped for no reason, after that, try to find them some flaws at least.
Even Cadians were given flaws by FFG, being hardly imaginative and prone to follow authority.

After that, finding a gimmick can be useful. Same as you found flaws, give them perks, things they're good at or make them likeable, the wah they act, they interact, give them something.

Then just post on /tg/ for approval and trimming the bad parts.
File: suddenly Slavs.png (62 KB, 1262x416) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
suddenly Slavs.png
62 KB, 1262x416
>"Inquisitor, it appears the Tau have assimilated yet another race into their Empire."
>"Damn Xenos! Every blasphemous ally they find puts another world beyond our rightful Imperial control! What are these new foul creatures?"
>"The Sovetkans. Enormous, squat, hairy, and ill-tempered. They drink amasec to survive, and seem to have no fear. I'm pulling the vid-data we have on them."
>"...Emperor save us."
File: u4bVV2G.jpg (589 KB, 1280x1021) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
589 KB, 1280x1021
Top spires are the Forbidden Cities, the hives follows the folklore of the Chinese Sacred Mountains, and constantly fight each other.

The exterior walls have lots of hydroponic terraces providing rice.

Technomountain tribes escale the walls to raid the farms.

Undesirables, excess people, the hive gangs, are conscripted to guard against the raiders. Their training is to be given ropes, lasgun and a shove towards the outer bulkheads.

Survivors are inducted into the actual training which will enable them to pilot the sentinels, chimeras and leman russ with maglock feet and threads for mechanized vertical warfare between the hives. The conscripts are also used, as well as tribal mercenaries which actually can fight while scaling but barely understand how the "magic torch" (lasgun" works.

Attacking the outer hive high speed rail elevators which are pretty much armored vertical trains is common.
File: Harakoni_Warhawks.jpg (32 KB, 401x599) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 401x599
Or the Harakoni Warhawks. they are the spec-ops compared to Elysian's "Drop um' by the regiment" Rank and file paratrooper
File: 1428905718884.jpg (288 KB, 1320x1656) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
288 KB, 1320x1656
I was thinking a little more modern China than that, but it's a good enough idea that I might steal it anyway. The unique idea of vertical warfare is especially interesting. Thanks anon.
I would say that the hives are defending them selves from waste mutants; those people who are descendants of those locked out of the hives millennia ago when the planets atmosphere became polluted and irradiated from the heavy industry; as well as those criminals who's punishment is exile into the wastes (such as petty theft). Wars between spires isn't that common; but gang violence is a problem within the lower portions of the hives especially around the high speed train stations between hives and hive levels.
>"IVAN, Stop playing with pathetic flashlight if not careful you could blind yourself"
>"But Strelnikov, It is better than power sword in shootings."
>"You can get pulse rifle from tau if you ask very nicely"
>"But comrade asking is not sovetkan way"
>"But you are not asking sovetkan you are asking tau so you get rifle like tau by askings, besides sovetka way is greater good so you can probably get aways with borrowings pulse rifle"
>"okay comrades I will try but I will be keepings the flaslight and commisar hat"
>"Okay, But do not wear hat in front of commisar Bresnikov"
>"da da, he will be of angries I know, Eversince he got hat he has been less fun and more scary and is of shootings his own men"
"Who said name"
>"Oh shit"
>"uhhh Strelnikov here is talkings about how good you are"
"Why are you gettings the better hat"
>"Because I found it"
"Hat belongs to greater good"
>"No, Hat belongs to me"
>"Was that really needed comrade Bresnikov"
"Yes it was for greater good, And cleaner hat"
You're welcome.

Suit yourself. Just giving a hand for the anon that asked about relating what he wanted. If you want it more like Judge Dredd, go for it. No one said anything about the technomountain tribals being healthy anyway, they having abhuman claws works great for climbing.

Although waste mutants and underhive violence is a given in any hive for me.

>Wars between spires isn't that common
What does this has to do with anything? I said "hives".
No matter how many times I see that image I always laugh
>The "Emperor's Own" Narakan Corps

Born from the vicious gangs of the death-world Naraka, the Corps are frequently called the "Scumdogs" by their fellow guardsmen. Both for their violent uncouth behavior and the monstrous conditions on their homeworld. During the DAoT Naraka was a prosperous and highly advanced industrial world, covered in glittering spires and factories. During the Age of Strife, some great calamity befell the world and it was rendered a apocalyptic hell. The infinite cityscape still remains but it is now a corroded jungle of twisted metal, populated by all of mankind's most horrific failures. Irradiated deserts of glass sand, lakes of noxious chemicals, and nightmarish labyrinthine tunnels are staple biomes of Naraka.

