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What principles does your character live by?
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What principles does your character live by?
Stay thy sword
Be slow to anger
Love thy neighbor
Count thy blessings
Refuse temptation
Go forth, and multiply
It's never personal
Don't be a cock
Loser buys the first round
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The friendliest gentleman you will ever meet by day.

Twisted fucking sociopath by night.

What doesn't kill you makes you.......stranger
'You don't truly know someone until you've fought them.'
Everyone is trying to kill you
Everything is trying to kill you
Never trust anything good as being real
All gold is illusory, all friends are spies
Triple-check everything
Always have three ways out of every scenario
Make sure you're paying more than everyone else.
Only give away what you have triplicates of

Good luck and try not to die.
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Man in Black.jpg
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>wasting trips on underage b& b8
Probably the same as your pic OP
>Have a Punch Priest named Father Geil
>Used to be a pit fighter, but found God
>Is a caretaker with his wife at an orphanage owned by the church
>children are becoming scared of the looming threat brought on by the campaign's BBEG
>Father Geil will not let his children be plagued by nightmares of this BBEG
>Sets out with his just his bare hands and his faith in the god to help the campaign's party put this evil to rest
>Through out the campaign, he keeps his wife's parting words close to his heart:
"Whatever you face out there, please think of the children."

Listen to your wife
Do not falter no matter the foe
Believe in the heavens
Offer peace before punches
If peace fails, let God guide your fists
Think of the children
>Judge each scenario independently.
>Flip off Druids on sights
>Flip off Gnomes on sight
>Always loot the mountains of gold before going for the giant, suspicious chest in the center of the room
>Seriously Kill any Druid you can if the'res no repercussions later.
>Seriously Kill any Gnome if the'res no repercussions later
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to be a paladin.jpg
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Paladin: Oath of the Ancients. Pic is 100% related
File: 1453430843544.png (337 KB, 1202x603) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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1. Never compromise
2. Do not regret the path you have walked
3. Never make decisions in anger,
4. Treat all those you meet with respect
5. Be remembered
6. We all die, in the end
A full perspective takes longer than action.
Only results are respected.
Make lost lives mean something.
Order prevents chaos and suffering.
Fornicate with women
Acquire currency
Now I want to be a Paladin.
Paladins are fucking sick. They're the best class other than maybe sorcerer
Survival of the fittest.
Live fast
Die with a pretty corpse
Rock and roll

Everyone is expendable once the stakes are high enough.

Assume the game is fixed. Try to be the one who fixes it.

Never bet anything you can't afford to loose.

Trust others; but don't depend on them.

When all else fails, run like hell.

Above all, survive.
1)Stay at the top of the food chain (be it in the literal or figurative sense)
2)Don't ever put your full trust in someone else
3)Don't fuck over/up people that aren't trying to fuck you over/up
4)Still be prepared to fuck those people over/up just as a precaution
5)Respect nature
6)Never enter a fae filled forest again

Playing an grizzled CN Ranger who survived our setting's equivalent to the vietnam war. Traded an eye, his ability to sleep soundly, and two fingers for a shit ton of combat experience, a general distrust of people, and a crippling fear of fae.
Anything worth doing is worth doing BARE HANDED!
you don't need a shield if they're dead before they hit you
I played a barbarian who's village was attacked by a necromancer and saved by a paladin. After that, he grew up wanting to be a paladin, but when he got to the academy, found he had little patience for "due process."

Law must never interfere with justice.
Defend those who cannot defend themselves, but let each man be responsible for his own actions.
Defend the honor of your brothers.
Let that which has died return to the Earth.
Fuck necromancers. Seriously.
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That was the screencap that made me be a paladin.

They are fucking glorious.
Revenge teaches lessons only in suffering, but there is value in every lesson we learn.

The dead teach the living, and I pride myself at being an attentive student.

