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Never leave home without it: Adventuring equipment
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What are the essentials your character that are not weapons, armor and magic components?
A basic medkit of course!

Treats anything from a minor scrape to getting your eye gouged out.
Oh hey! Thats my stuff for camping!

Anyways, it really depends on where my character is. I am less likely to need certain things in a city over a desert or dungeon.

>Waterskins or canteens
No one ever remembers this one
>flask of high proof alcohol
For sterilizing water, starting fires, cleaning wounds and dulling pain
>burlap sacks
For carrying loot or whatever you might need
Rope and grappling hook, at least 3 days worth of rations, flint and steel. Canteen, a light if I dont have darkvision, oil, medkit. You never know.
Assuming Medieval/Fantastic Setting
> Knife
> Vials (at least 3)
> Parchment, Ink and Quill
> Seal, with crest if (ex-)nobility
> Waterproof tube for parchment
> Winter Blanket
> Small axe
> Lantern, Bull's Eye. Even if Darkvision.
> Torches
> Trail Rations
> Climber's kit
> Set of tool for hobby craft
> Cold Iron Arrows (20) or Spiked Gauntlet
> Alchemical Silver Arrows (20) or Spiked Gauntlet
> Adamantine Arrow (1)
> Flask of Acid
> Flask of Alchemist's fire

(And if Rich Parents)
> Wand of CLW / Infernal Healing
Dust of dryness.

Vampires once attacked my group at around dawn, kept alive by the thick mist in the air.

One pinch of dust in the air later, and I had killed them all (without anybody else's help, thus granting me solo XPs).

Now I never leave home without it. Whether it's royally screwing the aboleth at the bottom of the dungeon, saving the life of a drowning heavy-plated fighter (usually me...), or just making the humid jungle air inside your tent more pleasant, Dust of Dryness is an adventuring must-have that many players overlook.
A coin with one fourth of the rim filed to be razor sharp, inspired by Jim Steranko.
After a while, you realize that your equipment list basically a set of free unlimited-use magic powers.

>Obvious Stuff
10ft pole
Flint & Steel
Rope and string

>Not So Obvious
Mirror (on a stick if possible)
Grappling Hook
Pitons and Spikes
Writing Implements
Journals, paper, and chalk-boards
Flasks, waterskins, vials, jars
Bags and Sacks. Lots of em.
Medicine Kit and supplies
Thieve's Tools
Beeswax (forge keys to locks)
Belts and strips for packing
Misc Tools (Drill, File, Saw, Pliers, Scissors, Wax, Coal)
Portable Ram
Cart, carriage, wagon
Beast of Burden (horse, mule, elephant, etc)
Earplugs, Blindfolds
Bells, whistles, horns, other noise-makers
Nets, Lassos
>A Blunt Weapon
>A Slashing Weapon
>A Silver Weapon
>A Magic Weapon
>A Cold Iron Weapon

Don't let yourself be caught by monster creatures inmune to your favourite weapon.
>that are not weapons
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1066 Hasstings.jpg
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A towel, along with an adventurer's kit.
But anon, we're adventurers, not soldiers!
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1200s Crusader.jpg
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Sadly, no professional photographer has collected and documented adventurer's kits through the ages, mainly because adventurers are a fictional trope. Everyone is an adventurer and real quests are long.
12 inch dildo
Cannot post this often enough.


I own the paperback print. Best DnD splat ever!
Oh Gropey, this look Ouchy!

>inferior modern twisted rope, won't hold your weight

>lathe made whistle with varnish finish

>Edwardian clippers

>Iron age flintsteel

>Postapoc knife blade from steel sheet

>wannabe Hobbit prop pipe

>Indian child labor weave hanky

And why does that trencher have a hole? Is that a FATAL reference?
The Little Book of Calm!


That's very nice, but I'm fairly certain it's magic.
Thing is, professional soldiers in an army probably don't need the equipment to delve into a dungeon cave or into an ancient maze with traps and long-winding corridors, with pitfalls and guillotines. They also probably won't need to translate ancient text to figure out where a sunken treasure is of that one deceased king and they probably need some specific things to counter fantastical creatures that have different weaknesses than us humans -namely silver, cold iron and the sort.
Here's something else they don't need: To carry their own water, food, kitchen, tent, sewing kit, and sharpening stone. Which is why that is all follower equipment.
trips confirm

>inferior modern twisted rope, won't hold your weight

That's a quarter inch hemp line with some fray. It's great for camping and a million task on the road.

The fact that it's twisted is pretty much irrelevant. Nobody but a retard would suspend themselves from a quarter inch natural fiber line. The safe load for a twisted or braided hemp rope is under fifty pounds.

You could of course not be retarded and double it up. a simple braid would give you a line that I'd be willing to carefully use for lowering someone, but I'd want to triple it up for serious use.

Modern ropes are typically braided. I'd be reluctant to, but you can suspend yourself from a quarter inch braided nylon line.
Oh my, you're trying...

>inferior modern twisted rope, won't hold your weight.

Its cheap sisel, but it'll hold. Its mostly for camp use.