It's people are no less savage, the degenerate descendants of penal work crews sent in desperate clean up attempts are well known for their violence and almost inhuman toughness. Some clans are almost ogryn like in size and countenance. Carrying on forgotten lineages of ganger heritage stretching all the way back to the time before they were forced upon Naraka, they sport the typical accouterments of such lowlifes. Infamous among the Schola Progenium for their complete lack of discipline and for a fanatical belief in the Emperor, they have long claimed that he personally conquered their world during the Great Crusade and swear allegiance directly to him. While this fervent belief often forgives their crude behavior, it does little to calm the nerves of commissars stationed with them. The Corps specialize in urban combat, guerilla warfare, and routing dug in resistance, every soldier having recieved basic training since birth. The Emperor's Own are often called in when other regiments have difficulty removing dug in threats or overcoming toxic environments.

File: Naraka.png (1 MB, 895x895) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 895x895
Due to their brutal and toxic homeworld the Narakans possess unnatural physiques. Many are completely immune to all manner of toxic environments and have such durable bodies that they can forgo flak armor. The use of combat stimulants and biological/mechanical physical augmentation is rampant and even ritualized in some clans, the decrepit automated factories of Naraka still produce enough to supply the Corps. A few Narakan individuals have become so grotesquely large and powerful they even rival Space Marines in brute strength and hardiness, while others have become lanky and ratlike, long adapted for lives in the fetid Narakan underground.

>87th Narakan Corps "Tox-Fiends" Known for their particularly enormous and mutated physiques, even for Narakans, the Tox-Fiends hail from an area that was once a biochemical production district. The disgusting "nectar" that flows from the containment areas of the plants affords them their monstrous forms but also renders their bodies largely reliant on the substances. Known for aiding in the pacification of a civilized world simply by their disembarking their dropships when the native peoples mistook them for creatures from native myth.

>69th Narakan Corps "Corpse Grinders" Hailing from the bowels of an enormous city sized mechanized factory the Corpse l Grinders are culturally adept with vehicles and machines of all sorts. Recruited as tank and artillery crews in particular the unorthodox Narakans have been the bane of their resident techpriests; their modification and "defacement" of the machines the Machanicus hold secred has sparked more than one outcry for them to be disbanded.

Narakan colours are generally gunmetal grey with gang heraldry graffitied crudely onto any surface, most often the sides of tanks. Crude idols and shrines dedicated to the Emperor are found in any Narakan camp, and many are tattooed with saintly images of the Emperor. Think how gangsters have huge tattoos of Mary
File: 1431559529910.jpg (48 KB, 538x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Suffer not the Xenos,

Because I'm a sperglord and love cross overs I'm hoping to make a UNSC Marine Corps based IG regiment; with the tau as a stand in for the Covies.

Going to focus on fast attack [warthogs] light tanks [scorps] and heavy air support [gunship pelicans] I think I'll base them off Elysians with any heavy weapons teams having heavy stubbers primarily.
yeaaaaah this is good... i don't know if they would really draw a regiment from Earth itself but, goddamnit, the rule of cool is too much to argue with!!!
I was one of the few people who bitched at you. Nice to see you improved. Just for some nitpicks
>make the lasgun a bullpup to further shorten it
>add tactical knee pads
>add a gas mask, at least the lower face part, for that operator female look

Planet was a near medieval world with lots of immense mountain ranges and incredibly fertile coastal regions. Though they had developed culturally and agriculturally, they had yet to really develop industry beyond basic smithing.

Had several large countries who would have gladly destroyed each other if not for the threat of the horrible ogres that lived in the mountains (orks).

Imperium lands and demands compliance. Royals and nobles of nations flip out and refuse, thinking their kingdoms impregnable.

Peasantry who have been fighting ork hordes with spears, bows, and occasionally swords along with tribes who have lived in the foothills fighting to survive decide to side with the Imperium. Nobles holed up with loyalist troops. Astartes fall, everyone dies.

Fast forward a few centuries to present: Planetary Governor presides over vast hive cities that cover the mountains, stripping them of metals and occasionally finding a pocket of leftover WAAAGH! Billions of peasants work the plains to provide food for export and feeding the trainees. Their life is one of constant Imperial slogans, daily mandatory civilian drills, and extreme superstition.

The Imperial Tarot is particularly popular among the countless billions as well as a complex jumble of numerology and folk lore from the decedents of the tribespeoples.

The tribal cultures survive quite strongly in the massive hive cities, where the materiel of war is processed and manufactured. An abundance of Prometheum in wells off the coast have focused the majority of the output on heavy armor, but with a curious lack of transports. Further, the only available schematic for lasguns is a smudged, blurry copy of a handwritten STC transcription.

Immense Guard regiments are mustered from the peasantry and hive scum alike. They are given a few months training that is heavy on compliance and (if they're lucky) given some seasoning against a pocket of greenskins.

I think that's everything.
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this pleases bear.gif
22 KB, 193x217
Are those female landsknechts in space?
Thanks, this made my day! :)
I've only put the basic undercoat on, but I will post what pics I have if this thread is still up in the morning.