When truly good and decent folk are at risk, there can be no code of ethics or honor in their defense. The lives of the innocent are never worth sacrificing for one's own moral victory. In the defense of my people, I will break any laws, even my own. There can be no ethical barrier where the defense of my people is concerned.

Some people would die for their country, and may their gods smile on their sacrifice.

I am one who kills for my country, when I have to.

These are some general principles my BBEG lives(so to speak) by
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Close, but not exact.
Father Geil doesn't have issues with orphanage funding, nor was he trained by a church on how to fight. His experience and strength come from beating the piss out of all manners of men and beasts in gambling dens. No weapons.
O-oh my father Anderson is handsome
Only when there's no HEATHENS around
Stay thy sword
Be slow to anger
Gut the sinner
Flay the unbeliever
Behead the infidel
Smite the heretic
Scold the blasphemer
But specially:
Geek the fucking wizard.
Drink well.
Share yourself with yours.
Walk the slow path to strength.
Keep the crowd happy.
Don't get bit.
>that spoiler
We agree,anon.

Strike only in self defense.
Protecting those that cannot protect themselves is the task of the mighty.
An eye for an eye.
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Acquire the target through an analysis of the evidence, predict its behavior based on keen observation of its behavior and and understanding of its psychology, then eliminate it with the least amount of force precisely applied for the maximum effect.
What if a druid shared your hatred for gnomes?
I'm here to make the world a better place.
I won't be like my family.
Make all second guesses before you start to aim.
My party and family are both staying away from my personal life.
When in doubt, empty the magazine.
There is no such thing as too much ammo.
Always remember to pillage BEFORE you burn.
If it's stupid but it works, it's not stupid.
Charlie could be anywhere.
Alcohol is really really awesome.

Guess what my character is
Another priest?
Nope. Force-Sensitive trying to drown out all that force nonsense with alcohol.
Your honor is more important than you. Defend it. Do not tarnish it.
Do not break your word.
Subsidiary: Do not tell lies. (It's roughly the same thing.)
Do not allow people to disrespect you.
Do not allow insults against you or yours to slide.
Do not allow weakness to fester and grow.

Do not give undue insult to others.
Do not fail to value the strengths of others, even if they aren't physical strength. (She slips at this one, now and then.)
Never act in a way you would not be proud to brag of, or share after the fact.
But that's my last character. Except with spice, adrenaline, and what's sure to be a destructive relationship of Force Unleashed proportions.
I will respect those that fight by my side. I will shun those that flee in cowardice. I will protect those I hold dear, and above all, honor those that have died in combat.

>You don't truly know someone until you've fucked them

is mine

>Judge each scenario independently

aka, "I'm limp-wristed and noncommittal"
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01. Life is directed motion.

02. The spirit is the spark of life.

03. Sentience is the ability to learn the value of knowledge.

04. Intellect is the understanding of knowledge.

05. Sentience is the basest form of Intellect.

06. Understanding is the True Path to Comprehension.

07. Comprehension is the key to all things.

08. The Omnissiah knows all, comprehends all.

09. The alien mechanism is a perversion of the true path.

10. The soul is the conscience of sentience.

11. A soul can be bestowed only by the Omnissiah.

12. The Soulless sentience is the enemy of all.

13. The knowledge of the ancients stands beyond question.

14. The machine spirit guards the knowledge of the ancients.

15. Flesh is fallible, but ritual honors the machine spirit.

16. To break with ritual is to break with faith.
"Respect and be respected" and "Your freedom extends until the next person"

Can't play nice with others and realize you share reality with others? Boot to head.
>scam, swindle, and steal your way to riches
>the only time you have to do anything good is when children are in danger.
Which one?
Do not kill any sapient creatures.
Creatures capable of changing, deserve the chance.
Never let anyone know what I really look like.
Never forsake the Gods
Never forsake your roots
Never forsake your friends

Keep your tobacco dry, and your humor drier.

Make double sure that you killed what you thought you killed. 'Dead' things can still hurt you.