>lathe made whistle with varnish finish
lathes and varnish are both documentable you idiot

>Edwardian clippers
where? You mean my repro 15thC brass tweezer/pick/earspoon on the gullypot?

>Iron age flintsteel
...a universal shape that is documentable right up through the 20th century.

>Postapoc knife blade from steel sheet
The penny knife is documentable from about 11thC, and is in a shape found straight through to 18thC, in. Sheet metal was a thing ya know.

>wannabe Hobbit prop pipe
16thC repro clay pipe. I am a smoker. Also, too short for hobbitses

>Indian child labor weave hanky
Ok, thats true. Finest walmart linen. The orphan tears make it feel extra soft on my nose.

1/8. You tried. Failed, but tried.
Oh, and that's a noggin, not a trencher.
File: Penny+knife+2.jpg (18 KB, 640x232) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Shit troll is shit
>implying sheet metal knives have not been around since the Romans
>implying that simple lathes have not existed since the greeks
>Implying anything you said was right.
>implying that you're not anusdestroyed over a namefag.
Manacles, rope, and other devices to secure your victims

Securing prisoners I get.
But victims?
Is it finally happening?
Are the dead rising against us, after all this time?
With a Background Bond like Providing children to sustain one's tribe, you need a way to keep the mothers around long enough to get to keep the children, friend.
By filling it with hideous mongrels? More like "stain" the tribe than sustaining it. Better to die off pure and strong, than let your people fall into decadence by muddying their blood with human filth.
Even mongrels can be strong, and at the end of the day, the strength to subjugate the weak is all that matters.
Currently playing a detective in a post apocalyptic desert
>Pocket sand, gets me out of a lot of situations
>Somecandy that i keep in my hat, makes befriend people easier
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I never understand why people don't look at the PHB. There is a lot of good equipment in there. Along with the Arms and Equipment guide you have a pretty wide spread.

(5)sacks (empty)
Crank Drill
Bone saw
Hack saw
Velvet cover hammer
Velvet covered grappling hook
100 marbles
100 caltrops
House breaker harness
Small mirror
Powdered chili pepper
Hunting Horn
Oiler can
Goggles (Red lenses adjustable)
Small tripod
1000ft spool of wire
200ft silk rope
Steel tankard
Wire cutters
Wrist Sheaths
Boot knife
Rope ladder
500ft ball of kite string
Jewelers loupe
3 yards of cheese cloth
2 yards of canvas
Salt shaker
Dog treats
Dog whistle
Wood stakes
30gp powered silver
Bullet mold .50
Thieves tools
Small stew pot

And a crap load of Alchemical items at the ready on the Bandoleer.
Something to keep me warm and dry. Generally a blanket, waterproof sheet and firelighting equipment.

Food and drink. Ideally both rations and some way of gathering more (couple of fishing hooks, bit of line, wire snares, water filter, whatever).

Some way to avoid getting lost. Map, compass, native guide.

Some way to call for help. Phone, homing pigeon, distress flares, whistle, signalling mirror...

Something you can trade with. Money or valuables, ideally several types.

Basic tools. At a minimum, cutting implement, lever, cordage.

Spare clothing, at a bare minimum socks or foot wraps in a waterproof container.

Sewing kit.

Basic medical supplies. At least bandages and suturing kit. In a modern setting also antiseptic and condoms (there are a lot of uses for condoms as well as the obvious).

Bags. At some point you will find something you want to take with you, so bring something to carry it in.
Well, Mr. High-and-mighty, let me point out a few things:

Firstly, you asume D&D.

Secondly, NO ONE carries everything you listed at once.

Thirdly, >What are the essentials your character
Its a personal question. What does YOUR character, with his/her experiences and in her setting carry.

Fourthly: Quit being a fag
Not that Anon, but my characters (in D&D) carry all of those things where available. It's important to be prepared.
Extra clothing and shoes for prisoners/slaves/ other victims we encounter is also a must, as is a cozy tent for two to share with that special someone.
Not that anon, but I am with him. How the fuck do they afford and carry all of that until late game/high level? Why would they carry crampons and velvet covered grapplinghooks everywhere?

How would they know to have them?

Smells like metagaming BS
>carry all of that
Not tracking encumbrance. Also beasts of burden.

>How would they know to have them?
Maybe they're going on an adventure :^)
>Jim Steranko

That's actually one of the items that the Gray Mouser carried, and he predates Jim Steranko's works.
Good strong knife.
Grappling hook.
Firestarting kit.
A metal canteen.
4 or so days of rations.
Medicine kit.
Lantern w/ oil.
Lots of wine.
Whipped cream.
Confirmed shitty player.
I've been meaning to read that. And I'm not talking about any of Steranko's works, I'm talking about the man himself. He once used it to slice a biker's fingers down to the bone.
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Money's not difficult to come by

Low test DEXfag detected. Get a mule, son, and some followers and shit.

>Why would they carry [items] everywhere
In theory, the full roster is only for adventures. Obviously you don't bring the grappling hooks and tents to galas and other high society events, but you own them for when you're on a proper adventure and you need to be prepared for the dangers that you'll face.