Buying those helmets right now. Great regiment and great fucking helmets.
File: 20151101_210719.jpg (2 MB, 2988x5312) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2988x5312
The War-host of House Arvey

The Knight World of Solaris is set out on the eastern end of the Imperium's grip, and is one of the last bastions for such pilots before the fringe of Imperial space is reached. As it does not tithe for guardsmen as another planet would, instead mostly supplying food to the ever-present throng of Mechanicus ships trying to worm their way into local politics, the planet looks to its own when it comes to raising support troops for the myriad minor Houses that occupy the world. They are drawn as a militia from the villages within each House's control, trained and outfitted from their own armories. As such, lasguns have become an important symbol on the planet, analogous to the sword. The lords of the House loan lasguns to their troops when they sign onto the militia, and upon retirement their are returned to the house. As a result, the giving of a lasgun is considered an oath of fealty to their lord, and there is no greater honour than having it gifted permanently to a militiaman, for acts of valor or courage. Such bearers of these arms are known as "Free Rifles", and accrue a great deal of prestige among the common folk; many owning rifles then go on to found minor noble houses of their own (minus Titans).

The militia is question for my army is that of House Arvey, a Knightly House that fields just three Knight armours. The militia is split up into three battalions, each marching under one of the three Sisters of the Sun; Midday, Midnight and Equinox. Each battalion can be an independent unit, but more often than not it deploys as one single army, under the command of Princess Media Arvey (Not a terribly uncommon title; practically all House leaders are princes or princesses to the Imperial Crown in one way or another). The heraldic colours of the house are purple and bronze, and it's emblem is a raven grasping a sun.

I wish I had stuff to show, but the army itself is still mostly in the conceptual stage; here's a mockup militiaman.
I don't have a homebrew chapter, but something that i'd love to see implemented is giving Conscripts 2 wounds, for no other reason than because then you can make them like the Russians in WWII. The whole "1 rifle between 2 people. When gunner dies, partner picks up rifle and becomes gunner."
File: 1449545453183.gif (2 MB, 400x398) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x398
best one ive ever read anon
Lacks screaming, nuggets, vodka and screaming on how the AK is fine without plasma stuff
File: tr004.jpg (431 KB, 2048x1291) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have one based off the Dreamforge minis. I also have a pdf containing a lot more information for those interested (in a thematic typewriter font.)

Basically it revolves around a subsector that managed to rebuild itself during the Age of Strife, but then when they were hit by an Ork Waaaaaagh! and were nearly destroyed; a new order rose and fought back the Waaaaagh!. This order would be known as the Norrian Reich and under their rule they became incredibly xenophobic and mutants and other undesirables were rounded up and disposed of.

When the Imperium came along they were allowed to retain semi-autonomy.

In the current Imperium, the subsector retains its limited autonomy with the entire subsector being tithed as a whole. Every planet raises guard regiments but the best and brightest of each world go to the Norrian Regiments, who are distinguished by their unique carapace armor and powerful autoguns (represented on the TT as IG Veterans). Norria has turned itself into a vibrant and radiant world, with the finest military forces the subsector has to offer (much at the expense of the rest of the subsector).
The Elosian Guards

Coming from planet Elos, a mountainous world which produces it's sectors currencys. Because of this they are relativley wealthy, which shows in their equipment. Especially in the big Tusker tank hunter (think an early cold war era tank like a centurion) they are also known to have a less strict chain of command and good camraderie this also means they have the bare minimum of commisars (like 1 per company)
Their focus is on mountainous mechanised warfare

Quite obviously they're cold war swiss army in space
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There was a Terran Tank regiment in one of the Armageddon wars.

Due to being a Shrine World, space marine recruitment world and Holy Terra it is exempt from the tithe. All regiments it sends must be volunteers.

One of the groups of people most likely to volunteer is going to be the poor of the underhives who are using it as a way of getting away from their shitty, shitty life. Some might be joining for more noble reasons also but getting away from shit life is one reason.

Groups that stay in the underhives in degrees of social isolation for many generations start to deviate from the main branch culture.

These fuckers are part of the military of one of the old nations. Hy Brasil, Albion, The Nord Afrik Enclaves, Ursh, The Pan-Pacific Empire, The Yndonesian Bloc and Franc among others. Hy Brasil was the last to fall, if it ever actually did. It was still at least a semi-independent realm all the way up till the Horus Heresy.

So its possible that the gibberish that the Terran 4,097th is speaking is some sort of post-Portuguese language.

The old nations never died. They just got built over.

The religion of the Terran 4,097th is Katholi.
Does anyone happen to remember a story about a Commissar addressing his regiment of beastmen and giving them this rousing speech. While he also thinks on how much their lives must suck and that this is the only way they'll ever have a good end to their lives.
I really hope I don't come off as a jerk...

but the "Rank Pads" I do believe are called epaulettes with are fastened onto a passant (the actual shoulder strap). If the rank is directly on the passant it's just called an epaulette.

Just thought you might like to know.
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