A good strategy is one that never fails. A bad strategy is one that never changes.
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>LG Rogue who is a handyman/former adventurer who's adventuring to make some money and secure his kids future

Family First
No Loose Ends
It's All Business
Show Enemies Respect

>Pic related
>tfw you will never sit at the foot of a grandmaster paladin as he shares the living oral tradition of the brotherhood and initates you into the ancient oath of the Good
whats with all the fucking getfagotry on /tg/ the last week

we have gone past how bad /mlp/ is with it and are fast approaching /b/ level

at this rate we will start pointing out dubs in a few days.
maybe its always like this in the leadup to a large get
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Power and murder are their own goal.
Power and murder are the only goal.
Power and murder are the only way to the goal.
Everyone does.
Across all settings.
Across all timelines.
Across all systems.
Trying to justify yourself is pointless. People are ultimately going to do what they want to do in the end and and their justifications will be tailored to their own desires. Do what you want.
It sounds more like "Don't do stupid shit just cause you supposed to, do stupid shit because you should."
>>Functioning addict anesthesiologist on a space-ship.

First, do no harm.

Second, do more drugs.

Especially that sweet morphine you have access to.
1. Uphold the law.
2. Kick demonic ass.
Violence is the only universal art.
Will is the only universal might.
The only way to reach Heaven is through Violent Will and Willful Violence.
What's your character? a drow?
Oh, no, wait: Half-demon-half-vampire with either white, black or red hair that occasionally shits katanas!
Give no quarter to those who walk the path of evil.
Sacrifices can and will be made.
Be wary of the path you follow.
Know that if you should fall, you will be next.
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>smiting demons and upholding the law
>being edgy
I'm not sure the word has meaning anymore.
>always flash a smile
>try to read everyone's motives
>fade into background
>be only as capable as the situation demands
>play everyone like a fiddle from the shadows
Oh it can be edgy all right. Example:
>any and all transgressions of the law is punished by death
>needles cruelty in delivering punishment
>"We must become demons to fight demons"
Here you go
>Metriod-esque Blame!-esque fem-pyrmid head

I didn't know I needed this.
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You're literally forcing it to be edge in that regard.
Only offer to pay the tab on the next night out when everyone is too drunk to remember the offer.

Your honor wont save you from the underhanded tactics of others, now will your honor save you from the same.
- In this same vein if a fight can be avoided by ending it before it starts then facilitate that, dishonor be damned.
-There is always going to be a better swordsman, but he probably doesn't have a pistol under his cloak like you do. Keep it loaded.

When taking a job always ask for twice the price you would settle for, and always insist its a fair rate.

Act now and act swiftly, apologies and reparations can be made later if necessary.

You can buy anything but loyalty, so keep straight with your associates at least until the job is done and you are on the road with a new name.

Always look out for number one, after all it comes first.
> Protect those that cannot defend themselves.
> Oats and Squats will bring you lots.
> Your body is your most important physical asset and must be developed in step with your mind.
> There is no such thing as excessive force regarding Demons.
>Suffer not the mage to live, unless he can be dissuaded from his pursuit of magic (and wizards have no sense of right or wrong)

The rest of the oath boils down to "preach our brand of precursor worship and preserve their works", but those are more of guidelines. Magic is actively killing the world, though.
""Nor will it save you from the same"
>Aid those who need and deserve aid.
>If nobody else can or will, uphold justice.
>Be kind to everyone, unless they give you a reason to show them disdain.
>Honor is a luxury, one that can be dispensed of if it would get in the way of a righteous act.
Dry the Blood.
Kill the Mind.
Purge the Rot.
End the Flesh.

For the Renegade God, let the Galaxy burn.
Reach Heaven through violence.
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The same ones of my father:

>The burning circus is much more fun if you did it.

>Porn in which a necrophiliac frigid mad scientist woman creates a frankstein monster to fuck her is still porn.

Everything has a price.
Morals come second, money comes first.
Be professional, get the job done, get paid.
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race war.jpg
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"What can change the nature of a man?"
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