>How would they know to have them

An intelligence greater than the 6 or 7 it would take to realize that Bad Stuff Happens Sometimes, and the ability to ask around to fill gaps in personal knowledge of said Bad Stuff, which usually only requires Common or the nearest equivalent.

Not too farfetched, but I guess it does operate on the assumption that you'll be going on dangerous adventures.
If ignorance is bliss, you must lead a happy life.
What the fuck are you saying.
What's that brass thing in the far right?
That's such a fucking nerd thing to do, but you know what, I'll still applaud the guy.

those 2 are by far the most important.
The man is a real life PC, he deserves applause.
Here's the story with the coin.
some of it is transferable
ok you might have something with the being able to get it all but of course they would know to have them.

theres nothing metagaming about being prepared
because its entirely fair to assume d&d you cocksucking fagot

if anything his mention of the arms and equipment guide and players handbook was just advice
i like the idea of somebody going on an adventure going and asking a friend if they can think of any gear they missed
Basic alchemy set, his coat, clothes.
Hey, fag lord. Reread >>44968548
>Arms and Equipment guide
>DnD artwork

suck my dick.
i never said he wasent talking about d&d
Never leave home without my trusty C99 Supercollider Contact Beam
thinking back to those "1000 years of military equipment" posts that I see every now and then

comfy and sturdy footwear
your weapon
fighting irons utensils/cutlery
some sort of armour (be it chain or platemail, or kevlar or a flak jacket)
range-finder (which, is vague enough that it might be the classic ten-foot pole, a marked length of rope with a rock, a telescope and math, or some sort of laser)
entertainment (dice, cards, collapsible game)
>Dust of dryness.
Not going to comment on the fact that my Wizard carries 4 steel daggers, 4 iron daggers, 4 silvered daggers and 4 wooden stakes in addition to the standard +1 dagger. Spell slots don't grow on trees.
A scarf, cape or other flamboyant article of clothing.

I cannot survive without swag.
The ten foot pole, preferably with a live rat (or orphan for the REALLY smart magical traps) serves as far more than a rangefinder. Poke the floor to check for traps, stretch a rope and grapple across a small ditch or pit, attach light to look into pit or cave, tie three together to make a handy carrying pole, two and a cloak for a stretcher, use with a tree and a tarp for serviceable shelter, use it with rope to hobble the thief when he's being particularly shifty and in a real pinch serves as good seasoned wood for a fire. Oh, and you can hit people over the head with it!
Waterskin, bedroll, rations, spare knife, hooded lantern (or sunsticks if I can get them), 50 ft rope, a signal whistle, a small steel mirror, usually some marbles

Now if only I could ever remember to use any of it...
>if only I could ever remember to use any of it...

For me, it helps to stay calm, and keep a personal list of things I can do with my equipment. Then I can treat that list like a sort of spell list.

Also, generally trying to keep a precise mental image helps. If you can clearly visualize what's happening, that can help you apply your tools better.
Bandages, rubber cement, a healing potion, a cutting torch, EMR goggles, a wrench, a keepsake, a grappling line, fishing line, three canteens, rations... I guess a cloak counts as armor against the elements, so that should cover everything.
>Leather Cartridge box, with around 60 cartridges in it. Tines removed for ease of access.
>Leather Cap Pouch with around 70 some odd percussion caps
>Haversack with entertainment, personal toiletries, curios, keepsakes, and personal rations (1 1/2 pieces of hardtack, a few licorice roots, tobacco)
>Gum blanket
>Greatcoat for cold nights
>Belt with lead, brass-stamped buckle
>Enough money to get him to the next town over
>Pencil and some paper
>An extra hat

Based off of stuff I actually have, and assuming the setting is around the industrial revolution stage
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It's a very sensible thing to do, especially since these adventurer types usually know at least a few people who probably know at least a little bit about dangerous situations.
Indeed friendship is a valuable asset
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>11m of rope (multiples of 11 are the only acceptable length in our group, no matter the setting)
>something to start a fire
>something to write with
A gun. Not to shoot others, but herself in the head.
It's a Persona campaign.
Care to explain the multiples of eleven thing?
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Whoa ive never seen that Ferguson picture before, dindu nuffin hands up dont stab, grunk gro-bonga was goin to orc-college! he wud a good orc!
Mo slaves fo dem slavepits
File: 1397121109430.png (1 MB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 600x600

>Dark Heresy
>first mission
>party ends up on a world created by a powerful warp entity
>mostly desert and scorched land
>roamed by weird or horrible humanoids
>party finds an abandoned house
>only loot is a hammer and 11m of rope (rolled on a 2d10 for length)

>long story short the party escapes the world and destroys the entity that created it
>the whole thing had to be kept secret
>the Inquisitor confiscates all pict-records, the sword stained with deamon blood and the hammer
>everybody forgot about the rope
When we realized my assassin was still carrying 11m of warp-spawned rope it became an inside joke.
No matter the setting all rope has now to be acquired in multiples of 11m in order not to incur the GM's wrath.

The original rope was lost in the battle against the BBEG of the campaign, when the building we just escaped was dragged into the warp, rope still attached.
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